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Warna Brotha! FACT ALERT:
This article is actually less biased than TOW's because the Wikipedos are desperate to bonk Zoe Quinn and will DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING negative about her or her little piggies posted there even if it's true.

This industry is beyond corrupt. It is beyond destructive. It’s become a cult, so bloated on its own self-righteousness and loathing of everyone who doesn’t conform to the hivemind that it is that it’s impossible to stay and not become either part of that hivemind or completely fucking insane.



A typical Gamergater, bitching about video games journalism.
/pol/ explains gamergate pretty much perfectly.

GamerGate occurred when the seedy antics of Zoe Quinn exposed wide scale collusion in the indie game industry, benefiting developers, reviewers, journalists, and everyone else involved. That is, everyone except for you, the gamer.

The gaming media refused to apologize, accept accountability, or in any way commit to adherence to any kind of higher standard of journalism which would (at least) include not sleeping with the subjects of their articles. Instead, they placed all the blame on the gaming community, concluding that their audience is now their enemy. This was done to ensure they could continue fucking desperate game devs, as this is the only pussy these shills will ever be able to get.

Sadly as time progressed the Twitter-favicon.png #GamerGate supporters grew more and more concerned with PR and effectively castrated themselves. As of 2015, GamerGate was almost universally ridiculed as being locked in a perpetual struggle against a phantom menace; GamerGate has thus become the modern-day equivalent of Don Quixote fighting windmills thinking they are evil giants.

Many GamerGate neckbeards have been accused of engaging in harassment and threats. It is suspected that they are autistic, as they frequently refer to themselves as intellectuals and revolutionaries, having been indoctrinated by neurodiversity to believe that they are geniuses.


Zoe Quinn - The Former Center of the Controversy

The Quinn bee

Chelsea Van Valkenburg, aka Zoe Quinn, is an indie game developer who fucked her way to the top of the indie game industry without a single recognizable skill. This is comparable to being king of the hobos.

Her crimes are so numerous that going into detail about them would take up too much space in this article, so here's a highlighted list instead.

Things that Zoe has done include, but are not limited to:

  • Cheating on her boyfriend with at least 5 different people, all of whom could give her game positive coverage or otherwise further her career.
  • Fucking her PR agent
  • Fucking the judge of one contest she was a finalist in
  • Fucking two judges of a separate contest she won
  • Fucking gaming news journalists to help her cover up the aforementioned acts
  • Intentionally sabotaging at least three charities for feminism and colon cancer
  • Sabotaging a fourth charity and getting a major figure in the gaming industry fired as a bonus
  • Setting up a scam to replace those charities
  • Stealing the money donated to said charities
  • Planning to set up a charity for victims of trolling and probably steal the money from that too
  • Faking a mugging to ask for pity donations
  • Asking for donations for her broken computer
  • Fucking her married boss to advance at her job
  • Sending white knights to harass people who disagree with her on the internet
  • Getting several websites shut down by her personal army
  • Sexually harassing a man and using intimidation tactics to make him apologize for exposing her
  • Being a feminazi
  • Raping her boyfriend (according to her *own* definition of rape)
  • Threatening to kill herself if her boyfriend exposed her
  • Posing naked online for money
  • Convincing her mentally ill boyfriend he was going crazy when he suspected her of cheating
  • Faking her own doxing and hacking
  • Convincing various sites to suppress bad press about her using her connections
  • Making up sob stories about abuse to keep people from exposing her
  • Threatening to ruin people's careers for exposing her
  • Faking harassment to promote a game about depression
  • Silencing people with depression when they criticize it
  • Creating a game using something that can't be considered programming
  • Starting a raid of a site for people with depression to promote her depression game
  • Stealing a game
  • Capitalizing on the death of Robin Williams to promote her game
  • Pretending that online trolling has left her homeless
  • Being on a site that would try to get suicidal people to kill themselves
  • Stealing code
  • Beating up a tranny for being a tranny
  • Claiming she murdered someone
  • Trying to get a porn photographer fired by claiming she sexually harassed her because she got mad that Zoe stole her money

And the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, when all this became public, specifically the part where she fucked a gaming journalist who gave her favorable coverage, gamers began demanding more transparency in gaming journalism, to which the gaming media responded with a hefty "fuck you".

The media's plan, step by step

Five guys and counting

So began the long, convoluted road of retarded damage control by the gaming press. The entire thing could have been avoided, had they simply admitted fault, fired the reporters that failed to disclose their personal relationships with game devs and promised to not let it happen again.

Instead, the media went on an all out war against the gamers for whom they write, alienating its entire readership and turning from journalists who write about games for gamers, to journalists who write about gamers for other journalists. Effectively reducing their readerbase to less than three.

First, Shift the Goal Posts

Bob "MovieBob" Chipman, defender of women

First in the bag of cheap, journo tricks that only work in old media was "Framing the narrative", "Moving the goal posts" or "Spinning". Basically, trying to change the topic. This will be a well they will often go to throughout this entire ordeal even though it had long since run dry.

The plan was to change the topic and make it about feminism and harassment, instead of what it was really about, corruption in journalism. Soon gaming websites were flooded with articles about how poor Zoe is being trolled by stupid, mean gamers who are only doing it because they hate strong, independent women in gaming who only occasionally drink an entire bucket of cum.

This fooled nobody. Anyone who was in on what was going on knew what this was really about, and even the feminists (who usually jump to the defense of any woman in gaming, no matter how wrong she is) were unable to preform the necessary mental gymnastics needed to make an argument of how sleeping around to get ahead was consistent with women's lib. Some of them were willing to denounce Zoe, while most chose to simply shut their mouths and bury their heads in the sand, like a good feminist should.

Step Two, Fire Anyone who Doesn't Toe the Line

Soon one of the mods of "Tumblricon.png Shitty Webcomics Tumblr", who is an actual journalist and writes gaming news articles as a hobby in his spare time, handed in his resignation along with several other reporters to the sites they wrote for after he revealed that the entire industry is keeping a code of silence on this entire thing and anyone within the industry pressing the issue is marked as a traitor and swiftly disposed of.

Gaming sites have no problem firing their writers because for every one of them there are 20 more waiting to take their place. Since gaming sites have nothing even resembling standards, no credentials are required, making the hiring pool wider than Zoe's vagina. So the"journalist" shills replacing the poor schmucks who got shit-canned (probably on the same day) are a bunch of dime-a-dozen blogtard nobodies, with nothing new, interesting, or insightful to say whatsoever.

Step Three, Call Gamers Faggots

When this didn't work, the highly professional reporters turned to twitter and began calling gamers fat, neckbearded, virgin, loser, autistic, terrorist nerds who spend all day masturbating in their mother's basement. All of this and more is true, but this is far from the professional conduct expected from "journalists". Try to imagine these kinds of tweets from anyone who is an actual part of the press... Now try to imagine someone who isn't from FOX News. You think Walter Cronkite ever rented out one of the back pages of a newspaper to call JFK a faggot? Probably not.

They even went so far as to create a tag called Twitter-favicon.png #describeagamerin4words, 50% of which was being used to laugh at journalists. These people were dumb enough to attack their audience. Nice going.

Step Three 1/2, be Forced to Apologize by your Editor for Calling Gamers Faggots

Hilariously, word got back to the editors, CEO's and sponsors of these sites and many of the "journalists" were humiliated and forced by them to make public apologies.

Apology accepted, you faggots About missing Pics
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Randi Harper joins the fry

One of the oldest techniques of the journalism trade is the leak, only this time, it was used against them.

As would be expected, a lot of writers who wanted to tell the truth about what was going on were not happy about being told to get with the party line or join the unemployment line. They were even less happy when they were told to write articles denouncing gamers or get fired. So they did what journalists do and leaked information.

Many people working for gaming press began anonymously posting wherever they could and exposing the gaming site's strategy ahead of time. They exposed that they were planning to try and change the topic, how they were planning to do it, what they were going to change the topic to, and the reason they were doing it, which was that they were all getting angry calls from sponsors who were paying attention and were not fooled by any of this so they started getting dropped by them and hemorrhaging money.

All the negative attention prompted a massive letter writing campaign where any site or reporter suspect of misconduct was swiftly told on to his editor. But, since the editors were already in on this and refused to do anything, the emails were then sent to the sponsors instead.

The sponsors, not wanting to be associated with sites known for sex scandals and having their reporters call their readership fat racists, started calling up the sites and demanding an explanation as to why they were being flooded by complaints by people telling them that one of their clients just called them a faggot on twitter. The effectiveness of this became known thanks to more leaks and only lead to more emails being sent, driving the gaming sites to go into maximum damage control mode and...

Step Five (guys), "Gamer" and "Gaming" are DEAD!!!!

Finally, in a pathetic, last ditch effort to stop this, the correspondents started going on a final, coordinated PR assault between several gaming news websites that together all published about 20 articles on the same day about how the terms "Gamer" and "Gamer Culture" are officially dead. Essentially trying to stop the bleeding by saying gamers can no longer criticize them because gamers as an identity have ceased to exist overnight. But, as happy as we would have been for that to be true, sadly it isn't. Hilariously, they even used non-gaming websites that are part of the same news network to post more of these articles to create the false impression that this is the popular opinion shared by multiple people.

This was made even easier by the cross-breeding between all news sites. A big part of them is represented by a single PR firm or are a part of a larger parent company. Also, of the gaming journalists that DO have jobs, many have to write for multiple sites just to make ends meet. Allowing some to infiltrate some actually reputable news sources like Forbes and The Guardian as "contributors" (basically not actually a part of the paid staff, just amateurs trying to get publicity being used by the site as filler material) and create the impression that this is serious.

I guess gamers aren't real anymore because news sites said so. Time to stop criticizing them and go home guys.

However, both thanks to the leaks and to the fact this was all so transparently coordinated, no one bought it (not that they would have anyway). It is unclear what the sites were trying to achieve by this unless they seriously believed that posting all those articles would immediately convince any gamer who read them that gaming isn't real anymore.

Step Six through eighty: ???????????????

From then on the strategy became a never-ending (six months and counting as of this writing) display of flailing ranging from writing 100 more articles (that didn't help much because anyone who cares about this already knows what's going on and those who don't give a fuck will continue not to), to threatening to call the police, to a petition signed by 600 "Game Developers", urging gamers to "Stop the hate" the reported number quickly inflated to "thousands of signatures".

On a fun little side-note, Someone went through the list's "A" count and found that the majority of people listed were either journalists, have never worked on a single game in their life, or worked in an irrelevant role on maybe one or two games like publicity or being the fucking janitor or something. Of those that actually did make games, most made perhaps one shitty iPhone game. In response, Boogie2988 made a counter petition asking game journalists to cut the shit and it got more than ten times as many signatures.

To get back to the point, all the attempts only drew more attention to GamerGate, making the ad-space on the sites involved worthless regardless of whether they successfully smeared the people complaining about them or not.

So what are the actual problems with game journalism?

Gawker: Fair and balanced

So now you must be asking: "What's the actual problem that people are protesting?". I'm glad you asked!

Social Justice pandering

The first issue at hand is the sudden shift to political agenda in gaming press over the last few years.

The field has become overrun by Tumblr feminists, white knights, social justice warriors and scam artists. Those who are not actively part of any of those while working in the gaming press are pressured by those who are from within and from without to conform or find another job. Resulting in a flood of brilliant articles like:

"How games oppress women"
"Why seeing tits in a video game is misogyny and gave me a panic attack"
"Rape in video games"
"How women are raped by video games"
"5 ways a video game raped me"
"Raping the rape-rape in rape town video game rape"

At the moment the various gaming sites are trying to paint these complaints as a bunch of fat guys who don't want to let girls into their clubhouse. Ignoring the fact that maybe it's easier to let them into your clubhouse when you've already stuck your meat wand into every orifice in their body like these journalists seems to have done.

Which brings us to the next problem...

Zero distance between subject and reporter

Anal = game of the year.

In the wake of GamerGate columnists, when they are not already colluding on ideological grounds in an attempt to convert gaming into left-wing propaganda, have been found to be:

  • Befriending the people they write about
  • Going to parties with the people they write about
  • Dating the people they write about
  • Sleeping with the people they write about
  • Financially supporting the people they write about
  • Being financially supported by the people they write about
  • Entering business ventures with the people they write about
  • Profiting from the business ventures they enter with the people they write about
  • Using their position to drum up press and profit from the business ventures they enter with the people they write about
  • Share their PR firms and mother corporations with the people they write about
  • Collude to take down the competition with and for the people they write about
  • And countless other improprieties

The entire indie game dev scene is in bed (sometimes literally) with their reporters, conducting shady, back-door business deals to promote each other either for favors, sexual or otherwise, or under the command of a larger corporation that owns both the person being written about, the person who is doing the writing and the award show in which the former wins, justified by the writings of the latter.

But it's not just cocksucking and marxism that can effect your score, there is also money at play.

Gaming companies impose score-base embargos on reviewers in exchange for early access, pay sites to become their personal PR department (either directly or by buying up their ad spaces at inflated prices just before releasing the game), whine and dine them, bribe them with anything from 5 star hotels to literal prostitutes and expect to, in exchange, have them give their game a perfect score (as well as fake the user scores on sites where those exist) so that those who buy the games based on early aggregator scores won't know what kind of shit they got until it's too late.

You Think Maybe a Flowchart Would Make This Easier for you?

Wait, this is no longer updated!

Nope, this is now also outdated. Pending new flowchart.

Celebrity Smackdown

Somehow people who actually matter got wind of this (not e-celebs) and got involved. Number one was Adam Baldwin of "Firefly" who coined the term "#GamerGate". He was closely followed by feminist professor Christina Hoff Sommers, Hideki Kamiya (who hates Kotaku but then went apeshit like he always does and blocked everyone), The owner of WikiLeaks, The lead singer of "Disturbed", journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Dawkins (just asked some questions about clickbait but didn't get involved) and other dipshits.

On the opposing side some celebrities joined the anti-GG side, but aside from cocked up has-been Adam Sessler, none of them tweeted about it more than twice.

People being TOLD About missing Pics
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The reality of #notyourshield vs what feminists think.

As expected, as soon as this started, the SJW crowd on twitter said what they always say: Everyone has a problem with this because they are straight, white guys. The response to this was that all the bitches, niggers and faggots started posting under the tag Twitter-favicon.png #NotYourShield, much to the rage of the SJW's, most of whom actually are straight, white dudes.

Average #NotYourShield GamerGater
Not Your Shield About missing Pics
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m00t's GamerGate Sellout

Why did you delete the feedback page and mute the IRC? Why don't you come out and admit why you're actually doing this, you coward


—Anon is getting fucking grouchy


After initially banning all GamerGate threads for the first week or so the mods made a statement that they were only doing it because there were too many of them. However, after being allowed to continue for about a month, they were suddenly being mass deleted again and all of germany was IP banned for some unknown reason. At first it was believed that this was one rogue mod, mad that he was told he will be reported to m00t, but now it seems that m00t himself has sold out to the SJW's.

Evidence shows that he was seen attending a lecture by Anita Sarkeesian where she declared war on GamerGate and demanded that all men commit to believing anything and everything women say as part of feminism (this is not a joke, this is seriously what she talked about). Other tweets show him sleeping with and intern at Gawker, befriending their CEO and others so he's probably doing this for pussy and money for his new, gay startup (which will fail just like his last gay startup, named ummm... draw something? Can I draw, maybe? I remember a cookie sticker. Fuck it, it sucked, and that's the point.).

Later someone claiming to be an ex-mod leaked what he said was logs of a Skype chat m00t had with them about killing GamerGate and him wanting them to dox every GamerGate supporter. Soon after, GG people started getting doxed... And didn't give a fuck.

So began m00t's GamerGate Sellout, everyone called a time of death on 4chan after their long fight with cancer and anyone with any dignity moved to 8chan instead.

Six months after GG started m00t quit 4chan, and nothing of value was lost.

The Reddit Censorship Scandal

Soon after the GamerGate/Zoe Quinn thing started, over 25,000 comments about it were deleted off of reddit. Quickly evidence surfaced that Zoe was cooperating with the reddit admins to make this happen. Later, one of the mods/admins leaked logs of the other admins talking about it. In response, he lost his position on the site. Even later than that, one of the other mods came forward and did an interview exposing how the admins are capable of spying on peoples PM's, how they ban people who they dislike then lie about the reason, how they shadowban anyone who mentions any word they don't like in regards to Zoe or GamerGate using a bot, and how when they found out he was making a program that will allow people to encrypt their communication on the site to keep admins from spying on them they threatened to accuse him of being a pedophile.

Zoe's connection to Reddit and /v/ mods About missing Pics
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SocialSecuritySeal.PNG This article is paid for by taxpayers like you.
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Milo's next target: DiGRA

"DiGRA"... What is "DiGRA"? If you said it's an organization of old, academia feminists who sit around and conspire how to inject SJW issues into gaming with the help of several gaming insiders and government funding, you were correct.

DiGRA has been shown to have connections to IGF, IndieCade, Gamasutra and Kotaku, as well as invite SilverString Media to their yearly "conventions". They might be funded by DARPA and before this scandal broke they tweeted their meeting's minutes before later deleting them. Thankfully, someone saved them and someone else made this video reading and explaining them (see blow).

What you need to know about them is that originally they had 2 feminists in the group who gradually voted out all the non-feminists (including the founder) and replaced them with an overwhelming majority of ideologists. From their logs it is shown that they are against peer review because having actual scientists who can do things like math go over their work constantly reveals it to be just propaganda, so instead all the studies they cite are written by one another.

Oh, and they also have connections to the guy who made "Facade".


Mailing List Exposed

5 minutes after the post, Kotaku published an article about a fake bomb threat to Anita that happened EIGHTEEN MOTHERFUCKING MONTHS AGO to try and deflect attention

Have you been told, throughout this entire thing, that despite it looking like all gaming journalists have agreed between themselves that they will try to defuse the situation by pretending it doesn't exists and only focusing on claims of harassment, it actually isn't true and you believing that it is sound like a crazy conspiracy theory?

Well, put that tinfoil hat back on because, thanks to the tireless efforts of based Milo, a mailing list called "Game Journalists Professionals" (or "GameJurnoPro") has been exposed where they are seen agreeing between themselves to pretend nothing is going on, focus on harassment claims and convince anyone who accuses them of orchestrating this of believing in a crazy conspiracy theory.

Nero matrix milo.jpg

The emails show (summary version here) that members of all the sites that seems to be taking part in this are actively discussing how to frame the narrative, what to cover, what to ignore, how to force journalists that aren't in their group to fall in-line with them using shaming and intimidation, who to promote or blacklist and how to conduct themselves in a way that caters to the personal requests of Zoe Quinn, going so far as discussing buying her a "feel better" gift.

The people in question responded with poor excuses and attempts to pretend they were "just talking", but the next article exposed the full scale of the corruption when it was shown that the group contained over 150 people.

In a later article, Milo posted their final email chain after being exposed and closing down the group and then later added and extra one where they talk about getting paid for good reviews and how they hate Phil Fish.

GamerGate "Achievements"

Getting old media involved

Nothing suspicious...
Nothing at all...

Recently Zoe Quinn, Anita and Brianna Wu (some tranny that gets frightened out of her home by image macros. Seriously) figured that the best way to end GamerGate is to draw more attention to it and themselves. The one who was able to cash-in the most was Wu, who used her connections at MSNBC (no ethical problems there) to score interviews on various TV stations and find excuses to promote her awful game in each and every one.

Believe it or not Brianna, 8chan is not all about you.


This all soon backfired when a number of stations actually invited people from the GG side to speak and Brianna got REKT by 8chan's owner "Hotwheels" on live TV.

The best part of this was that (according to inside sources) all she did was act as a signal-boost for GG and, by turning it into a national scandal, only gave more reasons for publishers to quietly pull out of the sites she was trying to defend and ruined the chances of anyone involved in them to ever get a job in real journalism.

So even hit pieces attacking GG just give them more attention and achieve nothing. Like the ABC report which got (so far) over 28,000 downvotes (as apposed to 1,000 likes), making it one of the lowest rated videos ever and forced ABC to start mass deleting the user comments.

Getting advertisers to pull out

After spamming the advertisers of every site that talked shit about them, some of them started to publicly pull out like a teenager who cant afford a condom.

Advertising expert explains why all these sites are fucked.
Whoop there it is About missing Pics
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But wait! There's more! These are only a small part of the ones that are backing out of these sites. As industry insiders explained, every ad company is watching this and are either taking their ads off these sites or getting ready to do it once GG is done so that they don't draw attention to themselves.

In a brilliant move, Leigh Alexander started talking shit about Intel when they pulled out of Gamasutra and got her reporter friends to write articles about how "Intel=Muhsoginy" (forgetting that Intel's CEO and head of PR are both female). This only makes firms less willing to put their ads on any gaming site and a lot of them are gonna be bleeding money thanks to her.

You know who else industry people say are watching? News companies. So if any of these people ever try to move up from gaming journalism to real journalism no one will hire them.

Getting sites to cave to their misogynistic harassment

Actual picture of an anti-GG meetup

A few news sites like IGN actually caved and changed their policy, while others like Kotaku and Polygon changed them and then changed them right back. Id anyone actually going to follow their new disclosure policies? Probably not. But it was still funny to watch SJW's on twitter attacking these sites, claiming not taking bribes is a form of misogyny.

Getting a bunch of people fired

In the months that have gone on a bunch of people were fired, others "quit" or "retired". Shit sites closed down or let go of their good writers, while good sites fired their SJWs (Moviebob comes to mind) and hired the good writers there were fired from the shit sites.

Thereby GG created a situation where SJWs are mostly either jobless or working at sites that have become a sort of faggot quarantine zone.

Wasting everyone's money

The best part about the GamerGate faggotry is that, before it began, gaming sites were considered "safe" by advertisers thanks to a lack of political affiliation and controversy. GG's endless sperging changed all that and drastically lowered ad rates are being reported by industry insiders that coincide with several sites either going through "restructuring" or just closing their doors altogether.

The cherry on top is GG costing Gawker Media over 6 MILLION dollars and getting Nick Denton himself to step down.

Getting the FTC to step in

Eventually GG's crying and BAWWWing reached even the ears of the FTC, who revised their rules regarding disclosure, forcing sites to reveal affiliate links and thereby expose the fact that their reviews are really little more than commercials.

And it also cost Gawker a bunch of money.

The Law & Order SVU episode


At one point Law and Order decided to use GamerGate as the latest topic of one of their "Ripped from the headline!" episodes.

The episode was a turd, worse than the one about m00t, reaching "So bad it's good" levels. The plot is about a bunch of gamer nerds forming an ISIS like terrorist organization made up for reddit, Something Awful and 8chan members that kidnaps a hilarious Anita/Quinn surrogate and then live-stream themselves raping her.

Also, one of the gamers was played by Logan Paul. It's not an important detail, but it's just something funny to look back at.

The episode was so bad that the even sites who's articles it was based on complained about it "misrepresenting gamers". GG didn't rally gain anything from it, but the gets of us got some naturally occurring memes to enjoy for years to come.

Teaching those feminazi cunts a lesson!

As we all obviously know, Gamergate is and has always been nothing but an unconvincing front for a woman-hating harassment campaign. And on their behalf we are now comfortable saying: Take that! You fucking whores!

GamerGate has helped many woman learn their place, which is in the kitchen and not behind a game controller. Booth babes, fake gamer girl and bitches in general have no place in gaming. Be it playing, reviewing or making games. And any slut that doesn't get that will get doxed, harassed, SWATed and raped.

Even though all the GamerGate fags threatening to rape are mostly beta neckbeard pussies who would get their asses handed to them by their "potential" victims. Why anyone ever took those threats seriously is dumbfounding. These guys shouldn't worry so much about putting women in their place, because the only women they'll ever get to see in the kitchen are their mommies.

Providing æ with lulz (AKA "Exposing corruption" lol)

Gamergate is one of the only articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica that reads more like an "in defense of" article rather than an article brutally making fun of it. If you want to see the people who criticize GamerGate get made fun of, read on!


—Some totally legit account, delivering the autism to our doorstep

Arguably, GamerGate's greatest achievement has been giving us at Encyclopedia Dramatica something to laugh at.

While GamerGate and anti-GamerGate spent their time doxing, harassing, smearing and wasting one another's money, we here at ED got to sit back rolling and trolling either or both sides.

GamerGate's successes is measured by their uncovering of new lolcows and inadvertently causing massive butthurt to faggots and faggot websites that ED has always trolled like NeoGAF, Reddit and Wikipedia which they finally realized is a *GASP* corrupt shithole, something ED has been saying for over a decade now.

Their successes also include digging up dirt on old lolcows that ED has been trolling for years (Randi Harper, Laurelai Bailey etc) , exposing major events like IndieCade and the IGF as part of a racketeering scam with Phil Fish, striking Elliot Rodger style fear into the hearts of feminists who take the "news" written by other feminists seriously, starting an uprising on reddit and even getting m00t himself to step-down from 4chan out of pure butthurt.

GamerGate has turned the entire internet into our personal lolcow research department and we will never stop laughing at everyone involved.

A retweet from Donald Trump


In August 9, 2015, Donald Trump made a retweet to a GamerGate user while he's busy to become God-Emperor of the United States of America.

What can YOU do about it?

Over a million two six million tweets

#0 - Stop being such a faggot and find something better to do

Remember, this is all about games, so none of it matters and nobody important cares.

Shave your neckbeard, delete facebook and hit the gym. No, but in all seriousness: anybody seriously considering joining GamerGate at this point should just commit sudoku, or become a troll. Either option will give you more enjoyment than browsing Reddit and ranting on Twitter to a vast twitching sea of greasy autists. Even worse, you will have to read the deranged rants of professional retards all day.

#1 - Write to their sponsor/editor/PR company

As you can see, writing to the editor in chief of any of these publications is mostly pointless because he is probably getting a hummer under his desk as he is reading your email. However, not all of them are in on the scam and some writers are freelancers who the editor won't think twice about letting go.

Instead, you can also write their sponsor. Writing to the sponsor hits them where it hurts - Their wallet.

Below is a list of news sites and internet journalists known for participating in this conspiracy and who you can contact. Email their sponsors/bosses/PR people/parent corporations and let them know what is going on. Enough people do this and soon their boss will call them up on the pone.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Simple instructions for ending corruption


#2 - Write to game corporations

According to some anon in a high position in the game industry, what you need to shift some focus to is PR and publishers. If you start contacting the PR reps and explaining that the response from journalists at [Insert Site] means you will no longer be visiting it, and as long as the game company you are contacting continues to allow their games to be covered by [Insert Site], you wont be purchasing those titles either. the PR guys (who are paying close attention to all of this) WILL listen. Most of them are closer to your side of things then you think (according to this guy), and most of them are sick to death of Kotaku etc.

Remember, these people are friends. In other words, don't email them to call them faggots.

Anon doing his duty
People to call up
The Company The Email Address
Koei Tecmo, XSEED, ONE PR studio.
[email protected]
BAMCO, 47 studios
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Deep Silver
[email protected]
[email protected]

#3 - Don't give them hits

Use scrollbar to see the full image

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Gamergate performs a hard hitting investigation

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Let us back up for a moment and point out that one of the things that first got GG all this attention as was backfire to her Quinn's damage control hen she started flagging videos mentioning her infidelity with false copyright claims. Here are some of them as well as others that have been made later as a response.

Quinnspiracy Video Archive Torrent on The Piratebay

GamerGate in 60 seconds.
Milo spitting it out, don't trust him though.
History of GamerGate
Former GameSpot editor says it's shit
ShortFatOtaku videos #1
ShortFatOtaku videos #2
ShortFatOtaku videos #3
ShortFatOtaku videos #4
The Zoe Quinn Song

First video Zoe flagged
This one too
GG the movie
The whole series of events, in the analogy of a race
Leigh Alexander video
Ben Kuchera video

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DQ Sim
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