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Amy Cynthia English
Born 19th October 1998
Nationality Dumb Fuck American Scum  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Vancouver, Washington, USA
Traveled to Oregon and California
Ethnicity White Devil
Gender Man LARPing as a woman
Sexuality Pansexual (Pedo, Zoophile and Incest)
Pronouns She/Her is wanted by it. However while He/Him would be better, It/Its is much more fitting!
Aliases GalaxyRailways2199, Trainman142
TheFakeMisterDerp, deathbombs (DeviantSHART only)
ihateallofyou, Mediawatcher2122 (Miraheze)
bunn, fluffbunn (Discord)
Fuckduckings, Dapolice (FSW)
Amybooty (Inkbunny)
Occupation Steam Engineering and drawing Furry Scat Porn

Amy Cynthia English (Deadname: Alex Campbell English) is a 22-year-old social justice warrior, autistic furfag, MtF Tranny, trendy tucute, drama whore; scat, piss, toilet, fart and diaper fetishist and Antifa-supporting cunt best known for its constant leftist lolcow cuckery on DeviantART, FurAffinity, YouTube, Discord, the Miraheze Reception Wikis; as well as defending Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, being all insufferable and woke and generally being a professional victim with fuckloads of hypocrisy and stupidity. It was recently banned from several websites for block evasion and spamming-along with being the sharting farting arsewipe it usually is.

Hailed as "the most delusional being ever to touch a keyboard", Alex is notable for being an utterly insufferable, toxic, lazy, useless, harmful, pedophilic, incestous, wolf-and-horse-fucking arsewipe who constantly shills it's favorite interests: children's cartoons, trains, furry porn, faggotry, whining about genital preferences in Troon Town, simping for Jessica/Jonathan Yaniv, being a freakshow, scat, piss, fart, shart and TOILET BOWL fetishes, never-ending choo choo train of bullshit, pedophilic antics and much more shite only able to be properly enjoyed by the severely mentally impaired. Because of how much of an asswipe it is, it has earned the nickname and label known as the Tranny Fucktard.

It is really comparable to another Tranny Autist. Both of them are so utterly fucktarded and doxable its fucking unreal. It also called the police on the folks at the ED ripoff known as Fun Shitposting Wiki and tried to get ZuluExa (a literal 14-year-old) arrested for tax fraud, that stupid tranny troon autist faggot GalaxyRailways2199, what a fucking tardlet. As expected, the Tranny Fucktard never fails to disappoint and elicit a thousand collective facepalms with its mentally retarded antics. Alex has been known to spam diaperfur porn to everyone in the ED Disco as a way to "own nazies".

Its pedophilic antics have gotten so bad that the degusting tranny fuck has gotten death threats. He deserved it, obviously.

The Beginning

Accurate representation of that Tranny Autist's birth.

Born 1998 October 19th, that flaming tranny faggot shot out of its ugly-ass mother's saggy sewer vagina in the filthy Oregon, a very SJW, LiberalTarded, Dumb Fuck, Far-Leftist, Anti-American, ANTIFA state; to a couple of very unlucky parents. It claims to have been abused as a child but there isn't any evidence to back this up, and that freak is most likely lying anyways, like all trannies normally do when they try getting MUH PITY POINTS. Not much of its childhood is known, except for the fact that it is a massive fucking trainsperg. It was diagnosed with ass burgers at an early age. This not only led to Alex's unhealthy obsession with the idiot box, trains, and shit, but also made it into a fucking retard. Thanks to its parents' coddling, it developed zero common sense or emotional intelligence at all, and it’s too late for it to learn any due to having its growth permanently stunted.

Q: Why do autists love trains so much?
A: Because they operate on tight schedules, run on tracks so they can't do anything unexpected, and go fast.

When it was 11 it joined DeviantArt on Dec 24, 2009, as Trainman142 (Worst Christmas Gift Ever!) its name at the time was Alex Campbell English but it was not well known (Except by other furfags) during this time. During its fucking youth, it would upload art that was some shitty fursona with choo choos, copy 'n paste, copy n' paste, some shitty-ass pixel art, and selfies from a place called Powerland. It is scarcely known how it acted during this saga from 2009-2013 but it was possibly a faggot, though definitely less so when it became a tranny cunt and started taking these estrogen pills and needles. Alex spent most of its high school life stalking and flirting with guys and girls completely out of its league, trying to impress them with its knowledge of trains as well as being a massive fucking retard who always got into trouble and shit.

Alex had a frequent tendency to carry numerous books on trains and shit throughout the hallways of school and was very uncooperative with its teachers at times when given instruction to put away its books. Alex thought highly of itself like a modern day Renaissance man but in reality, this was far from the truth. Its awkward conversations with girls, guys and teachers in high school, sexual harassment advances and always getting into trouble isolated it from the rest of high school and Alex's only form of interaction was spewing its bullshit ideas and spergery on other retarded classmates and unlucky teachers. It also formed a gang with its fellow speshul ed kiddos and they often went around beating up even more exceptional and younger fucktards (AKA: Down's Syndrome) with baseball bats like street punk ANTIFA hooligans.


Sometime in 2013 Alex started to get attention by threatening suicide, its furfag butt buddies would lick its shitty asshole in attempts to make it feel special, it did this until it made the "smart" move of transitioning, from male to female. Since it did not consider itself a "man" anymore, it created a new account on 6th May 2014 called GalaxyRailways2199. Alex claims to be a successful troll but it made one little teensy-weensy mistake by revealing his true identity. NOT! Revealing your face will have your true identity vilified no matter what, and carries on to whatever you make no matter what, it is screwed, but it is too much of a retard to truly realize its consequences.

What happened when Alex came out as a Tranny.

Alex "Now Amy Cynthia English" made a new DeviantART Account named Ga;axyRailways2199 and would rebrand at that. It would go around DeviantSHART attacking Christians, conservatives, Anti-SJWs and other manchildren despite being a manchild itself, and would return to its Trainman142 account if it got blocked by anyone to get the last word and then would block said user, because of this, many people in retaliation archived its tomfoolery and this bit it in the ass later down the road. Its faggotry increased exponentially and its behavior got super fucking nasty as it started taking more disgusting estrogen pills and stroking its girl-dick or whatever MtF Trannies call the fucking erect smelly sausage salami between their legs.

From 2014-2017 it continued to make disgusting sexual pics of furries "mainly his tranny vixen oc" shitting and farting not to mention freaky nude selfies, and pull the occasional suicide card whenever it wanted attention or when the people attacking it became too much for it after its bullshit got too big to handle as Alex always loves biting off more than it could chew. Alex also loves claiming its father hates it like the typical "UWU I HAVE DADDY ISSUES" bratty spoiled girl, but in reality this is far from the truth. Alex also loves threatening to use its father to report news on internet drama, specifically the ones it gets into, but this is barely anything newsworthy cause its some internet drama and lulz. Its stupidity clearly knows no fucking bounds judging from its idiotic and autistic antics online.

Alex's Adult Life

How it works.
Alex and his Daddy at the train halls.
Give Alex control of the train and that happens.
Fun fact, Reymond is AKA Argie.
A typical day in the life of Reymond operating a train.

From 2016 onwards, Alex was legally an adult and would have to work to save its Tranny Ass from bankruptcy and more dreadful shite- so as expected, it begun selling its cow shit toilet bowl fetish artworks online all done is crappy colored pencils to unsuspecting sickass tardlets who whack off to animals shitting. However, being the mentally retarded trainsperg it is, Alex also wanted a job at the train stations so it could operate its favorite steaming chugga chugga CHOO CHOO TRAINS. With no normal train station willing to hire the Tranny Fucktard due to how autistic and retarded it is, it had no choice other than a random museum to volunteer in. When working there, Alex is FUCKING USELESS. All it ever does come super late, then stand on a tractor, and go THROTTLE-THROTTLE-THROTTLE, trottlin' on its stupid tractor all day while doing nothing useful and only working when a camera is in front of it. When Alex isn't allowed to touch something or operate it (why would you trust a Histrionic Arsewipe with your old steam vehicle!?), it will tard rage and throw a tantrum. No one really likes it at all, and that fucktard is now threatening a lawsuit on the museum for "Transphobia" Jonathan Yaniv-style.

Then, Alex met Reymond Castillo (AKA: Argie), a sick fuck incest freak Filthypino Spic Beaner Bisexual Fatass Soy Boy and Libtard Cuck who is a fucking sick degenerate that loves having sex with his Mummy. The Filipenis fatass then took out his jizz-stained guitar to serenade the Tranny Fucktard into fucking his phat pozhole full of rancid jizz. Alex who got charmed by the song, got its "girl dick" erect as fuck and jumped towards Rey and both begun slobbering their tongues all over their greasy ugly faces, then Alex started spanking Rey's fat ass like a pair of drums and went BadaBing! BadaBoom! BadaBang! Reymond begun strumming his smelly guitar harder while screeching like a Soy Boy Cuck. They made such a awful scene and sound that all the neighbours woke up and begun yelling at the two degenerates to shut the fuck up. Infuriated by the neighbours (they call alt-right) rightfully calling out their blatant degeneracy, Alex and Rey started tard raging, with Alex getting a really bad case of diarrhea from its raging. Alex and Rey took out some water balloons and filled them up with Alex's shit and the 2 started bombarding the other people and their houses with shit. By morning, the entire Vancouver Suburb stunk to high heaven.

Whenever Alex got its pathetic widdle fee-fees hurt, Reymond would always hunt down the person who dared insult Alex. As Reymond would best phrase it, "ALEX IS SO BOLD AND BRAVE YOU FUCKING ALT-RIGHT NAZI BIGOTS!!!1 REEEEEEEEEEEE!! LEAVE HER ALONE YOU FUCKIN' TRANSPHOBES/NAZIS/ALT-RIGHTERS" and tell them to kill themselves and how Alex would get so butthurt it would refuse to go to work like a little brat stuck in Elementary School. Reymond likes to show up to live steam clubs asked to run shit, is a dumbass with running the trolley cars at Orange Empire, is always in your face about being bi or gay or whatever he is, and is a fucking asshole to most people. He's drawn loads of ugly scat fetish porn of Alex's furry character (that stupid Fox) and like Alex picks fights with anyone who calls him out. He's also widely hated and looked down upon by a lot of live steam railroad clubs after he and Alex went travelling down the 3 LiberalTARDED states of California, Oregon and Washington causing mayhem and destruction wherever they go. The Los Angeles and Sacramento Live Steamers from California especially despise the 2 and they see the Scat Fetish Couple as literal walking jokes. Tell them about Alex or Reymond and they'll tell you in return to stay the hell away from them lest they stink up your entire home and send you death threats for not accepting tranny supremacy. Literally contradict anything they say no matter how minor or express anything that goes against their Byzantine Far-Leftist Marxist Communist Code Of Conduct and they will spam death threats and fart on your face.

A video showcasing it and its "work", feel free to shit up the comments section and spam dislikes.

Shitty (Both Figuratively and Literally) Artworks

Atomic.gif Warning!
The newest OC of this degenerate himself.

Now that the trainspergery is over, GalaxyRailways2199 would spend its spare time making hideous artworks dedicated to its love for shitting, farting, furfags and more degenerate fetishes. It always wanted to have a little extra cash to spend on its MLP figurines and Horse Dildos, so it thought it would be a great idea to sell its crappy art online. Back in 2016 when the Tranny started making art, it decided to do it digitally on MS Paint (Despite ripping on Percyfan over him using MS Paint, what a fucking hypocrite) and made loads of crappy artworks featuring its "UwU Tranny Vixen Fox Fursona OC with his OwO Precious GirlDick!!!!11". But it hated using his mouse to do so, so being the poor idiot it is, Tranny Alex jumped into the garbage truck which is also where he gets some of his disgusting groceries and more shit it uses to scatplay with Reymond its cuck bf to get a wacom pad so it could start drawing. Even when asked questions, Alex would violently call the person a "transphobe" and say it still works well despite the countless first-degree electrical burns it gave it. Alex's computer is also shit, and it hasn't had a working cellphone in years due to how fucking idiotic it is.

When Alex gets to the drawing board and feels like drawing something, the Tranny Fucktard would use its two midget braincells and concentrate all their power onto the task-abortion at hand, though it has failed a good amount of times he will not like to admit. It always starts with a very badly done lineart (sketching can lead to severe complications on MS Paint). Then it proceeds to use the paint tool and dip this shitty lineart in equally nauseating and eye-burning colours. To better concentrate, Alex will play the most atrocious, downright ear-rending, and horrific music of genres it likes and blast it through the entire house, making everyone If this fails, Alex would start smoking weed, taking crack cocaine or getting high on opioids which fucks up his already shitty health and Type 1 Diabetes even more.

Sometimes it will feel bored and will go harass other DevianTARTs like Percyfan, TheDreamcatcherDraws and EricOfFairyTail for the most minor of issues ranging from being conservative/Anti-SJW just a little bit or having art that does not meet the Tranny Fucktard's bizarre expectations and that comprised of its pre August 2019 drama. Sometime later after its migration to FA, it would start making equally hideous artworks and sick fuck fetish crap but this time in traditional art it makes using cheap colour pencils along with shitty pens to make even more eye-raping crap. It would also continue harassing artists it dislikes or have done just one little bit of wrongthink. Overall, Alex's art is trash and not good, and bleach and eye candy is required to cleanse one's mind and eyes after viewing such disgraces to the art community.

Furfag Scat Porn About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Thumb ltd a189.gif
This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.
Alex during a typical sex session.

GalaxyRailways2199 the future sex offender is primarily attracted to every gender out there, as it claims to be Pansexual - children and adults alike, real and fictional. It has expressed ardent longing for deers, rabbits, foxes and more. Alex has also made a horse OC, whom it plans to have its horse-cock up its shitty, smelly festering POZhole dripping with SHIT, PISS and POZ.

An outspoken pedophile, Alex actively speaks of wishing to adopt and cuddle little children, It loves seeing little girls impregnated, shaking their asses and pole-dancing in strip clubs, little boys jacking each other off, dancing naked on the streets and dressing up in drag, and both genders pissing, shitting, having sex with each other, and especially if they are transgender. Even better for it, would be the sick fuck fantasy of seeing little transgender kids having sex with transgender dogs wearing transgender wigs. Transgender. Pedophile. Zoophile. Incest Freak.

It also faves fetish art of fictional minors like Spike the Dragon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (a show that it obviously fucking loves and strokes its "girl"-dick to), oblivious to how much of a creepy pedo it is.

Because of how slutty it is and how it wants to rape little children and stick its "Girl-Dick" inside rabbits, horses, foxes, deer and more; its is very likely Alex has AIDS, and is a bug chaser. This truly retarded practice has gained popularity for two main reasons; the fact that it is so nasty, fucked up, ungodly, and tricycle-helmet-Biden-voter level retarded and also because it is practiced by faggots… and everybody likes to find new reasons to pick on faggots. It is of little surprise that this Tranny Retard loves it too, and wants a whole sex dungeon full of muffled screams as animals, adults and children alike face the bloated "Girl"-Dick of one of the most disgusting furfag incest freak zoophiles out there.

This video should be a pretty accurate depiction of its sexuality!


Protests Alex likes to attend.
The ideal human being, according to Alex.
  • Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and pretty much ALL Democrats.
  • Suicide Baiting and Pity Partying
  • Jonathan Yaniv, his number one idol in life!
  • BreadTube
  • Milo Stewart and Riley Dennis, Queen and King of Transtrenders
  • Lindsay Amer
  • James Younger's Mom
  • Amber Heard
  • Carlos Maza
  • Quinton Reviews
  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • Zoe Quinn
  • Vaush
  • Child, Animal and Incest Porn
  • Shit, Piss, Farts, Sharts and Toilet Bowls
  • Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Trains
  • Libtard Cucks, Skinny Smelly Soy Boys, Enby Freaks, NPCs and Fatass Dangerhairs
  • Tranny Supremacy and a world full of NB Snowflakes, Dickgirls and Cuntboys
  • LGBTQIA+ Supremacy and Cishetphobia
  • Calling everyone he hates a Nazi or Alt-Right
  • Feelings Over Facts
  • Throwing Tantrums and Running Away From Its Problems
  • Safe Spaces, Censorship and HugBoxes
  • Far-Leftism, Antifa and Cancel Culture
  • AIDS and getting its Pozhole dicked down
  • Sick Fuck Polyamorous Pansexual Orgies
  • Little Kids getting Transgender Therapy
  • Little Kids forced to strip naked
  • Little Kids dressing in drag
  • DesmondIsAmazing Drag Shows
  • Drag Queen Story Hours (Only when the kiddos get raped)
  • Sueing everything and threatening LolSuits, Yaniv-style
  • Stalking people it hates and trying to control what they think
  • Being a sick fuck control freak with no concept of personal space
  • The cops... only when it is trouble! WHAT A FUCKING HYPOCRITE!!!
  • Harassing Grimagikoopa, a literal 13 YEAR OLD!!!


The Tranny Fucktard's worst nightmare.
This meme will give it a seizure.
  • The Donald
  • Logic, Reasoning, Reality and Common Sense
  • Political Incorrectness
  • "Problematic" Femininity
  • "Toxic" Masculinity
  • Masculine Macho Men and Thicc, Sexy QT Women
  • Trannies not being above Cissies
  • Being called out on its bullshit
  • Apologizing and Facing Consequences
  • It and its fellow snowflakes MELTING
  • Anyone who leans Slightly Right and innocent Centrists/Liberals/Neutrals as well
  • The "Alt-Right", Conservatives and "Nazis"
  • Republicans
  • Freedom of Speech
  • When its stalking antics get exposed
  • Anything that is not 100% SJW
  • Its hypocrisy being exposed
  • Not getting his daily supply of Child, Incest and Animal porn
  • People breaking free from being NPCs
  • People not being all woke and mainstream
  • People actually thinking for themselves
  • Janitors and Cleaners (Cause they will clean up its shit whether it and its cuck bf likes it or not)
  • The fact that the Left can't meme.
    • The only things they meme about are identity politics, genders, pronouns and sexualities.
  • Biology textbooks.
  • The fact it will never be a real woman.
  • Chris Hansen
  • Ben Shapiro
  • Ben Garrison
  • A wyatt mann
  • Blaire White
  • Kalvin Garrah
  • Steven Crowder
  • Chris Ray Gun and Laci Green
  • ContraPoints
  • Loads of other famous people
  • The cops, or so as he claims for MUH WOKE POINTS!!!
  • Leftists who don’t lean as far-left as it


Accurate Reaction to them.

Getting Called Out

Eric roasts the Tranny Fucktard like a boss.
You know your fuckbuddy Jigoku? He licked the boot so hard it vored him and shat him out as an anarchist


—Alex the Tranny Fucktard blabbering like a buffoon.

Following the example of its role models Chris-Chan, Jonathan Yaniv, Kero The Wolf and Nick Bates, Alex reacts extremely poorly to even the slightest, most kind-hearted and even pussy-wussy soft constructive criticism. It has hurled death threats at its gentlest critics without hesitation, and often speaks (in all caps) of wishing to "destroy" its detractors along with A-Logging and making utterly bizarre comparisons about the people it hates to irredeemable scum like child murderers, serial killers and fucking Nazis. The following gallery of screencaps should speak for itself.

Something that could be even better would be the people roasting Alex like a boss, making Alex feel even more stupid and more like the insufferable sinful wretch it truly is. Special mention to EricOfFairyTail who had to deal with that absolute idiot several times all the way back in 2017; not to mention Zing Zang Zong and Anti Mirahezer, who were always finding new epic ways to incinerate and eviscerate the dumbass troon over and over again while demoralizing it by spamming pedo, zoophile and more on its shitty YT channel. Galaxy had several fits of nerd rage almost everyday thanks to them, which was pretty funny to watch.

Coping, seething and dilating About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Involved People

White Knights

The 3 Retarded Musketeers. Too much Soy.
Typical Alex friends.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Omega-Steam/Furaffinity-favicon.png Beatlewolf/YouTube Favicon.png Rey Castillo/Reymond Castillo - Alex's spic mongoloid Filipino (Filipenis) wolfaboo beaner flip boyfriend who is a severely autistic spastic just like it. Claims to be straight/bisexual/pansexual but is just a lispy faggot homo asswipe in denial. Reymond has a spergy obsession with trains like Alex and loves playing his guitar (covered in cum, yiff and poz) to serenade his tranny waifu. The Omega in his name? It stands for Omega Male, what he truly is, as he's a pathetic little nerdy Filthypino soyboy libtard cuck.
  • Incest-Positivity/IncestPride123/IncestLove124/IncestRevolution125/IncestMagic126/IncestIsBest127/IncestFluttershy128 - An utterly brain-dead 25-year-old severely inbred autistic manchild living with his younger cousin-wife (who went from being groomed by him into becoming his dominatrix queen that literally grooms him) who lives with an entire family a fucked-up Hispanic-American nudists and incest freaks potentially descended from escaped Circus Freaks from Latin America or Mexico that made their way up north decades ago. This pansexual faggot groomed tons of kids and got a blowjob from a 13-year-old in his school library during break time, and fun fact: that fucktard is so scared of books he gets panic attacks whenever he sees one. One time he called his teacher a "poopy head" and made his cousin laugh in class, and all the time he has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and will shit his pants whenever he experiences strong emotions. Like wearing panties cause he gets off sexually to it and the lace makes him orgasm while he will throw a tantrum when forced to wear diapers and will happily gun them down. Like every other speshul Tumblrina, he has loads of made-up genders and sexualities (many contradict each other) including pants-shittingly retarded xenogenders and neopronouns he changes everyday and expects people to "RESPECT MUH PRONOUNS" despite the sheer impossibility of doing so. Fucking snowflake. This faggot lives in a run-down shack at New Jersey's countryside together with his Cousin-Wife and Inbred Daughter with WubbaWankStain as their virtual Jewish-Canadian Uncle. That shack is a disgusting wretched hive of vermin and more with freaky creatures such as maggots, botfiles, mosquitoes, blowflies, mold, grime, mildew, cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes and even more fucking gross shit.

    Cum, blood, vaginal fluids, pus and more stain the shack's walls alongside poopstains and used toilet paper they hung out to dry (They're so poor they have to reuse toilet paper). Their toilet is clogged and smelly with weeks or months worth of poop being stuck in it due to the toilet not being fixed in years and Incest is too retarded to use money to get a plumber but instead will spend it on MLP Fluttershy dolls and sex toys like the fucking freak he is. His dick is bloated from the many STDs he and his cousinwife got and he hasn't bathed since 2020. One time Incest smelled so bad no one wanted to sit next to him at the Pokémon Centers and Bus Rides. Nobody except for his fucked-up family, cousin-wife and Wubba will ever like him. However during Incest's days as IncestRevolution125 or IncestMagic126, the smoothbrain Alex decided to be friends with him and the 2 snowflake tranny men started having sick fuck incest whatever pedo roleplays then Alex decided to bully and harass MarySue1964 for blocking that incest freakazoid tard. After people starting getting on to the Tranny Fucktard, Alex realized its mistake and blocked Incest out of fear. Now Incest has made Wubba his inseparable friend.
  • Idl3Tinkr/Deviantart-favicon.png Pmmecovfefe - Worst admin ever and the original GalaxyRailways2199 white knight. A scrawny nerdy soy boy with thick shattered glasses, a Chris Chan-style shirt along with an autistic voice and poorly-shaved 5 o' clock stubble. He likes using baby bottles to feed Galaxy whenever it throws a temper tantrum. His hatred of Go!Fags is utterly spergy and he got in a massive feud with them while being just as exceptional as them. He recently got fired from a shitton of wikis after the other Receptionfags grew sick of his bullshit, laziness and Tinkr's support of Alex the Tranny Fucktard.
  • Motoko/S9-Kusanagi/n-i-g-h-t-w-i-s-h - Edgelord anime queen who thinks she is Motoko Kusanagi. She once helped Tribond Kuba expose another lolcow named Scorching-whirlwind but back stabbed him afterwards. Is unable to tolerate differing opinions, cannot take a single ounce of criticism and is overall extremely nasty and unapproachable.
  • Donutbandit/Echidamu/ThunderSnowolf/Nova Palmer - Some easily triggered autistic pansexual (speshul snowflake variant for bisexuals who just want to be speshul) clopper and wolfaboo retard who is into wolves like Alex is into foxes. She claims that she is a mixture of every race in the world and constantly gets into mentally retarded slapfights on the Net which usually results in her leaving and being super salty. Another one of the many autistic furfags that roam the shitty site DeviantArt that loves to start shit and act innocent in the end when people bitch to her about it. As far as her drawings go, the Lupus Sapiens, people have come to the realization that they're nothing but shitty Geodudes in disguise that have the bodies of wolves. Unsurprisingly, she has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica which you can view ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHere.
  • Destinys_Failure/Deviantart-favicon.png MisterSnakebite/Furaffinity-favicon.png destinysfailure/Andrew Taylor - Some Britbong SJW hook-nosed neckbeard soy boy incel virgin cuck who does not know when keep out of random people's business. Also a massive fatass loser nearing on the age of 31 and is still a proud and pathetic virgin whose based ex-gf dumped him upon finding out about his sick fuckery. All he does on DA is make crappy stories none actually give a shit about. On Furaffinity, his favorites page consists of mostly Sonic characters/recolors using the toilet, basically, he has toilet, underage and shit fetishes, just like Galaxy. He also has an incest fetish obsession for his sister and even disgusted her boyfriend then got roasted by him on DA. He changed his name from Destinys_Failure to MisterSnakebite because DeltaGem constantly made fun of his username, LOL.
  • 2SkunkySkunks/Stinky and Stella - An insane landwhale dyke or fatass incel neckbeard who thinks they are a pair of sexy talking skunk lesbians (sexy is an overstatement, the stink from them is too much). NOTE: Their account was originally skunkskunky and run by "Stinky". They spew loads of spergy shit at times, egg on that Tranny Fucktard Alex Campbell English and in return will make loads of nauseating fart, shit and poop furfag art as well. On the year 2020, they got banned from DeviantArt, good fucking riddance. It could be possible that it might be 2 people sharing an account, still, it's pathetic, they must be THAT broke to share all of their accounts.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Rainikawerewolf13/Furaffinity-favicon.png rainikashewolf - Some random nigger who's the typical untalented artist from DeviantSHART and FurAffininty who draws Rule34 artwork from the Crash Bandicoot franchise. She's also a BLM supporter, how unsurprising especially since she's a libtard who overuses the word Bigot.
  • ELDRIDBITO - Random faggot from the Netherlands obsessed with sucking Tranny Fucktard cock and vandalizing Fun Shitposting Wiki after he got banned for just a single day when he flew too close to the sun, got punished and went berserk as a result. Their IP:
  • Furaffinity-favicon.png StrikerTehPhazonEmperor/Deviantart-favicon.png StrikerTehPhazonEmperor - Random white knight furfag that loves his shitty diaper farting sharting art. Does nothing but comment all day and be pretty retarded. He calls Alex one of his favourite artists, showing that he has no sense of taste of what art should be.
  • Joe Barrett/Furaffinity-favicon.png warpwarp1929/Furaffinity-favicon.png Foxyproof/Coffeehound/Deviantart-favicon.png Avionscreator/YouTube Favicon.png Alphlond - A baby furfag and diaper-obsessed ANTIFA-loving manchild nu-male at the age of 41. He was diagnosed with Assburgers during the year of 2006. Faggot originally wanted to work at Disney but his abysmal art skills got him unable to land a job so now he spends all day teaching himself how to animate using a book made by some tard named Tony White so he can try getting a job. He does nothing but draw diapers and other retarded shit all day while bitching about shit no one cares about and getting into autistic slapfights against other people that have committed wrongthink. He also as a YouTube where he makes a bunch of cow shit videos, feel free to spam that A-Tard's videos with dislikes and report him.
  • Furaffinity-favicon.png BurnBabe1987 - An ANTIFA SJW faggot that simps for the Tranny Fucktard all the time and is an Animal Crossing and BFDI fantard that only gets into mentally retarded slapfights on Furaffinity. When Alex got BTFO for a month, that retard begun crying like a widdle baby and tard raged when a user laughed at how the Tranny Fucktard got banned. He likes going together with Alex spamming pro-ANTIFA and pro-Communism propaganda all fucking day at random people's profiles, pissing them off then cowardly blocking them like the pussies they are.

The First Wave (DeviantART and Miraheze)

What they do when Alex goes mad.
ChrisMcLean joins the party.


  • DeltaGem - Raging Blaire White fanboy who exposed a shitton of sick fuck pedophiles like ComradeDeath, Survivor-For-NOMAPs, Akhnaton-II and most importantly the Adam and Steve of retardation, WubbaWankStain69 and IncestLove124. Helped expose GalaxyRailways2199's hypocrisy, stupidity and bullshit like a boss but fucking retard Idl3Tinkr was too stupid to realize it. Was forgiven somewhere near the end but was later BTFO by Motoko who took Tinkr's place as Galaxy's white knight and his ban caused many people to jump ship.
  • Tribond Kuba - An angry nigga who is best known for helping support the crusade against the dastardly K9-Aversion and promoting anti dog-abuse and favoriting pics of big-titted dragons with inflated bellies. Helped expose Galaxy's hypocrisy, stupidity and bullshit like a boss but fucking retard Idl3Tinkr was too stupid to realize it. Got unfairly banned 2 times in a row and decided to ragequit ADW after having to deal with too much Galaxy-loving bullshit.
  • Metalhead123 - Asspie girl who allegedly got abused by Galaxy in the past when she was a minor into erotic roleplays together with Destinys-Failure, she later chastised the mods real hard but as usual GalaxyRailways2199 white knights never listen. She bets Galaxy, the shit mods and Taylor all weigh 10000 kilos and smells like rotten watermelons.
  • Khai2000 - Vietnamese Guerilla Fighter whose ancestors fought for North Vietnam and he has fucking terrible grammar. He got spammed with death threats, racial slurs and much worse by Galaxy, but as usual Khai got banned unfairly while Galaxy got away 'cause it got hacked or something as it said!
  • Paprika - Blackass Hispanic nigga from the legendary Isle of Panama who was one of the many calling out Galaxy and her idiotic behavior, but sadly he got so stressed after intense questioning from Motoko that he bailed after 2 damn minutes and had to rest for the whole day.
  • Ramandhan1a - The Southeast Asian kid nigga (other one being Theresnoname), he was an admin on Fun Shitposting Wiki, where this page originated. (He's from Indonesia specifically). Also he called out Motoko and Tinkr on their BS yet Rama was swiftly BTFO of the ADW Discord after defending Swaggie and trying to speak out against Galaxy's idiotic behavior including it sending threats to TheInterneto.
  • RoboticJeffy/Caulipower - Violent ass idiot 16-year old lolcalf kid (DOX: Ayden Mowry) with no second thoughts or a single shred of remorse. Back then, he was a noob on Miraheze since Rotten Websites Wiki and started drama with GethN7 for lolcow behavior. He was very infamous on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki for defending toxic communities, especially Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. Got banned a lot several weeks ago but... Nope, he's back on Miraheze again! Now he is back in action, and destroying that tranny fucktard on YouTube.

The Second Wave (FSW and Pakistan Zindabad)

Alex is next in line for the Fox Skin Taxidermy.
The Mujajideens of Zindabad when Alex gets mass pinged. Islam is the best, Allahu Ackbar.
They be coming to rain hell on Alex the Dog Rapist.


  • Rainstorm1650 - Second-In-Command of Fun Shitposting Wiki. Had the honours of shooting down Alex one time.
  • BloodMoonIdiot - The Genius Vandalizer himself. Joined the battle pretty late but like his pal Zing managed to milk that fucking Far Leftist Loon LulzCow and caused it to sperg out 13 times on a single discussion board, beating Zing's previous record of 9. Badass.
  • MagnumDong - Official updater and best contributor for Alex's original FSW page. Responsible for operating a massive intelligence network run by Midget CIA Russians operating stolen FBI equipment and technology that regularly gives and discovers new intel on the Tranny Fucktard to put on the page to amuse others. Can work for long hours at any given time and potentially add hundreds or thousands of bytes to the page if well-rested and riled up enough.
  • Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare/Anti Mirahezer - A 39 year old Aussie Fox hunter who hops from Isle to Isle, he has vacation homes in New Zealand and Tasmania. He lives out in the wilderness with his portable WiFi, since the Australian Mainland is ablaze, he is currently at NZ trapping foxes and rabbits. Hopefully he can open up an ETSY shop for the fox skins he catches. No thanks to commie Autistic Dumb Fucks from places like the furry community and PETA, they make everyone's lives miserable and full of shit.
  • Zing Zang Zong - A 20-year-old Dude from Argentina and Latin America who lives in a nice vacation house up in the Andes as his apartment is down in the cities where Coronavirus is fucking things up. He manufactures weapons and explosives for a living, and is also a professional Fox Hunter that will skin Red Foxes alive as their pelts sell for good money. He will get his ETSY shop set up soon. And also, GET OUTTA HIS FUCKING SWAMP MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Also best friends with RoboticJeffy and BloodMoonIdiot and the 3 love trolling Galaxy together on YouTube.
  • Nutzboi King Of The Dead (Funnimanne No. 1) - A 69-year-old man living troll-head wearing cool sunglasses that was created in the year 1969 married to ur mom. Creator of the Islamic Mass-Ping Server Pakistan Zindabad that will flood your Discord notifications with at least 1 thousand fucking pings and leader of a band of Jihadist Mujahideens ready to rain hell on Lulzy Fucktards like Alex in the name of the One True God Allah.
  • Hookuai The Cassowary Overlord (Funnimanne No. 2) - Asian ching ching chonger who literally said that Alex is a mistake, but on that ugly ass nigga's discussion page that nigga herself said that he is a mistake, so he doesn't care about the fact he is a mistake and treats it like a joke. Mad whack that ugly ass nigga Hookuai loves to fuck its life up and show no respect to the Tranny Fucktard's life. Later the madlad Zing Zang Zong roasted Alex on Hookuai's profile, causing the tranny fucktard to cowardly delete its comments like a pussy. SHIN GODZILLAE FUNNIMANE.
  • The Mujahideen Fighers - Al Muyassar Ibn Muhammad, Al Mu'tasim Fayed Abdul, Malik Mossad Shuyafrun, غبار الرقة, Abdul Rahman Ibn Ali, Abdullah Ibn Ahmed, Haqeeba Bin Abbas, Ibn Masuud Abu Muhammad, Jamarud al-Maqaaar, Juzif al-Bidan, Yusuf Ibn Ahmed and Hamood Habibi are among the Elite Mujahideen Jidadists of Pakistan Zindabad on a mission to purge the Islamic Pure Lands of unholy degeneracy bought forth by the many unsuspecting Decadent Pig-Dog Pork-Eating Westerner Scum. When Alex tried invading the Holy Land with scat fetish furry porn, it was mass-pinged and gunned down 13 times and the Jihadists successfully purged all of it, thus keeping the lands of Muhammad pure and clean.
  • Seunghwan Lee - A very butthurt bratty fatass insurgent homicidal retarded bloodthirsty autistic rebellious Korean Slant rogue kid back at Miraheze's kitchen who's said to be like a 16 year old. He exists because he likes drama and flame wars that he won't stop doing peace shit. He has a huge crush on Freealand, a Korean Twitter artist, and he won't shut up about it because of TITS and BRAWL STARS.

The Third Wave (YouTube and Discord)

Epic tranny blasting!.
  • Typh00nCycl0ned/Seph/Kage - Some 18-year-old BFDI sperg mexinigger and shitposter who lives in the same state where the Columbine shooting happened. Hates pedophiles and zoophiles so much that she wants to brutally torture them to death. She told Galaxy to fuck off when the fucktard was spamming furry fetish porn on ShitpostChan. It threatened the police on her in return and also attempted to get in retarded childish slapfights with her on YouTube a few times.
  • Grimagikoopa - A 13-year-old shitposter from Chile who lives up in Puerto Rico who has been bullied by Galaxy so much he’s practically used to it. Absolutely fucking hates pedophiles and zoophiles and wants to gas and brutally murder them. Also stans Augusto Pinochet so hard it makes his own mother who lived in military dictatorship Chile for 14 years weep.
  • Gamericjr A Legend - A kiddo.
  • Level Maker Toilet Paper Edition - Some other kiddo.
  • GalaxyRailways2199 Is A Pedophile - Another troll who has decided to use this exact name, so they can troll Galaxy and make it so that the first search result for it its basically the fact that it is a fucking Pedophile.

Trolling Alex

Stuff like this always makes it REEEEEEEEEEE.
  • Call it by its given birth name (Alex Campbell English)
  • Dox it.
  • Leak its photos to its enemies. *especially its nudes*.
  • Tell it that it is a zoophile and or pedophile (no shit sherlock).
  • Say it'll never be a real woman.
  • Call up places it works and tell its employers what it does on the internet.
  • Draw hate art of its shitty OC fox getting raped, killed, or committing suicide.
    • Or even better, as a Jihadist or Radical Zionist.
  • Kink shame it.
    • Especially the farting and sharting fetishes.
    • Don't forget its shitting, pissing and TOILET BOWL fetishes.
    • Never, ever, fucking, ever, NOT KINKSHAME ITS PEDO, ZOOPHILE AND INCEST FETISHES, you fucking nigger.
  • Compare the way it looks and sounds with other lolcows. *Chris-Chan, Nick Bate, Jessica Yaniv*
  • Tell it to kill itself.
    • Even better, tell it that if it does become an hero, the world would be a much better place.
    • Tell him too that nobody would really miss it.
  • Tell it that gender is biological not mental retardation. *Factz*
  • Be slightly right-leaning in any way.
    • Any right-wing shit will make it so butthurt he automatically sees you as a Nazi.
  • Use slang like “kek” and “bruh”. It’ll automatically see you as a Nazi if you do (due to its retardation), regardless of whether you’re a leftoid, rightoid, or centrist.

Good things Alex has contributed to this world


The Downfall of its DeviantArt accounts

I'd think it'd enjoy that! LOL
The Tranny Fucktard doing what it does best. Notice its pathetic microwang?

Alex's downfall would happen when a user on Atrocious Deviants Wiki named RealDeltaGem made an article on it, it was deleted once by Idl3Tinkr (worst admin ever and a midget soy boy nerdy luser asshole cuck with thick shattered glasses) then brought back by Popzikles (faggot with a heart of gold) when they saw how atrocious Alex really is. Of course being the raging manchild that Alex is, it would cry to its white knights and they would lick its shitty asshole. "like always" and threatened to spam ADW.

To further show his lolcowish behavior, he even threatened suicide in order to get the article on him removed, with him suicide baiting 2 times in total. Of course ADW being the far leftist site that it is and run by the retarded ching-chong-weeaboo known as Motoko/n-i-g-h-t-w-i-s-h/S9-Kusanagi, bent the knee and took down Alex's page. Fortunately, it's been archived so it's still on the internet whether Alex likes it or not. Remember kids, once you post something online, it will be there forever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Sometime later in February of 2020 the retarded tranny went after some wrong-thinking alt-right pedophile admin named Deviantart-favicon.png EmpathicDesign (AKA: Mark) best known for his "TWANZPHOBIC!!!1" by trying to spam him to death after Mark started hurting his degenerate fee-fees and bombarding basic facts, logic and biology textbooks onto that tranny cunt. Of course this little crusade did not work and the DA Admins like Realitysquared (who are also sick fuck pedophiles) finally smacked the cocksucker and his alts with the b&hammer.

Despite this major setback, Alex is currently on Furaffinity as Furaffinity-favicon.png galaxyrailways2199 where his autistic and retarded cuckery continues. He is also on Youtube fighting a bunch of random people and having his faggotry increase more and more as he gets hornier and sicker during the damn quarantine. Bitch needs to go outside and die a long, painful death and get his grave pissed on.

Moral Of The Story: Don't blame Realitysquared and EmpathicDesign. Once you blame, you will be kicked forever! 🖕🏻

The Drama Train Of Severe Autistic Faggotry (May 2020 - August 2020)

Huge pile of Autism.

All of the ADW drama in a better and more detailed view is documented at Atrocious Deviants Wiki. After the raging dumpster fire that led to Atrocious Deviants Wiki to getting closed and all of Galaxy's DeviantART Accounts banned, he decided to claim a stake on both YouTube and Furaffinity as he had nowhere else to go. This will turn out to be a truly fatal mistake, especially with the drama he constantly gets into.

Furaffinity and YouTube Spergouts

How this tranny cunt works.

Basically what happened was that Galaxy had two Furaffinity accounts: trainman142 and GalaxyRailways2199 and made loads of shitty farting sharting artworks, even crappy FERAL farting porn, which was fucking disgusting. That sick pedophile also faved many shit pictures depicting disturbing enactions of defecation, urination, flatulence and more, including underaged characters such as Tails from Sonic (Tails is 8-years-old, for your information) sitting on the toilet and ether smiling or shitting into the bowl. Tribond tried to knock some sense into Galaxy after the flaming fucktard started harassing people who were Anti-ANTIFA and pro-gun ownership.

Then, Galaxy begun harassing JigokuNinetales, a furfag who is anti-ANTIFA and made a pretty cool pic of an ANTIFA furfag getting pelted with flaming stones. A baby furfag obsessed with diapers and who claims to be aroace (Avionscreator/warpwarp1219/Coffeehound) first came to the awesome picture and begin sperging about it and spouted some random BS about how they're the last bastion against the so-called "Nazi" threat despite the police containing them well and no one will forget about the Holocaust. Galaxy then joined in and begun sucking the baby furfag's dick, much to the anger of several other furfags, Tribond and JigokuNinetales. Galaxy later begun sperging out and made huge chains of severely autistic comments while making a fool of himself, with his page here being revealed and more.

The drama has gotten so bad that it spilled out from the Furfag hellhole and into the corporate echo-chamber of JewTube. Alex tried damage controlling but it failed and his reputation plunged even further with more trolls coming after his shitty asshole. At YouTube, Alex went by "Amelia Castillo" and "Amelia Pond" and begun harassing Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare/Anti Mirahezer and Tribond Kuba for no good reason. He begun flaming and harassing multiple people while clowning around on the comments sections of multiple videos. Tribond, RoboticJeffy and a few more minor trolls begun flaming Galaxy and a total of 345 comments of pure rage were made, most of them being Tribond's sick burns and Galaxy's incoherent ramblings.

All-Out War On The Autismal Wiki Wastelands (August 2020 - October 2020)


After Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare posted the 2 new glorious videos, the war had finally reignited to its old fiery glory it had on late 2019. GalaxyRailways2199 (AKA: Alex) begun raging and spamming the comments section and new trolls: Zing Zang Zong and Bl00dMoonIdiotYT decided to join in the fight. The combined army of Zing Zang Zong, RoboticJeffy/Caulipower, Anti Mirahezer, Bl00dMoonIdiotYT and Tribond Kuba begun incinerating Galaxy and started causing him severe autistic meltdowns. Galaxy's retarded Filipenis cuck boyfriend (who is also a polyamorous faggot), Beatlewolf (AKA: Reymond) got really butthurt, and made a pity party journal titled "When Trolls Go After My Girlfriend" and also spelled the title wrong due to how much of an illiterate Flip he is.

It was basically how all the trolls got together to destroy what he calls a "Transgender, Outspoken Leftist", though Galaxy is much more accurately described as a "Transtrender, Far-Leftist, Marxist, Communist, Cancel Culture SJW Pedo Zoophile Incest Freak with no life, logic or common sense.". Anti Mirahezer/Autistic Dumb Fuck's Nightmare's videos were reading out Galaxy's mentally retarded comments for the rest of the world to see as well as putting a few spicy memes here and there. Alex and Reymond got EXTRA BUTTHURT and begun calling all of the trolls alt-right bullies with no lives (despite the fact Galaxy has no life while the trolls do, and all Galaxy cares about are his shitty politics and scat incest diaper pedo zoophile fart-shart porn).

Alex later got butthurt and he proceeded to make even more autistic cow shit videos that were poorly edited, lasted for 6 seconds and had terrible fonts and words used in them that looked like a MS Paint slideshow with a crappy watermark. And guess what he named them? That's right, Tribond Bigot, and Tribond Kinkshaming, so original, AMIRITE??? Then Zing Zang Zong proceeded to dislike them and simply comment "caca video" (TRUTH) at their comments sections which caused Galaxy to cowardly delete his comments and disable ratings. When Alex got called out even more on his BS, he cowardly deleted his videos like a pussy while Tribond made a brutal 16-minute-long video containing good evidence against the retarded tranny. Its like Delta all over again. FUN FACT: Galaxy that piece of shit also liked his videos, showing how much of a pathetic coward he is and how he really has no true friends apart from his cuck boyfriend AT ALL.

Galaxy Raids The Palace

Notice how he changed his username to "fuckmylife"?
Banana Wattle tears out tranny dick.

On the 20th of September, a severely butthurt raided the Fun Shitposting Wiki Discord Server and begun spewing mindless threats about how he wanted to call the Po Po on their asses. But fun fact, no one really cares about what "crimes" that wiki has done, and as a matter of fact, that disgusting bitch is more than likely the one who will be really be the one getting an investigation by the police. He later claimed we DOXXED him, when it was him and only him who chose to post his stupid ugly selfies and nudes online like a dumbass. Once something is uploaded, it will never truly go away no matter what. Oh and he threatened to call the FBI, dumb-fuck, FSW is not hosted in the shithole that is America. Typical ignorant American Scum, so ignorant about the world outside their shithole country, so full and arrogant of themselves as well as thinking that they know everything when as a matter of fact, they truly know nothing but half-truths either spread by woke faggots, bigoted alt-righters or simple filthy pedo scum.

GalaxyRailways2199 the Tranny Fucktard later started calling Fun Shitposting Wiki users Nazis, but did they commit a genocide? No. But what can you expect from your typical Dumb Fuck Far-Leftist American? Then he begun saying he loves going on wiki-destroying/alt-righter-killing rodeos or whatever the fuck and then now decided to backtrack, threatening to respond the wiki to Miraheze. But tough luck, as Fun Shitposting Wiki is also not located in Shitty America, but is also not hosted on Radioactive Miraheze. Pep and Nutzboi were roasting the troon and decided to call in RoboticJeffy/Caulipower to join in the fun. Then Alex claimed he has a local, federal and state police department with a competent cybercrimes unit or whatever that faggot claims "pays". But seriously, they won't give a shit, they don't fucking care about the shit Galaxy bought onto himself after his severe autistic faggotry. And as said before, he is more likely the one getting investigated here.

Also notice how he keeps threatening his foes the police, despite calling the police racist, screaming "FUCK DA POLICE!!!", supporting BlackLivesMatter and All Cops Are Bastards? What a fucking hypocrite.

FSW Vandalism Spree

Nice try.

On 02:31, 21 September 2020, Galaxy, who had his brain melted, found his Fun Shitposting Wiki page. He replaced it with "fuck y'all", showing that Galaxy itself was unhappy about his page being unrational as his brain. Got banned once again for vandalism. The folks at Fun Shitposting later grabbed the Tranny Fucktard's IP Addresses and begun parading them around. His account that he used for vandalizing the glorious page is Fuckducklings and the FSW users clowned around on his stupid usertalk to show how much of a faggot he really is. His Fun Shitposting Wiki page will forever be preserved on ED as a relic of internet history, and there is truly no way that mentally ill freakazoid can run away from it, he has cemented himself as one of the internet’s LOLCOWs and will forever be known as a imbecilic tranny cunt best known for destroying a Wiki, simping for Jessica Yaniv along with loads more bullcrap.

Later, the stupid idiot started IP vandalizing the page 2 times in a row, but luckily he was stopped in time by the admins while having 2 more of his IPs snagged yet again. GalaxyFailways later gave up on his severely autistic crusade and decided to fuck off forever. Or did he? Only time will tell, especially with the many mental illnesses and transgenderism polluting that fucktard's brain. Trannies are known to be exceptionally unpredictable, and they are dangerous, mentally ill freaks with unstable minds and cruel tempers turned up to 11 due to all the sick hormones they take.

Second Battle On Miraheze and Discord

Cry moar, you miserable retarded moron. Oh what was that? You wanna REEEE? Good.

On the now-radioactive wasteland that is Miraheze, Caulipower and many of his friends, such as Paprika have finally gotten their hands on confidential information regarding Galaxy that managed to be successfully archived. The latter made a huge page on Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki with all that evidence, successfully concentrating all the Galaxy evidence in one whopping place, bolstering the strength of Galaxy's enemies and raining hell on Alex. Galaxy who was super made a second Miraheze Account, Mediawatcher2212 (the first being ihateallofyou) where he vandalized the page and was audacious/rude enough to decide to send threats to a bunch of people there, most notably Tribond Kuba and Caulipower/RoboticJeffy. Galaxy was swiftly BTFO of the wiki by a furious Caulipower after Cauli brutally roasted him with his latest sick burns and calling her an Evil Clownfish, making Alex go berserk and take to Discord to pity party once more.

A very delirious, panicky and miserable Alex on the verge of a mental breakdown and bawling like a big stupid baby later hopped into the Miraheze server, after raging upon finding out he got virtually banned from all the Miraheze Reception Wiki Discord servers after what he had done to the shithole that is Atrocious Deviants Wiki. The tranny begun cry-typing to various Miraheze admins such as Zppix about "MUH REVENGE PORN", "TWANZPHOBIA", "N00DZ BEING LEAKED" and more incoherent rambling bullcrap but it turns out, Alex was retarded enough to think Fun Shitposting is hosted by Miraheze, when its actually NOT and is hosted by someone else instead! Joke's on the tranny, as the report won't work due to Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wikis being the one hosted on Miraheze and not having any porn at all! The sad troon wept a thousand tears, and pathetically left the server while having his farts clog up the server, making everyone assmad at this gigantic fucking clown.

However, a series of attacks led by WillG8686 and Zenko managed to destroy several shitty wikis belonging to The Outcast Network, freeing the tranny instead. NDKilla, the destroyer of these shitholes, claimed they repeatedly violated Miraheze's Content Policy and Code of Conduct or whatever. The UW&UW page for Galaxy was destroyed along with the wiki... or was it?


Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Train O' Pain (October 14th - November 5th)

The Long, Brutal War

While Unfavorable Wikis and Users wiki may have been shut down, the page thankfully remains archived with all links salvaged and archives provided to show receipts of Alex's pedophilic antics. And even better, all of the pages' editors have moved to Fun Shitposting Wiki, making this page's growth faster than ever and more than capable of documenting Alex's mentally retarded behavior. Galaxy thought that since he was able to take down a wiki (actually he was unable too, it was all Willg8686 and Zenko's fault), he could take down Fun Shitposting Wiki. And when he wanted to take it down, he was planning to plant a ticking time bomb in it: fake doxes and then alert the wiki and forum hosters about it, thinking he could get the wikis and by extension closed. He made an account named Dapolice on both the wiki and the forums on the 14th October 2020 while using loads of slurs and typing slightly differently to deceive others.

The Herald Of Dapolice

Dapolice (Actually Galaxy/Alex)'s IP Addresses.
Got BTFO and all faildoxes deleted and disarmed.

Out of ideas and already heavily damaged from his constant fighting along with FSW archiving his UW&UW page, Alex the Tranny Fucktard hatched a new plan and decide to pose as a transphobic criminal who goes by Dapolice that says slurs like "nigger" and "shitskin" every 5 seconds as well as being Islamophobic too (This is what he thinks all conservatives behave like, when some are actually sane). He later then went to Bl00dmoonidiot's profile and dropped some dox. Luckily, Bl00dmoonidiot deleted it and then he invited Dapolice and an mod (MagnumDong) to a private group chat where Dapolice begun sperging out with alt-right shit and begun saying how Galaxy murdered kids with baseball bats (something his previous dummy account deathbombs said) and raped at least 7 kids in counting while begging not to be mentioned at all.

Later, the mentally retarded Tranny will start having his impotent tardrage leak early and lead him to sperging out early, which led to him forgetting to use a VPN on one occassion, which got his IP logged by the Fun Shitposting Forums, and was eventually leaked by Rainstorm1650, Pep and MagnumDong who administrate the forums in addition to the wiki. He started tard raging randomly on Rainstorm1650's profile after receiving a warn from him for tard raging too much on the forums and getting "Retarded" Negrates that decrease forum points by 1, and he begun screaming shit like "guys, this guy enjoys being raped by little boys little CHRISTIAN boys dressed as Muhamed", "aww did i scare the little shitskin away?" and "your nigmode app must be broken, it isnt sensing your presence at all.". He also started sperging out at Anti Mirahezer/MirahezeH8r's profile and told him this: "Go kill yourself, nigger. before I do it foryou.". This led to a flurry of "Retarded" brain stickers that triggered the fuck out of the Tranny Fucktard.

Soon, GalaxyRailways2199 went full retard and after he thought his fake dox bombs were safe in the Forums, he started sperging out with Dapolice and called everyone there "Nazis" (which shows its OBVIOUSLY him) and vandalized a shitton of wiki pages before the God-Emperor Pep slammed the B&Hammer onto the Tranny Fucktard and yeeted him out of the wiki. Magnum quickly knew what was going on after one of his Russian Midget Slaves helped point out to him how doxes can destroy entire fucking websites if not careful, so the favourite penisman quickly purged these fake-dox-bombs liek a champ, disarming the Tranny's shitty little bombs and saving the Forums and by extension, making this extensive and complicated campaign by Alex English a massive failure for him. He would later go on to his house to cry a thousand tears upon figuring out his plan has failed.

Banned From Furaffinity

Bitch admits to liking FERALS and BABYFURS.

After receiving several warnings and many suspensions (including a 1-month one), he finally got banned from Furaffinity after Tribond Kuba and his friends there started mass-reporting that diaper tranny furfag, leading to the mods like Dragoneer dropping the B&Hammer onto the Tranny Fucktard. But as you can expect from a severely autistic madman, Alex's autistic faggotry still continues on both Inkbunny and YouTube (despite getting increasingly weary on YT). The next part of this severely autistic story will take us to the cub porn, pedophile and loli/shota-con infested lands of Inkbunny, a dreadful death trap brimming with the most unimaginable kinds of degeneracy ever known to mankind and a hub for the worst of the worst furfags all collectively fapping in their brutal sex dungeons filled with kidnapped kiddos, animals, corpses and family members. On the right is Alex's disgusting tags for the abominable revulsion he churns out with low quality pencils dipped in his shit (he uses them as dildos, the sick fuck), which includes baby furfags (pedophilia), ferals (basically irl animals, so bestiality), age-play (pedo shit), DDLG (more pedo shit) and more abhorrent vomit-inducing crap he gets off to.

Inkbunny Shenanigans (November 6th - December 3rd)


Now that he got banned from FSW, suspended for one month on FurFagAffinity and failed hard at Dapolice with his ticking time bombs (the fake doxes) all completely destroyed, the Tranny Fucktard decided to retreat to Inkbunny after he took several hours to cry a thousand tears to wallow in his sorrows after getting walloped around like a chump. As per the Autist Creed, he would get into more autistic slapfights while begging his retarded friends to help take down the page via pathetic pity partying since his retarded plan completely failed. The Tranny Fucktard had no more Tribond Kuba to spam with shit pics and far-lefist propaganda, so he turned his tard eyes onto some random furfag... RoareyRaccoon.

Alex VS RoareyRaccoon

Wow, real classy Alex. He goes so low to the point of wishing COVID on people who commit wrongthink and hurt his tranny fee-fees!

For his first big battle of sorts, Alex went to fight some random furfag artist who is RoareyRaccoon just because he hates cancel culture and (Roarey, not Alex; Alex will fucking LOVE Amber Heard and other similar cancel culture virtue-signaling fucktards) calls out mentally retarded cancellers like Amber Heard and other scumbags. Being the mentally retarded tranny he is, Alex went to fight by screeching that "Cancel Culture is deserved and only just a punishment for doing stupid shit online" (That's not cancel culture, its CONSEQUNCES) and immediately got roasted by tons of other furfags as well as Roarey, however, he was too stupid to budge and continued flaming more furfags.

Roarey bought up some rando named Stefan Molyneux who lost loads of shit for "wrongthink" and instead, Alex said he deserved all of this insane punishment just because "HE HURT MY FEE-FEES, FUCKING ALT-RIGHTER!!! WRONGTHINK AGAINST THE LEFT!!! THIS IS A VIOLATION OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!", but that's not true cause Galaxy sees all his enemies as Alt-Righers, even stanch leftists and calls everything he hates "Transphobia" and "Nazis", Jessica Yaniv-style. Then the Tranny begun screeching on how free speech allows hate speech and started acting like a speshul snowflake; then he begun calling all of Roarey's points "Strawmen" now, the shit tactics the Tranny Fucktard uses are just absolutely retarded and the same shit in different coats of paint.

Alex than claimed he doesn't support mobs, but that's hypocritical as that faggot has begged for a personal army countless times: Atrocious Deviants Wiki page on RealDeltaGem, several FurAffinity journals, his Inkbunny pity party, his cuck bf's shitty Twatter callout and his constant screeching in his shitty Discord server filled with underaged, incest and zoophile porn. Then he started another ridiculous accusation against Roarey and said he was biased to leftists, when its the far leftists that CONTROL SILICON VALLEY and use CANCEL CULTURE thanks to their LGBTQAIDS CULTS sending rampages against anyone who so dares to commit one little bit of "wrongthink". More furfags provided even more logic, but Alex being severely allergic to basic facts and logic, violently reacted and wouldn't budge like a fucking wall of shit. After making more idiotic assumptions, he got roasted yet even more by angry furfags and then started simping for a "feminist game critic" (AKA: Anita Sarkeesian) to the point he got deadnamed by I8p and had his autism made fun off.

After Roarey blocked him, Alex sperged out about this, wished death on Roarey, hoped he got COVID-19 and called him an alt-right douche. What a piece of shit.

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Tranny Pity Party

Cry harder, you fucking dumbass.

Alex/GalaxyRailways2199 the Tranny Fucktard got Big Mad and Butthurt after Tribond and the rest of his goons continued bombarding the Tranny Fucktard with hate especially after the further spread of this glorious page, so he made a journal trying to rally a personal army against this legendary page. Tribond later came in to rip him a new asshole but the coward blocked him. No one bothered to read it and at least half to 3 quarters of the 80 views he got were from his haters laughing at his LOLCOWdom. The Tranny grew dejected and miserable on Inkbunny and went back to faving shitty cub porn and other degenerate abominations while waiting out his rightfully-deserved ban on FurAffinity.

He would later soon get unbanned from FurAffinity after his one-month ban has passed, so he would delete his Inkbunny account (or get banned from the fucking site itself, which would be the more realistic and obvious answer) as he couldn't rally an army with it, only caused trouble and stirred shit, and only had Roarey's goons discovering his page and then laughing at that pestilent scourge. There is even more sperging ahead.

Return to FurAffinity (December 4th - December 25th)


For some very odd reason, the Tranny Fucktard somehow managed to appeal his thought-so permaban and came back after a month and is now terrorizing the citizens of FurAffinity yet again. But at the same time a few days later, the Tranny Fucktard got banned from Inkbunny with his user profile all fucking gone. Galaxy claimed that he deleted his own InkBunny profile. It's doubtful since Tribond reported him 3 times and the mods actually took action and deleted all of his comments that is considered "inflammatory". But not that he has come back, the mentally ill freakazoid would later go on a rampage together with his idiotic friend BurnBabe1987 and go around harassing people who were simply sick of SJWs, anti-ANTIFA furfags and many more innocents furfags that would sadly face the terrible troon farting onto their faces and causing shitloads of drama.

He begun attacking the Anti-ANTIFA furfag group together with the BurnBabe1897 retard and the two would later go on random furfags' profiles just to harass them and then cowardly block them like the pussy slacktivists they are, screaming shit like "Anti-ANTIFA is Pro-Nazi" and "ANTIFA IS THE BEST" despite the sheer stupidity of these idiotic statements and the fact it has been proven from time to time that ANTIFA is violent and only makes the far-right look good. These fucktards are so shit they only target the old, kiddos (PEDO ALERT!!!) and throw milkshakes filled with their shit and piss. Even worse, Galaxy, BurnBabe and yet another dumbarse furfag who is the fatass Kingman, a 33-year-old far-leftist manchild got Tribond banned yet again from FurFagAffinity (NOPE, he's back under a new account.), but the best was yet to come.

After nearly a month of spergery, Galaxy finally got SUSPENDED AGAIN FROM FURAFFINITY, just in time for fucking Christmas!!!

Proof of the Fucking Ban


Chronic Spergery on e621 and (Christmas 2020 - April 2020)

GalaxyRailways2199 will be sperging out elsewhere, but who knows where? YouTube and Discord are the only places he is left at.

Galaxy's At E621.png
Looks like the Tranny Fucktard will be shitting up e621 next.

Galaxy Raids the Forums

Alex got big mad after several futile attempts, and this time he tries raiding the forums directly only for the attack to miserably fail and for him to only get a nearly-neverending flurry of "retarded" brain stickers. He was banned afterwards but his spergery has been archived for everyone else to laugh at.

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing About missing Pics
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Scat Fetish Rampage On ShitpostChan

The Tranny Fucktard has been growing more and more batshit ever since getting banned from FurAffinity and getting discovered on Inkbunny, so this pathetic freak has decided to go on one last attempt to try to assert his dominance. He already got banned and PWNED on the wiki and forum, so he took to the imageboard and begun spamming scat shit all over the place.

Absolute Madness About missing Pics
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YouTube Tard Raging and the Encyclopedia Dramatica Era (April 2020 - Present)

Sexy right?

In 2021 our favorite tranny appeared on the gaydar of Encyclopedia Dramatica and Naturally, an article was made. Shortly after this, Chris-chan Alex joined the discord under the delusion that they would "troll" the "nazis" within it. This went about as well as expected, and their sperging generated millions of lulz a second.

The Hall Of Shame

Tranny Rampage About missing Pics
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A Final Message

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are an autogynephilic pansexual man fueled by his sick fetishes gone out of control and twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature's perfection.

All the "validation" you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your "friends" laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Both men and women alike are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed each gender to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who "pass" look uncanny and unnatural to a human. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy or gal home with you, they'll turn tail and bolt the second they get a whiff of your diseased, infected, bloated penis dripping with POZ.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it's going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight. You can cope all you want by spraying your fecal matter all over your belongings, masturbating to kiddie porn or scat fetishes, or dressing up as your tranny vixen fox OC or some other random furfag you've started taking a liking too.

Eventually it'll be too much to bear - you'll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They'll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate, its what you chose. You are a transtrender and you will never be a real woman.



Basically how it reacts to the consequences of powerleveling. But LOLCOWs will never learn anyways.
  • If Galaxy did not make that shitty page on DeltaGem, the wiki would have still be standing. Never underestimate the wrath of Anti-SJWs, faggot.
  • Alex has Type 1 Diabetes after it took the HRT, what a Lulzy Loser.
  • Gender is biological not mental retardation.
  • It is a shitty-ass ugly fucking furfag.
  • It can't decide on whether to use a skunk, deer, rabbit or fox for its fursona.
  • It is now denying that it owns the F-List page and claims was made by a troll. It's highly unlikely because-
    • That account was made 6+ years before the ADW drama.
    • It contains its IRL name, fox OC icon and its fetishes, most noticeably: scat, fart, diaper, lolicon and toilet fetishes.
  • Galaxy had been banned from Fun Shitposting Wiki twice for vandalism.
  • Claimed to have contacted the police/feds and Tribondkuba111 asked for proof on multiple occasions but it said that it isn't obligated to tell. However, Zuluexa was arrested for "tax fraud" and it's highly likely that galaxy had something to do with it.
  • It tried getting Zuluexa arrested for tax fraud and you should go lynch it.
  • Galaxy has now wished another user on Inkbunny named RoareyRaccoon to get Covid-19 along with labeling him an alt-right wannabe domestic terrorist pedophile.
  • Looks like Galaxy's stupid ass has got itself banned from Furaffinity, TWICE, for block evasion, harassing and spamming.
  • Loves labeling other people Nazis, alt-right and pedo simps despite being a Pedo and Jessica Yaniv simp itself.
  • Nobody really likes it apart from its cuck boyfriend and it's simp whiteknights
  • Alex embodies everything wrong with Troon Town, the Transgender Community, and the Regressive Left (not the Tumblr breed, the standard breed) in general.
    • It supports doing sexual acts with underage kids.
    • It loves seeing underage kids dressing in drag.
    • This faggot says that James Younger is a transgirl and supports his sick fuck pedo monster Munchhausen Mommy.
    • That retard again said that Desmond Napoles should be allowed to dress in drag (even if it means he dances in front if pedos).
    • It thinks genital preferences are transphobic, like Riley Dennis.
    • As stated before, it is an autogynephile transtrender just like Yaniv, its hero.
    • Alex will gladly call most obviously anti-pedo shit alt-right if it is about some tranny pedo.
    • According to its mentally ill brain, trannies can never be pedos cause it's 'alt-right". Funny thing is that it is a pedophile himself. Also, most trans "women" are actually pedophiles.
    • It sees Stalin and Mao as heroes despite the 2 killing even more than Hitler did.
  • Alex's penis used to be 4 inches long, now it is a measly 3 inches long due to its HRT.
  • LGB =/= T. Fucking others of the same sex is not the same as being a mentally ill, Histrionic, insufferable asswipe that mutilates their genitals, chops off their tits/dick and injects tons of WTF hormones into their filthy stinky acne-ridden bodies.
  • Alex is not special, it is just a cis pansexual man wanting to be a speshul snowflake and to get dem sweet oppression points as well as so it can live out its sick autogynephilic fantasies.
  • Personality Traits =/= Gender. Xenogenders are invalid and just special trendy labels.
    • Addendum to this, they are basically new terms for preexisting labels. Its Latinx all over again.
  • The English Language doesn't need to be butchered by stupid-ass Neo-Pronouns like Xe/Xyr or Fae/Faer. Other languages can't translate them.
  • Like every Whitey LiberalTarded SJWs, Alex likes using Latinx, Filipinx and more X terms. Latinx is retarded as fuck and only used by Dumb Fuck White Liberals like Alex. Latino already exists.
  • To quote Malcolm X, "The blacks' biggest enemy is the White Liberal", or more accurately, Pasty Crakkaz Honkie Whitey SJWs.
  • One day at High School, Alex got so triggered by the Biology classes that it shredded all the textbooks and had to be tard wrangled after injuring the teacher and a few other students.
  • Alex loves to beat up other people, especially the little kids at Elementary School (preferably if they had Down's Syndrome) with baseball bats.
    • It also likes to actually rape people with its disgusting "girldick".
  • On one very cold Winter morning Alex peed on the bed and it fucking froze (The heater broke). When the heater got fixed, the smell produced was so bad Alex got high off the fumes that its diarrhea started leaking and it may have orgasmed.
  • Since 2019, Galaxy has got been banned from 6 websites in total (DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Atrocious Deviants Wiki, Unfavorable Wikis, Fun Shitposting Wiki and InkBunny). 5 of them were more than once.

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