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GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyrate is a chemical agent added to industrial cleaners to make them moar poisonous. It is also used as a date rape drug by sexual predators, and by ravers to self-pwn.

Exactly why anyone would be retarded enough to deliberately ingest a drug designed to facilitate their own rape is a subject of intense debate. While some argue that all ravers are secretly (or not so secretly) raging faggots, others feel it is a deep cry for acceptance and validation in an impersonal, shallow world.

Ravers have to drug themselves in order to get touched by members of the opposite sex, be it the EMT or actual rapists.



GHB in action

[03:40] <@killhamster> mmm ghb
[03:40] <@Penni-piper> lol ghb
[03:41] <@killhamster> just feed me booze, i'll be all yours in no time
[03:44] <@Penni-piper> i was drugged once it was scary
[03:44] <ifw> are you serious
[03:44] <ifw> how doies that even happen
[03:44] <@Penni-piper> but i felt it and made it tomy car
[03:45] <@Penni-piper> i was at a club and some one gave me a shot of tequila
[03:45] <ifw> some rando guy handed you a shopt of tequila and you said hey yes free booze yes
[03:45] <@Penni-piper> and like 5 min later i started feeling really weird
[03:45] <@Penni-piper> we were dancing and talking
[03:45] <@Penni-piper> and it was a group of us
[03:45] <ifw> wow raping girls at bars is easy
[03:46] <@Penni-piper> :o(
[03:46] <ifw> you have inspired me to purchase a large quantity of ghb
[03:46] <ifw> thank you penni
[03:46] <@Penni-piper> i got away
[03:47] * @dlb ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: �)
[03:47] <@Penni-piper> he was acting too nice and i felt too weird
[03:47] <ifw> how nice is too nice
[03:47] <@Penni-piper> he was talking to me like a baby
[03:48] <ifw> please feed me more horrible facts to help me become a rapist.
[03:48] <@Penni-piper> i will not do any such a  thing
[03:49] <@Penni-piper> i think i scared kh off
[03:49] <ifw> -talk nice but not too nice
[03:49] <@Penni-piper> i am just too smart
[03:49] <ifw> -offer random girls drinks with dhb in them
[03:49] <@Penni-piper> find a dumber girl
[03:49] <ifw> ghb
[03:49] <@killhamster> kh is going to bed
[03:49] <ifw> penni
[03:49] <@killhamster> he knows how to rape
[03:49] <@Penni-piper> goodnight kh
[03:49] <ifw> dumb girls are no fun
[03:49] <@Penni-piper> lol
[03:50] <@Penni-piper> they are easy
[03:50] <ifw> they don't come to a full realization of what it means to have been raped
[03:50] <ifw> they are just like 'oh man I am sore today why'
[03:51] <@Penni-piper> really?
[03:51] <ifw> smart girls are more like 'holy... fucking... shit... I have been used, my body is 
         worthless now, I am nothing more than another man's sexual release, and I am too weak to protect myself 
         form this happening again, I am going to curl up in a ball and regret having ever left my house or
         trusted anyone ever'
[03:52] <ifw> which is totally a rapist's win
[03:53] <entropy> I'm glad I can't drink
[03:53] <@Penni-piper> cant?
[03:54] <ifw> entropy has a broken liver
[03:54] <entropy> weak liver
[03:54] <@Penni-piper> thanks now i know how to troll a rapist

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