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11/30.../b/'s 100m GET. Nevar furget!
How fucking easy it is to fake an EPIC get, notice the date?
How all gets should end

GET is the act of reaching a certain reply number on one of the many imageboards lurking in the darkness of the interbutt that keep track of post numbers. Popularized on 4chan's /b/, which receives an absolutely ridiculous amount of replies from anonymous users every day. Since then, posters on other boards have begun to celebrate their GETs with equal vigor, happily begging for stickies when they reach some trivial number, like five. Which is about all 420chan can hope for.

GET can also refer to the act of predicting one's post number at any time, not just at a milestone. This can be as simple as the oft-attempted "IF DIS POAST ENDZ IN 4 THAN UR GAY LOL," to the slightly more challenging "HEY GUIZ IF I 55 GET I'LL POST NOODS I SWARES IT" to the statistically absurd act of predicting one's entire post number.

As trivial as the outcomes of single/double digits GETS are, they are taken very seriously by anon. Users that GET are considered authoritative on the subjects of their posts, for instance, "If this posts ends in an even number, then God is real/fake." This almost definitely ends in a flame war, as the winning side always champions the legitimacy of using GET to determine validity, the losers try to appeal to logic. These same people exchange roles continuously.

How To GET

When the reply count begins to approach a significant number, generally a whole thousand, million, or some silly number like 11,223,344, people start spamming threads with "__________GET", where the blank is the number in question. Some start spamming thousands of posts in advance of the GET, either in an attempt to be funny or an attempt to stir up competition. Nearing the post in question, the post rate increases inversely with the absolute distance to the GET. Refresh your browser rapidly while watching the post numbers of the latest posts, use this to gauge the post rate. Post a couple times to determine how early you would have to post to get the desired number. /b/ is absurdly fast, but it's not that fast, don't be an idiot, you get only one chance (unless you've got a botnet and/or proxy).

A Step-by-Step Guide to being a GET spamming Faggot


  1. Be a mod.
  2. GET!


  1. Only start redundant new threads. Do not reply to existing threads.
  2. Post something really fucking retarded.
  3. Make sure that within 300 posts of the GET, all new posts 404 by the time you refresh the page again.
  4. Break the board in question.
  5. Did you GET? (No -> Go back to Step 1)
  6. ???
  7. GET!


This is only the beginning of the end...

When the post count finally reaches the number in question, it is traditional that everyone on the board reply to the thread commenting on the GET in one of the following ways:

  • inb4 shitstorm
  • failget
  • modget
  • MySQL Connection Failure
  • sage goes in every field
  • post number truncating goes into effect now.
  • check'em

Also, it's really fun to tell the mods to sticky these content-free threads.


This must be posted within the first 100 posts of a get.

Mods = fags therefore Modget = fagget

In some cultures, acquisition of a GET is thought to cure AIDS in the same way that virgin-sex does. In these cultures, those infected with AIDS who are too small, weak, or underdeveloped to rape pre-adolescents compete heatedly to extend their phailishly phail lives through the acquisition of a GET. Many examples of those spending their last years in pursuit of this elusive elixir can be found on the internet. Moast, obsessed with their own mortality, pursue GETs to the exclusion of lasting social connections or reproduction. The scientific community, unable to disprove this theory, remains undecided.

Of course, the fact that anyone obsessed with getting a specific post number on a message board is constitutionally incapable of ever having gotten laid causes one to question why exactly they would need an AIDS cure in the first place. Go figure.

Timeline of GET

GET/Pre 100M
GET/Post 100M
GET/Post 200M


Gallery of GET About missing Pics
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