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"GAR" is primarily the utmost level of manliness a character can achieve, although it is not bound to either fictional or non-fictional characters. The subject of how "GAR" a character is, is counted in levels, usually ranging from 1-9001. However there have been some cases, although rare, where a person has achieved a minus (-) level of "GAR" (often referred to as "GAY"). A characters level of "GAR" is always dependent on how manly the character is, but many debates arise as to what the definition of manly is. Some argue that one way in which a character can assume the title "manly" is be being virtuous or courageous. However, several scientists studying the biological elements that stimulate the formation of positive levels of "GAR" have conclusively proven that this is not the case. A character can be classed as manly after analyzing and finding out that the character excels in the manliness of:

  1. A character's fighting style.
  2. A character's appearance, for example muscle bound giants tend to be "GAR" whereas Egyptians wearing red/black aren't.
  3. The size of the character's penis.
  4. Are you attracted to the character? If no, then said character is not "GAR". You, however, are "GAY" (-9001 level of "GAR") if you find the character attractive and the previously listed measurements are very low.


Originated in 4chan's /a/ board. A poster was describing his feelings towards the Fate/stay night character Archer, and mistyped "gay" as "gar".

"I am soooo ZOMG!!! gar 4z Archers! I love his sexy slave like skin!!!!1111"

This word "Gar" supplied scientists all over the world with a hypothesis: "Is 'Gar' the equivalent measure for extreme manliness that even gods do not possess, as opposed to possess?"


  • "Episode 14 left me totally gar for Archer."
  • "You are gar for badasses, but gay for traps."
  • "I'm gar for Archer.".
  • "Of course. Everyone's gar for Archer."

People who are not "GAR"

Those who pierced the heavens with their manliness


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