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I'm totally a cool guy listening to mah hxc! If i call u a fag that means im not gay, right??!?

g0sm0k3ashotgun is the last.fm user who instigated the great last.fm flame wars of March 08. He scrobbles nothing but hardcore bands in an attempt to look like he has good taste and deletes all records of the electronica that he listens to all the time so that no one thinks he is a fag. He can often be found insulting other users' taste in music and calling them homosexual to show how mature he can be. His disclaimer in his profile states that "Iam never a dick unless you start shit with me", which is absolute truth. Any swearing he does is self-censored with *'s. His real name is Colin Pate and he's got a purdy mouth.

Proof that shotgun is a furfag

g0sm0k3ashotgun is living-proof of the Internet Fuckwad Theory

The Great Last.fm Flame Wars of March 08

this faggot > you because he's into REAL HARDCORE

The flaming began when g0sm0k3ashotgun swore at cutslikedrugsx and called him a fag, claiming that cutslikedrugsx had started shit with him. Cuts then responded with sheer absurdity, admitting to be a furfag and typing random links and comments into Shotgun's shoutbox. Cuts then escalated the conflict with changing his user pic to Shotgun's. After a stern warning from the mods, Cuts changed his user pic to a much more emo one, impersonating a scenester with the intention of further provoking Shotgun's quest to purify the internet of all lesser emos. This epic duel spilled over into millions and gajillions of other users' shoutbox's and forums and artist pages annoying everyone. Soon bajilliagooglilians of other users were in on the flaming. The intensity peaked when buttsocket, a DEFENDER OF REASON attempted to arbitrate the hostilities. He wrote an objective and well written open letter calling for maturity and criticizing both Cuts and Shotgun for their failure to act like reasonable people. Cuts responded with a copypasta from a complaint letter generator and Shotgun replied by claiming his actions were only in defense. Cuts is now an hero. TEH END LOL.

The Retard Defends His Honour

After Colin became the laughingstock of the already fagtastic last.fm community, random people he'd pissed off would post comments in his shoutbox like how you point and laugh at the one retarded kid who thinks he can be normal like everyone else. Eventually, Colin became so butthurt that he stopped using the site. During his time away from teh interwebs, he joined a screamo band called Soluk, got in a car accident, and broke his knee by being an awesome skateboarder.

In fall of 2009, after finally realizing that ED exists, g0sm0k3ashotgun returned to his last.fm account to defend his honour and apply analbalm to his sore sphincter. He responded to all the people who had called him a faggot in his absence. On November 14th, he created an ED account, Urlame101, and attempted to delete this page. His edit was promptly reverted by MysteryBot. He now continues his faggotry as if anyone actually gives a shit. Fortunately, he's too stupid to know that there are no girls on the internet and will hit on them rather than call them faggots. In this way we can continue to fuck with him through alt last.fm accounts.

g0sm0k3ashotgun quotes

Under oath is for silly Christian pussies who like cock sundaes. Avril Lavigne on the other hand.... thats a whole new level of shear stupidity. What made you think you could come talk shit about me. I have other things to do besides cut my wrists and listen to under oath and green day. So dude if you got something to say to me, say it to me not your gay friend.



So was that supposed to be some kind of petty immature remark? If so i think u should get ur old ass off the computer and hit up the local bar u fag.



Sir I do believe you have the memory of a two year old..... If you can't figure the shit talking you said then go fu** yourself. Don't waste my time posting random ass comments after you talk shit ether. YOur worthless dude so go listen to your underoath some more and cry about the friends u don't have...



Well he sure likes to talk a whole ton of shit to big converge fans. I didn't start shit with him he started shit with me, if I defend a band I like and then get pissed on by someone else. There is no way iam going to sit there and take it like a bitch. he shouldn't be trying to start so much shit with people who like the same music he does and pay attention to other people being douche bags on it



WOw ur so hilarious man !!!! Ur a clever fellow u combined my name and cuts to create a insult. Iam rotfl your a genius and obviously u dont care if u get banned o this account. Well they could always ban ur ip address lols that be awesome!!



Look all iam gonna say is wtf is wrong with listening to hardcore music. Iam sorry I love the whole feeling of not having major labels running down ur neck to produce some shitty ass pop music. Maybe your just a smart ass psychiatrist who can analyze all of us or something. Whats wrong with listening to explosions in the sky. My friend recommended them and I haven't had too much time too check out other similar bands. So next time you want me too go listen to some justin timberlake, or mcr udnerstand that isn't my type of music so get over it. By the way I listen to many bands that are not hardcore just not as much as the bands I really enjoy.



Look ima not gonna start any more shit with you but get your facts straight. Mcr is untalented they probably don't even wright their own music and too top it off they make sucky fake emo. If you want to listen to it thats your problem idk how Is started talking to you I think you messaged me or something. Last time I checked thats fag cuts like drugs stole my picture and my bio and represented me as someone I hate. O and too top it off I believe he messaged me first and talked shit too me is it illegal to defend yourself? Your saying its bad for me to respond too him screw that that lil kid doesn't deserve to even be on lastfm.



So explain to me how iam a troll? O then do me one more favor and explain to me how discography isn't a self righteous piece of shit ether? That dude starts so many stupid fights like going into band rooms and dissing the band just to get attention. That dude obviously has no life at all and iam sick of his shit. So next time you want to right a essay to me please understand what the hell your talking about.



O and i see u love fall out boy =) there so amazing !!!!!! I want quit my day job as a video editor and me and you can go film your porno with pete wents. Iam sure u would enjoy getting ur bum pounded by pete wouldn't u



Colin Vs. The Internet

I bet you pee sitting down. :O



It's hard to pee standing up when you like to take it in the pooper :c



Fucking furry






I know you want me to rape you. Beg for it.



you crying in that picture ?????



Hey faggot. Your name is Colin Pate. The faggot that loves to start shit. :DD Come and finish it with me you fucking emo wannabe son of a bitch. Learn how to take the cock out your mouth and take the cock out your ass before you fuck with me. :D



Comeon. Emofag. Do something.



Emofaggg. Do something. You know you can't.



dude, stop being such a poser with that wikicore trash, get a fucking life






Saw your thing on ed. Wow. Not only are you a tremendous asshole, you're also a moron. Learn to spell, faggot.



Your musical compatibility with g0sm0k3ashotgun is VERY LOW. I highly doubt I'd like you considering the article on ED and this... o.0



I'm not tubby and we're not getting married, I have higher standards than some idiot kid with foetal alcohol syndrome



dawg, you kinda live in the U, S and A, if you want to date me you'll have to get over here



Colin, your such a douche.



Go away, we don't want you here.



You suck at Trolling, seriously you try too hard.



You cant even type a proper sentence.



you were evidently produced by the union of first cousins, cretin.



g0sm0k3ashotgun Defends Himself

Hey!!! lol send me this article from ed everyones been telling me about it. I cant find it at all. Some dude said he was putting me in their awhile ago. I never knew what that page was until recently. Yes about 2 years ago or something i was involved with a couple annoying people. Mainly just me defending my music tastes to a bunch of worthless people with to much time on their hands.


—g0sm0k3ashotgun, to SigilOfBaphomet

Found the article wow i never realized how big of a deal people made it. They even put my page up their wow great. Its funny how they don't post the biggest dbags up their like discography and the other trolls. Then they pick the lamest story about a stupid flame war i was in back 2 years ago.


—g0sm0k3ashotgun, to SigilOfBaphomet

"Oh come on your gonna raped at some point in ur life any way.


—g0sm0k3ashotgun, to WormOfSabnock

This is harassment and u have no life at all. It took me 2 years till i actually saw the page wow... So now iam gonna go kill myself since the whole ed community hates me


—g0sm0k3ashotgun, editing this article under the username Urlame101


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