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g00ns History

g00ns is a Tetris Online playing community that many misconstrue as a "hacking" community. The members of g00ns are deeply offended by this, even offer to send their version of Tetris Online to anyone who wants it. The current version of Online Tetris is 5.035b. If anyone else offers you this or other versions of Online Tetris, deny them. It is probably a trojan. The g00ns are the only ones with legitimate access to this version of Online Tetris.

[g00n] Angyl: CAN I HAS ATTENTION PLEASE???????????


The g00ns are also the creators of several popular internet memes such as "g00n CeLe speaking" and "Stand by for bears". They also steal memes from sites like 4chan, and rape them into the ground on their forums and IRC.


Once upon a time the g00ns linked irc.efnet.org to irc.encyclopediadramatica.com to show their support to the friendly staff here at ED. By doing this they literally trolled over 9000 people. The purpose behind linking EFNet to ED was so that they could have more people to play Tetris Online with. This proved to be a great success as everyone who came in was handed the new private beta version.


Rob Field of HostGator

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