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Not all furries can afford fursuits, and not all furries can be picky either.

A fursuit is an anthropomorphic animal costume worn by a furry. High-quality fursuits are really fucking expensive, as in thousands of dollars (plus a few hundred more on altering the suit so that it has an opening in the groin area so that the wearer can yiff while wearing it) but just like a rapper wearing a 5-pound gold chain, it does not give the furry himself any additional value. While not all fans of the Furry subculture own or wear fursuits, the only reasons any of them don't is because they're on welfare.

Why Wear a Fursuit?


The primary reason furries wear these costumes is because deep in what remains of their souls they know full well what they are doing is sick and wrong. Despite the endless blather that they are just having some fun, or are connecting with their animal totem or Fido enjoys having his asshole stretched they are deeply ashamed of who they are but do not have the balls to off themselves.

That is not an exaggeration - furries never allow people to take a photograph of them without the headpiece on because they are (in almost every way) fucking pussies.

The second reason some furries wear these suits is because they believe their pet will be more willing to fuck if they too look like animals. This is not very likely however because because any dog that still has the will to live will recognize them for what they are - heartless, brainless, dickless freaks - and tear them inside out.

Bio-fursuits: Furries = Animal Lovers?

Apparently the Furluminati doesn't want you to talk about bio-fursuits.
"I love my made-up natural-fur murrsuit, it makes me closer to my animal self!"

You thought the fursuit fetish was weird? Some dedicated furries spend a helluva lot of money on their suits to get real fur for more realism!

For $2,000 (or more, depending on the species) you can get a fursuit made with the fur of your favorite animal (OMFG, tell me where)! This practice is only restricted because most furries are basement dwellers who can't come up with that sort of cash.

Animals that are commonly eaten (cows, beef, rabbits, cats and dogs [in china] ) have fur; so do many other creatures, including foxes and minks. The elite fursuiters absolutely get off on dressing in the fur of once-living creatures, perhaps indulging in a bit of the Ed Gein mentality.

Some retarded excuses from fursuiters:

We kill animals everyday to eat and transform them into meat (...) and we do this since life exists! (...) unlike the mass murderers of food industry I do have respect for the animals !

It's a shame so many of us expose themselves with industrial-made fursuits (...) except the funky colors, the feeling of such fur is just awful (...) a fursuit is more than a costume, it's alive! it's a part of you!


—It's still alive?!

Fursuiters at furry conventions are oddly silent about this, since they are frightened of becoming targets of PETA.

So, it's a mistake to think of furries as animal lovers. Furries care only about themselves and their own fetish.

Articles or threads about this may be found on this site although they are quickly deleted or edited to hide the evidence. (example, this thread.) You can also look in certain furry discussion channels.

For the part of one fine ED user, this aspect brought him an infinite hate for this fandom and left him wanting more people to be aware about this. Additional information about who provides such fursuits and who is purchasing them will be welcome here or on the talk page for this article.

Essential Add-ons

Secrets of Suiters: The Diaper

Somewhere in that crowd are several 48 year old men in soiled diapers.
Drawing of Fursuit penis. The artists did not realize you are supposed to leave a hole there.
It adds the element of realism.

The peak moment in many a furry's career approaches when s/he first decides to come out all the way and don a diaper under the suit. Being a self-deluded bunch, furries have now started claiming that diaper-wearing is really preparation for a career as a NASA astronaut.

The point of the diaper is not to protect the fur suit; neither is it meant to protect others who happen to be nearby. The peak experience for many furries actually comes the first time that they urinate inside the suit. Walking around afterwords, with that warm wetness seeping through the diaper, many furries have multiple spontaneous orgasms. Here the furry joins a small sect of weird fucks who enjoy nothing more than pissing on themselves, claiming that it brings back the joys of early infancy.

Even more extreme furries go further and get off on crapping in their diapers at public gatherings...

The Diaper at the Convention: What the Fuck is that Stench?

People who are deluded that furries are just fans who like to wear animal costumes and so on have gone into shock at the smell, if there is such a thing. The furries tell these innocents that it's just a special scent created to heighten the illusion of yiffing.

Fuck holes

Unlike the fursuits used by amusement park characters and as Halloween costumes, the "refined" furry's fursuit is handmade to cater to the furry's Special tastes. This means that a SPH (strategically placed hole) is a must for many hardened furfags.

SPH is just furfag-speak for "Fuck hole" through which a cock can go. Usually this takes the form of one big hole so the cock and asshole can be reached, however, some of the fancier suits have a fur-covered sheath for the balls and penis and a seperate hole for the asshole. A suit made in either fashion can allow the wearer to fuck and be fucked at the same time in many of the orgies furries are famous for.

Ironically, these orgies would not have been possible without the fuckholes in the suits, as without the suits furries are Ugly Unfuckables.

Add-on Dicks

Are you a furry? Of course you are, you own a fursuit! Have a tiny cock that nobody could ever want? Of course you do, you're a furry! So, what's a furry to do? Buy a new dick to go with their new fursuit.

Strap-ons have been the longtime dick of choice for penis-challenged furfags. With companies like Zeta Toys and Bad Dragon in the picture, now this means you can have a fer reals dog cawk just like you have always wanted! Is a strap-on too lesbian for you? Then try one of the new canine penis extensions! You will be glad you did.


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Video Gallery

Fursuiting in a nutshell

If anyone thinks the previous gallery was shooped, here's a gallery with video proof. "But not all furries are like that!". bullshit.

Protip: if the fursuit is wearing clothes it's a fucksuit. They're a sick fuck just like the rest of the furry world.

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