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Put 'em in a zoo.

Fursecution is a portmanteau of "furry" and "persecution", used by sick fucks who dress up in animal suits, to describe the discrimination they face for being "different". All furries at some point will claim to have been fursecuted, and they're probably right, since everyone, everywhere hates furries.

A favorite target of Dramacrats everywhere, furries are well known for providing buttloads of lulz by, for example, comparing the fursecution they receive to the Holocaust. All furries are filled with self-righteous anger and overwhelming angst, which makes persecuting them even easier.

The proper technique for trolling furries is claiming that your fursona is a nigger.

Mundane: "I hate to ask, but could you remove your ears, please? I can't see the film."
Furry: "OMG remove my ears! They are a part of me, you insensitive asshole! FURSECUTION!"

The origins of fursecution

[F]urries get so fucking defensive of that shit, dude, because they know it's pathetic and they're holding on to that last vestige of their delusion that they aren't less-than in order to maintain some kind of emotional equilibrium. If that hold breaks, you know they're going to an hero. Seeing people call that shit what it is validates what their subconscious already knows: that they're fucking sad sacks. That kind of self-admission would just be way too much for them to bear.


—anon, waxing psychological about why furfags get so butthurt about fursecution

How furries see fursecution.
Humans and furries have battled like this since prehistoric times.

Furries brought the hate of the Internets on themselves. The large majority of furries consider their fandom a "lifestyle". Because of this, no matter how politely you tell a furry that you don't want to hear about their preoccupation with animal sex, they will get offended and accuse you of fursecuting them and claim that you are an insensitive Nazi. Moar reasonable furries used to exist, but they went extinct a long time ago. Today, any new furries are quickly scooped up and conditioned by the fascist furry state in control of the fandom.

The spectacular overreactions brought by furries quickly caught the attention of trolls on the Internets. When some of the moar intellectual trolls dug for moar information to parody their furry targets, they unearthed some genuinely disturbing furry pastimes, such as bestiality, body-alterations, the infamous body-paint leopards, and furries with whiskers surgically implanted in their bodies. Furries also proved to have a far higher incidence of deviant kinks such as scat, hermaphrodite worship and pregnancy fetishes, inflation, and a strange preoccupation with erect penises due to their sexual insecurity.

The trolls, realizing they'd hit a goldmine, reported their findings all over furry LiveJournals, web forums, and anywhere else. However, the reaction from the overly defensive furries was what really nailed their coffins. One after another, (like retarded lemmings) furries with deviant and disgusting sexual kinks loudly defended their sick "lifestyle". Let us note here that saying a furry lives a lifestyle is like saying MTV still airs music videos. Sure, they still air videos, but mostly on TRL. Plus they only air a few short clips of said videos in favor of showing off their retarded VJs, and entertainment news you can look up on the internet. So essentially the fucked up side of furries is a hundred times bigger then the "lifestyle" part of it.

Of course, all furries are hypocrites and have no right to complain. Given the opportunity they will readily fursecute one another as they are so disgusting that they invoke revulsion even from others of their kind. As further proof of their hypocrisy, many of those crying fursecution and calling you a Nazi for making fun of them are also the same ones who created the Nazifur fetish.

Another example of fursecution is how many furries have been seriously butthurt by what they perceived to be "negative media attention" (though they should be glad that their pathetic, perverted, and ridiculous little subculture has actually been seen by a small number of people to be significant enough to receive any media attention at all) by shows like CSI, MTV's Sex2k, articles in magazines like Vanity Fair, and Dan Savage's syndicated column Savage Love. They whine that these media portrayals of them are "inaccurate" because they focus on the perverse sexual side of the fandom (which, in fact, makes the portrayals accurate as furries are pervs even when they don't admit it). However, nobody cared what the furries had to say because MTV and CSI are at least popular and liked, whereas furries are not popular or liked by anybody. Nevertheless, some furfags will make the laughable accusation that you get your information about them from MTV or CSI, when it is in fact common sense telling you that they are sick weird fucks.

Successful fursecution:

Remember: the only good furry is a dead furry.

Furries ruin everything.

It is absolutely okay for you to hate furries. Hell, hatred of furries should be goddamn encouraged. They are whiny, twisted, victim complex asshats who don't know enough to keep their creepy fetish to themselves. We're not saying you should actively sniff them out and attack them, because if they are keeping it to themselves then they deserve as much privacy as you do with your BDSM shotacon foot fetish.

What we're saying is that the next time you see someone wearing part of a fursuit, or defending the furry lifestyle in public, or you find someone who uses a furry last name on face book or some shit (you'll know it when you hear/read it), do the world a favour and shoot them in the fucking face. They deserve it.

You may see tons of Furry scum on DA whining about ED spreading lies. These bastards only want to pat themselves on the back and convince themselves they are not actually fucked up individuals when they obviously are. Remember kids, every EDiot is here to preserve and document the truth.

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The single greatest truth about fursecution. Anonymous Delivers!

Some successful fursections include:

  • The obliteration of Dracoguard.
  • The humiliation of Poeticirony.
  • The homlessness of Allan
  • The IRL trolling of a furcon by Young Lord Sheppard.

Any furry saying this term in anything resembling a serious tone is usually laughed off the internets and driven to suicide.

IRL fursecution

"They fired me because I'm a furry!"

An example of furcism.
Anne Frank would be spinning in her grave.

Really, now. Let's go down the checklist and see for certain whether it was the fandom's fault:

  • Were you looking at `yiff art', i.e. pictures of animal characters with humanlike mammaries and other reproductive organs at work? Are you aware that people also get fired for looking up pornography at work?
  • Was your bizarre behavior (barking, yelping, walking around on all fours, fursuit wearing, etc.) driving away the company's moar conservative customers, or disrupting the work of other employees?
  • Did you try to explain the fandom to a coworker by showing them `yiff art'?
  • Did you try to download some type of flaky furry related program (Furcadia, MUCK clients, etc.) onto a work computer?
  • Did you post your resume on your furry website only to find out that a search engine ranked it as the top result for your employer's company name?
  • Are you as dumb as Skylos and stored photos of you fucking your dog on your work computer, accidentally deleted them, and them asked the systems administrator to restore them for you?

"They won't hire me because I'm a furry!"

  • Do you behave properly at the interview? (No animal noises or jabbering nonstop about the fandom, etc.)
  • Do you have a presentable resume, one that only includes furry if it has a 100% relationship with the job in question? (Example: Fire fighter—no furry references are recommended. Furry comic book company—knock yourself out).
  • Did you wear the fursuit to the interview? Hopefully the answer is no.

If you answered yes, here's an idea: if you're worried they won't hire you because you're a furry, DON'T TELL THEM YOU'RE A FURRY. Short of coming to the interview in a fursuit or making yiffing noises at them, they aren't going to know. Some advice? Leave the damn fursuit at home.

Hide your shame, furries. Gays have been doing it for fucking centuries; figure it out.

Furry Justification

Have you ever had an argument with one of these manchildren, with a thirst for tight looneytoon anus? Then you've probably heard their great excuse as to why their quest for doggy boner is A-OKAY and why you are an awful person for thinking such hurtful, slanderous lies about these socially well-adjusted and unique individuals.

Furries choose to associate themselves with people who have, and are known to do this on a regular basis.

Making fun of animal fuckers online is not anything like the holocaust. Jews were killed simply because of their religion. In all seriousness, jews are money grubbing assholes and were not even as bad during 1941, but furries rape plushies, pound their microscopic joystick to hawt animal cawk and force other people to know about their unique habits. With fursonas, yiff art, and descriptions of themselves with: "MY FURSON ES FOX WIT WHITE SPOTS I AM BISEXUAL MY BF IS DARKFOXYFLUFF <3!!!1". Which of the two is worse? Furries get made fun of because they set themselves up for such mockery. If a furry ever uses this excuse, not only tell them that making fun of furries is not even fucking comparable to the holocaust, but furries aren't even getting killed, as nice as it would be. For lulz, tell the furry one of your relatives died in the holocaust, and that comparing fursecution to the holocaust makes them a bad person.

Challenge this person to come to your house and kill you over cartoon animals. Since furries (most furries are male) use the terms "wuv" and "huggles", it is a perfectly reasonable to assume they are total badasses, and would more than likely do it, and ram their cow wolf hybrid hoof up your hatin cracka ass.

Yes it does. Bestiality and yiff are the same thing, main difference being that furries take preference over fictional animal pussy that does not exist.

Likewise, freedom of expression works both ways, meaning we can make fun of furries.

Of course, since a furry is so self-righteous, convincing a furry that they are a sick cow fucker is not possible.


The fursecuted fight back
A tale of anti-semitism, or fursecution?

The hatred for furries has only intensified since the inception of the term 'fursecution', prompting some furry groups to continue to escalate the conflict. For example, a group known as The Kadaitcha Dancers targetted a Something Awful forum goon named Sockhead for trolling the LiveJournals of furries. ED is currently lacking an archive of the thread or the emails exchanged between Sockhead, his acquaintances and the psychotic Kadaicha Dancers, but basically the Kadaicha Dancers harassed Sockhead's acquaintances in the hopes of getting enough circumstantial evidence to bring criminal charges of harassment against him. Sockhead, lacking a criminal record and easily coerced friends, quickly found out about the probe and told the Kadaicha Dancers to knock it the hell off, which initially resulted in taunts from the Kadaicha Dancers regarding the charges they asserted they were going to shortly bring against him, curiously capitalizing all of their pronouns and referring to some mysterious 'agent'. How they expected to be taken seriously when saying things like "We have been speaking with Our Agent..." is still under investigation.

The taunts gave way to emo speeches about how wounds from being insulted on the Internets never went away, and finally a half-assed declaration that they simply wanted to stir up commotion on Something Awful, a community that thrives on such commotion, thus mystifying everyone involved.

There are a few other anti-fursecution incidents like this, all as laughable as the furries themselves.

Fursecution has also given rise to the Furluminati that spreads propaganda claiming that there aren't homosexual furries and that there's no relation between furries and sex.


*Fusecution.net - Free Furry Videos and Animations The newest of anti-fursecution websites. Also included is a sub-site pertaining to furry inflation. Fail furry site that died way too late. Stole everything they showed and lol'd at even by other furries. LOL BALEETED


  • The Pulitzer winning Maus, using storybook cartoon art styles is considered by many to be an epic achievement in the sequential narrative. The Maus graphic novels describe in vivid detail the trials and tribulations of a Holocaust survivor -- and his son's present-day struggle with his sense of identity.
Naturally, contemporary readers regard it as a chronicle of the horrors that fursecution can perpetuate.


The ultimate goal of any furry is to gain social acceptance and they will do ANYTHING to try and get it... Even if it means stepping on their own kind.

Make NO mistake, there is NO difference between a furfag who wears a fur suit and one who doesn't.

There is NO difference between a furfag who likes cub art and a furfag who doesn't.

There is NO difference between a furfag who draws furry porn from children's cartoons and those that only draw furry porn derived from adult interests.

A furry is a furry, and ANY attempt to deny that fact can be easily identified as an obvious attempt to try and gain social acceptance by trying to argue inconsequential differences in the hope to garner sympathy. Essentially saying, "OK, I'm pathetic, but I'm not as pathetic as THAT..."

They then seek to weasel their way onto the side of the fursecutors, attacking their own kind, much like the Jewish Nazi collaborators of World War II.

Look at the spineless fuckers turning on eachother... About missing Pics
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Keep pulling and you will soon became an hero.

Use the A.N.I.M.A.L.S. approach should you ever find yourself in the physical vicinity of furries:

  1. Approach with caution, as furries have been known to R.O.A.R. (Rape Often At Random); Counter this with a swift kick to the testicles (all furries have them, especially since there are no female ones).
  2. Never attempt to start a conversation with a furry; they are immune to any form of logic and are deaf to reason. Verbal abuse is possible, but do not under any circumstances expect a coherent retaliation.
  3. Interesting people do not exist in the furry fandom, only fools and the fools who follow them.
  4. Most furries masturbate to furry porn; the rare exception to this is often due to its lack of Internets or some sort of self denial. However, the furry fandom in general is a sexual fetish so feel free to make this clear.
  5. Always be prepared to deal with the furry gangup, where a group of furries will converge on the non-believer and proceed to bombard with them with "freedom of expression" bullshit.
  6. Light the fuckers up! If you are arrested for attacking a man in a vixen costume, it will make headlines (not to mention your permanent status as a Winnar), and we all know that furries and publicity do not mix.
  7. Shout at them. They will lose significant swagger, and if they start yelling back it will be muffled by the retarded mascot head they are wearing and only make the situation more hilarious.


But I just can't stand people goin' round, throwin' racial stuff at each other


—Some guy who's never looked at his wall, listened to what he was saying and put two and two together

Fursecution goes back to the sixties:

Well, speaking as a member of the Stock Exchange I would suck their brains out with a straw, sell their widows and orphans and go into South American Zinc


—Back then the people had it right.

Heresy will not be tolerated


Fursecutor's Creed

This is as my Master told it to me and now I tell it thee. There are a billion names of furfaggotry! A billion kinds of furries that slither and slime and defile the land, sea, and wind. Each furry is a kind of sin spawned by the internet's evil. And that internets is very sinful there are many of these damned furfags and their power is great. As the purpose of all things in nature is to increase, so it is with the furry. They would have us join them and so they seek to overcome us. In alien forms they assault us. In sleep they come to spread doubt and fear among us. They would corrupt our hearts and see us yiff, too. Trust them not nor suffer them to live. For each furfag destroyed is a soul freed from eternal bondage. Each mortal furry life extinguished is an /i/nsurgent soul raised to glory. Thus, our eternal destiny is written in the blood of the furfag. With box and tampon destroy the furfag. With pizza and Koran smash the furfag. With credit card hacks and searing Mormons scatter the furfag to the stars. With gore and dataforce and bandwidth rape, with hax and AIDS and Jehovahs, with yellow vans and steroids! Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all! As my Master told it me I now tell it thee that thou shalt tell others in thy turn. In an internet of a million sites, what is the death of one site in the cause of purity? Some may question your right to destroy ten billion furfags. Those who understand realize that you have no right to let them live.


—Anonymous, on fursecution philosophy.

Furry Hater's Creed

I hereby solemnly swear that I will do all I can to uphold the values of humanity, not insanity, as the cornerstone of any society.

To do this, I swear that I will not hesitate to destroy the Furries wherever they may stand or whomever they may be, nor will I back down from my duties.

I realize that their perversion is a black mark on humanity which cannot be wiped clean. It must be cut out entirely and destroyed as a cancer.

Just as the depravity of the Furry knows no bounds, nor shall my thirst for their permanent extermination.

I pledge that I will do all I can to obliterate the Furry fandom, and I swear that all the sick fucks who align themselves with said fandom will go with it into the fiery pits of hell.

And when I am finished, when my glorious task is done, when the last Furry on Earth has been obliterated into nothing more than a smear of sicko porn and fucked-up plush toy, I will rise and say “Look here. The deed is done.” And I will be exalted in glory eternally.

Fursecution Gallery

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