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Yiff in hell by helghast5000-d3a4ma6.jpg

All furries, no exceptions. The last guy is the reason for all of this faggotry, but he also makes an easy dollar.
What do you think happens when your parents find out you've been masturbating to animal people?

If all furries were firm-bodied women in bunny suits, with nice chesticles and a preference for the better race, there'd be no need for an ED article and we'd be too busy to write one. Unfortunately, furries are just the opposite, and what's worse is they want to convert you.

Furries are the scum of the earth, and the surest candidates for dying alone. The furry fandom will accept ANYONE, including dog-fucking zoophiles, and hence attracts the worst and most pathetic people in the world. They are near the bottom of the Internet food chain, even ranking below Otherkin and bronies (both lesser kin to furries), Chris-chan, and definitely above you. Furries are so ugly that they make Brian Peppers look attractive, so stupid that they make autistics look smart, and are overall pathetic beyond compare. FAIL doesn't even begin to encompass how bad furries do in life. Dying alone is the best they can do, preferably in the style of Mr. Hands.

To put furfaggotry in perspective, furries are to animals what larpers are to medieval faggotry, and the differences are sometimes very subtle. Larpers are at least willing to admit what they do is all in pretense,and generally try to keep it as separate as possible from their real lives (jobs, families, friends). But here's the difference: furries dont have lives to keep separate from their fandom, so they cling to their fandom as it's all they have. It can overtake their lives to a point where some furs actually believe that they are their fursonas, when really they should just get a fucking life become an hero instead of fapping to bestiality porn on the webs all day long. Furfags have gone as far as raising children as furs, although instinctively the children realize their parents are different and ultimately reject it, thus proving that there is some hope for the human race which the furries have sought to destroy with their faggotry.

These faggots also got the 100m AND 200m GET, which proves that furries truly are the cancer that is killing /b/.

Forking hell if you dont got anything good to say, FORK OFF! I dont care about what you think or rules or any-bloody-thing else! Look, this sortof stuff in *nature*! If it wasnt then none of us would frggin be here right now! So get a life and stay out of mine, okay? I dont need your crap -.-'


—You wouldn't be alive to read this if it wasn't for gay Pokémon porn

What is this faggotry?

Furries spend most of their time arguing, whining or otherwise attention whoring.
...when they're not "yiffing" or making furry art.
how furries see aliens
Classy, furries.

Fuck, fuck, fuck a duck,

Screw a kangaroo.
Fingerbang an orangutang,
Orgy at the zoo.



One of the earliest known furry anthems.

With a fetish for animals, furrys can usually be found in the following places: gay bars, pet shops, 4chan, zooporn.com, and in your dog's ass.

Furries are zoophiles who like to masturbate to half-animal pornography. They have no justification. They get hot when they see animal people, occasionally dropping the "people" part. Some of them make believe they are animals themselves, but most are content to dress up as animals and have sex. Either way, every single one of them is broken inside.

Some furfags claim that they have no sexual interest in animals whatsoever, and simply enjoy walking around their house in a fucking dog suit. This is total horseshit. All furfags are drawn to sexual perversity, regardless of their preferred species. Furfags only say this kind of thing when threatened with death or when they are trying to "surprise yiff" someone new. Just to be on the safe side, if a furfag ever tells you they're celibate, you should castrate them to ensure they is no possibility they contaminate humanity's gene pool any more than it already is.

Normal people tend to keep their fetishes and developmental oddities to themselves. Furries, on the other hand, believe their fetish is a lifestyle and that they must announce it to everybody on the Internet through their icon or sig. Society might actually hate furfags less if they didn't wish to justify their perversions so strongly that they bring their fursuits and molested dogs into every normal place they can find, and proceed to spew their coprolalia. Every pervert must first accept that they are fucked up and either roll with it or an hero. Furries refuse to do so, thus making them easy targets for trolls and lulz.

The majority of the Internet hates them because they won't stay in FChan and Fur Affinity and persist with annoying everyone with their persecution complex and disgusting fetishes. They are pushy, obnoxious, gullible, insecure, and completely incapable of understanding how downright stupid the concept of their fandom is. As such, they'll take offense to the claims of it being a sexual fetish, as if without the sexual aspect, being obsessed with cartoon animals would be perfectly fine. 'Cause it's totally normal to be romantically involved with Bugs Bunny or your pet dog... Dream on, faggots.

More often than not, furries will swear up and down that their precious fandom isn't all about the sex. This is utterly defeated the moment you wander into any furry artist's gallery be it on FA or what have you. It will be plagued with absolutely nothing but smut drawings and smut commissions. It is also noted that furries will often try to tame their porn, by replacing it with extreme suggestions through other pictures or even how they articulate their words. They go to cons in the hopes of getting in a hotel bed with their other in their fur suits, since they can't get laid by standard human means. No matter how hard they try covering it up with charities or well-intention gestures towards some positive result, the bottom line is that this "fandom" is simply a giant fetish sex party in denial.

Even going as far as denial, it's even funnier when they try so hard to justify why it is they're into this disease. They'll find any scapegoat they can but it all ends in the same way - they fantasize particular furry characters into many sex scenes and dragged through their sick fetishes. You can find furries hidden in other fandoms from Anime - Gaming because that's where and how they recruit more members into their orgy brood. Bug spray your fandoms from these cretins!!

Furries absolutely believe anything and everything animal-related is suddenly proclaimed as theirs. Any media from movies to tv to even songs, they will shamelessly claim as theirs and prop it up as some "furry anthem" to be proud of. You can guarantee that a fur cult will manifest when the next movie comes out that has a lead pair of CGI animal creatures complete with porn within 24 hours of the trailer's release.

Note: On occasion, some retard might accidentally mistake a fursuit for a Halloween costume. If you observe this phenomenon, explain the truth to the hapless faggot and point them to this article!

I support enormous animal penises in my mouth.


A simple paraphrase of the below text.

Since I'm already shitting my whole fucking life down the toilet, I decided in my infinite wisdom tonight to finally let loose on the forums here and tell you all how I really fucking think, and it's so funny you'll fucking shit yourself like I almost did three times today because I've got FUCKING BLOODY DIARRHEA LOL.

First up on the chopping block, I'm smarter than you. No way, it's true. Due to the law of averages, the vast majority of people reading this are probably ready to rebuke me in some funny way which will make me laugh greatly, but the fact is it's true. Why? I don't need no fuckin' statistics, I just am. I aced high school, I aced college, and I'm acing my whole life right now. I'm running circles around my entire editorial board at my newspaper, and my faggot boss knows I'm smarter than her, but she's a skinny whiny Jew who thinks she knows better than everybody because she comes from Kansas and reads The New York Times. Fuck that. I'm the only one keeping that goddamn piece of shit rag in business and she fucking knows it, which is why she felt threatened by me today and decided to ream me out for the headlines I write at night: BAWWWW they're too fucking inaccurate! They're too fucking inappropriate! Fucking little whore.

Second up, hunters have no fucking rights. If you're a hunter, fuck you. If you've ever killed an animal just for the shit of it, fuck you. The only thing you savages have the right to do is the right to remain silent while the police arrest you for murder. Yes, murder. In these modern times we live in, what some like to call the 21st century, we as a species have evolved past the need for senseless barbarism like the kind of bullshit you assholes pull when you get liquored up and go kill Bambi. You know what? Nature can take care of itself, it has for millions of years. It doesn't need us fucking it up by hiding behind that bullshit reason of "population control". Yeah, I got your fucking population control right here. It's called kill the hunters. An eye for an eye. Capital punishment for capital murder. I consider the murder of animals to be on equal footing with the murder of humans. "Well Nightweaver, what about plants? They have feelings too baww baww baww. What about when you hit a deer/raccoon/squirrel with your car? What about stomping on insects?" You know what I'm fucking talking about you pieces of shit. Stop muddling the argument with your goddamn straw man bull. I don't need reams of scientific data to back up what I'm saying...KILLING IS WRONG NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.

Did you know that the vast majority of hunters in the U.S. are big fat neckbeards and rednecks, probably like the kind who post on this forum? It's true. Try going to India with that stupid "animals are lower than humans" shit you speciesist faggot, see how far you get before somebody runs your ass over. And don't try that bullshit that "we need them for food, we need them for research, we need them for clothing, we need them for this, we need them for that..." It doesn't hold any fucking water with me anymore, not that it ever really did. This is the same species which just mapped the human genome a few years ago; it's time for us to crawl out of the caveman macho bullshit days and get with the program. Yes I think I can make things better by yelling at you, so shut up. Yes I'm a member of PETA, so shut up. If I was less lazy and actually owned one, I'd take my gun and go out and hunt the hunters. I'd kill every one of you arrogant speciesist bastards I could find. Same goes for you meat-eaters. Hey asshole, I've thrived for 15 years on no meat, now it's YOUR turn to try it out. Or are you too pussy? Yeah that's what I thought, goddamn bunch of pussies who are too scared to go vegan. My conscience is clear, what about yours? Hm? You don't mind they're killed in horrible ways in slaughterhouses? You ENJOY watching them die? Then you're the worst kind of scum, lower even than child molesters. I spit on your fetid corpse.

Finally (because I know you people are having OH SO MUCH FUN copying this into your ED entry on me), I DROP THE BIG BOMB! I'm into sex with animals! HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT THE FUCK. Guess what, it's kind of been skirted around in everything I've said about the topic anyway, but I support enormous animal penises in my mouth. Yes that's right, let's go there. OH SISTER! I will admit I've never actually tried it on any animal, but I would love to. I can hear someone now "Wow what a fucking hypocrite that he says he loves animals but wants to raep them lolololololoololol" Let me get one thing straight faggot: Pleasuring an animal sexually and raping them are two different things, and if you don't know the difference then you shouldn't be trying it in the first place.

Do you think your dog likes getting fucking blue balls because there's no pussy for him? THAT'S ABUSE. THAT'S RAEP. Letting your poor pet suffer in silence because of a lack of sexual gratification. So OK, we got dogs covered, and it's different with all animals and some are NOT designed for us, so you better stay the fuck away from them. But honestly, do you think that horse hates having his dick rubbed if he's standing there and thrusting his hips at you? Believe me pal, if that horse didn't want you there, you'd have a busted jaw or broken neck already from a hoof to the face. So those are the two most obvious examples of animals I would like to pleasure; it's amazing how fast everyone's going to misinterpret this post and read into this that I'm some SICK FUCK who you can't let near your children. That's amazing, those people should win a fucking Nobel Prize for their stupidity.

I'm about as benign a guy as you'll ever find, but here's what I can't get over: I'm in this fandom, furry fandom see, and its artists draw a LOT of dog cocks and a LOT of horse cocks and I'm like W-T-F? We love to see art of this shit but try soooo hard to deny to ourselves that it's just fantasy? Fuck you, slap yourself into reality. YOU'RE LOOKING AT DOG COCK AND GETTING OFF TO IT. Whether its drawn or not, you can't claim that you're not "into" animal sex. People just LOVE to make fun of us, zoophiles, bestialists, faggots, scum, whatever they call us. It's one big self-assuring joke apparently for humanity to delude itself into thinking that we're so much superior to lower animals that we cannot have sex with them. Interspecies sex is common in the wild, and yes I'm aware of the apparent hypocrisy between that and what I just said about hunting. "Animals hunt but we can't , but we can fuck them? Derpa derpa derp." Well guess what? We've domesticated all these species, and we are responsible for them. We're responsible for their care. Sometimes these poor beasts can't get off the way they want to, because of the physical restrictions we place on them by separating the sexes and so forth. So we should be able to masturbate them at least if they're horny and have no other outlet! I'd sign up to do it; I'd be at the fucking head of the line for that shit. Giant horse dick in my mouth? DO WANT!

Fucking CNN wants you to think that furfaggotry isn't about sex. You know what that means.

How are furries made?

Info non-talk.png PROTIP: Parents, only show your kids DEAD animals. The singing, talking kind only leads to tragedy. Do you really want to have to bail your kid out for bestiality?
Freaks who self-identify as furries are generally candidates for other types of diseases and mental disorders aside from just their anthropomorphilia.

Furries are the products of children that are raised on a diet of cartoons that depict animals with love interests. Despite the opinion that it's the Internet that creates furries, furries existed, and still exist, even without the Internet. Through movies, cartoons, Halloween costumes, toys, games, and other things that parents innocently expose their children to, children develop an interest in fur.

Although furries tend to develop before being exposed to the Internet, once they are exposed to the Internet they realize "THERE'RE OTHERS LIKE ME!" Thinking that having other people into the same crap you are makes things awwwright. They start encouraging each other instead of realizing they are sick fucks and getting help. This leads to your common furry: the thirty-year-old jailhouse gay waste of flesh fapping in shit-stained diapers to half-animal porn in their mother's basement.

Additionally, furries can also transmit the infectious disease of furfaggotry to others. Generally, this is a conscious and deliberate act on their part. Most furries are friends with many nonfurries in the general population, and for some reason they MUST share their sick fetishes with everyone, so they lure their friends to see "this awesome art site" or to go to a "scifi con". The worst part is that they just plain don't stop doing it. They will keep shoving their furry art in every non-furry's face, wearing ears and tails in public and otherwise screaming about how nice it is to be a furry in order to attempt to convert others to their sick fetish.

Furries will also try to subliminally convert others by creating anthro webcomics. Comics such as Housepets! usually suck shit, are unfunny and uninteresting. Every furry webcomic is perverted and should be avoided or else possible conversion may take place. Most, if not all, authors of these webcomics are morbidly obese and mentally unstable.

Think about it: If Furry life is so nice and accepting, why are they trying to convert you? Wouldn't they already be happy among their numerous furry friends that they surely must have if the fandom is a loving, accepting, fun place? Why would they require assurance from real life people that what they're doing is OK if they know being a furry is perfectly fine?

It's all lies and only the most desperate and gullible people fall for it. This, of course, leads to even more sad wastes of flesh clamoring for attention and fighting online and trying to convert as many people offline in the hopes that someone, anyone, will actually love and accept them.

A pregnant furry seeking advice on how to ruin her child's life.

Recruiting techniques About missing Pics
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Types of furries

Feralfur fuckers & bronies

Furries Dog Fucker Consent.png
Horse panties by stapleshut.png

These are just straight up animal fuck fetishists who try and use the larger furry community as a way of "blending in" and making their sordid sick fuckery look slightly less like a complete abomination of nature. As far as the furry pecking order they're generally considered the lowest of the low, right down there with cub fuckers and babyfurs. If you're furry and you want to try and feign some measure of normalcy this is one of the best types to use as a differential comparison.

Just play it off like, "Oh, I'm not one those furries, they're the ones who are giving the furry community a bad name!" In reality of course, every furry is in fact a feral fur fucker, it's just some furries are more in denial than others. By mixing human traits with animal traits "normal" furries can basically create a pseudo-separation from the horrifying stigma of wanting to molest actual animals.

Yes, bronies. No matter what any of them tell you, they all want to touch the no-nos of every one of the pastel plastered equestrian abominations. They are held so low in the furry community that they are literally the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the furry food chain. Each and every one of them is a sad, fat, autistic male in their 30’s who have nothing better to do with their pathetic existences than clop to those bug-eyed bastards. This, too, is a thinly-veiled hidden attraction to animals. They are shaped like horses and have zero human attributes outside of talking. Most bronies fap to pictures, not videos. They are fapping to pictures of technicolor regular horses.

As a rule of thumb, anyone who demands "realistic anatomy" just wants to fuck an animal. Realistic anatomy is codeword for "animal dick/vagina" and is your biggest red flag for a sick fuck. The more they complain about "realistic anatomy" the more of a sick fuck they really are.

Cub fuckers & babyfurs

Babyfurs - Mifmaf - Little Ally Cum Dumpster.jpg
Baby Furs - 03.jpg

What community would be complete without kiddy diddlers? Similar to the above mentioned bestiality types these sick sordid social rejects use the guise of furtardation in order to try and make their love of prepubescent rape seem awwright.

Usually playing it off like, "It's not pedophilia because they're not real kids!" these proverbial onions of humanity use layer after layer of bullshit in order to try and sidestep and mask what it is they're really interested in. In some cases these types may not even be furry at all, but simply find it a convenient means to bypass existing rules and laws that rightly keep their sick fuckery otherwise in check.

Do not confuse these for Babyfurs who like to pretend they are still in the "shitting my pants" stage of life. These are people who have no illusions about being a child yet still want to fuck things that don't know how to say their ABCs yet. Often they will play "loving parents", "Big brother/sisters" or other relatives for a nice big dose of incest to go along with their main fantasy of child diddling.

Babyfurs are known to be autistic in nature and long to have an eternal childhood, as well as being a fucking furfag. In short, they hate their life so much they are trying hard to wish themselves back into infancy as an escape from every single mistake that led to their wretched existence. Their fetish is for diapers, shitting in them, and being changed like an infant. Stay away from these wretched piles of fat and filth as far as you can.

Unlike cub fuckers, they are (thankfully) celibate, as to not pass their faggotry on to any children they could’ve potentially had. This is very ironic as there are legions of cub fuckers who would just love to diddle them. A 30 year old man in a diaper crying like a baby is legal for sexing!

Scalies & featherfags

Furry - General - Recognizing The Problem.jpg
Furry bird porn.jpg

Most people just lump them in as "furfags" as, honest, nobody really gives a shit if the kind of animal they are fapping to has fur or not as any sane being realizes these people fap to animals and sees them all as sick fucks,

Scalies like to pretend they are special because instead of drawing and fapping to fox dickgirls, they draw and fap to dragon and lizard dickgirls. Many scalies are even more overweight than usual as "being a dragon" means they get to eat extra fatty red meat. If said dragon is also a dickgirl, chances are you are looking at a furfag who is really an otherkin hiding among the furfags. Otherkin think they really are dragons and are even more batshit insane than normal. In general, scalies should be avoided as they are even more insane than the average furry. And don't forget Snapesnogger and her deep loving fondness for snake people.

Featherfags are some of the most inept artists you’ll see when it comes to the anatomy of their smutty “characters.” The shit that makes their dicks twitch are birds that are drawn to have human vagoos, tits, and other things that shouldn’t be on a fucking bird. Putting tits on a bird is about as appealing as putting them on an Alien, and yet furshitters have found ways to fap to that as well. They also like to pretend they are super special snowflakes for being an "exotic race" like a blue jay or a parakeet. News flash: nothing a furry can do will make them a special snowflake as they're all "special snowflakes". When everyone is special, nobody is.

Edgy furries

Anime furry nazis.jpg

These are the kind of furries that the other furries kind of look at funny.

Christfurs are hypocrites. What better to happen to such a hated group of people than to have some of their populous be christfags? These holier than thou furries have the worst traits of evangelists and the worst traits of furries combined. They fuck like rabbits, break every law in the bible, then go to church and that makes them better than you. They spend their time jerking off and talking about how you are going to hell for being less holy than them.

Bonus points for the Christfurs who are also actually in the church itself. There's something special about a lion in preacher garb, especially when you see on in real life. Furry priests/preachers pretend they do this either to try to "reach out to wayward furries" or to "amuse the children" but we all know this is bullshit there to cover the fact they used the collection plate money to buy a thousand dollar fursuit that will be used mostly to attract gay men for sex. Thanks for the donation!

ClosetFurs are everyone reading this article who doesn't have a fursona yet. Yiff Yiff, my good fellow!

Nazi Furs combine two of the world’s most hated things put in one festering, shit-encrusted blend! The Nazifurs are a very weird bunch indeed. In essence, they could be terrifying, but in reality they’re just neo Nazis mixed with furfags. And they are hilarious. Gay dogs who are jewish goose stepping and hailing the Fuherer? Welcome to furry country. The true irony lies in the fact that these sick fucks are exactly the type of people that Hitler would have had killed in concentration camps.

Necrofurs are definitely the most edgy when it comes to other furfaggots. They fap to anything and everything dead and furry, no matter how gruesome, because the more gory, at least for them, the better. For the love of fuck, stay away from them IRL. Only engage in conversation on the interbutts. When any of them takes the killing to the real world you get the making of a serial killer. Most of them started with animal cruelty before moving on to humans you know.


Furry - Females - 02.jpg

Fatfurs are the unholy union of the furniggers and chubby-chasers. They’ll yiff/fap to anything that has hair and mountains upon mountains of fat. They usually have some of the most insanely confusing fetishes, ranging from inflation via air, fluid or (obviously) fat, to even having their fursonas being made of “living rubber.” Have plenty of eye bleach ready if you are to click on the above link.

Please note that most furries are fat in real life. The Fat Furs are different in that they see this flab as appealing and encourage it among one another. They do not have skinny fursonas and do not want one. Fat = sexy to them.

Biofurs believe that someday science will shit out a procedure that will make them into real furries. That is how stupid they are. In the time between science creating human-animal splices (lol no. It's illegal in every single country!) they are likely to alter their bodies with conventional means such as piercings, implants, and tattoos. These are the people with wearable dog-cock penis covers and specialized "digitgrade" boots. Their fursuit may be made out of real fur and/or be as realistic as possible. No carttoony stuff here! They'd glue a fursuit on if they could.

They don't realize that every race, animal or not, would be freaked out by them if they succeeded in becoming a real live furry. In short, they have not thought this through. No lifestyler really has. They just daydream and tell themselves "it will all be ok". In short, they're some of the dumbest furries in furrydom.

General fetishists

Yes, that really is Gabe Newell fucking a stuffed animal.

Sure, furry is a fetish, however, there are many subgroups of fetishes. Chances are every fetish has a furry companion. Name it, slap on ears and a tail, and you'll find porn of it. Here are a few we actually have chronicled on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Pawfurs are what you’d expect from the name: furry foot fetishists. Yet they somehow take it to a whole new level. When you can pretend to be three inches tall licking the stinky soles of a giant digimon who stomped grapes all day long you would be taking it to the next level, too. Expect there to major dashes of Macrophile thrown into the mix as bigger feet are better feet, right guys?

Pregfurs are pretty much what would happen if actual furries existed and fucked as much as furgags like to make them fuck. This is combined with weirdass ideas like being pregnant many times at once (lol wut) and fetishizing the idea of giving birth even though giving birth is the most disgusting, dangerous and painful thing any female humanoid can do with her life.

Rangerphiles are the type of people that are bound to ruin your childhood, if you grew up in the 90’s and still haven’t lost all of your precious memories to faggotry yet. They think that the characters from Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers are worthy of wanting to fuck. These are people in their 20’s and 30’s. And they want to fuck cartoon mice and chipmunks. In increasingly disturbing and un-erotic ways. Let that sink in. Watch as it festers in your subconscious and taints your childhood bit by bit like a fungus. Welcome to the real world, people!

Plushophiles (or “plushies”) are furries that get horny over their China-made lumps of fabric and stuffing so much that they literally fuck them. And like it. They post pictures of themselves doing it on the Internet for all to see, not realizing they put themselves at risk of eternal ridicule. Well, then again, all furries do that, so I guess it’s no different. These “people” are most shocking to those who love to collect and take care of plush toys as there is nothing worse you can do for one than to tear a big-ass hole in it and pump it full of semen. Especially since these morons do this to rare and out-of-production stuffed toys that could’ve potentially provided them with jewgold, but instead they fuck them. If you, the faggot reading this, does not see anything wrong with this, please do us all a favor and smother yourself with one of the many raccoon plushies you've violated.

There's also plenty of them into various versions of scat, golden showers, roman showers, and diapers containing all of the above. Yes, people, we are talking about overweight jailhouse gays rolling in their own feces and urine because nobody will use them as a human toilet. Some of them want to be eaten and some of them are into super-sized giant big dicks and boobs spouting fountains of goo. Occasionally they want to be eaten by massive dicks to be turned into goo. You read that sentence correctly: eaten by dicks. Rational sense, this makes none... but they still want it anyway.

The takeaway: if it's a fetish you can bet your sweet ass it shows up in furry porn somewhere.

Furry propaganda

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Furry art.

Typical "art".
Tame by furry standards, perverted by normal standards.

Some furries claim they're just in it for the art. Of course, this is exactly what they want you to think: that they're just a bunch of artists. The reality is much worse.

The truth is that this "art" is simply a way for furries to lure their ill-fated victims into a trap, where they will be mind raped until they submit to their new furry masters.

Furries often explode into brick-shitting, BAWWWWWWWing rages as soon as someone points out the obvious: that Furry art is nothing more than a gigantic collection of half-animals with trite designs that only a furry could love so much, cobbled together by hormonal sixteen-year-olds who have taken maybe one art class and can't even draw a cock. The few that can draw generally make "art" like The Kadaitcha Dancers.

The following is a lengthy rant from one furry that perfectly embodies their nature of deception. Typical to most attempts to rationalize being a furry, the rant is full of circular logic, hypocrisy, unwarranted self-importance, and just about every logical fallacy you can name. The author directly mentions ED and appears to have a dislike of this site from his previous rantings. In case you haven't noticed, the furry community is full of huge egos; this is most likely to compensate for the fact that they only have a life on the Internets.

But I genuinely refuse to believe all of furry is the crowd of social lepers we like to think we are.



—Furry on being a social leper.

hey, not all of us are freaks like those skunk fuckers



—social leper tired of being grouped with furries.

"Girl" furries

Why there are so few female furries

Furrydom is a sausage party. About three quarters of furries in general are male, according to people who have tried to measure this. (Conversely, furry artists for whatever reason are about three quarters female.) Some of the "female" furries are in truth just guys acting like girls, or faggots who wish they were girls. Some are lesbians so ugly that not even their own dogs would fuck them. Either way, you really, really do not want to see what is hiding under their skirt.


Examples of "girl" furries (probably?)

Furry "Females" About missing Pics
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Wikipedia drama

Even the ancients were tormented by the furries.

Since furry existence revolves around WikiEdit Drama, many of Wikipedia's admins are furfags, such as: ContiE, WPFavicon.png Fennec (an early arbitrator, for fucksake), WPFavicon.png Furrykef, WPFavicon.png KieferSkunk, WPFavicon.png Loganberry (lol desysopped), link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Wiki alf Wiki alf (lol quit in 2009), WPFavicon.png Wwwwolf, and WPFavicon.png Xaosflux - all of whom are the same person. There is also Krishva, who insists her childhood was destroyed forevar by furries and has made it her lifelong goal in life to make sure that web sites such as Wikipedia, are as accurate (read: white-washed) as possible. This involved making approximately eleventy gazillion edits to Wikipedia's "Furry" article and, when that didn't fulfill her need for alpha-wolf dominance, also the "Furry fandom", "Funny animal", and "Talking animal" articles. Not to mention WPFavicon.png GreenReaper, a big WP fan and one of the founders of WikiFur.

Why in the world Wikipedia has separate articles for "Furry" and "Furry Fandom" in the first place is one of the many infinitesimally trivial points being bickered about by Krishva in the various articles' talk pages. Why? Because certain furfags want to deny that furry has anything to do with sex. There is one yiff pic in existence that doesn't resemble this and they put it on their yiff article. Obsessively denying the relation between sex and furfags on Wikipedia is likely the result of furry-style castration.

Real-life horror

File:Bandicam 2017-11-18 06-41-51-166.jpg
Furries trying to sell their dildos

If they were just pathetic, like nerds, they could mostly be passed over without much of a thought, and maybe even pitied. But in addition to being failures at life, their minds are constantly thinking of more perverted things to do, which show up not only in their REAL art (the kind they put in a separate folders and tag with so many warnings you wonder why they put it OL on the first place), but in the things they do IRL.

"It's perfectly natural to fantasize about a half human/half fox with double D tits. PERFECTLY NATURAL. I don't get the haters at all. I just don't."



—Furfag on bestiality

None of us can really help, control, or direct our sexual interests or fetishes; we can, however, control how we choose to act on them. Someone who gets rock hard or dripping wet when dressed up like a fox or a raccoon or Ann Coulter makes a rough sort of sense. But someone who fantasizes about being an animal or hangs out with people who do without the excuse/cover of sexual fetish or compulsion? I'm sorry, but that's just sick.



—Dan Savage, Faggot and truth-sayer

Discrimination on us is and should be a crime. fucking people should not hate other lifestyles and they should not hate the people who are proud to show their lifestyle its called freedom of expression if you don't like it get the fuck out of my country you damn nazis.



—Furfag on free speech and Godwin's law

"Godwin Law was created by a Nazi or Fascist in order to propagate future persecutionist behaviour, by sweeping real Nazi/Facist history aside under the cloak of 'Godwin Law' that normal people are not permitted to sight example from the past to prevent the same mistakes happening in the present so that a new nationalist regime can rise again in the future]]...That ANYONE is fooled by Godwin law means the persecutors will win."



—Furfags don't know 'bout Godwin's law

"Considering myself human, I consider to mean that I would be a killer who enjoys suffering at the expense of those who can't fight back. I would be a part of the mass extinction of all life on this planet, I would play a part in the sterility of this planet by owning land and pursuing economy by squeezing everything to its last thread of energy at the expense of anything that dare stand in the way of my profits. e.g. When a hyena eats a melon, she's not doing anything wrong, she doesn't understand the (HUMAN) ownership of that plant...nor should she, nor does she deserve to die for being thirsty, for being hungry, she shouldn't be condemned for being a mother with children to feed."



YouTube Favicon.png furfag, who believes he's not human and thinks hyenas eat melons

Mitsurugi Yamauchi said 08/25/10, 1:13 pm (verified)

"Encyclopedia Dramatica is a menace to the internet. It is populated by trolls, racists, fascists, and other hate-mongers. They attack furries for no justified reason, and are a supporter in this incorrect common perception that furries are perverted porn freaks. Plus, it contains viruses and porn without a disclaimer."


Furfag who hasn't image searched the term 'Furry' and seriously believes ED has no reason to hate on them. Note the weeaboo name. Half of the furry fandom's shitty fursonas follow this naming pattern.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Hating furries

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Fursecution.

He that shall copulate with any beast or cattle, dying let him die, the beast also ye shall kill.


God, on hating the furries.

The first furry to do something that we tolerate. And also the last.
Hatred of furries in video games is perfectly normal.

It's OK to hate these sick fucks! Seriously, if all this shit hasn't made you sick by now, you must be retarded.

Fun Fact: If you spell out "Yiff In Hell Furfags" mnemonically, and pronounce it phonetically, it sounds just like "yiff". Neato.

Fun Fact2: Some furries are into pet dogs and make comics about their purebred pooches fucking each other so they can fap to them. Deviantart-favicon.png Johaan-N is among the most famous with a cancerous cult following.

Having reached pretty much everywhere on the Internet, and spreading around their regurgitation inducing porn avatars, they have made themselves a disseminated, easy to stop, righteously warranted hate targets. An example of this is the following video, made by closet scalie in an amazing attempt to redeem himself from his past zoophilia acts. The following video contains screenshots of real Steam profiles. No community is safe.

There has been a comic made dictating the tension between the people whom hate furries and furries themselves [1]

What to do if your friend is infected

He's got the right idea.

They'll need help. Not mental help, but the kind of help where you take them to a concealed area and shove both barrels of a 12-gauge into the back of their oblivious fursuit-covered head and pull both triggers without remorse.
There are also a few alternative solutions you may attempt:

Yiff in hell, furfags!
  • Never try to fit in with them. In fact, stay away from them altogether. This is very important as something as minor as hardcore penetration can easily cause infection (you may want to find a new friend, preferably someone from Encyclopedia Dramatica).
  • Call them out in public, ask them about furry in front of non-furries. Bring up Babyfurs and bestiality.
  • Buy some garden shears at your local Wal-Mart, and use them to castrate anything resembling a furry and staple their testicles (if present) to their foreheads; yelling various obscenties is optional. Remember to return the garden shears within 30 days to get your money back.
  • If you are his roomate or something similar, leave raw meat in his fursuit.
  • If you are brave (or already infected), you can try to forcibly persuade them against their ways.
  • Pass a bill which will makes it punishable by death for being a furfag.
  • Let a REAL lion loose on his ass and watch his reaction. Make sure to bring a trash bag and a gun.
  • Force non furries to watch yiff. Prolonged exposure to anything sexual that doesn't involve fucking humans in every hole has been known to cause human heads to forcibly explode.
  • Microwave them.
  • If all else fails, simply go to China and accumulate several large nuclear stockpiles. Proceed to nuke the shit out of every anthrocon in existence until the world is rid of the furfag populace.
  • Give them a nice, relaxing injection of arsenic. Since they technically want to be animals, putting them down IS an option.
  • If a syringe is not available, you can always get them to drink a nice refreshing mug of bleach.
  • Shoot Em With a Nerf Gun.
  • Call em Scum every day till they quit being a furfag and/or kill themselves.

Chlorine gas

On the 7th of December 2014, during a furry convention in Chicago there was a reportedly deliberate chlorine gas leak which injured at least 19 at the time (requiring hospitalization) and the complete evacuation of the hotel where the convention was taking place. Truly, those responsible were doing God's work. The perpetrator is A hero to us all.

Nobody claimed responsibility for this chemical attack yet.

How to troll a furfag

The taste of fail and AIDS, successfully distilled and canned.
  • Show them bestiality. Every furfag is deeply ashamed about their lust for animal cock that when they see the real thing, their guilt-boner has them going from zero to moralfag in less than five seconds. Furfags are also notorious for spreading the faux belief that viewing or sharing bestiality is illegal, and will go to extreme lengths to convince people to follow a law which only exists in New Zealand.
  • Mention the Em-Bear-Assed segment from 1000 Ways to Die
  • Show them the CSI Episode "Fur and Loathing"
  • Grief every Second Life yiff club they run
  • Defeat every claim of theirs that they "aren't for the sex" by slapping them with cold hard evidence that they are
  • Reveal to their families about how furry they are and explain to them the horrors of their fandom. Closeted furries hate this because more times than not, they know their lives will get turned upside down once they're exposed to people they don't want knowing.

Hey kids!

Before you decide to tell your morally upstanding parents that you are letting a hot fox touch your no-no's, please take a gander at the videos below:

Wanna look this retarded? Then you're a furry!

How to Humiliate Yourself 101

First acknowledgement of this growing furfaggotry in England.

Furry national anthem

Rap against furfags

In American Dad!

NOTE: Good new's everyone, he's single! Drop by his youtube channel and leave a nice hello.

Quote from Wikipedia (AKA Shitipedia): In one survey, 33% of furries surveyed online answered that they had a "significant sexual interest in furry" and another 46% stated they had a "minor sexual interest in furry", and the remaining 21% stated they have a "non-sexual interest in furry". That means over 75% of furfags want to have sex with furries. GTFO.

Sick fucks

In addition to caring nothing but just sex, Furries are also known to harbor some of the most disturbing and vile of fetishes. These include:

Scat Sscat2.png Sickshitfur2.png Sickshitfur3.png Sickbronyshit.png
Vore (Soft/Hardcore) Sickfur.png Sickvorefur.jpg
Watersports Sickbath.png Sickwatersportsfur.jpg
Hyper Sickhyperfur.png Sickfurhyper.png Sickhypertitsfur.png
Messy Diapers Sickshitfur.png Messydiaperfursick.png
Farting Sickfartfur.png

You'll find your fair share of these plastered right on the front of FurAffinity. It's not a beautiful sight to see by any means, but it helps validate the nature of the Furry Fandom and it's fuckery. Yet this is the same fandom that wants recognition and respect.

Word of advice - If anyone you know or see that is a fur and is into the aforementioned fetishes above. Beat them and make them regret being born!

Solution to this faggotry


Music Video

See also

f e a r
For Sparta!
CURB THE FURFAGS RACE WAR NOW ironically Pepe could be a fursona

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