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Even the trolls have had enough - furries are just that bad.

Furry art is creepy as hell...
...even though most of it looks like this...
...or like this...

Furry "art" is quite frequently amateurish and focuses on bizarre sex acts and interspecies mating. It's also a well known fact that much furry "art" is merely Rule 34 of beloved childhood icons. Often it is also a poorly done Trace using MS paint or way too many photoshop filters as well.

Furry art is often characterized by a tenuous grasp of anatomy (pictured) as well as trite character designs that only a furry could love so much. There are a few professional artists squandering their talent by drawing fox-cat-goat women having sex with horse-men with several penises. For some of the most disturbing examples of furry professional furry artists check out Doug Winger or kemonoarts.

Of course for every "artist" who makes a living drawing rainbow colored dogs cumming out of their shitting dick nipples, there are a few thousand wannabe hacks who believe their MS paint doodles are worth shilling out Jew Gold over. If you thought Deviantartets were bad, you have never seen the furry "artists"!

Furry art does not always deal with mammals, in this instance, it deals with dinosaurs having all the typical furry things: unbirth, rape, vore, telepathic bond, fecalphilia and coprophagia, farting, and tracking your next rape victims by scent like a dog.

Furfags have also expanded their scope, venturing unabashed into the realms of music in the form of the "Furry Music Foundation". Needless to say, it has the same effect on the ears as their artwork does to the eyes.

The "Artists"

Many furries consider themselves "artists", which should be a warning to the high chances of Mind Raep by a fat dude in a fox tail if you fall for this shit. Naturally, their "art" runs the gamut of things that wouldn't pass muster in a 4th grade class to things that make you wonder why they're wasting their time in Furry.

It's a well known fact that some furry artists take great pride in their "art", some even going to such lengths as creating paysites containing their material, or in some cases, buyable art CDs. Of course, noone wants to pay for shitty drawings, so the material from these paysites/CDs is often ripped and rapidshared, resulting in the full, unleashed fury of the artists (that is, if they happen to be enormous faggots, which they more often than not are).

Prime examples of such behavior are Jeremy Bernal, who will go to extreme lengths to prevent his stuff being distributed (even for very small sites with a tiny amount of users), and the Japanese artist Tojyo, who stopped producing art altogether after his doujins and CDs found their way into the tubes of the Internets. So remember kids, to stop the more "talented" furfag artists from turning a profit, rip and upload that shit for GRAET JUSTICE. We just may get some of them to quit the fandom FOREVAR!! (Or at least 5 minutes.)


The vast majority of furtards prefer to draw their fursonas, Pokémon, and NeoPets characters, and other famous furs such as Zig Zag. The subjects are almost always naked - on the few occasions they are found wearing clothes they will be covered in layers of rainbow-colored jewelery and clothes from Hot topic to show how unique they are.

It should be noted here and now that there is no such thing as non-yiffy furry art. Every single piece of art has some sort of sexual connotation somewhere.

The actual quality of the art itself varies widely from complete horse shit to worryingly detailed accuracy. Oddly enough, the good artists are much more depressing because nobody with an ounce of talent should be wasting their times drawing cock-sucking anthro mice.

Categories of Furry Art

File:Guennol lioness.jpg
It's been all downhill since 3,000 BC

You'd think this would be limited to "think of a fetish- now slap ears and a tail on it" but no, furries have to be more creative than that.

transformation fetish

Behold- a short list of some of the things furries like.


"NORP's Reaction"

Furry art is also recognizable by the comments attached to the artwork. Even though the piece might look like the creation of a randy, illiterate, sexually-depraved, 14-year old, Pokémon fan with a bad habit of eating his crayons, furries will jump over themselves to praise the artistic abortion with lavish amounts of sycophancy.

Naturally, all this "art" is highly prized among furries, with shitty artists charging upwards of $60 USD for one badly sketched line drawing. Furs will often shell out large amounts of jewgold to multiple artists at a time so that their laughably bad pornography is mass-produced and displayed as quickly as possible, in the hopes that the masses will jerk their smegma-laden cocks and finger their shitty assholes to their hyper-cocked wolf-taur fucking another creature in the ass with one of the members making up the clitoris-laden conglomerate that is its groin. This leads to their characters being featured in more works of smut from other artists (see examples DoralLizard, Zig Zag, ShowKaizer, Aurenn, Roxikat, Raukue to name a few).

Current theory is that furry art would disappear completely if it weren't for the hot air of the furries themselves. The only people who really care about furry art is other furries. As one astute furry once noticed "We're really just fans of each other". Furry art survives mostly on circlejerk alone with little actual creativity or artistic merit in general. When a furry notices this they tend to become elitist windbags or "leave the fandom forever".


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Furry Art and Trolls

Notice: When you troll furries, you enter a legal minefield
"Original" character.
I herd you dislike babyfurs.

As well as the new and terrifying fad known as "Furry Friday" on 4Chan, many furfags think drawing mock art will totally pwn the many trolls that follow them around like a case of herpes.

If there's one thing furries absolutely cannot stand it's someone "stealing" their overly derivative, massively cliche, boiler plate, "fursona". You'll often see them completely spazzing out over another furtard "stealing" the same colors or markings or sparkly bits as their "fursona". This often reaches such absolute levels of hysteria that all to often the supposedly "stolen" work doesn't even remotely resemble the claimed original in any real way at all. Of course, the fact that furries in general are completely untalented and totally devoid of any real level of actual originality themselves only serves to fuel the fire for their little drama snits.

The idea is to use this base level form in an overly blatant and directed manner, to the point of effectively stabbing them with their own art work. Trolls want to take the thing that the target HATEs or FEARs the most and turn that "Original" character into exactly that. Pros make sure they steal the same NAME as well as the "original" form, get as many different artists possible to make arts of the "stolen" character, and post the character in multiple places over DeviantArt, FurAfinity and SoFurry the character as their own. They also make sure to add "COPYRIGHTED" and "NO STEALING!" to every post. To add insult to injury some even go so far as to accuse the "Original" character's owner of "stealing" their art work.

Trolling socially retarded, victimist, drama whores on the whole isn't really all that difficult or fun since you're effectively giving the ripe lil' spergs exactly what it is they want...dramaz! When not trying to show trolls how little they care by spending hours in Photoshop and ranting in their LiveJournals, another common tactic amongst trolls is to threaten legal action. It never works.

What the trolls fail to realize is that while hate art might offend sensitive furries, it means little to nothing to basement dwellers. In reality the only person who cares will be the target. Collecting hate art is something of a hobby to some basement dwellers. They love to laugh about how much time and money were wasted just to annoy a single furry who will abandon their fursona in a year or two anyway.

Here are a few choice images collected from across the internet. For more examples, check out the expansive hate art gallery.

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Oddly enough, 4chan itself had a collection of fluffy friends long before Furfag Friday infected their boards, with Furry Sheep eventually being added as a result.

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