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Fporntitle.gif is a pornography web site that caters to objectophiles, people almost as fucked up as Furries: the Furniphiles. They have the best taste in porn, since there's nothing more abstractly sexy than furniture items sexing eachother up. Plus, most of the people reading this see furniture every day- unlike women or even animals, which they rarely come in contact with. It's also a good case in point why Web 1.0 sucks. Go to the site and tell me your eyes don't bleed from the horrible page design.


Furniphiles (or furnies, for short) are people who get off on strategically placing pieces of furniture in compromising positions. Then they take pictures of the furniture and masturbate furiously. Flavors of furnies include:

  • Amateur Seating
  • Bondage
  • Office Party, and the ever popular
  • Outdoors

The most popular furniphile site, is also the most comprehensive. Everything from armoires to vanities is depicted humping other pieces of furniture with raw, uncensored detail. Whether it's chair-on-chair, chair-on-desk, or desk-on-desk, all of your filthy perversions can be found here.

Furny Porn is broken up into several subsections, the most lulzy of which is the "Letters" page. There are also user-contributed movies and photos, and it used to have a fairly active Message board which has since e-died.



Other uses of furniture porn

People want you to download furnie porn on the chan because it sends the party van to your door. This is because sofa's are hawt and you aren't behind enough proxies for what they put in that "Wood glue""

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