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FurAffinity has been sold to IMVU
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Typical FurAffinity Frontpage.
Typical FurAffinity Frontpage (when online).
Type Art Gallery
Founded 2005
Key people Dragoneer - Owner
Industry Furry Porn
Website [1]

FurAffinity is a furry art site and community, (incorrectly) valued at over $50,000 by its owner, and is perhaps the greatest congregation of mentally challenged people online. As such, it is perhaps the most vile den of fail on the Internet, giving even 4chan a run for its money. FurAffinity is perpetually stuck in 1997, featuring the greatest in Web 1.0 technology and design principles.

Trying to troll the forums is next to useless, because if the abusive modfags don't get you, the insanity will. However trolling is not limited to simply pissing off the mods, as you are about to find out. Which other types? Read on.

The Founding

Pennsylvania Department of State registration for Ferrox LLC.

FurAffinity (FA) was founded in 2005 after SheezyArt told the furfags to GTFO and to stop posting yiff art. About five minutes after the SheezyArt moderator post, some guy posted a link to FA, which had apparently been coded in those same five minutes.

Shortly after the site's founding, they suffered their first 'hack attack' and immediately blamed everyone who was not a porn-loving furry for keeping them down. This happened about eight times (in a row) until someone actually did hack the site by having a period all over it. Eventually all the crying wolf actually did attract the attention of a hacker, who proceeded to hack the database and in a matter of time posted everyone's passwords to the entire internet. But really it was all Sibe (for serious). The mods were angered at this hacking, and responded in the only way they knew how to — by posting a warning for him to not do it again (and also threatening to take the hacker to internet court.)

[-+]History of FurAffinity

Once upon a time in the middle of the forest, a young

woman found a purple dinosaur thing. The boy was

extremely shy and afraid, but as the woman approached, he

quickly grew to her. Smiling, she picked him up and

brought him back to the village to be raised as her own.

The purple lad had a tenacious craving for anything used

as currency, devouring any money in sight. He also had an

undesirable urge to hump anything with fur, leaving a mess

on the hunting dogs, the coats, and the local bearded

lady. Despite all this, he was very intelligent, if not a

bit pudgy, yet that being explained by the fact that the

currency at the time were wooden coins.

The boy eventually grew into an adult purple dino dragon

thing, and the woman decided she should name him. Since

Barney was already taken by the town drunk, she resorted

to naming him Dragoneer, for he looked like a dragon and

a deer that had a car accident involving a truckload of

purple hair dye.

Dragoneer eventually set out to explore the land,

venturing deep into unknown territory, armed with only a

hammer and the goal of creating a kingdom where he could

feed his appetite, which right now was quickly growing

again. He stopped to harvest more wood when suddenly he

sees the opportunity.

He saw a group of anthropomorphic animals of all species,

sizes, and genders, all in one giant orgy of spooge and

fur. His urge overtook him, dragging him and forcing

himself upon a male fox, brutally raping him and leaving

him covered in purple dino thing spunk. This led him to

another great idea.

After running from the orgy group which he ruined by

barging in and fucking their friend to near death, he set

off to work. Resisting the want to eat the trees, he built

up a large village, full of houses and other crap you

would see in a typical village. He made himself the ruler

of said village, calling it FurAffinity, because the lack

of food in his belly was making him hallucinate and think

wierd things.

Eventually, the group of animals found the village, and

realized that it was empty. Taking the opportunity, they

prepared to settle down, when Dragoneer showed up. He

offered them shelter and freedom to be themselves under

the condition that they spread word of him and his

village, and follow a basic set of rules. This was not a

big deal for the animals, which for some reason Dragoneer

called them furries, probably from the lack of food again.

After they settled in, they sent a lovely and slutty swan

to the far reaches of the land, where she told every fur

of the new village and of how nice it was, and sometimes

slipping back to "persuade" some unconvinced men. The swan

returned home, bringing with her millions of people

looking for a new place.

Now Dragoneer had a bit of trouble. He couldn't accommodate

ALL of these people. But he set forth to try. Calling upon

the services of a select few, he expanded his village

until it was a rich castle with a lot of servants and crap

you would find in a typical castle town.

Dragoneer was at the top. He had no worries, and had

absolutely nothing to worry about, except for a few

things. Some of the villagers were unwanted, either

because they were extremely rude, distracting, or just

plain irritating. Because of this, Dragoneer, which most

just called him 'Neer, then amended to the laws, using his

hammer to execute anyone who went against these laws.

Other than that, he had nothing to worry about, except one


This one thing was the neighboring kingdom called

AlertPay, which gave him the funds to run the castle

without forcing people to pay taxes, which would ruin him.

AlertPay was very powerful, and also very protective of

children, and they were upset that 'Neer had not

implemented rules to protect the children from being

involved in anything remotely sexual. Because of this,

they threatened to cut funding if he did not change this.

Now 'Neer, being one with low moral values yet a very high

need for the money for the funding of the kingdom and of

his stomach, reluctantly complied. This sparked a wave of

rebellion of the population. Most people refused to change

and simply left, while others forced themselves to comply,

and yet some still outright refuse to acknowledge the ban

and continued at the risk of execution by the Bunny.

The Site

FurAffinity's lovable mascot engaging in normal furry behaviour.

Described as having more holes than swiss cheese, FurAffinity runs on its own custom site software that was programmed by experts. The site has over 30 known security holes and vulnerabilities that the staff refuses to take action on because they are all lazy. Once these holes are exploited, the staff will often disable the feature instead of "fixing" it. The site is so poorly coded that users using the same ISP may spontaneously be logged into another users account. Of course, FA blames the ISPs and not the crappy coding.

The first time the site's broken code became public knowledge was in August 2007 during FurAffinity: United!, the site's convention, when Dragoneer logged onto FA over public wifi and promptly had his session snatched. The person that took control of Dragoneer's account added the following message to the site:

Administrator notice: We're sorry, our vaginas are currently full of sand. We're makin' pearls here, folks! :D! FA:U rocks. We all got handjobs from Glaide and Damaratus. -- hacked by jheryn


FA administrators promptly shit their pants and shut the site down for 48 hours. It would take nearly 3 more years (2010) before FurAffinity finally implemented SSL for logins.

Typical Fur Affinity user profile.

Site Operations

FurAffinity's administration team is the largest collection of incompetent website administrators on the internet, which is blatantly obvious to anybody who is not a furfag, and ignores and rejects help from people who know what they're doing. It's a well known fact that the furries worst enemies at SomethingAwful, 4chan and even Encyclopedia Dramatica run their sites better than Dragoneer and company. The entire site is kept alive by donations because Dragoneer is too stupid to figure out how to monetize the site, claiming he's not looking to for "the good of the community", even though the "community" barely donates enough to cover FA's massive hosting bill. They can't even come up with good reasons for people to donate, so instead are now bribing people with shiny pixels.

I drew up a redundant server architecture for FA. FA never need have to go offline ever. People pay good money for this, but you got it for free. It was ignored.

I found cheap but reliable servers for FA. That was ignored.

I *IMPLEMENTED SEARCH*. Stupidly fast, scalable, easy to maintain search was READY TO GO. 3 hours of coding was all that was required to integrate it with the site. Search could have been up LAST YEAR. It was ignored.

I brought up security issues. Tons of them. They were ignored. I had to publicly quit the site to bring any attention to one.

I brought up lots of concerns, issues, design ideas, and improvements. Improvements that don't require new servers, but instead a little thinking. They were ignored.

Frankly, you are offline now because FA is appallingly mismanaged. Had you followed any of the advice that I, and others, have given you, FA would be up right now.

You wasted the money you raised by buying over-powered hardware that you don't need, to do the wrong things, and solve the wrong problems. Last I heard, you raised over $16k. You've since blown it on two completely inappropriate servers. Good god, for $16k you should be able to run the site for months. But instead of being efficient, you once again take the wasteful route. You took advantage of this situation to buy the biggest shiniest toys you could find.

Just like the numerous past server failures and scalability issues, you will have problems again. And again you will wail and gnash your teeth and hide behind the sad excuse of "hardware failure". This is, what, the 6th time FA has had an extended outage due to server issues? Once is understandable. Twice a fluke. But it's quite obvious that despite running in to the same issues over and over, you never learn. Good god man, hardware failure hasn't been a valid excuse for site failure since 1994. Thankfully for you, the community has an extremely short memory.


—Former staff member blueroo, archived on Vivisector

In May of 2012 FurAffinity suddenly debut a number of new features, mainly the ability to hide your favorites, disable receiving notes, and hide your profile from guests. They made no attempt to cover up the reason they added these features, because newly installed administrator Queen Sciggles demanded them.

Further, the privacy settings came from at the bequest of and many suggestions by sciggles.



Sciggles is now the only significant person using all the features coded for her, so she can remain being extremely anti-social and an all around terrible person.

Site Security

On January 17, 2011, someone noticed a number of system files were exposed at furaffinity.net/system/. These files included the Password salt, the MD5 hash, the Database credentials, and an insight into FA's terrible coding. While all this was going on, Dragoneer was in this thread talking about how he wants to fix FA. These files have likely been exposed for years.

That about sums up their site security.


Nobody ever said Dragoneer was good with money.

FurAffinity owns 10 of their own servers because that makes the admins feel important. The 10 servers, along with their router and switch, take up no more than 15U (rack units) but are housed in a cabinet almost 3x bigger. As of December 15th, 2010, 4 of the 10 servers are unused (one is being used for "advanced data logging" (see: installing Cacti so they can see pretty charts). Prior to installing the aforementioned 4 unused servers, FA was using a cabinet 1/4 the size.

FurAffinity's Database and Application servers are both maxed out with 64GB of RAM because they are too lazy to code the site to run more efficiently.

In July 2011, FA's 1.7TB file server filled up before they had a chance to install a new one as they planned. While a competent sysadmin may have noticed this months earlier and taken action then, FA procrastinated until the point that the server was literally full. Internet Experts believe this is the first time that's ever happened online.


As noted in other parts of this article, FA is terrible at using Money because Dragoneer is some kind of anti-Jew. For example, in February 2011 Dragoneer, because he was too lazy to fix the Wiki support site they had, purchased a PHP Knowledge Base script called KBLance for $60. It was promptly discovered to be shit that was coded even worse than FA itself (To top it off, later that night the demo for said software was exploited and had Goatse placed on it. It lasted for 24+ hours.) That was quickly pulled offline and replaced the next day by another Knowledge Base that cost $50 a month. When users called him out on the forums and asked why he was insisting on spending money instead of just using MediaWiki, he deleted the thread.

FA vs. other sites

Dragoneer is not afraid to show his opposition and hatred towards sites that compete with the only thing keeping him relevant in the fandom. Often his rage is directed towards Inkbunny, a site similar to FA but launched in early 2010 with features Dragoneer has been "planning" on adding to FurAffinity for years. Now, in fits of rage against InkBunny, you may hear him claim that offering prints on demand is almost as bad as being a paysite, even though a year before Inkbunny launched he was discussing how he planned on offering on-demand printing for FA. He'll also point out Inkbunny is run by pedos, like that makes it any worse than a site run by retards and a dogfucker.

"Merger" with Furocity

On July 14, 2011, in the midst of more accusations that FA staff were continuing to flee a sinking ship, Dragoneer announced that FurAffinity and relatively unknown website furocity.net were to merge share resources and staff, including development staff. The new UI was placed on hold because of all this.

In the announcement thread, Dragoneer admitted that the "merger" talks had been ongoing for more than a year, but they had yet to "hammer out" the details. Details like "What does this mean?" and "What is going to happen?".

Nearly a month later, only one staff member had come over (Daemonshyai (a.k.a. Gavin), the owner of Furocity is now "co-owners" with Dragoneer), and nothing else has happened.

Dragoneer channels Donald Trump

On August 16, 2011, Dragoneer and new co-owner Gavin finally sobered up enough to install the new staff, but weren't sober enough to communicate this to the existing staff, meaning some staff members were fired without warning, and Arshes Nei (who is mentioned elsewhere in this article as being one of the few people on staff that speaks out sometimes) was deopped on "accident".

To top it off, the majority of the new staff had never been on FA before, meaning either Dragoneer knew the existing staff was mostly made up of manchildren and idiots, or he is completely out of touch with how promotions usually work.

Of course, the coding team was left untouched, despite the addition of new coders being a big deal in the merger announcement.

The Great Staff Exodus

Just a little over two months later, some newfags from /b/ thought they'd be 1337 and dox the FA staff. What resulted was a text file full of WHOIS information and instant messenger accounts, and pretty much anything else you could get through Google. This gave a four of the seven newly-installed Furocity admins an excuse to bail out, citing "hostile admins", a "badly broken" administration, and "weak, unprofessional, childish original staff". So nothing new. Another "original" admin quit the same day, and a few days later, yet another Furocity admin left. In just under a week, 5 out of 7 Furocity admins left, or a grand total of 1/4 of the entire staff.

Shout Spamming

Oh look, another "feature" exposed.

Yet another furry by the name of JamieCobrann, butthurt about a civil, but negative view on the suicide of Gizgiz unleashed a raging fury of spam by fingering the F5 key like it was his shit encrusted asshole, uncovering a completely new way to fuck over FA! This proves, once again, that Yak has no idea what he was doing. In fact, there might be speculation that he fucked up the site on purpose. This user was promptly banned and is now most likely sucking dick to get back to spamming people's pages that he doesn't agree with.


FurAffinity has a very frequent tendency to go into one of three "modes" where certain features don't work until they take it back into the rarely sighted "Normal" mode, presumably they change this via the Admin Area or knowing Yak, it is probably an integer in a text document because he hasn't quite mastered how to define integers. These three modes are discussed below.

  • "Read-Only Mode" is by far the most used mode, usually when the staff break something, when quality influences find security flaws (to which there are many), because their system is running slow due to poor programming despite spending massive amounts of community moneys on teh shiniest hardware, or simply because they've run out of disk space. In this mode, you can see many pretty pictures of "Image not found" (possibly confirmed to be the best image on that site), as well as... well, not being able to do much reading (such as reading your messages, presumably because they're scared that deleting a message may cause more butthurt on their system.
  • "Admin-Only Mode" is when only the admins can access and change the site, this is by far the worst mode to put it in because the kindergarten staff just use it as a personal fap gallery that all the other furfags cannot access and not really doing much work to actually correct the issues. That is of course, until Dragoneer finally decides to get his head out of his arse and finally tell them to do something rather than just cumming on their keyboards.
  • "Owner-Only Mode" (also known as "This site has been permanently shut down"). Rarely used due to the fact that Dragoneer realises that if he puts it in that mode, only HE can access it, meaning he will actually have to do work, something he sadly has an allergy to. It has been rumoured that should FurAffinity go into Owner-Only Mode, that it may never EVER come out of that mode again because he won't know, or can't be bothered to change it back. The whole point of Owner-Only mode isn't actually known because Dragoneer doesn't do anything, he just waves his huge meaty dragon cock infront of the other staff until they bow down to his wishes and does the work for him (which would need "Admin-Only Mode").

User Advertisements

Jesus Christ what in the serious fuck...



Promises Unkept

This handy timeline sums up FA's mediocre existence.

FurAffinity (mostly Dragoneer) has a bad habit of announcing the Next Great Thing™ and then not following through on it. These projects are documented below.

Project Ferrox

Ferrox is Furaffinity's ongoing, neverending project to upgrade the site code to make it suck less. It has been tossed around since shortly after the site was founded, but didn't really get anywhere until 2006 when Dragoneer announced the first version of Ferrox was in development. Shortly after the announcement, it was said that Ferrox would soon enter closed beta.

A little over a year later (and having never entered beta), Ferrox was restarted from scratch and released as open-source software. The project showed promise until Eevee, who was the lead coder for Ferrox, got pissed off at Dragoneer and left. Since then, the project has been doomed to failure.

On January 16, 2011, Dragoneer announced once again that they were developing a new version of the site. This is the fourth time he has done so.


The new FurAffinity. Will debut around the same time as Duke Nukem Forever and Half-Life 3

In 2009, with Ferrox dead and the site still looking like something a high-school CSIII student could produce in an afternoon, FurAffinity actually started making progress on a project announced two years earlier to redesign the site to look more modern. The redesign was originally slated to debut in December 2009, before being pushed to mid-2010 so they could preform hardware upgrades, before being pushed yet again to "Sometime in 2010" even after said upgrades were complete. In May 2010, Dragoneer said they were aiming for a summer release. It is widely believed that FurAffinity runs on Valve Time.

On January 16, 2011, Dragoneer announced that FurAffinity would be paying a "UI Designer" (see: CSIII; FA doesn't have the money to hire actual developers and designers) to finish the UI project "right". When asked why he wasn't willing to pay for developers to fix their broken code, he ran to his hugbox and ignored the questions. The new UI was slated to be released in time for FA: United 2011, but instead it was "previewed" in an event there is no record of. Dragoneer also showed off what was advertised as a "working beta" of the new UI (that was full of placeholders) shortly after the convention. He also made a post featuring unreleased mock-ups of the new UI, to which several users responded poorly to. As of July 14th, 2011, the UI is delayed indefinitely as they "get feedback and suggestions".[2]

On-Demand Printing/Artist Marketplace

A plan to let artists sell digital prints of their art through FurAffinity was in the works from sometime in 2007 or 2008 and was even listed on Dragoneer's resume (despite the fact he's said he doesn't know how to code before). This project was still in the works in early 2009 but was seemingly abandoned after Inkbunny began offering similar services.


At some point in early 2010 Dragoneer thought it'd be a good idea to run out and buy a second webserver with the intent of offering hosting on it. The service was supposed to launch in mid to late 2010 but never materialized. The server is currently hosting a number of virtual machines (yes, they give each of the following its own VM AND its own IP) for FA's ad server, the FA Wiki, FA: United, an IRC server, an IRC server and a mail server, and their URL shortener (discussed below).

Of course, Dragoneer likes the way things are now, where if you are one of Dragoneer's buddies you can have your own hosting for free, paid for by community donations. Creating a hosting service would be work, and Dragoneer has a tragic allergy to work that prevents him from exerting any effort on anything at all.

pss.ms URL shortener

The Opossums URL shortener (because there's not enough of those on the internet already), found at the Oh-so-clever URL pss.ms, was a feature that was randomly announced in August 2010 and advertised as coming "very soon" to FA. One of the "big" features the service will have is white-listing: Sites that are safe and secure will be put on a whitelist so clicking the link takes you directly there. Non-whitelisted sites will display a warning.

In February 2011, FA installed a firewall and blocked access to the pss.ms "coming soon" page. It is believed this project is deader than Michael Jackson and JFK


Shortly after the first Cubporn debate, Dragoneer announced that Cub art was going to be allowed to stay on FA, and the reason being was that soon, a feature where you could filter out submissions based on tags was coming in the "near future".

When cub porn was finally banned for good four years later in 2010, there were no filter features in place.


  • FurAffinity has also claimed to be working on over 9000 other "features" ranging from gallery folders to profile badges for donators and much, much more. In the end, FA has changed very little since 2005 and is likely to stay this way for the foreseeable future.
  • The FA staff and various faggots they hang out with use FA as their own personal property (personal property paid for by "community donations", of course), including one box with a RAID server and over 9000 more insecure legacy services exposed. There is also an unexplained redirect to a retail site that just happens to be in the same country as one of the coders (TRY TO GUESS WHICH ONE. Hint: there's only one coder) Of course, when furries question where the money's going, then it's all about the community.

The Staff

Info non-talk.png Becase at least 100 FA staff members have resigned recently, this section needs moar content! Plz to be going here and finding suitable candidates.
The easiest and fastest way to get your arse permabanned from Furaffinity without breaking the TOS.
There was no guidance, no mentoring, no direction, no clear roles. The staff was in disarray with most of the administrators doing nothing or just the absolute minimum.


—Dave Hyena, Recounting when he first became a FA admin.

While most website administrators and staff take great pride in their website and work hard to improve the site to be it's best, the staff of FurAffinity is made of up egotistical fuckwads who are far too lazy to do anything to make the site better. FurAffinity's admins are a varying collective of emotionally insecure and socially awkward rejects who haven't even a single clue of what to do when it comes to having the responsibility as a site admin. This certain flaw, which also applies to FurAffinity's forum-goers and- well, pretty much almost the entirety of the site can be exploited in order to achieve dickloads of lulz.

FurAffinity's staff is notorious for their constant inconsistency in enforcing site rules, and when called out on this they will refuse to answer while the FA Forums white knight brigade tells everyone that the staff doesn't have to answer your questions because Dragoneer is the Dear Leader and his word is law, regardless that the site stays afloat because of donations from the community.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: dragoneer.

Dragoneer IRL drinking paint thinner before updating FurAffinity's website code.
Dragoneer bans.jpg

Dragoneer (a.k.a. Sean Piche) is the lead administrator and owner of FurAffinity. In this position, Dragoneer does nothing except deal with drama, ban people, and complain how hard his "job" running FA is. Dragoneer is also FurAffinity's version of Baghdad Bob, often having to cover up embarrassing site attacks or his own stupidity. Some of these events are featured later in this article.

Dragoneer is the furries' best friend forever, plays nice with people and flames them in private or on irc, drowns any serious discussion with lulzy quotes, memes and vomits some unfunny YouTube video such as Leeroy Jenkins. Also he's probably +watching you even if he has no idea what the content of your gallery is, but no one would protest against Dragoneer, as having notorious watchers is more important!

Sadly, much of what comes out of his mouth is a lie when it comes to anything controversial. Before his rise to fame as the Overlord of Furaffinity, he was known as being a very hardened advocate of cleansing the fandom of babyfurs. (sadly, the rant in his livejournal has been bawleeted.) This comes as a surprise since he has recently been found playing "hide the sausage" with another furry who is obsessed with being a kid (babyfur) it has lead to his once proud stance of being against babyfurs of the fandom to realizing they're surprisingly tight. His new fling can be found on his user page at Furaffinity-favicon.png kipfox, and his gallery is filled with a lot of art: most of which is of a cub persona that likes to take it up the butt while secretly is an aging neckbeard that lives in his mother's basement.

The form of trolling affecting more Dragoneer remains so-called "Hate Art". It requires to draw his lovely fursona being injured or dead. If you wanna be permabanned, it's the only known way to get Dragoneer mad. For, drawing that purple dragon with yellow markings eating shit with a glass of piss, being raped by an hermaphrodite dinosaur, or raping a babyfur, or all of the above at the same time won't do. Other method consists to talk sincerely about the fandom at Tyra Banks show, or to purchase a biofursuit, specifying what it is made of.

Look at that, fuck! I invest time and money of my own on this site, keeping it up and building it, and here's what you got in return! Hate Art cause I'm Admin there! kids! They're kids!


—Glass house resident Dragoneer, overreacting at Anthrocon



Sciggles is Dragoneer's fiance and is totally not above the rules. In May 2011 she posted a bawww-tastic journal calling out her former roommate for tracing. This is, of course, against the rules at FA, but it was okay because Dragoneer bent the rules just for her said it was OK. This caused a shitstorm, and you'd think she'd learn her lesson.

Wrong. Days later she posted another ranting journal accusing former administrator Witchiebunny of attempting to destroy FA by leaking ultra top secret logs from the FurAffinity admin IRC to the Terroists at Vivisector. The irony in this? Sciggles was not a staff member and staff members were told not to tell anyone outside of staff that this happened. She quickly removed the journal but the damage had been done and she was ultimately banned from the site for a whole day (1/3 of the punishment people usually get for the exact same thing) after the shitstorm caused Dragoneer to realize it was making him look bad.

In February 2012, Dragoneer finally made Sciggles an admin, sealing FA's fate.

In June 2012, Sciggles stepped down because her hands/flippers got too fat to operate the keyboard any further. And nothing of value was lost.

During the Admin Recruitment Drive toward the end of 2012/the beginning of 2013 Sciggles applied and is once again a admin.

Arshes Nei

Arshes Nei is the forums admin and a mainsite admin who became relevant in February 2011 when she called Dragoneer out because he failed to follow through on removing inactive staff, something he promised to do two years earlier.

Anyone who tries to guilt trip me on this will be the first to go.



—Dragoneer, Telling the FA staff to STFU.

Arshes then called for a strike if the active admins (Bijoux de'Foxxe, Glaide, Kyoujin, Rhainor, Surgat, Wicht, Silver R. Wolfe) were not removed. Dragoneer removed a few of them, and the remaining ones caused a security breach discussed later.


Carenath is the head administrator and server operator for the FurAffinity Forums. Recently, he found himself in the spotlight after he installed a vBulletin mod called "Miserable Users" and promptly put two of the most "controversial" FA Forums members in the group (see: those who did not provide enough asspats to Dragoneer). Everything would have been fine if he hadn't been fucking retarded and made sure no one knew the group existed. Instead, it was listed in the forum staff page and was promptly discovered by FA Forums users, who demanded to know what the users did wrong. Several other FA Forums staff members even questioned the installed mod. Carenath finally admitted to it and the community politely told him to GTFO, which he responded to on Twitter:

Also, I am not quitting, FUCK YOU.


Twitter-favicon.png Carnathziroth

We should also add not even the FA Forums staff knew what was going on at first because Carenath didn't bother to tell them he installed the mod.

Carenath is also a zoophilla sympathizer:

[Hazarath] I'm a zoo as well, watched a few vids... they do that.

[Carenath] Hazarath: For the love of god.. dont admit that on #fa or on the site.
[Glaice] As long as you don't talk about IRL diddling Fido on FA, you are safe from Dragoneer's banhammer
[Carenath] Especially around AshleyAshes
[Hazarath] I don't. o.o
[Hazarath] When I am in the mood for it, i load up a vid, enjoy, and that's it.
[Carenath] Dragoneer's only targeting IRL admissions, because people like AshleyAshes have him sort of backed into a corner.
[Glaice] You don't wanna go the way of EbonLupus or Dracoguard and make a big stink over it (IE drama)
[Carenath] I'll repeat myself "people like AshleyAshes have him sort of backed into a corner
...[Carenath] On a personal point, zoo's dont bother me and never have, Im a strong proponant of free speech too, which is why I so viciously disagree with people like Ashley and the rest of the self-appointed moral guardians of the furry fandom.
...[Carenath] I dont agree with banning them off FA either but that's not my call.
...[Carenath] To them, I say, grow a pair and stop acting like 2 year olds. There are zoos in the fandom, live with it or gtfo.


—Carenath in IRC


Yak, working on FA's code before stealing some embryos email addresses

Yak is a drunk Russian who claims to be FurAffinity's lead only developer, who despite claiming to know how to fix security holes, often adds new features riddled with the same holes that already exist in the site. He will then blame the "legacy" code, despite the new features being, well, new features. When he fixes the holes, the feature will stop working. If you ask him why he hasn't fixed the site yet, he will say he doesn't have the time. Instead of finding people that do have time, Dragonner refuses to add new staff and puts all his faith in Yak to fix the site.

There are theories that Yak is a Russian spammer who is using FA's maliciously. It doesn't help that it's a fact that he receives a BCC of every registration and password reset email the server sends.


Dax (Powerword Kevin Dzierwinski) is one of FA's system administrators and the only person on FA's team that can configure their fancy Cisco router and switch, even though many of FA's administrators are in the IT sector. Dax has a cushy job working at Amazon Web Services, in their Virginia datacenter that has frequent outages (Coincidence?). If you DDoS FA, Dax is the one that will eventually smack the router until he B&s you from accessing their site. He will then cry in a journal about how much time and effort he put into stopping the damn dirty trolls so legions of furries give him asspats, though deep down inside he knows he just wasted hours of his life on making sure furries had porn to fap to.

Dax has a seemingly random collection of networking equipment from questionable origins. Among his collection is a load balancer, a networked camera, and apparently several routers, and other miscellaneous equipment like firewalls that's slowly found it's way to FA. Where does he get these things? It's a mystery!!!

During the 2010 note leak, Dax's password to FA's database server and the database backup server was leaked but no one changed it until March 2011.

Dax, like many other significant members of FA's administration team, has an inflation fetish.


Aww, not even Fender/Rednef likes him.

Furaffinity-favicon.png Chase, a.k.a. Sean West (a sweaty fat fuck, for once we'll spare you the photos) is a notorious zoophile and has been recently promoted Administrator on FurAffinity by Dragoneer himself (being a fellow sweaty fat fuck), despite having made no contributions at all (More like, janitor, gallery director or at least moderator, since there's no hierarchy or any kind of organization in the staff, it's confusing). Chasevrocket always had a background where he defended the right to fuck animals, and supporting the idea that humans and animals both have sexual interests to share together. He admitted numerous times having a sexual relationship with a dog; and claims that every good pet lover should love their animals the same way animals love eachother, because we share the same biology and instincts. tl; dr : kill your mother, rape your dog.

He's proud to live in Florida where it's not illegal to finger your animal's sheath. note: he created a new account and left down Furaffinity-favicon.png ' in a miserable attempt to escape his zoophile past, kicking by the way the previous owner of the account "chase" on Furaffinity; because he's an Admin, thus blessed by the gods, and is righteous to repo the account "chase" for being owned by a lurker only.

Chase becoming a member of Furaffinity's staff allowed many confirmed zoophile activists to be unbanned, like Wildwulf for a couple of months before another moderator decides, according to the rants of numerous members to re-ban Wildwulf about one month after. Still, Barkwoof and Furrythriller have been clearly unbanned and encouraged to keep discretion, their infraction list cleared.

I think we should enforce the "don't know - don't tell" policy about bestiality and the community as it just gives fuel to trolls, but keep a freedom of speech climate up on Fur Affinity, and banning people on their activities is pretty unfair to me.


On FurAffinity we love animals.I think it's clear and we should not change our policy because some members yells at how it is morally wrong to have affinities with animals. It's hypocrite and I don't wanna play this game.


Call me so we can discuss the future of furaffinity. Heres my cell, 407-574-9111.


—Note leaked from the Dec. 2010 hacks

On January 4th, 2011, Chase announced he was no longer a FA admin (It is unlikely he was fired because Dragoneer does not have the balls to fire people). Free of any adminly responsibilities, he is now free to post blatantly beastiality and other sick fuckery.

Nobody believes you!

Chase was restored as an administrator ("Harassment Unit Leader", even) around the same time Sciggles returned as an administrator. Dragoneer made him create a new account so he could fly under the radar, but before long he spilled the beans himself. At least one administrator left because of Chase being restored to admin.

On December 27th, 2013, Chase was appointed as head admin of the Furaffinity Forums, clearing out two other staff members because they worked for a "Competing site", while a week later claiming it was because of bad admin practices. Because appointing someone who has a known history of dog diddling will definitely solve that problem!

Former Staff

Arcturus Nova

A self-confessed Otherkin, he (or she as he prefers to be called) is the one who pays for the entirety of the server (a carefully nurtured facade, since the vast majority of these finances are actually donations from other users). Puts up with stress by whining about how all the other admins suck in the IRC chat, and also by randomly flipping out and kicking people for spelling his name wrong. Reportedly has a one-inch penis, and has posted naked pictures of himself on the internet (which he refused to provide for this article). In July 2005, he broke down and started deopping the mods that couldn't spell, after which he was fired and resigned, lefting the community at the mercy of a complete retard, Dragoneer. Then she (it?) started e621 which was even worse than FA.


(This is just a small section. To read more about Oz Kangaroo, go check out his article.)

Some other generic background kangaroo-inflationist. Also managed to get comments turned off in news posts because of bad advice. One of the two mods who got shanked and lost his modship for about five hours before Jheryn came rushing in and banned half the mods.

Kelli "Pinkuh" Davis

Pinkuh's fursona, at least it's loud and clear, you gonna get B&.

Pinkuh makes the rules on FurAffinity, her rules of course, not whatever the stupid admins wrote on the TOS. Dragoneer granted her a lifetime administrator status, so she can do whatever she wants on FurAffinity, including editing submissions, refueling dramas, banning anyone she doesn't like (art style better than hers, or political views.) Note: any other admin/mod (Arshes, Glaide, Rhainor, or Yak) who would do a simple infringement to the official site's etiquette and rules would have been removed from the staff, and some were. Pinkuh performs many of the FA's TOS infringements on a weekly basis and doesn't afraid of anything! She knows too many bad things about Dragoneer, meaning she's untouchable. Enjoy your furry website! There is a more detailed article about this person here. Rumor says Pinkuh's also partially responsible for turning furries gay.

On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, Pinkuh resigned, and there was much rejoicing. Weeks later, she joined current and former admins in calling out Dragoneer on keeping too many inactive staff members around. It got to the point where Dragoneer threatened to ban her, so maybe she's not that bad after all.

Totally nothing wrong with this


Wolfblade had been ingratiating himself with Jheryn and Jheryn once proposed that Wolfblade be taken on staff as his "assistant", this was rejected. Wolfblade also ingratiated himself with another admin, DragonMyr and DragonMyr proposed a vote to bring Wolfblade on as an admin. The Vote was 1 in favour, 13 against IIRC. It was certainly decisively against it...

...Under circumstances which were never really made clear, Wolfblade was taken on staff as a trial admin and then made a full admin, despite the originally vote against him. I think it was Preyfar arbitrarily deciding to do it.


—Dave Hyena, recounting Wolfblade's induction as admin

Yeah, okay then.

Furaffinity-favicon.png Wolfblade (AKA Essayblade) is a dedicated Lulz hater who so hates controversy that he will destroy threads, delete journals and ban users at the slightest hint of “drama”. If ever two furfags with differing opinions cross paths, Wolfblade will be there to ban both of them. Wolfblade’s usual modus operandi is to first yell at anyone posting negative comments on another user’s journal or artwork, threatening to ban EVERYONE. And then to ban everyone, whether or not they’re posting anything negative. And then to ban the original poster for “instigating drama”.


Wolfblade writes huge tl;dr posts to explain his fucktarded administrative decisions. Nobody has ever actually read through an entire Wolfblade post, but, if this journal is any indication, they mostly consist of butthurt crying about how mean trolls are and how no one appreciates his tireless efforts to kill the lulz and SHOULDN’T WE JUST BAN THEM ALL?? In replying to the ensuing deluge of comments, Wolfblade also expresses his fear that dreaded “troll packs” are running rampant throughout FA and frets: Won’t somebody think of the children?? Furfag sycophants overwhelmingly voice their support for harsher punishments against anyone looking for lulz, but a few lone dissenters stand out. True to form, Wolfblade accuses skeptical furfag Wraywolfe of being a troll:

He's actually a prime example here. There's different types and levels of bothersome people in the community, and he's a lower-level version of one of the most frustrating types: The ones who start off civil, and rational, and seem to be making perfectly reasonable devil's-advocate points. But who very quickly reveal that their primary interest in taking the opposing position is that if they succeed in getting people to listen to them, it keeps the environment open for the casual off-hand pattern of abuse and unnecessary insults they know they are a part of on occasion, and don't want to get in trouble for. These types are the most frustrating because in trying to defend the freedom of undesirable behavior, they initially demonstrate that they are perfectly capable of behaving in a manner fitting a mature and non-hostile adult. They just prefer to be free to choose not to.


Like all furfags, Wolfblade is in it for the porn... shitty gay Teddy Ruxpin porn. But don’t you dare point this out to Wolfblade, because he’s really sensitive about the fact that his cock loves a 1980s interactive talking toy bear. If you do, he just might ban you. It’s no coincidence that while he threatened to ban everyone for mocking Ebon Lupus, the only people who actually got the banhammer all happened to lol at Wolfblade’s forbidden love. HOW CURIOUS.

A banworthy offense.

His hatred for drama also means that he totally flips out if people post anything on a user’s FA page after they’ve been banned, since in his mind this constitutes “kicking them when they’re down. Yet, Wolfblade himself loves to leave sarcastic comments behind after he’s kicked someone off the site; observe his very mature reaction during the Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich saga.



Witchiebunny was an admin on FA up until February 2011, when she quit after Dragoneer refused to remove inactive staff, threatened current staff who were bringing up the inactive staff and then banned forum members who were questioning his purchase of the knowledgebase software mentioned earlier. She is now considered a hero and all previous drama has been forgotten for the most part. A few weeks later she rejoined FA due to Troll's Remorse, but a few weeks later was fired because she was caught leaking TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED information to Vivisector.org (see FurAffinity#Sciggles).

Dave Hyena

This pictures sums all Dave's life.

DaveHyena was originally brought on board as a Trial Admin. His personality is filled with conservatism and puritanism, which makes Dave a god of hypocrisy for having some weird fetishes and a certain attraction to furry porn.

Due to his status of Trial Admin, Dave had to report policy violations, even the most insignificant ones (incl. fanart with copyrights not in the description, pictures above 1280x1280, mature content in a furry site) to one of the real admin staff so they could take action. If no action was taken, Dave didn't let down and contacted another admin until his work has been recognized and the user banned. Everybody hates him.

Rumors are circulating that he owns multiple accounts to report PV's on FurAffinity or even troll FurAffinity users, then ban his own trollings accounts, and blame Anonymous, and once again, DaveHyena saves the day!

Additionally, Dave owns an account on deviantART where he posted some of his artworks. Acting like a troll and harassing multiple users, especially furries with both a dA and FA account, he finally got banned. Anyway, the reasons which force him into acting this way remains unknown. Today, he posts on USI central, aka Vivisector as "a snow pigeon". While a little overly obsessed with Dragoneer, more often than not the shit that he digs up is pretty good, including his recounting of his time as admin and his view of the site staff, along with some delicious drama they were involved in.


Dragoneer accuses Eevee of being the reason Ferrox failed, and not because Dragoneer is horrible at communicating in anything other than memes.

Furaffinity-favicon.png LexyEevee or just Eevee was the lead developer for the Ferrox project before he quit after he realized what he was working on:

Every time I sit down to work on Ferrox, I wonder why I am helping to provide a product that I know will be used to advance practices I strongly disagree with. I wonder why I am wasting my time on users who will cheerfully get snarky with me and accuse me of reshaping FA in my image because I don't want to implement a backwards feature that I think is fundamentally a bad idea. Many people close to me wonder the same and have told me I should just bail; I don't have very good excuses to give them.



In late 2010 Eevee released a list of security vulnerabilities in the site code. This caused much butthurt amongst FA administration who were faced with having to do work.

Cub Art Ban

FurAffinity has in the past attempted or discussed banning cub art, art depicting characters who are clearly minors in sexual situations.

Fur Wars: The Pedobear Menace

See also: The Great FurAffinity Exodus of 2006

Five years ago legitimate artists began submitting their art to FurAffinity. Some of these masterpieces depicted juvenile furries doing what furries do best – yiffing! Unfortunately this broke the Terms of Service of FurAffinity which disallows “Clearly underdeveloped sexual characteristics for the species being represented, either by comparison to other characters in the depiction, or other 'well known' characters”, but no one seemed to noticed, possibly because they were appreciating these high caliber pieces of art. Due to the lack of policy enforcement it was quickly assumed by users that pedofurria did not fall under the Terms of Service agreement.

Then last Thursday a group of closed-minded individuals found the depiction of underage furries to be disgusting and pointed out that the Terms of Service forbid such submissions. Furry Hitler, the administrator and owner of FurAffinity, sided with these individuals and began fursecuting all the poor pedofurs on the site.

Down, but not out, the pedofurs rose up together and rallied their plight, since everyone knows that drawing underage penis is a legitimate form of art and freedom of expression. See: zeriara, a popular pedo. Soon the ranks of the pedofurs rose until they stood strong and defiant against the administration. Bowing to the public pressure, Furry Hitler decided to run a public poll that was unbiased in order to decide whether or not to ban pedofurria art.

Many users threatened to leave FurAffinity 4ever if the ban was passed, and many of the closed-minded individuals who illegitimately fursecute the poor pedofurs also similarly threatened to leave FurAffinity 4ever if the works of art were allowed.

On the 5th of November, 2006, justice finally prevailed and pedofurria was DENIED on FurAffinity and all the Furfags rejoiced in a celebration with the audience of JEWS and Trent Reznor. OR WAS IT?! Lol no, it wasn't. Dragoneer decided to revert that rule even though HE TOTALLY HATES CUB ART.

Fur Wars: The Pedobear Strikes Back

On December 14, 2007 Fender/Dragoneer opened up a contest in his journal for new donation buttons. The winner of the contest by a landslide was ediskrad for his Will Drop Pants 4 Bandwidth submission. Much drama and lulz ensues after a furry known as Mottenfest called out on the button, calling it cub art. Other furs follow his path, saying that because ediskrad's gallery is full of cub porn must mean that the button contains cub as well. Ediskrad retaliates, saying that the button was based from The Simpsons, while calling the protesting furs "Fucking..Furry..r/tards." Some furs have even gone so far as to threaten leaving FurAffinity forever if the donation button were used.

Fur Wars: Return of the Banhammer

On November 20, 2010 FA administrator Witchiebunny took to LiveJournal to attempt to subtly warn cub art enthusiasts that a upcoming change in policy would be banning cub art. Again. Naturally said enthusiasts shit their pants at the news and began to baaaaaawwwwwww all over the internet. Notorious cub art lover and former FA admin Wolfblade called out FurAffinity over the proposed ban (along with the "leak"), which Dragoneer quickly replied to in private because he didn't want over 9000 angry furry pedophiles coming after him.

Fur Wars: Return of the Banhammer Part II

On the 24th of November 2010, Dragoneer anounced that the Canadians at AlertPay dropped FA after someone reported the cub art on the site and AlertPAy seized the thousands of dollars in the account, so Dragoneer bawwwed about it in an FA thread with guaranteed replies. The policy was put in place in hopes AlertPay would return their jewgolds 90 days later. Dragoneer was yet again flaunting his closeted babyfurfaggotry by threatening to ban anyone flaming cub artists.

Sane furries everywhere rejoiced due to this change, however cub artists and other babyfurs were completely buttmad to the point of accusing AlertPay of fursecution and apparently illegal activities out of pure asspain. Some people are simply not getting it, and are bawwwwwwwwwing about the Cub porn Holocaust that is approaching.

Cub is not pedophilia, and is an outlet for grown adults to play with their equally adult partners, with the added perk of looking adorable and being taken care of.


—Only because it has fur, amirite?!?

Fur Wars: Return of the Banhammer Part 2.5

About a week and a half after the original pedo porn ban announcement, Pinkuh appeared and banned Sonic porn along with any other characters that were under age 18 according to their respective cannon even though these do not look like children. This caused even more butthurt and more artists to abandon the sinking FA ship. She also announced by flawless logic that characters like Shippo whose canon age is 50 is banned due to him looking childlike[3]. It is, however, perfectly fine to post any Pokemon porn or Digimon porn, because Dragoneer likes it and the characters have no age, even if they look childlike.

Other Drama and Events

Being run by and full of furries, FurAffinity is overflowing with sweet, sweet drama at all times.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Allan.

Allan used FurAffinity to gain e-fame by commissioning thousands of dollars in art commissions, before running out of money and begging the furries for more. At this point, Dragoneer permabanned his ass, the one correct thing Dragoneer has done as FA admin.

Allan returned a couple times using socks and was quickly banned. In October 2010, Allan caused a lot of drama by sending FA and FA's host a couple DMCA notices.

Allan is currently spending his time as a political tool used by Dragoneer and other popufurs to whip up the slobbering furry masses against something other than their own faggotry and incompetence. Disregard that, Dragoneer has learned that he needs to stop fanning the flames and is no longer going to make a public spectacle of dealing with Allan. We expect everything to return to normal next time Allan sends a DMCA.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Chewfox.

Chewfox is a furfag who appeared on Tyra Banks talk show and admitted that the furry fandom was pretty much all about sex. Once the episode aired, all the soccer moms who were watching and wanted to know more jumped on Google and found their way to FA, which of course crashed. This caused Dragoneer to rage and ban Chewfox for something completely unrelated to the site. He later admitted to overreacting and unbanned Chewfox, only to ban her once again when she made fun of the incident on a shirt she wore to a furry convention. Chewfox currently holds the record for being banned from FA for things that didn't even happen on the site.

Monetizing the site (or: Sell Out 2: Electric Boogaloo)

For a while, folks thought this was the reason Gizgiz offed himself. Wolfeedarkfang clears that up.

Sometime on Friday, August 26, instead of preparing for Hurricane Irene, Dragoneer had code from viglink.com placed on FA to track people when they left the site, giving him a kickback if they followed a link and bought something.

This would be fine, except he neglected to update the FA Terms of Service, which stated they do not collect information, nor do they track users, and they definitely don't share that info with third parties. Well, Viglink does all of those. Oops.

To make matters worse, FA failed to disclose they were doing these things and the userbase found out and was not too happy. Things got even worse when people pointed out FA's failure to disclose that they were using the service may be a violation of federal law. Eventually Dragoneer got news of this and shat bricks, he then proceeded to finally do something he hasn't done for ages and inform the furfags of what was happening. Much later, an option in the site's control panel was added to "opt-out" of Viglink, whether or not the option actually does anything is anyone's guess. It does not work. Just download NoScript to filter out dat shit. This just proves again that Dragoneer has again not managed to get a single thing working, probably because he ran out of Jew-Gold to pay someone else to do it because he is too busy

It's rumored that if the Affiliate program doesn't work, the next move is to shut down the site for "maintenance" for a few days, then bring it back as Oh Furries, the Safe for work art gallery site that any corporation can advertise on.

Furries hate bronies (or how furfags really are retarded)

How many of the denizens of Furr Affinity initially reacted.
It was a shit storm for no reason.

At some point in September of 2011 the FA banner was changed to a pony themed banner, many furfags raged and complained about it. Some even stopped watching users if they posted any pony related shit. But it soon died down after it was changed again and the furries went back to jerkin it or something. None of this makes any sense though since ponyfags and furfags are so closely related, this must at least further prove that furries are in some way retarded and insane.


FurAffinity is notorious for long periods of downtime, both planned and unplanned. Often they will work their equipment until it fails because they don't monitor it and because even if they did, because driving all the way to the datacenter is such hard work.


Despite taking place in mostly in July, Augustgate, as it was dubbed by Dragoneer, was FurAffinity's longest downtime to date, lasting from July 1st, 2008 to August 5th, 2008. The site was taken offline on July 1st (Odd that these things wait until the first of the month. You could almost say it was... scheduled...) due to a unidentified "hardware failure". Immediately Dragoneer started requesting donations and within 7 days the furfags forked over $18,000 to fix the site. Dragoneer then showed off his IT knowledge and ordered a HP ProLiant server before the community told him that those use special hard drive sleds which would drain FurAffinity of their jew gold, to which he responded by ordering a Dell along with a new database server (Which wasn't a Dell, and which also required expensive hard drive sleds).

In 2011, thanks to the efforts of a former administrator, a number of selections from chat logs from the FA staff IRC channel were made public. These chat logs show that, not only was the staff aware of the problem long before it ever became a problem, they were planning to buy a new server anyways and just needed a reason to convince the community to fork over a couple thousand dollars.

Hyenafire: Tsa found a flaw with the NIC card on the main WWW server

Hyenafire: something we're going to have to replace.
Ulrichvonmatsch: Will that be expensive?
Hyenafire: More than likely.
Hyenafire: Estimates right now are about $500
Hyenafire: But that would include 2 or 3 days of downtime
Hyenafire: I have an alternative idea to fix it that will require $2000, but will be better in the edn
Ulrichvonmatsch: Gosh, that's a lot of money. Will a donation drive effort be fet up?
Ulrichvonmatsch: er.. set up
Ulrichvonmatsch: what would the alternative idea be as well? :O
Hyenafire: Just get a god damn new server.


—Dragoneer, Thu Jan 24 20:57:42 2008

[18:55] Dragoneer: I am still waiting on Tsa to give me a hardware recommendation to fix or, or to know what he needs from me for it.

[18:55] Dragoneer: I mean, the new server idea is the best I can think of... replacing the MB may cause too much nasty-ass downtime


—FA IRC, Tue Jan 29 18:35:27 2008

2009 outages

On July 29th lightning knocked out power to the datacenter FurAffinity is located in, and the facility's backup power did not activate automatically, thus knocking FurAffinity's servers offline. Not bothering to investigate, FA admins Carenath and Pinkuh accused several members of a FA IRC channel for hacking the site and promptly banned them. Later, when everyone found out the power had just gone out, said users were unbanned, and of course, nothing happened to Carenath and Pinkuh.

Two months later on November 30th, the site went offline again because of a "broken fiber-optic cable". The site was then offline for a week before it moved to a new datacenter. There have been many reports that this was a lie since there was no report of a broken cable in the area, and other sites hosted by the datacenter were still online, and that FA's contract had simply been terminated or they had failed to pay their bills. Given the administrator's habitual lying, which story do YOU believe?

2010: Furryleaks

On December 16th over 1 million passwords were leaked from ArchiveToday-favicon.pngKotaku onto the vast internets, creating great amounts of lulz as Dragoneer and Pinkuh were included among them, allowing hackers hiding behind 7 proxies to break in and fuck up their shit. Dragoneer immediately shut down the site claiming an admin account was violated due to the leak, not noting any names.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!. The very next day the hackers returned for round two, using an exploit they installed the day before but nobody ever noticed. The hackers then proceeded to deadmin every one of the admins, unhide the Admin forums, declare Pinkuh dead, create a few journals, wipe a number of galleries, and release a few notes. Hopefully more will be released soon in a lulz-filled data dump that will put the Gawker dump and Wikileaks to shame. Dragoneer's notes for the past 3+ years, with much delicious drama, along with the notes for Pinkuh, Adam Wan/Zaush, both of Chase's accounts and SilverAutomatic and AuroraBorealis have been released so far, with more to come. All known releases have been archived here, brought to you with love from ED and Lulz.net.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! On February 26th, 2011 a hacker gained access to inactive admin Furaffinity-favicon.png Rhainor's account and was able to get some more information, specifically admin comments on user accounts. The hacker got in after hacking into Rhainor's email account (Who was also included among the Gawker leak) and then contacted the most retarded members of FA staff and asked them to reset the account's password. One admin happily obliged.

If anyone is curious as to how I got in

Basically, I hacked Rhainor's AIM and another one of his e-mail accounts, and then IMed BijouxDeFoxxe, an FA admin, to change my e-mail to the one I had hacked. Without much questioning at all (and very poor spelling), she does it, and that's how I got in. Basically, the FA admins are dumb gullible faggots.


—The hacker, on Lulz.net

Even though Dragoneer pretty much blamed everyone else for the prevention of the attack on his shitty site (which by this time, took 64GB of RAM to process a page because of the wonderful backend coding) everyone will continue using FurAffinity until the day it finally dies. Sadly, the odds of this happening are equivalent to it being the year of the Linux desktop.

To compensate for the leaking of the many notes, Dragoneer sent every victim a Sponsor invite to his shitty furcon. This was only worth $75 and didn't include travel costs. What a dumbshit.


Fuck knows how but Dragoneer somehow managed to sell FA to an actual corporation called IMVU. Their faggotry continued unabated. Some of FA's whoriest cunties were already trying to buy it, and filled a website with their fail.

My name is Trapa. Together with my friend Silvershock and a team of very supportive companions, we made an offer to Dragoneer on Jan 24th 2014 to buy into FA and help convert it into a board-driven not-for-profit entity, as many of the furry conventions are set up. We later increased the value of this offer and refined it, which is the version of the offer discussed on this site. Unfortunately, our offer was rejected. It later transpired that another offer was already in play, and it won out over our own. Control of FurAffinity left the fandom, and now rests with a corporate entity, IMVU. We do not think this is in the best interests of the fandom, and would like to rectify the situation.

Now, I don't expect any of you to really know who I am, but for a moment I will toot my own horn. In my time with the furry community I have been a key player in helping to start several conventions including but not limited to; Califur, Rainfurrest, VancouFur, FurEh, and BronyCAN. I have chaired three of those and staffed many more than listed. I am a active board member of three different conventions, and have managed many other projects, events, and organizations with the furry fandom as a whole. Silvershock also has a history of running events and conventions, having been a con chair and fandom programmer himself. We point these things out not to brag, but to reassure you that when we use phrases like "I do this for the fandom" and "I do this with the best interest of the fandom at heart", we mean them.


—----ha ha ha


Amazingly, even though one would think they would have learned a lesson already, the furfags got hacked again via an exploit. They said they patched the exploit, but it was too late- someone had already stolen their source code and distributed it via USB drives at a convention. One of the admins somehow got their grubby hands on one of these drives, and was investigating. However, because of how slow furfags are, the h4x0r took advantage, and started to delete submissions among other things while they weren't looking. Unfortunately, they were stopped, and now FA is down, but this is irrelevant because it's already down 99% of the time.

According to them, their last backup was on May 11, which means that 6 days of furfaggotry has been lost to the void. Progress, my friends.

FA Facts

Did you ever think FurAffinity would advertise users such as Furaffinity-favicon.png pacmancorp?
  • Although you can get banned for calling someone else a whore, FA's login form contains a hidden value called "retard_protection".
  • The database schema is royally fucked, the design (or lack thereof) is worse than your average community college web-design tard. For example, users are identified by their actual username instead of a unique number like in every other website ever, which leads to fun things like not being able to delete user accounts and not being able to rename them. The private message system suffered from similar retardery; only one copy of a message existed in the whole system, so you could not delete sent messages or it would disappear from the recipient's inbox. This was redesigned last Thursday, but only after a number of popular artists made enough fuss about it.
  • The internal server network uses routable IP addresses, and there is other evidence of complete cluelessness in the network design—for example, facdn.net would mean to a normal person: FurAffinity Content Distribution Network. But it is one box with one IP.[4] In fact, you can take any file located on facdn.net and replace it with furaffinity.net and it will still work. The domain is for looks only.
  • Due to the above-mentioned furaffinity.net/facdn.net data/app server split, there is no way to prevent people from viewing adult images directly as cookies are not automatically passed across these domains and no redirect scheme exists.
  • If you access the site directly via its IP address, no images from facdn.net will load because the geniuses who programmed the hotlink prevention forgot to add themselves to the whitelist.
  • The registration system was a complete disaster, no verification whatsoever was made of user signups, which was extremely vulnerable to spammers and other quality influences. Registration was disabled for more than half a year before it was restored with Captcha and Email Activation. But was still a waste of 6 months of effort because they have yet to learn how to block disposable emails for non-mailinator accounts. Or if you're that fucking clever you can use your same email over and over.
  • Whereas most websites use some kind of design pattern such as model-view-controller, FA is a clusterfuck of PHP shat out by some 18-year-old fat fuck. It is very fragile and even simple changes that would require little if any testing could fuck it up. This is why they tested what was basically a new style sheet for months on end, giving it a code name "sigma" like it was some major upgrade.
  • Other lulz involves the fact that you can at times, rarely, crash the entire system if you spam the "Nuke all Submissions" button as it can sometimes submit twice, where the crap coding would then try to delete messages that don't exist, which would USUALLY just cause a "cannot find reference" error, but due to genius coding from Dragoneer's crew, it causes the entire server to need a reboot. This proves that the site designers have no idea what they are doing. This would usually cause any normal developer to try and fix it so that it never happens, but with Dragoneer around, it doesn't get fixed unless it is actually easy to replicate and therefore would mean he wouldn't be able to ask people to draw art of his ridiculous fursona.
  • Furaffinity's CDN (imagehost) is banned in Russia.

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