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Fun is what gives your life meaning, and it should be no surprise that Christians hate it for this exact reason. Because fun takes away the earnings of jews, they will stop at nothing to take it away from you by forcing you to get a job and be a mindless slave.


Thousands of years ago, humans lived together in harmony, working together to stay alive. Then everything changed when the Fire nation attacked. They made people work for supplies & money, forcing everyone to work against their will and allowing only a few to be at the very top.

People Who Hate Fun

Properties of Fun

Fun is a feeling of accomplishment or greater purpose after something. It can be created physically or mentally and will fix your everlasting depression.

Things that are fun

Philosophies of FUN

It was said that the FunReaper first gave the fun which he harvested to Spongebob Squarepants who philosophized many great idealistic philosophies out of fun. The most important of which were:

Fires that burn down the whole town

Lighting people on fire is considered by some to be an enjoyable pastime. You should try it sometime.

Uranium bombs

Follow the example of the individuals who did the Boston Marathon Bombing but this time use a uranium type bomb, much like the one dropped on Hiroshima. If the initial blast doesn't do the intended job, the resulting fallout will. Bonus points if you're wearing/holding the bomb when it is detonated.

No survivors

If you completed any of the above two correctly, you should be the last person alive. If this is the case: CONGRATULATIONS!!1!!1! you have won the game. If you failed at doing this (like everything else you do) then, please, become an hero for the good of fun loving people everywhere.

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