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Stunning Portrait of a 16th century duchess by Quentin Massys. Proof that people like this have been around since the beginning of shit
If you're born fugly, there's still hope. Just become a sidewalk socialite!

To be ugly is to be so abhorrently unappealing to the human eye that people just don't like looking at you or being seen with you, unless they're doing it for the lulz. In short, to look like a beast, though not as hideous or grotesque as in the case of diseases or birth defects, like leprosy, the elephant man, etc. Things can also be ugly, such as DeviantART. According to recent studies, eighty percent of people are ugly. This included 100 percent of americans, 100 percent of niggers, and 99.9 percent of the internets. That most likely includes you, your parents, and if you were actually able get a woman or man, your future offspring.

As Americans are getting fatter with every generation, the amount of ugly is objectively increasing in the world.


Were you expecting

A portmanteau formed from the terms "fucking" and "ugly," fugly is usually reserved for only the most distressingly obscene visual catastrophes posing in human skin that the world has ever known. Essentially, the term refers to cases so severe that it is intended for use only in impending emergency, when ugly simply isn't harsh enough. Fugly is often also interpreted to refer to an obese slob (fat and ugly).

Fugly Pride

Most people in the Fugly Community take pride in their fugliness, this is why they may pose gangster, or any style they think (wrongly) is flattering for their Myspace page. Unfortunately, anyone who stumbles on their pics will see how the gene pool has been infected and how fugly their children will look like in the future.

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