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Fuck That Guy will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
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Fuck That Guy (also called I Don't Give a Fuck Guy or simply Dumb Bitch, more recently: Bitch Please) is yet ANOTHER form of well known Trollface and RAGE, popularized in Internet and, as always, easily expendable. We don't know why somebody would need another one of it, we don't want to know. 'Nuff said: The so called phenomenom of the moment is a black and white picture, probably painted in Photoshop or some other MS Paint, presenting a laughing man, usually being used as a lulzy reaction to somebody's behaviour of various kind or just making fun of females.

The meme was introduced a couple of months ago by some TV (some argue that this was YouTube, but who gives a rat's ass) addicted fucktard, who had this unfortunate opportunity to see an may-ish '09 interview with Chinese former basketball player, Yao Ming, who - at some point - expressed his humorous nature one time too many. He is 2.29 m tall. Unlike the Trollface, which at first was Rape Rodent mutation, the artist actually captured the essence of the original image a little better, but then again - what for? Original expression of the now-infamous Gook: to your right.

While "FTG" variation usually fruits with overused and extremely unfunny jokes about trolling, derping and other pathetic pieces of skunk shit, the "Dumb Bitch" variation actually gives some more hope for the future, as it usually involve classical facts about feminists and women.

BREAKING NEWS: WikiLeaks Encyclopedia Dramatica indicates that FTG is a Chinese internet capital, created to further undercut God's homeland, USA. What would Black Jesus do?

Well, don't know about you, but I surely don't give a fuck about all of this.

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