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Fred, the fucker of media pussies.

Fuck Her Right In The Pussy is now a meme, originating as a salacious quote that gained attention after being shown several times on the internet. This viral video was uploaded on February 13th, 2014, and has achieved a cult following ever since.

The man who tackled this brave task was then given recognition after the video was uploaded to YouTube, thrusting him into the internet spotlight and in turn fucking it right in its pussy. This man, a homeless-looking drunk named Fred Ferguson from Northern Kentucky, has been hailed as a legend for sparking a revolution by teaching sex education on live TV. However, it was all just a staged gimmick and a reprise of some talentless internet nobody's failed comedy video, who has since been revealed as the genius behind the hoax.

While the hoax video was amusing all on its own, Unencyclopediyear-olds have made unfunny parodies of the meme in video form in an attempt to capitalize on its popularity and thus turn it into a forced meme like doge. Jews like RayWilliamJohnson have stolen the trilogy of clips and made unfunny commentary over them, proving that it truly has become another dumb viral video. But Fred cannot be affected by Jewtube sellouts or unfunny faggots, and remains a righteous man who fucks them all right in their tore-back pussies. LOL scratch that, he's hawking shitty FHRITP merchandise now.

He later fucked the cameraman right in the pussy.
I was sitting on my front porch, having a nice cold beer, and fucked her right in the pussy.


—The man himself, answering a simple question before being rudely cut off.

Further lulz ensued when social justice warriors began screaming about rape culture and misinterpreting the point of the video, which as mentioned before, is the enlightenment of sex education in the media. It seems nowadays that people can't accept a whimsical news story without sobbing their eyes out, but shit wouldn't be as funny without pussies like them to fuck (with), now would it?

Then conspiracy drones chimed in and revealed the whole situation to be a ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghoax.

The unfunny original

While the actual video was fake as fuck, some fans of it have taken to going on live TV and for real yelling "fuck her right in the pussy," saving its reputation. The creators heaved a sigh of relief, and now continue watching the dollars roll in from every t-shirt and wrist band they sell with the phrase and Fred's face on it.


Interviews with Fred revealed him to be a beer-drinking badass who doesn't give a fuck or have any regrets about his misleading actions.

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