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LiveJournal users react to Frienditto.

Frienditto is your worst nightmare in the shape of a harmless-looking web application. Its mission is to allow LiveJournal and Craigslist users to archive any post they can see. It seems especially good if someone seems like they might have drama remorse and you want to archive the lulz for all to share.

If you see one of your own LiveJournal entries posted on Frienditto, the wisest course of action is to start the Cycle of Blame.

Frienditto User Icon

Sordid History

The actual writer of the Frienditto script remains unknown, but many people—from jameth to hep to lj abuse—have been suspected as the original author.

The site appeared in early March, 2005. It was still in beta at that time and, though never intended to be publically available, was being put to limited use by insider LJDrama authors and Encyclopedia Dramatica editors for archiving in their posts.

Shortly after its inception, often estimated as March 3, 2005 (05:30 EST), Frienditto broke, and the ensuing period is referred to as the "drama bomb." When it hit, there were posts on many LiveJournals with topics such as "PSA: Frienditto" and "FRIENDITTO: DON'T USE!!!!". These posts followed a formula of complete misinformation about Frienditto and how it worked, followed by the obligatory "if you use Frienditto, take me off your friends list now!" warning and, of course, ending with comments such as "thanks for posting this, do you mind if I post it in my journal?" and "This is terrible! How can it be legal??!?" The outcry was universal. This drama fallout lasted from approximately the time of the drama bomb until March 11, 2005, when the site was taken down.

The second round of drama resulted when a list of ban_set commands, consisting mostly of hundreds of people who had nothing to do with Frienditto, floated through the paranoid and ignorant lj hoopleheads.

In early May 2005, the site was re-launched with many new added features, including craigslist functionality and a new, very powerful, very expensive attorney. Frienditto is now also supplemented by Ghettoditto for added drama.

The Name of the Beast. FEAR IT!


Friendittle (verb)

  1. To out someone's secrets via Frienditto
  2. To have one's secrets outed via Frienditto

Friendittowned (adjective)

Someone who had been pwned by Frienditto could be described as friendittowned. Ditto Cops, the Frienditto vigilante watchdog group, wanted to use this term to refer to pwning Frienditto itself. Unfortunately for them, the owners of the domain name was the same group who owned, thus creating a meta-friendittown.

Current Status

Even Nathanr will love frienditto

Bantown Labs will be soon proud to present Frienditto for Windows, which will be the newest member of the iDrama suite.

Frienditto for Windows will allow the user to cache all edrama for later lulz both publicly and on the privacy of your own harddrive.

Coming soon to a Bantown outlet near you!

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