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Friday Night Funkin' is an AIDS-riddled rhythm game that is overrated in addition to being a shitty DDR ripoff, complete with an obnoxious fanbase that never shuts up. It's already an aborted fetus headed straight down the shithole forever, but not before a metric fuckton of pointless bells and whistles get slapped on top of it in a desperate attempt to make the game "better". It all started with unfunny jewgrounds users ninjamuffun99 (Powerword: Cameron Taylor), David "PhantomArcade" Brown, Isaac "kawaisprite" Garcia, and evilsk8r team up together to create a game for Ludum Dare 47 in October 2020, wasting their whole time developing a game only to be awarded nothing. It's a rip-off of Parappa The Rapper combined with Dance Dance Revolution gameplay that no one cares about.

As the game skyrocketed up to the asshole of Newgrounds, and combined with 13-year-old boys worshipping over it, the 4 jewgrounds users began adding characters from 2000s because none had a single idea to think of one original character. First, they added "Pico" from that poorly-made school-shooting related game called "Pico School" before adding "Tankman", a second mascot from Jewgrounds. They only do that because it makes fantards feel nostalgia they don't even grow up with, only because Jewgrounds used to be fucked up or they're too young enough to enter that shitty site.

One of the game's biggest contributions is reviving interest in a series known as Madness Combat, a flash series on Newgrounds along with other nostalgic properties. Many mods attempt to cross over the two series, the most famous of which being a mod featuring Tricky the Clown which has spawned a new wave of forced memes. Unfortunately, this also means that Madness Combat gets ruined with mukbang videos along with other franchises that they have grabbed their hands on.

This game is nothing more than being the fad of the year and will likely die a slow painful death much like Fall Guys and Among Us. The only thing keeping this game alive is the mods, custom content, and Jewgrounds nostalgia within the fandom.


In order to get your love interest, you must have to go through levels, which are called "weeks" and it had variety of opponents to challenge with in singing and rapping contests. While you're actually failing to rap in the game, you must press the keybinds: A, W, S, D, to mimic the notes while avoiding running out of health. Every levels has difficulties for newbz, such as Easy, Normal and Hard, and each of these only includes increasing note speeds, so if you're a brainlet that couldn't focus pressing the notes in high speed, we recommend you to go easy on them.

If you're trying to play the game the next 5 minutes, it gets boring like many users would describe the entire gameplay.

TL;DR: A gameplay is just Parappa The Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution combined that nobody cares about, but these characters were unusual for many reasons.

The extent of the gameplay


As the game skyrocketed at the top of the hill, earning more than 10,000,000 users desperately playing the game, combined with a fanbase that consisted of autistic children, the game earned its title of having the worst, childish fanbase. At this time, the creators don't have an idea for a game yet, so when you don't have an idea for a character to be in the game, add at least 100 characters from Newgrounds. This is so that they can milk the characters out of the gallon, which can also make the fanbase feel nostalgia that they don't grow up with, maybe because Newgrounds used to be sick fucks or they're too old for them to enter that shitty site.


Some people, like we have mentioned in the first half, thinks its usual to ship male characters in gay relationships. The most notable one being "Boyfriend and Pico". When you tried to make an actual point that, in fact, they're straight. You can cause a tsunami-wave of anorexic 13-year-olds attacking you in YouTube or Twitter and also TikTok.

Around the time when Week 7 was released. Twitter users noticed that Tankman made a school-shooting joke about Pico in the cutscene, which angered them out of their mind. This led some others to make fun of them for being soft bastards on the internet. It was first mentioned by a Twittard @EDGED__WINGS, who responded to the comments about her whining about it with a high-intelligent IQ, to which she responded:

"oh my GOOOODD I know what Pico’s school is. I knew what it was when I made the tweet and I don’t care. It’s still a school shooting joke. Get off my ass"


—@EDGED__WINGS said in a very confident manner.

Like any other Twittard users that shares the same iq of 0, @sol_foxie commented

"honestly, why would they make a school shooting joke in FNF week 7?" We’re not edgy 12 year old kids anymore, news please cut that out."


This proves how humans on the internet wen't from being "normal" into being oversensitive idiots over some dumb joke. You might be asking why there isn't enough drama here, then why don't you fucking watch YouTube and search up "Friday Night Funkin drama" faggot.

Mod Community

Did you know that it also has a seperate community for mods that no one cares about? The game is now just known for creating such cancerous mods in a desperate attempt to make the entire franchise better. It all become popular when some people created the most hardest chart for mods that is completely unplayable for most newbs.

As for the OCs themselves, they range from utterly edgy and cringe-worthy (AGOTI) to downright retarded. Most mods tend to steal memes from whatever is current. Any amount of negative feedback can hurt the modder's fee fees as they are often either retarded manchildren or underage. The modding community's ego is so great that there is more fanart for the mods than actual in game characters since most of the fandom would rather treat their edgy OCs as canon characters. Look up any FNF fantard videos and there is a high chance that one of the OCs will show up on the video. Most OCs look more like Hazbin Hotel reject characters or 00s era gangsta stickers than actual FNF characters. Of course, there have been worse OCs from other fandoms, since these have original designs at the very least. Most backstories usually involve the rival character being an edgelord, hating on their girlfriend, and wanting revenge.

Just because your mod fucking sucks, doesn't mean you should commit suicide. Although we're not gonna mourn on your death for the lulz.

Cancer Content

Quite lately cancer content made by Jews started showing up to make ad revenue, it started with Among Us but since then these channels found a new audience to get views from. They also believe that characters such as Matt that are from mods are canon and are part of FNF. This is an example of many of the trash youtube videos you will find on YouTube Kids of all places often posted as spam. These videos are usually poorly animated, cringeworthy, have click-bait titles, feature several OCs that the user did not make, and are viewbotted with fake likes.

The extent of the SPAM

The mascot of Newgrounds is now fucking awful in general

Another boring comparison of which unofficial character phases is better

Another similar mukbang content. Ok, why would some people on JewTube wanted to watch some characters eat shit.


Ninjamuffin99, the jew that was credited for creating this AIDS, formed a small team of jewgrounds creators, so they can develop its first prototype for Ludum Dare 47 on October 2020. It got nothing, but it got unexpected success for absolutely no reason. Ninjamuffin99 is also planning to get his autism-fueled audience to buy his shit, where he makes some pointless merchandise and a full ass game because he only thinks that FNFfags are too much of a dum-witted brainless children to afford that expensive shit, so he can get thousand of jewgolds under his belt. In fact, no one will ever buy that.


Main Game

  • Boyfriend: the dumbass who is the main protagonist in this game. The only point of him is to date his Girlfriend because he doesn't get a real one.
  • Girlfriend: Boyfriend's partner and is the first character to teach him how to sing shit. She is secretly born a demon as she was born to Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest, which are both Satans. In all weeks, she appears at the top of the speaker while bopping to the music.
  • Daddy Dearest: Girlfriend's father, he is the first character to fuck over Boyfriend from dating his Girlfriend.
  • Skid and Pump: Annoying kids that you keep seeing every Halloween. These annoying characters were originally drawn by an unfunny bizarre animator Sr Pelo, the retard who thinks screaming and smashing tables is better way to attract his basement-dwelling fans.
  • Pico: Was Jewgrounds very first mascot. An ugly ginger and a killer of edgy goths who thinks he's kewl while holding his gun. The character originated from Tom Fulp, the virgin who created Jewgrounds. After regaining popularity from this game, became the victim of many, many BF x Pico fujo fanart despite Pico is mostly paired with a asian chick and "Pico is a faggot" has always been a Newgrounds joke (but then again fujos take any non canon gay pairings as "canon").
  • Mommy Mearest: A milf and a mother of Girlfriend.
  • Senpai: A complete fucktard from a dating simulator game that Girlfriend loves playing a lot. Boyfriend and Girlfriend both encountered this asshole after Daddy Dearest pushed them out. He gets pissed off when every-time Boyfriend beats him in singing, which led him break character after the second song.
  • Tankman: A character that fantards start simping over. He is the current mascot that replaced that ginger.


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