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This shit is about to get weird

Freenodegate refers to a hoax perpetuated by pedophiles to project their sick fetishes on others. tl;dr Freenode opers are accused of knowingly enabling in and participating in pedophilic activities on their network, namely the distribution of child pornography by the actual pedos themselves. Read on for more.


Big Rucas

supposedly these two sites host pedo blogs. except they are run by the same faggots who are projecting their pedo tendencies on others and has, according to whois, "Updated Date: 2018-07-17T15:42:40Z" and has NS records, has, according to whois, "Creation Date: 2018-07-19T17:15:36" and has NS records,

So the last change to each domain was about the same time. The Nameservers are the same.

Next time, please try again harder. The drama all started in late July of 2018, on an otherwise unassuming day, during which Rucas, notorious blackhat cock sucker and longstanding butthurt faggot who got banned from Freenode, joined Freenode's ##hamradio to briefly share a comedic interpretation of ham radio discussion. Members of the channel were not amused, and banned Rucas almost instantaneously. This of course led to Rucas rejoining the channel with the a handful of other IRC trolls, eager to investigate why the users of this particular channel had a bigger stick up their ass than most of Freenode (and that's saying something). Having gone in originally with the intention to troll, these chatters were shocked to discover that much of the dialogue in ##hamradio was focused on deviant sex acts, some involving minors, as well as the best means of sharing information and media related to such material online. This shouldn't have come as much of a surprise however, seeing as ham radio is used almost exclusively by truckers in the 21st century. Obviously this article is half bullshit, as the person who wrote the previous sentence doesn't understand the difference between Ham radio and CB.

Being concerned about such discussion in ##hamradio, Rucas, among other chatters, reached out to Freenode staff to report the illegal activities talking place on their network, in hopes that the opers would do something useful for once and clean the pedos out from their network. The response from Freenode staff was less helpful than anticipated, and resulted in all chatters concerned about ##hamradio being k-lined from the network. The k-lines of course only further encouraged research into the pedophiles behind ##hamradio and the defensive response from the network operators. All anti-pedo chatters were discovered once again after entering ##hamradio, prompting a complete mass kick of the channel, followed by more k-lines implemented from known enemy of fun and Freenode oper kloeri. Being a historical troll target, kloeri was known to be excessively creepy, leading some to assume he might have had personal reasons for keeping the pedophilic side of Freenode out of the public eye.



kloeri, thinking about kids

kloeri's online temper tantrum in response to, and overall poor handling of, the situation with ##hamradio, the chatters concerned with exposing the ##hamradio pedo ring were reminded of a disturbing and very telling blog post authored by kloeri in 2016, titled In defense of pedophilia. In this post, kloeri describes himself as a non-offending pedophile, meaning he openly owns up to his attraction to kids but denies acting on his impulses. This post was immediately relayed back to Freenode, which kloeri would not directly comment on, though other opers staunchly passed it off to the community as a "fake". Psychology however tells us that those with socially unacceptable pathologies, such as kloeri, are known for acting out in erratic ways when under immense pressure or stress, as the publicizing of his fetish was causing. Finally in response, kloeri would author yet another slew of blog posts defending pedophila, the most extensive and notable of which being Why I created the Exherbo linux project, where kloeri opens up about his custom Linux distro (though really just another Gentoo fork at the end of the day), Exherbo, having been created and developed to minimize risks for those wishing to create and/or distribute child pornography.

I'm a connoisseur of certain material that is illegal in my country Denmark, possession of which can land you in prison and your life ruined. I have been collecting the material since I was 15 years old. I now possess around 4 terabytes of the material. I designed Exherbo linux so that I could safely store the material without threatening my livelihood and freedom.


Clinton Foundation connection

Here's what gets really creepy: According to both kloeri's LinkedIn and the company's website, he is currently employed as the Senior IT Infrastructure Specialist at Nordea, a Nordic bank with a history of laundering money for drug lords. Upon further research into the activities of Nordea, it was found that not only does the company as a whole collaborate and fund the Clinton Foundation, but an intern directly under kloeri has for both entities. Given kloeri's prolific support of the pedophile community, coupled with this discovery, extensive research is underway to uncover whether or not his connection with the foundation is indicative of illicit activities by either party.


mst, thinking about kids

Freenode operator mst, or Matt Trout, was also found to be running a pro-pedophilia website not long after kloeri's was discovered. Unlike kloeri, who focuses on publishing articles containing what he believes are legitimate philosophical arguments defending his sick fetish, mst rather chooses to poetically describe the young girls in his neighborhood he obsessively stalks. The blog is run on under mst's alternative handle "Xen0", and a mirror, carefully accrediting the author by his real name has been set up on in the event this coward attempts to scrub his sick online history. Below is an example post from mst's blog, illuminating how much of a twisted and dangerous individual he is:

Swimming on Saturday again. I'm starting to slip on my schedule more and more lately but I guess it's fine. Every time I go to the swimming hall I see cute girls coming out and I think that if I had gone in ten minutes earlier I could have seen them. At least with this slipping schedule I get to see wider variety of them if nothing else.

The first girls I saw were very cute sisters, around 5 and 4 years old. I saw them at the changing room as I was getting undressed. They were both wearing mostly white bathrobes with some small pictures on them. They seemed to have lots of fun. Their bathrobes weren't tied so I could see their little cunnies a few times. When I entered the sauna it was empty but almost immediately a cute 3 year old girl comes in with her dad. Unfortunately her dad sits between us. Luckily another girl comes in with her dad and brother as well. This girl is maybe 5. She is trying to play a drum beat by slapping her thighs and her dad tries to instruct her. I watch them do this for a long while. After I'd gone and thrown some water on the stove she starts sitting with her knees up. I had urges to go throw some more water so I could get a good look at that. In retrospect I probably should have just done that but I missed the opportunity. I did see her at the showers a bit more before I went swimming.

The swimming itself went very poorly this time but that's fine. I found it more unfortunate that there weren't many little girls around afterwards. Only just as I was about to leave I saw a dad washing his 4 year old daughter. The daughter was giggling the whole time, she must be very ticklish. I decided to stall and later the girl's little sister also comes around and the dad starts to wash her as well. That was it for this trip.

mst's exact whereabouts are unknown, however it is confirmed that he lives in the United Kingdom. It is advised all UK citizens be on the lookout for him before he has the chance to harm a child (though, realistically, it's probably too late).

Fake news steps in to defend the pedos

When the evidence for and suggestion of the Freenodegate theory started making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter, known fake news outlet The Daily Dot released an article entitled Fact check: Linux developer accused of pedophilia in fake blog posts. Not only was the article so poorly written that its only real value was enabling Freenodegate to spread through exposure, but also contained no actual fact checking, rather just baseless assertions that kloeri is not a pedophile without any mention of the growing body of real evidence supporting this claim. Furthermore, Freenode is an extremely uncanny topic for Daily Dot to be covering, given that 99% of the content on the site is either race-baiting pieces such as The white father of 5-year-old biracial YouTube stars apologizes after racist tweets reappear or complete trash articles like Dad recounts horror of taking 4-year-old daughter into stall as he experienced diarrhea (note the strange obsession with dads). It has thus been speculated that the website and/or author of the article, Christina Bonnington (beware: likely tranny), are in cahoots with kloeri to discredit real information hinting at his immoral and illicit activities with children.


In order to deflect accusations of being a kiddy diddler, Rucas has utilized his botnet to issue public notices across all major IRC networks. Seriously, the only reason this faggot would try so hard to discredit others is cause he is knee deep in a boys asshole 24/7

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