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Frank Bonafede: 60 years old and still pervin' strong.

Frank F. Bonafede (born 1955) is an internet predator living two separate lives. One life is that of a happily married man who frequently travels the world, while the other is the dark life of a sexually depraved fetishist fighting a battle with his inner demons. Frank currently resides in the greater San Diego area of California.

What Frank Likes

Fap material for Frankie.

Frank's perversion is that of seeing the bodies of young men and women in a sickly thin fashion. For example: anorexics, bulimics, people going on extreme diets, victims of starvation, and people attempting to fast as long as they possibly can and then posting internet updates of their progress.

Frank gets turned on by skeletal figures of young people sucking in their bellies to look even more grossly skinny (the pervs call this a "stomach vacuum") and encourages them to starve themselves as close to death as possible and suck their little bellies in for his masturbating pleasure. He has made it clear that he is "pro anorexia," and his name is even included on an Eating Disorder Watchdog list.

You can find Frank operating on his "other" YouTube and Facebook account falsely representing himself as a professionally trained diet coach and requesting bodybuilders or people on diets to drop a ridiculous amount of body fat to fulfill his twisted sexual needs.

Being 60 years old, Frank apparently doesn't understand how easily the internet can be used to track a sicko who has virtually all his public information all over the place, and all it took was a simple email address to link the two Franks as one. Before we get more into that, let's first tell a tale. A tale of two Franks.

The "Good" Frank

The tale of Frank Bonafede is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The good side of him is happily married to his wife Christina Marie Bonafede (maiden name Ward, born March 14, 1964, from WA) and currently residing in El Cajon, CA. They celebrated their 25 year anniversary in 2010 on a cruise. They have a son and a

Clearly he's not getting any action from granny Tina...

daughter together. A basic internet search will reveal that Frank has held residence or had ties in the following places:

  • El Cajon, CA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Santee, CA
  • Lakeside, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Port Orchard, WA
  • Everett, WA
  • Bremerton, WA

Seeing as the box on the aforementioned link is completely full, it can be assumed that he has lived in even more places than this. His "Dr. Jekyll" Facebook account Fb-favicon.png frankieb617 reveals that he moved to Plainview, NY in 1967 (where he graduated high school in 1972), then to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 1978, and Port Orchard, WA in 1988. He would get married around this time to his wife.

Online records show he lived in the Seattle area again in the late '90s and possibly early 2000's before eventually settling in CA in the later 2000's. His Facebook also details some of his many global travels that he frequently embarks on, such as Italy, Scotland, Mexico, and Canada.

Other Hobbies

Navy buds Frank & Dave proving how the military keeps you in shape.

His LinkedIn Favicon.png Linkedin page reveals that he was a 1st Class Machinist Mate for the Navy from 1979-1987 aboard the USS Alexander. Next he was a QA Investigator for the Boeing airplane company from 1988-2002, and finally a QC Supervisor for Aqua Lung America in California starting in 2010. A job interview with him (with pic) can be found here.

The Linkedin also lists this link as his homepage, which is a band page for him and his Navy friend Dave Berglund called "Berglund & Bonafede." Frank plays keyboards and harmonica while Dave plays guitar and sings. He lists the sights around California and memories from serving in the Navy as his inspiration for the songs.

Frank also has a big interest in going on cruises to see the world. It was mainly through this interest that he was matched to be the same man terrorizing teenagers and young adults on the internet with his perversions. Before that gets brought up, let's first introduce his "Mr. Hyde" version.

The "Other" Frank

Shameless baiting tactics.

While his main YouTube account YouTube Favicon.png frankieb617 contains random outdoor videos and songs by his 2-man band, his other account YouTube Favicon.png thebluebomb is not so open and friendly.

Created in 2006, this YouTube account is set to be completely private, save for a few disturbing comments left on the discussion tab pertaining to starvation. The Google Plus Favicon.png Google+ connected to it, however, is a little more revealing.

The particular post that's highlighted in the photo on the right reveals an email address of [email protected] Upon searching that email on Google, it will bring you to this cruise website. The name thebluebomb from the cruise site matches the name on the pervy YouTube account. This email address was also used to register a private Facebook account Fb-favicon.png frank.bonafede.9 under the name Frank Bonafede, but with no photos and falsely claiming to be living in Cape Town, South Africa.

So now the Frank B of the twisted YouTube account has become Frank Bonafede, a man who enjoys cruises and traveling, and whose most recent cruise entry in 2010 was from California, where Frank currently lives and was living during this time. The only other cruise listing for him was from 2006 while he was on the east coast (New York, the state he grew up in).


Public YouTube video comments reveal Frank's primary targets for preying on. He looks for young men and women who are lean bodybuilders, extremely skinny, seeking help in losing weight or recording progress of a diet, admitting to being anorexic or bulimic, and people who are attempting to fast for days on end.

While it's scary enough that there's an old man on the internet falsely passing himself off as a "diet coach" and going out of his way to coax people who are already skinny to drop even more weight by starving themselves, it gets worse.


Frank's teenage victim Timothy Affolter complying like the submissive faggot he is.
Tim began using YouTube's blurring feature in an attempt to hide his face, so here it is.

Frank stumbled upon YouTube user YouTube Favicon.png timamacrameowl (18-year-old Timothy Affolter), a homosexual teenager living in Frank's state of California. Tim showed no indication of losing weight at first, and before he unlisted most of his channel's videos, they showed a troubled, attention-starved youth uploading videos of himself holding his breath as long as he could, at one point reaching 3 and a half minutes.

Frank took immediate interest in the kid's small frame and requested that the skinny youth start doing these videos shirtless so he could see the contractions of his body that occurred from not breathing for so long (i.e. see his belly suck in/"vacuum" as mentioned earlier), and he gave him various bizarre video requests that would bring out these contractions stronger for him to see.

Frank's new target complied, recording video after video of these types of videos, and Frank knew he had found himself some easy prey. Tim's Facebook Fb-favicon.png tim.affolter.37 still had some of these unlisted links publicly posted, such as [1] and [2].

Eventually, Frank groomed him into being one of his starvation subjects for his sick pleasure. As of this writing, a look at Tim's channel currently shows just two videos, both revealing a sudden interest in losing weight, and in one video he even tightens a belt around his stomach as tight as he possibly can and asks his audience if he should "try to tighten more?"

This video's pretty tight, yo

Frank publicly encourages other teenage boys who upload breath holding videos, some openly under the age of 18 (lol at least one wised up and deleted his channel), to show off their sucked-in, oxygen-starved bodies as well, in an effort to find himself more young prey to groom for his sick fantasies.

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