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#fortune is a forced meme (forced on 4chan by moot) where by typing #fortune into the name field of another of 4chan's forums submitting a post there and returning to /b/, one of a dozen-or-so, random Fortune Cookie type fortunes is generated automatically. This, of course, provides much hilarity for the gaiafags of /b/ (who have figured it out) when newfags come lurking and start crying "How do I shot #fortune?" Placing a fortune in a post before text can also serve as a means of demonstrating that one is not a newfag, as newfags commonly do not know how.


Bring back that unnecessary, unfunny fortune function that nobody ever liked to begin with? WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

Last Thursday Friday, moot added the #fortune option to /b/ again...this may prove cancerous. As of June 1st, 2008, it is still present. GONE AGAIN, thank fuck lol just kidding, it's back. Again. Note: This can be used to somewhat detect recent newfags.

/s4s/ Checks Your Fortune

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As part of the many beautiful features that plagued prettied up /b/, /s4s/ has made fortune a requirement to post in any of its threads. Not that it helps /b/ in the long run.

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