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Forever Alone Guy (Also known as F.A.G.) is the only rage-meme that accurately and eternally represents you. This meme is one of many, many hilarious and inventive variations of rage-comics, created somewhere around April 2010. The stories are usually focused around main character with abnormally swollen face, which expresses loneliness and disappointment with his life (in which he is alone). Some of them also includes wannabe-funny word games with main line, which has nothing to do with actual plot. Next to highly overused RAGE, FA also draws its humor from such phenomenons like Trollface, FUCK YEA or Poker Face, and can be easily replaced by almost any of them.

As it usually goes with this kind of art, the plot never thickens and after over 9000 attempts of making lulz out of it, you flush the shit down the toilet.

Origin and evolution

Forever Alone first appeared in 2010, posted on unFunnyJunk by a user named Azuul. Eventually the meme outgrew its rage comic origins and became a generalized meme used to describe fedora wearing neckbeards and other assorted losers who would never get laid. It's often used with no visual context at all or added onto an existing image as a caption.

Meme theft and copyright (or, How I Learned to Stop Caring and Commit Fraud)

In 2012, cp connoisseur and shitposting /v/ tripfag Manlytears began claiming that he created the meme, going so far as to file a "legal" copyright for it, using an obviously forged screenshot, and began issuing take down notices to those who use the meme. In addition to receiving credit in Payday: The Heist he managed to force EA to change a dogtag in Battlefield 3 that was showing the FA face. Everything would have probably gone completely as planned if itty bitty Manlettears hadn't bragged to an internet girlfriend about how he didn't really create the meme and if Know Your Meme hadn't called him out on his false claims.

SEE? This meme was totally created in 2005 by Manlytears and not sometime in 2010.
This image to your right was most definitely created in 2005
because you totally can't change the creation date of a file.
Manlytears successfully harasses EA with his fraudulent copyright claims.
Manlytears (under the name Montythegent) shoehorns himself and his false copyright claim into the Forever Alone article via vandalism.

KYM Strikes Back

Unlike the cuckolds at EA, a Know Your Meme user named Kip actually called Manlytears out on his false claims of having created Forever Alone. Manly responded with the following:

If that’s the case give me your address, name, number, post code and see how all the responses you’ve used will be evidence against you for slander and outright bias.

You seem to forget I am earning $5000+ a month in royalties, you don’t make a slight difference to me at all but as you’re wrongfully crediting intentionally.

And you can tell Cheezburger I have a 2005 deviantart forever alone upload and I’ll be using that as evidence against you and them.

“© 2007-2013 Cheezburger, Inc.”

You’re not fooling anyone.

Good day.


—Manlytears trying to juggle the roles of both e-lawyer and internet tough guy

Kip was then contacted by an administrator of KYM who confirmed that not only was Manly's copyright not valid, but that he actually attempted to enter a legal battle with Cheezburger, another similar site.

hey kip! I saw you were talking w/forever alone dude about the situation over ownership. I just wanted to let you know confidentially that Vanner had previously tried to enter a legal battle w/cheezburger over this. our lawyers explained that his copyright (which he purchased from a website with no legal binding) had no validity but he apparently just doesn’t get it. I just wanted to let you know what was going on & that you can ignore anything about the dude.


—Manlytears gets BTFO by KYM

Because Manlytears suffers from autism and antisocial personality disorder, he could not take no for an answer.

Actually I can legally force you to edit the page because I have sent proof of ownership and even offered to send you more and you “don’t care” and start sending juvenile comments and so did another editor on this page.

Like I said if I can’t do anything post your phone number, address, post code so my lawyer can get in touch with you.

Also provide the “Lawyer” who called me a fraud I would love to know his information also.


Manlet crying and stamping is feet because he didn't get his way

Upon Further Inspection...

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Manlytears (as Mrbatterdcod) attempting to strong arm Kip on Know Your Meme after even KYM's mods acknowledged that Manly's "copyright" wasn't legitimate.



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