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Forced meme is forced.

See also: Forced Memes (Television).

A forced meme is an attempt to use what TOW calls the exposure effect to make one's attempt at humor a part of Interweb history, otherwise known as a meme. Differs from actual memes from being:

Ever since the explosion of fame the O RLY owl meme had on the Internets, now everyone wants to take a shot at making the next Internet meme. A meme is forced (usually on /b/ on forced meme Mondays, every Monday) by having one person or a group of people try to spread the meme all over the interweb, or pretending that they like the meme so other people may catch on, like a fad. An example of a forced meme is "MAARRGEE, YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART!"; a faked, forced meme by members of Something Awful. It is very rare that a forced meme becomes an actual meme (See:Desu).

What is it that makes people force memes? Why? WHY?

The phrase 'forced meme' is actually an oxymoron, if you think about it.

Meme Forcing 101

Forcing a meme is easy! The worst thing that can happen is that your forced meme dies after a few hours, but if you're lucky and actually give a shit, it may very well ascend to actual meme status!

Creating your meme

Yet another Animal/MS Paint meme attempt. Yawn.
  • When creating your meme, try filling some sort of void instead of making yet another animal/MS Paint meme. If your meme is to be repeated long after even you stop caring about it, it has to be both simple and unique. If your meme is nothing but a phrase, make sure the phrase is at least two of the following; usable in most contexts, snappy, or easily typed out. An easy meme to make is a fill-in-the-blank meme.

Fill-in-the-blank meme example: I would do [insert action here], but I can't, because Gryffin would have a fit and fail to apologize for the fifth time.

  • If your meme is some sort of character. Make shops of it doing all sorts of things, some rule 34 and shops where your forced meme is doing something/is combined with a well-known meme.
  • Another easy-to-make meme is a title meme. If your meme is a title meme, go around and call everyone that title so they become interested and inquire.

Title meme example: That guy just pwn'd noobs! He must be a Dan.

  • To make sure that your meme is successfully forced, you will need to make A LOT of shops. At least 100 pictures. Remember to use them when it's appropriate or people will catch on and out your meme as forced too quickly.

Forcing your meme

  • The best way to go about forcing a meme phrase is to post it everywhere, all the time. Remember to link (ie. >>3581854) to people for greater effect. Also, try typing the phrase in MS Paint and use it to make a good troll thread, to keep the phrase on the front page.
  • If your meme is graphical (the most memorable kind obviously), post your meme as a new thread then praise it by repeating it a few times. Then simply copypaste some generic replies from other threads that look good to keep it bumped. Then post some more shops, etc. etc. and after maybe a hundred replies, let it die. Then every so often, repeat. Also post your meme in other threads, but only if it's somehow relevant. Repeat this as necessary, but start slowly and keep it subtle. If you overdo it (spam all threads with your meme), people will reject your meme forcing attempt.
  • DO: Post some threads where the forced meme is mentioned along other well-established memes. Threads with content such as "PROVE YOU'RE NOT A NEWFAG! COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: _ockmongler, _n _ero, [your forced meme], etc, etc." will not only subtly force your meme but will be bumped by trolls and morons at least 50 times. Also, post some threads where your forced meme character/object is doing something with other meme characters. Shop a thread with a 6-hit combo of your meme character and use it to start an 'Epic Thread' thread. Use your imagination!

Keep going at it for a week or so and see if it catches on. PATIENCE is vital here.

Signing up with a major company

All bullshite aside, this is never going to work if you and your invention are not pwned 4Evar by some big conglomerate that can spam the airwaves. Only those with mucho money can persuade the Ancient Holy Guardians of the Airwaves who have inherited the right to Broadcast from Almighty God to carry your meme, and only in exchange for your everlasting soul.

But in exchange, the peasantry will stare dully at their screens and be reminded hourly that you wish your Open Hearts symbol to become the universal symbol of testicle-to-testicle frottage. Before long everything from the cardiod function to the letter Z will be eternally trademarked as your private creation, identifying its wearer as a minion of the Frot Queen.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...

So your faggotry is doing okay...

Your meme is gaining momentum. Some are actually reposting your shops and most people recognize your meme. Now is the time to seal the deal; make an ED/Wikichan/whatever article about it with lots of pics and shit, using sockpuppets, and add it to the 4chan meme list. Then post some generic shit in the discussion page so people think it has some support. If the page isn't deleted within a week and people bump your meme with little help from you, then your meme has been successfully forced. If you did it right and your meme didn't suck ass, people might not even realize the meme was forced at all!

So basically...

Put as little effort into your forced meme as possible, and then spend way too much fucking free time (which we all know you have, fatty) subliminally promoting it to every newfag who somewhat gives a fuck. Remember that the newfags of today usually end up being an even more retarded generation of oldfags who later call every asshole who came before them newfags to increase the size of their e-penises/e-gos.

Partial list of forced memes

They're everywhere
Milhouse is a Meme Milhouse is not a meme Meme Millhouse is meme not a OH SHI-

IRL forced memes


What happens when two forced memes collide in the Tubes.
A prime example of a forced meme by some fag.

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