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Who wouldn't want to cum on a nice set of toes and watch her lick the cum off or do it yourself if you want round 2 with her


A foot fetish is the unnatural sexual attraction to feet, and is very popular in the world of paraphilic mental disorders.

Arguably the most beta of all fetishes, foot fetishism, though generally associated with humans and the homosexual community, also extends to the world of heterosexuals, scalies, furries, and of course pedophiles. As if being any of those listed things wasn't bad enough already, their brains are also wired to see feet like normal people would see tits and ass.

The condition develops in emotionally-stunted adults whose sole childhood recollection of loving treatment consists of being taken to the shoe store for the regular shoe-fitting rituals necessary when growing up, where their feet would be treated with care and respect while a female assistant smiled at them throughout. And yes, foot fetishists are always male.


Midget foot porn, anyone?
The celebrated foreign ritual of infant trampling.

The internet is infested with countless videos, blogs, pictures, and websites all pertaining to lusting over people's feet. Apparently dicks and vaginas aren't appealing enough to certain subhumans like they are to the regular majority of society.

The sick fuckery and extent of a foot fetishist goes far and beyond their internet lives. These pervs will frequent public areas IRL where other people are expected to be barefoot, such as beaches and swimming pools, and candidly photograph the feet of unsuspecting victims. They then proceed to go home and upload the photos to their Tumblr blogs with disgusting taglines such as "nice soles…can I get a lick?" and "would love to worship those <3."

Nice blonde feet.jpg

Celebrities (particularly child actors) are often shocked to discover that they have their very own foot fetish website dedicated to them on the internet, or find out that a screencap of the single, split-second scene where their feet happened to have been shown on camera is included in some foot fetish pay site.

Other foot-related fetishes include shoeplay and a heightened interest in socks, stockings, and other footwear.

Degrees of Lust

As with all perversions, the foot paraphilia has its own degrees of interest within each individual brain it plagues. Similar to bird watchers, there's the casual observers who just see feet as a beautiful part of the body, and will likely keep this information to themselves (as it should be kept). You don't have to worry about keeping your shoes on around these types. But on the other end of the spectrum, it gets worse. Much worse.

Foot Worshiping

Hindus worship fecal-covered feet as a ritual.

In the same sense of the Greeks who still believe that fucking little boys should be held as a tradition, there's the submissive and religious side of the interest known as "foot worshiping." Apparently there's mention of foot washing and worshiping in the Babble, so this is supposed to be a holy and respectful act or something. No word if Jesus was ever known to give or receive foot jobs, however.

Single blonde feet.jpg

These pathetic worms spend their lives begging to be dominated by the feet of others, whether it be from dominatrix females or "master" males, where they roleplay as their foot slaves.


Just like daddy used to do!

Largely dominated by pedophiles on YouTube, seeing a pair of tightly-restrained feet getting mercilessly tickled is what tickles the fancy of these fancy faggots. This is one of those wonderful "dares" or "challenges" that pedos will submit to innocent, attention-starved kids on YouTube, such as:

"I dare you to have someone tickle your feet for 2 minutes straight.

But make sure your ankles and big toes are tied together so you can't escape, and keep the camera on the soles of your feet the entire time! :o)


Odor Lovers


These are the freaks who get off on sniffing stinky feet and recently/well-worn footwear. Members of this field of footfaggotry will likely enjoy the ripe musk of armpits or the genital areas as well, whether it be the natural body odor emitting from a person while they're sweating, or the raunchy scent of a lazy fuck who hasn't showered for days on end. The difference here is the first example is caused by pheromones, and the second one is what happens when bacteria feeds on sweat confined to warm, closed-off areas such as shoes and gloves, and shits out that funky stank that the footfags get off on.

These deviants are the ones you wanna keep your socks on around, and are the friends who sneak around sniffing your shoes when you aren't looking, and are coincidentally the last ones to have been at your house after you discover your dirty socks went missing.

There's been plenty of instances of these filthy rats getting caught in the act, from a boss getting canned for forcefully ripping the pumps off his employees' feet and smelling them, to a young pedophile luring little boys into closed areas at his job so he can rub their sweaty feet in his face. Shoe salesmen and employees of bowling alleys and skating rinks likely applied for these positions for a reason other than minimum wage and 50% off of the store's shoes, so never let them measure your feet for you, or your children's feet for that matter.

Allow the lyrics of this song by the Dicks to spell it out for you, a band fronted by an openly queer man who decided that chanting "young boys' feet are pretty" would result in a chart-topping hit.


Typically involves Amazonian bitches.

Arguably the weirdest corner of the fetish, there are actually people out there who fantasize about having oversized humans/creatures stomp on them or crush them to death with their feet. From Amazonian chicks to Godzilla himself, the "trample art" out there proves that some people truly are going to be masturbating for the duration of their entire loveless lives.

In some examples, it's just an act of laying on the ground and letting another individual walk on them. With others, it's having someone become magically enlarged to skyscraper-crushing size and having them literally stomp the fetishist so hard that their body gets imprinted into the ground. Sounds hot, right?

CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)

These are weirdos who enjoy having their genitals hurt by women. This can range from being kicked in the balls, to sticking their cock through a board and have their "mistress" step and jump on their balls until they cum what looks like semen, but is actually destroyed testicular tissue.


The foot fetish that appeals to Rice Niggers. This involves close ups of women stepping on snails, crickets, cockroaches, and the occasional cat.


Probably the most comical foot fetish of them all. This involves retards jerking it to women pressing down on the gas pedal of a car for 20 minutes.

Moar Videos

Foot tease
With a content warning, this apparently constitutes as porn
Furry paw trampling and cock nuzzling
The cat's like WTF?
Kids react to pedofaggots
"Our other foot dare video got removed for some reason, so here's another"
A foot perv at the gym is "punished" with feet
How teenagers make money these days. No, srsly
The sexy music is supposed to sell this one


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