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Spermatozoa: recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General's office.

Food is what you eat when vaginas and cocks are no longer available. Eating food is America's favorite pastime as it gives fat people their blubber. Enemy of 16 year old girls and breatharians alike; food is vital to existence, without it we'd die. Some people eat too much, others not enough, regardless, all food eventually becomes poop.


Once upon a time, food was healthy. People blissfully ate burgers and steak, and followed it up with deep-fried lard for dessert. Then, in 1972, scientists screwed everything up by reporting that unless you want to spend your thirty-fifth birthday clutching your chest and turning blue, you better live on tofu and wheatgrass juice. The American populace responded by giving the scientists the finger and becoming the most obese nation on Earth.

On the internet

That's what happens to your food when you piss offs your waitress

Because most internet-users are fat pieces of shit who can't look at porn while in work/school, thousands of websites, blogs and forums exist for the purpose of discussing food.

  • PETA Suggests people subsist on their own secretions. Staffed entirely by furries, they are constantly monitored by the FBI who suspects them of plotting violent assault on hamster ranchers.
  • Atkins Center Caused great rejoicing among all peoples when it announced the healthiest diet was twelve pounds of beef a day but no toast.


Kimberly Champion from Portland, OR is a champion of cakefarts



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Candy And Sweets

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Fruits and Vegetables

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Classic Cooking

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Other Food

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Where To Obtain Food

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