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Nothing disturbing about these drawings.
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Flippy X Flaky X Splendid in a trilogy couple created by fans who are appearance-only biased assholes with Asperger's Syndrome. The couple is non-canon on the series Happy Tree Friends but fans keep bitching so much to MondoMedia that eventually the organization prevented any of their workers looking at fan-based works with few exceptions. It revolves around the gay (or Yaoi as they call it in Japan) and idiotic pairing of a anime created Tree Friends that are ugly as fuck in anime form, but of course fans of Anime think they're so beautiful and perfect with their painted nails and Pro-Ana body. Making them super gay amirite? And they all live in the wiener fest of trying to fuck each other or Flaky who might as well be the only girl in the World with Giggles and Petunia, two unfortunately virgins bastardized and tossed aside by fans to be shy and scared of being pointed at for not being a transexual whore like Flaky.

The Characters in Couples

Flaky is a stupid whore who pretends to be a coward or shy girl to cover up for being nothing more than your regular dirty talking prostitute who'll fuck anyone. Every male character in this anime wants her loose twat and she's expected to provide, and she does eagerly with a smile (link cum). Listed in the category as a harem bitch despite dating Flippy, making her an inspiration to all wives who lust to cheat on their husbands.

Flippy (or "Military" by Japanese fans), also known as Fliqpy when he 'gets angry' as fans call it, is either a pro-ana like Splendid and other characters, or an ugly old muscular so-called 'real' War Veteran by fans. Because they believe because he was involved in a War he should look the age while Flaky looks like nothing more than a 6-year-old girl or 16-year-old teenager. If you're within under two feet talking with Flaky due to fans interest in Anime you will be killed by Flippy because he has asperger's like many of the fans who've created him. He's also batshit insane due to PTSD, but that's shit nobody cares about.

Splendid (or "Hero" by Japanese fans) is your average pro-ana gay retard who has the most retarded Super Powers ever, in fact if it was up to fans he wouldn't have super powers and would be nothing more than a weak effeminate gay lord. He's the Yaoi of the circle and flirts with Flippy, seriously, and he's more stupid than Lumpy to make it worse. Everything he does that's retarded which involves Flippy in a gay way fans see as cute or disirable. He also has a twin-like brother that's identical to him in every way named Splendont.


Typical Artists

It should be well noted that many artists who make the majority of art are 8-210 year olds or very poor drawers on Microsoft Paint, however because of this only a tiny portion of good art comes to those because eventually everything is filtered out as good art or bad art.

  • The "Good" Artist: Often draws great images of Anime, and is what you'll see when going into the fandom of this genre. However, it's only what is floated to the top of the dead sea. Everything else is crap, and no one knows who the originalartists are of these stolen pieces.
  • Shitty Art: The Microsoft Paint art, and the bases. They're actually what you're most likely to find but everyone knows they're bad art so they spam and push those to the bottom of the pyramid and sea.
  • Furry Porn: displays them as ugly animals.


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[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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