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I see some severe autism going on.

Fists The Echidna was first spotted on deviantART in September 2007. She instantly declared herself the one and only wife of Shadow The Hedgehog, submitting image after image of her fan-character "Fists" in romantic clinches with Shadow. Anyone who dared tell her that Shadow wasn't real and that she was crazy, was declared a retard.

This makes her a typical Mary Sue, thus she should be avoided at all times.

Like all good deviantARTlets, Fucktard The Echidna draws completely original re-colored Sonic fan characters. In fact, the name "Fists" is so original, that at least four others can be seen on deviantART at any given time. Amusingly, all of them seem to have missed the lulz garnered by the name.Funnier that 'Fists' is rather related to 'Knuckles' in name sense, so hilariously this Faggot just changed the name of a main character while still basically saying the same shit. Get it? Knuckles? Fists? It's like calling your character 'Boom' the Hedgehog. Get it? Boom? Sonic? Sonic Boom? Or Jet the Hedghehog! Get it? Sonic booms come from Jets?! These people are Supermen!

In January 2008, Fists opened a YouTube account and proceeded to show off her talents in video format. Most of her videos are incoherent rantings at supposed enemies - imaginary or otherwise - or anyone who dared to pair Shadow with someone other than Fists.

After alienating everyone on both deviantART and YouTube, Fists blocked pretty much every simple troll method on her accounts that she could think of and now sits screaming out her shit onto the internets, while no-one can do anything about it.

Fists believes that if you ship a crack pairing like Tikal and Shadow, or Sonic and Silver, you're retarded and should have your ass kicked. The characters have to have seen each other, and have matching color schemes. Though this doesn't seem to apply to her Mary Sue, who doesn't even exist in the series to begin with. Her love with Shadow is ENDLESS She made a five-minute long video explaining what fan pairings are and are not retarded. And if you do not agree, you're a "doof" who deserves to be stoned to death.

Fists is likely to be the Gaydiamond of the Sonic community.

She has a boyfriend named Johnny and she claims to love him. Poor Bastard.

Fists also now claims to have two shitspawns and a "wife" it hates. How they made it out of her diseased vagina alive and without being recolored in paint is nothing short of a miracle.

How to Piss Fists Off

Fists sure is a looker... Is it supposed to be a female?
  1. Create a YouTube account.
  2. Put her character as your icon/background.
  3. ??????
  4. No, no profit.

An easier way to piss her off is to say Shadow is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, gay, stupid, retarded, etc. The possibilities are endless!




—Fists, demonstrating severe brain damage.

SHADOW IS MY HUSBAND!!!!!! like it or not, he's MINE, that means that if you take him, your heart will explode along with salt poured into the wounds!!!.


—Fists, being pathetic.

Mess with me, and you'll get in trouble. Stay away from me, there will be no trouble.


Sorry, but i don't have a crush. I'm married to shadow!


—Fists, on her dreamworld.

Put your youtube name down and then your fav sonic character: Knufists -- My husbad, Shadow the adorable hedgie!!


Who's your chara's crush?: Knufists-- even though my name is KNUfists, my heart is set the one, only, most aodrable, shadow the hedgehog. and if peoples are tryin to break us up, you be trippin and be not breathin by this saturday!!!


—Fists, brutalizing the English Language.

And if people hate recolors, then YOU HATE AMERICA!!!


—Fists, being a true patriot.

Why...would you WANT to be ME?!


—Fists, failing to understand trolling.

Fists' opinion on Art

Fists is a fan of re-colors, and her friend Deviantart-favicon.png Sonicsclone16 (Who is actually Fists on disguise) supports her in this view. ALONG WITH Deviantart-favicon.png Sonamelia (Which is, another account of her, shared with the sister)

the people who recolor pictures don't fucking care how much people worked hard on pictures, THEY RECOLOR THE PICTURES GOOD OR BAD. ...ok, mostly good pictures they recolor. but still, you guys are responsible for making the pictures! so if you don't want people recoloring them, THEN YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE MADE THE PICTURES IN THE FIRST PLACE


Deviantart-favicon.png Sonicsclone16, being butthurt after critique on her art.

And such a foolproof reasoning that is! If you don't want to be re-colored, DON'T DRAW!


Examples of Fists' re-coloring mad skillz coloring Sonic characters in this YouTube video Deleted. And also on this gallery.

Re-Color Gallery About missing Pics
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Own Drawings

When Fists isn't re-coloring images she clearly had no permission to play with, she's attempting to draw for herself. And such art she produces! Isn't it a wonder she hasn't fallen victim to sonicsclone16's her own re-color theories?

Own Drawings Gallery About missing Pics
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Just the name "Fists" will give you a damned ugly idea of what this character would look like under the crushing hands of rule 34.

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Drama Queen

Drama Gallery About missing Pics
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