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A fine example of long-windedness.

Long-winded people are living proof that you don't need to be exceptionally smart to become a prolific troll. Some argue that long-winded people try to DDoS your brain.

Detecting long-winded people in the wild

Contrary to popular belief, a long post is not necessarily a sign of a long-winded troll.

You can distinguish this particular kind of troll by their constant repetition of the same stupid argument thorought their post, and over-analyzing (badly) a given problem. They will often add insult to injury by using bad grammer and going on for a couple of pages without any use of punctuation. This makes for the most irritating read you could find on the interbutts.


Trolling those people is great fun, because they are obviously unable of producing coherent replies. Be cautious, however, because most unfunny forums don't see being incredibly annoying as an offence. Instead of insulting them try to argue with them. Most of them should slip soon enough and do something banworthy (and lulzworthy, to be sure), which will result in them losing the internets.

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