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Fergie Olver is the creep who hosted the Canadian television game show Just Like Mom from 1980 to 1985. Someone in 2009 would mash up the creepiest man-girl moments into a 2:23 video which went viral in April 2010. Reactions towards the video range from outrage, hilarity and trolling.

For reasons still unknown, the video gets TOS'd off of YouTube faster than Fergie bars up over the sight of a 6 year old after dark.

During his tenure as host of this program Fergie apparently rocked the Ford Windstar van spray painted with "Free Candy" like there was no tomorrow. Between threatening loli with kisses and public humiliation he managed to brew up an alchemical mixture of creepy that remains unmatched today on broadcast television. Perhaps the most unsettling part of this group think experiment gone awry is the fact that the Canadian Public Broadcasting System allowed this walking abortion to exist for a full five years without pulling the plug. Olver co-hosted the show with his wife. They are now divorced.

The mothers are always so easy to kiss, it's the kids!


—Fergie Olver

In the video we see Fergie sneak kissing an 11 year old girl, trying to bribe a girl who refuses to kiss him, getting called a dirty old man after the bribe fails, STILL trying to kiss the girl who called him dirty, pressuring a seven year old girl into taking their relationship to the next level, and complaining when a mom kisses him after she tries to sacrifice herself for her daughter's innocence. Oh, and did we mention this was all on TV?

The SNL spoof

Oct 2, 2010 SNL spoofs Fergie Olver with a skit entitled Kid Smartz, starring that guy from Breaking Bad blasted outta his head on dilaudid.
The skit starts out like the usual Fergie Olver game show with the host kissing 11 year old girls but then gets a Davidsfarm vibe when the host starts getting to second-base with a young male contestant. In some do black person a favor type of fashion SNL ends the skit with the only black contestant being smart enough to avoid all the pedophile host's advances and winning the show!-when we all know the smartest plan any black person would've had in that situation would have been to offer sex for money.

SNL's mock of the game show
Part 2:
Part 3:


The more they resist, the more you insist!

In addition to the array of comments the Fergie videos have received, there's also recently been a new media and blogging shitstorm on the matter. Some of them with very colorful titles like "Watch a game show host get to first base with children" and "Fergie Olver: Did someone arrest this guy? If not, why not?"

God damn... I haven't been this hard in months.



That should make those spoiled little "sweet 16" twats spend a weekend with this guy when they throw a tantrum because their new BMW is black and not pink.



I'm surprised the parents just sat there. People will do anything to be on tv. sheesh.



Thanks To The Internet I Can Look At Stupid Amounts Of Blood, Gore, Death, Sexual Weirdness, Extreme Body Modification & The Sickest Of Porn. But This, THIS Makes Me Cringe Like A Nun On A Cobbled Road. Not Cool Dude, Not Cool.


—Tilbo, who types like is a retard, [6]

I bet he likes to sit at home and watch gladiator movies, too....


What, [7]

He didn't seem to enjoy kissing the grown woman at all. To old and wrinkly I guess



This was filmed in a time before all this paedophile hysteria was such a big thing in the media, so i don't think it's that strange.


—Some Pedophile, [9]

[email protected]


—A joke only EDiots and Pedophiles (LOL redundent) will get, [11]

Nothing like being groped on national TV at the age of 11 with a man with more hair spray than Dolly Parton. He deserves to be castrated with a dull butter knife and some masking tape.


—This comment was by a user named daddyslittlewhore, [12]

Everyone who posted on this upload voted for Bush.



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