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The signature of Anita Sarkeesian.
You will never see Anita's facial expression change EVAR!

Feminist Frequency is was a web show hosted by Anita $ark€€$ian , a misandrist feminazi from Burlington, Ontario who, after severe butthurt upon getting Permabanned from TV Tropes, became a professional scam artist using her hack "pop culture criticism" to complain all the time about sexism in video games(which she doesn't play) using "Let's Play" footage that she steals. Most of her money is made by pissing off nerds until they send her death threats (or sending them to herself), going on the news to complain about it and then asking for donations from her white knights and fellow SJWs who don't realize they're being taken for a ride.

Also, if the Fembusters controversy is anything to go by, SJWs should be labelling Anita as a sexist/misogynist/MRA for not liking Ms. Pac-Man. (But hey, that's SJWs for you - they have no consistency.)

Feminist Frequency Navigation

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Anita Before the Fame: Snake Oil Salesmen and Pyramid Scheme Scam Artist

Before her big hit with FemFreq, Anita took classes on the best way to squeeze as much money as she possibly could from the people who attend conventions (this is literally what the class promises to teach you). Taught by an infamous con artist together with failed actor "Bart Baggett", and another known scammer who wrote several books for con men and pick-up artists (one repeatedly referring to all women as sluts), she ran fraudulent tele-seminars about "Determining business success using handwriting" for the next three years for a company that was repeatedly accused of fraud. The seminars themselves tried to convince people that by using people's handwriting they can become successful, spot people lying and control people's actions. This went on for three years, during which, the seminars were endorsed by multiple organizations and fake PR firms set up by Anita and Co., as well as the people who took the same class and were themselves running the same scam (for example these people who promise to help you lose weight via hypnosis). When the scam was finished, it was changed into a pyramid scheme wherein everyone "passed on their knowledge" to some unsuspecting rube before deleting all (or in this case most) of the evidence.

This is a video...of Anita Sarkeesian endorsing an internet Get Rich Quick guru called Alex Mandossian. Why is this significant? Allow me to explain.

For those who don't know the internet marketing world don't mistake it for regular marketing. This isn't Pepsi. Here's a great documentary called SCAMWORLD...that demonstrates their predatory tactics. I highly recommend watching this. Even the Verge, highly critical of GamerGate has covered these people...

They share tips on psychological tricks to get people to endorse you\fuck you. For example, here's Alex Mandossian...teaching people how to use cognitive dissonance to make "the herd follow you".

Internet marketing seminars are very similar to that of the pickup artist community. In fact, many of the people overlap. One of the more famous pickup artists of all was "David DeAngelo" alter-ego of Eben Pagan, an internet marketer and affiliated with Alex Mandossian. Pagan ran\runs a group called The Syndicate, a collusion of internet marketers who promote and endorse each other to give the illusion of trustworthiness, and to promote each other's products.

Here is Eben Pagan as his alter-ego David DeAngelo teaching how to create..."intense attraction." Here are Alex Mandossian and Eben Pagan...teaching a webinar on "how to be rich and famous". These are the people Anita Sarkeesian endorsed with her testimonial.

The things you will learn at internet marketing seminars are not the kinds of things you will learn in a normal marketing class. They are step by step methods to creating social proof, testimonials and seminars. They're basically teaching you how to be a Get Rich Quick guru and recruit new recruits who will then teach their own seminars. They are multi level marketers, barely legal scams, and sometimes not even legal.

Anita Sarkeesian attended one of these teleseminars - basically Pickup artistry for business-people, and then made a testimonial endorsing them.

What does this say about her character? Does she endorse those kinds of predatory marketing tactics? Does she lack the critical thinking skills to see them for the scams they are? Alex Mandossian's teleseminar course costs almost $2,000. Did she pay $2,000 to these hucksters and pickup artists?
- MrPejorative, on Reddit (The videos are presented below.)
Anita the Marketing Guru
Scamworld: Anita Was Once Affiliated With Them (Srs)
How to Get Quick Sex From Women: Also Once Affiliated (Srs)
How to Get Rich Quick: ALSO Once Affiliated (Srs)

When all of this was uncovered by some dude on the internet and when someone dared to even write an article about it, much of what was left of the evidence (which was mostly already thoroughly deleted as part of the scam process) began going offline and is rumored to have been removed from the internet with the help of Sarkeesian's former friends in exchange for hefty bribes. However, some of it still survived in the form of pictures of Anita hanging out with her cohorts on an island resort and a court testimony by Bagget, where he admits Sarkeesian even lived with him (and probably fucked him too). You can read more about "Scamworld" here in the archives.

Feminist Frequency

I need more money. My hooker earrings don't buy themselves.


—Anita Sarkeesian

Only the gigantic hula hoops hanging from her ears remain the same.
Anita's feelings towards the idiots who actually gave her money
This is not a photoshop

Feminist Frequency's videos typically consist of Anita taking (mostly stolen) footage from video games, showing it out of context and criticizing it using her limited understanding of feminism. Since she isn't actually a feminist, she has no idea what she's talking about. Since she isn't an academic (her only degree is in communication and her thesis is laughable), she doesn't have any skills at critical analysis, and since she's not a gamer (as she admitted in lecture in the Santa Monica College in California in early 2010) she can't even find good clips. As a result, she has to sensationalize every piece of footage she does find. For instance, game developer Daniel Vavera claims she shot a woman in his game and then lied and said the game forced her to do this.

Most of her criticism comes in the form of cherry-picking and double-binds, wherein no matter what a game does, it's wrong. If a female character is pretty, then she's sexualized. If she's ugly, then it's an insult to women, and if she's plain, she isn't a "strong female character" and so on.

Since there is no real reason to scrutinize the opinions in her videos, let's get to what actually matters:
Despite asking for $6k and receiving over $160,000, there has been no noticeable improvement in the quality of her videos. The camera quality is the same, the animation is the same, the production value is the same. It's hard to understand why she would need six thousand dollars to improve videos where all she does is stand and talk, and already has the equipment for since she has been making them for free for several years already.

In the end, all that seemed to improve is that she might have gotten a new green screen, some new shirts (with extra pockets to stuff Kickstarter money into), several more layers of already excessive, clown-like make up and pocketed the rest of the money. Despite getting over 25 times the money that she was originally scamming people for, Anita was too greedy to spend even an ounce of that money making the videos better.

Of the 12 "Tropes against women in video games" that she promised to discuss in her Kickstarter campaign, she has so far covered three and is currently two years behind her final due date with no end or "Backer Rewards" deliveries in sight. All the stupid beta males who were fooled by her now champion her cause even harder to avoid the cognitive dissonance that they feel from the subconscious realization that they had been scammed.

It's never been about video games, it's about Social Justice


—Anita Sarkeesian after ending her Feminist Frequency scam of a series.

4Chan Drama

m00t trying to help Anita get "The Sarkeesian Effect" banned from Patreon after he sold out to SJW's
Honestly? I don't care about war. If you get murdered, it doesn't matter because you were murdered, if you were raped it matters.


—Anita Sarkeesian

On May 17, 2012, Sarkeesian decided to begin a Kickstarter campaign that would cover the subject of "Misogyny" in video games. Upon hearing of this information, /b/tards flocked to her Wikipedia page and her YT and started to troll the fuck out of her. Rape threats, death threats, and flat out misogyny ensued. She bawwed about them in this journal, which was a cry so loud it caught the attention of The Escapist, Slate.com, and even Digital Trends Inc. Also notable is the coverage she received on The New Statesmen.

The irony of all this, of course, is that by trolling this bitch, 4chan has done nothing but give her the attention and the Jew gold she so desperately craves. In fact, if you look at her Kickstarter page, she's made 160,000 dollars (she was only asking for 6k), likely in large part due to her bawwing about the big-bad-trolls to the media. The best way to piss off this sufferer of GOTIS, as with all such cases, is to ignore her completely.

In particular, Ben Spurr, a grade-A Sonicfag and basement dweller, afraid his hobbies would be ruined by the feminazis, decided to chime in with an interactive game for the toddlers on Newgrounds where you beat up a picture of Anita. This caused an immediate shitstorm and the game was promptly deleted, but not without getting the attention of the journalist fags around the e-world. Realizing the success of this, Anita has been repeating this formula over and over ever since and capitalizes on every email she gets from a fail-troll who thinks his idle death threat will do anything but get her more money.

A picture of the ugly cow
Much better
Anita Sarkeesian At Colbert.jpg
Her being a Jew,
click next to see evidence
Her Jewish self
click next
Anita Sarkeesian Gone Full Jew.jpg
The resemblance is uncanny
I think it’s just adorable how absolutely no girls are any good at video games, just like how no woman has ever written a good novel. They are nothing but talk and no action, probably because girls are such emotional creatures and base everything they do on their current feelings and then try to rationalize their actions later. How pathetic.

You know what’s priceless? When a gamer girl posts a pic of herself looking as slutty as possible and then throws a fake fit when people talk to her like she’s a whore. What did you think was going to happen, you dumb broad? Lose thirty pounds.


—Ben Spurr reveals his deep gamer wisdom of women

Anita Sarkeesian has not only scammed thousands of people out of over $160,000, but also uses the excuse that she is a woman to get away with whatever she damn well pleases. Any form of constructive criticism, even from fellow women, is either ignored or labelled to be sexist against her.

She claims to want gender equality in video games, but in reality, she just wants to use the fact that she was born with a vagina to get free money and sympathy from everyone who crosses her path.


—Ben Spurr rationalizes his decision backfired

The posts from 4chan - how she was asking for it About missing Pics
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Anita Stealing Shit

Anita seems to be constantly getting caught stealing her content. It doesn't appear that she has any understanding of intellectual property laws and has no respect for them. This may be thanks to the help of Jonathan McIntosh, who believes copyright laws don't apply when he's, "taking down the establishment".

Stealing Her Footage (From a Child Rapist)

Because Sarkeesian hates sex offenders so much, she decided to download videos from the nigger known as Valis77. Who of course, like all niggers, is a a convicted sex offender. It could be argued that Anita was unaware of Valis' exploits, as she doesn't do any research and instead just types in let's play into the YouTube search, before filtering all the shitty PewDiePie videos. Because of the delightful irony of stealing from a nigra, no charges have been pressed. This is partly because the virgins at The World Of Longplays are busy losing their virginity to the black hole known as Sarkeesian's pussy. Either way, most of the video in FemFreq seems to be stolen and she hasn't played a single game she's critiqued.

For research and recording video game footage I use the El Gato Game Capture High Definition Game Recorder to collect gameplay. I have a number of systems including the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Wii, Wii U, Sony's Playstation Vita, a Nintendo 3DS XL and I plan to buy a PS4 when they are more widely available. I also use the El Gato box to capture iOS games on my iPad and iPhone with an HDMI adaptor [sic]. I hook up the ViewHD Premium 3D HDMI 4x2 Matrix (an HDMI splitter) that lets me instantly switch between most of my game systems on my television (55" LG LED 55LS4600) and on my capture box without plugging and unplugging cables. My capture box software runs on a separate older MacBook Pro which I use for capturing gameplay and running my PLEX media server.


—Anita Sarkeesian lying as always, Sauce

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Employing a Child Rapist as Twitch.TV Mod

He's more used to chatting with Chris Hansen.
"FUCKING add the hottie NOW!"

After finally having enough of people telling her to actually play some games, Anita decided to do a live Twitch.TV stream. It had almost 300 viewers at its peak, many got B& for being mean, as its one and only mod was busy deleting everything that wasn't dickslurping of Anita. Who was that mod? As was exposed by repentant SJW Ian Miles Cheong, it was none other than Valis77 himself! Since he was the only mod she probably hand picked him in exchange for him not speaking up anymore about his stolen videos.

But wait, there's more. Along with being a kiddie fiddler, Valis also likes to objectify women - something you would think that Anita would actually be opposed to. And not just any old regular women, nope. This candy-dispensing van-owning nigra likes to jerk off to women in vidya, his favorite is probably Ellie from The Last Of Us.

The evidence. Great job with Photoshop, whore

Having learned the Armenian art of theft and having never produced anything of worth herself due to her reliance on the superior sex, it should come as no surprise that she also stole her logo. Tamara Smith (aka Cowkitty), made a shitty Princess Daphne fanart all they way back in 2009. Sarkeesian, having raised 160k, couldn't be bothered to ask for permission and especially couldn't be bothered to pay for it with the money she stole. Despite multiple messages to Sarkeesian, no response was ever given, as she doesn't want to own up to her thieving of everything.

Long Story Short: You stole my art, used it for commercial purposes, and won’t even respond to my polite inquiries.

Financial and legal complications aside, I hope you understand that you’ve taken away my personal voice and ownership as a fellow content creator. Without my permission or knowledge, you’ve taken my work out of context to use for your own agenda, leaving me no control over how my work is seen or used. I found myself surprised to be incidentally supporting and endorsing a campaign I had no prior knowledge about.

Content is gifted, donated, licensed, commissioned, and purchased. It should NOT be stolen.

On one hand, it’s super cool to know that my art was in a TedTalk. (!!!) But on the other hand, you googled “Princess Daphne”, downloaded my fan artwork from my own blog website, removed the background & signature, placed it into a branding logo, and continued to use this stolen work even AFTER raising $150k on Kickstarter.

Ok ok, benefit of the doubt. Copyright law can be complicated. Maybe you thought that any images on Google must be free to use however you want. Honest mistake, no harm no foul?

Except that I (and several of your supporters) have tried to contact you to nicely resolve this via your website, Twitter, and even Kickstarter. Unfortunately, there’s been no response from you of any kind. I’d assume you were away from the computer, except you’ve still been actively engaging on social media during this time.

Honestly, I don’t have the time/energy at the moment to try to get you to notice me. I do hope one day you’ll attempt to resolve this situation, and fully understand why stealing is not only morally wrong, but also detrimental to content creators of all mediums.

I’d still really like to resolve this issue, so I hope you find the time and consideration to one day respond to the original letter I sent you, re-posted below. 


After Tammy posted a blogpost detailing this event the internet exploded with rage. Thousands of comments piled up on Reddit, several gaming sites took notice and Anita was even doxed (deleted). Of course they eventually "resolved" their dispute. Anita had to take the picture down because she wouldn't give Tammy proof of Feminist Frequency's status as a non-profit organization. Which should surprise absolutely nobody, as it apparently isn't since Anita never registered it and is thereby committing tax fraud.

How Much Does She Make on Her Scam?

Per month

Of course, the money she got from her Kickstarter isn't enough to fuel her overindulgence of expensive Macbooks and handbags, so she had to find other ways of earning money. Figuring she was too ugly to be a prostitute, she thought of another idea. She would e-beg to stupid fucks, just like the first time. This way, she has acquired at least $500 every month from regular subscribers, and more than 100 people have been stupid enough to fall for her con, not to mention the people who just give one-time donations for her shopping habits.

She has four categories of subscriptions scams:

Water Bender ($5)

Even a small drop of water can cause a big ripple against the corporate media nation for $5 a month. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started. (LOL as if the corporate media is against her)


Forged in the heat of battle to fight the patriarchal media gods for $10 a month. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started. (No need to donate here then, as she is already the go-to piece)


Fight the forces of media darkness with a $15 a month donation. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started. (YOU ARE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION YOU DUMB SLUT)


Traverse time and space in the search for feminist media with a $25 a month donation. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started.

(You mean like Gawker?)

Previous  |  Next

In yet another lie, Anita claimed that her videos aren't behind a paywall, saying at #GDC14: "Why my videos are not behind a paywall - I wanted feminism to be available for everybody and not just those who can afford it". This is obviously untrue if one looks at the original Kickstarter campaign, and sees that in order for her to continue her series - people needed to donate to her. That is the definition of a paywall.

She continued to lie, claiming: "You will never be subjected to ads in my work". Which, while technically true, doesn't mention that Feminist Frequency is a non-profit organization, meaning that she can't get proper ads because it would disqualify her as one. But that statement still made Anita look holier than thou, and that is all that matters.

In conclusion, a combination of her Kickstarter money, Youtube money, paid speaking engagements and both regular and one-time donations, sums up in the tens of thousands of dollars a year. But the best part is that, despite being about "feminism", an analysis of her donations showed that 90% of her contributors are male. This means that the greatest consolation you can get from this is that, even though Anita is getting all that money, at least it is being robbed from those stupid enough to give it to her.

(Not that any of this stops her from constantly begging for more of course.)

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Speaking fees

Anita is also known for her public speaking ability, and charges a whopping $20,000 for the grace of her presence. When she's feeling generous, she'll reduce the price - but only if all the men in the audience do the right thing.

Sarkeesian waived the majority of her standard $20,000 speaking fee, allowing the Associated Students (AS) to schedule her appearance for $5,000 instead



It certainly is about women's rights, and not about lining her pockets with enough gold to buy herself yet another camera.

Yet another scam

Having not even half-way finished the shows she promised her backers, Anita has now done the absolute sign of a scam artist - create a new one.

Is this Sarkeesian or The Sarkeesian Effect?

ArchiveToday-favicon.pngThe not-kickstarter

"Problematic" Statements

Prostituted Women - Anita Hates Sex Workers

It was only a matter of time before all this political correctness would swing back at Anita. And it sure did, when she released another tropes versus women video wherein she refers to AZN whores as "prostituted women" and on the same token only referred to men as gigolos. Of course the internet is in uproar, and it is nice to see the bitch finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

normally I <3 @femfreq, but the whole "prostituted women"/"women bought and sold" thing is really not good in the new video :(



Thing is, there is NO WAY in hell that ff is just being innocently ignorant in her usage of 'prostituted women' in that vid.



Damn. Feminist Frequency speaks of "buying and using prostituted women for sex". I expected better.




And @femfreq says "prostituted women" but calls male SW's "gigolos". Using the slur prostitute to apply only to women. #whorephobia



For more examples of people this SWERF (Sex Work Exclusionary Radical Feminist) pissed off, see here.

Anita Uses a Tragedy to Whore Herself

On the same day of the mass shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School, Anita makes a tweet blaming men, boys and "toxic masculinity". The use of tragedies for personal gain is a familiar pattern among empowered wimmins and did not stop there. Ever since Anita has been commenting on every school shooting with something along these lines before the bodies are even cold.

Anita replacement.png

"America Bombed Japan Back to Traditional Values"

The face most viewers wear.

At a speaking engagement, when asked why she always only criticizes Japanese games, Anita mocked the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing in WW2 and claimed there is no feminism in Japan.

Segregate Classes Into Races and Gender

Anita fem freq segregate classes plox.png

She did in fact say that, yes.

Repeatedly Caught Faking Death Threats

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Self-Victimization.

New genre of porn: Anita Porn (three porn-stars involved so far all with real degrees unlike Anita herself).

Either being envious of all the attention Zoe Quinn was receiving, or simply hoping to capitalize on the sudden media attention on fake harassment of feminists online, Anita cut short her usual "production process" of 4 months (on average) and posted a new video in only 2 months while the #GamerGate scandal was going on. However, this backfired when no one was willing to divert their attention from the whore who rewards her white knights with actual sex. Unlike her other videos, which somehow get well over 100,000 views on the first day, this one got a mere 37k. It seemed like people were finally sick of Anita... what to do? Well, this:

Anita's Parade of Lies About missing Pics
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It seems the well of idle threats was running dry so Anita was forced to manufacture some herself. After this came the usual cycle of ensuring everyone she is safe and segueing that into asking for more money.

Anita never explained how she was able to take a screencap of something faster than it would have taken her to read it, and when asked to post a picture of the police report, she (obviously) refused. This is all the evidence she gave, and when the police were contacted they confirmed said they never got a call from her. Later this was retracted when an FOIA request to the FBI came back with a claim that there is an ongoing investigation, however this may be in connection to someone sending her a bomb threat or CP to her twitter a few months back. Of course she never contacted the police, as they would just laugh at her since she was the one who sent death threats to herself.

With the success of Brianna Wu, Anita realized she doesn't have to get any actual death threats to be able to get media attention! She can just fake them! This was followed by a long succession of faked panic including canceling an appearance after receiving a death threat despite the police confirming she was in no danger, reporting a YouTube video with a DMCA because it exposed the identity of a Brazilian video game journalist who was harassing her and ending (for now) with sending more threats to herself using quotes she stole off a random article.

Her Critics

This is notable in that a known media personality is calling Anita out on her shit, and not, of course, because she's lying.
What the average Anita supporter looks like (not me tho... I'm cool)
Your average reviews on what Anita is shitting out.

While Anita may be a con-artist who is pretending to be a feminist, her critics constantly prove everything she says about them is false.

The average Feminist Frequency ciritc is a fat, angry nerd with a high pitched voice who's mad at her because she's hurting the feelings of his precious video games. Most of them are ugly, pale, live with their mothers and never have nor ever will sleep with a woman who isn't painted on a Chinese pillow. They spend their days and nights making response videos to her show that she (and everyone else) don't watch, where they spends hours upon hours responding to every tiny mistake she made even though she knows full well that she made it and doesn't care. Anita doesn't give a fuck and never responds to them. When all else fails, they turn to pathetic attempts at trolling which she screecaps and posts online alongside a link to her PayPal account.

Feminist Frequency: The Musical!



Damsel Now


Fridge (Where She Spends Most of Her Time


Made Console Peasants Angry


What emperor Hideki Kamiya thinks of Anita
Every male feminist ally always carries one of these.

An imaginative troll wondered what it would be like to have his large cock in Anita's mouth. The photoshopped image would appear on her Wikipedia page when it got vandalized.

Collecting of hate art/rule 34/etc. About missing Pics
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2015-2016: The Unstoppable Landwhale

Dear God, it looks she transformed into (and then ate) Melissa McCarthy.

Giant Company Partners With Giant Woman

In January of 2015, microprocessor giant Intel decided that since it was the largest and most highly valued semiconductor producer in the world, they obviously must be doing something wrong. To rectify this situation, Intel created a $300 million program to increase diversity within the company, which was dominated mainly by white and Asian men (Asians, of course, are a minority in America, but let's not mention that). The problem was that there were not a lot of minorities and women who were qualified in the field of electronics. However, some Intel executive must have remembered how their company was criticized during GamerGate, and remembered "that-chick-on-YouTube-who-talks-about-games-or-something," and decided to partner up with Anita and Feminist Frequency as part of their genius master plan to replace tried and true employees with employees that some people on Twitter think should work there.

Although the largest company of its kind, profits had dropped due to an overall market-wide decline in PC sales. This was affecting other companies and not just Intel. So, the question Intel had to pose to itself was: How can we remain profitable in a declining market while simultaneously spending $300 million to hire workers with inferior skills to placate SJWs on the internet? The answer was: layoff employees. This means that proven Intel employees will lose their jobs because a chunk of the money that would have kept them employed is now being diverted to Anita's pockets so that she can continue making videos and speeches about how men (apparently even the now-unemployed) are evil. And, of course, since her sole "talent" is ranting and complaining about sexism--as opposed to, say, an IT professor who could actually teach women valuable skills--she is literally incapable of doing anything that could make Intel money while at the same time receiving a salary from them. So, to recap, people lose their jobs, Intel spends money on someone who can't teach the women they seek to hire anything, and all of this occurring while the market is declining. But hey: at least Intel won't get as many nasty tweets, right?

Anita & Zoe's UN Adventures


And then they failed miserably and humiliated after whining over their hurt feelings.

Twitter "Trust & Safety Council"

The "Block" feature on any social media remains one of the most complex and baffling technological elements to a surprisingly large group of people. Sure, you can block someone after they've said something that offended you, but by that point the emotional trauma of the offending comment has already been permanently burned into your brain. Even worse, if you live in a country that censors speech concerning a class of people who are lured, against their will, into sexually assaulting women who have the audacity of not wearing a burqa, there's the very real chance that someone's mind may be poisoned with so-called "independent thinking." Therefore Twitter, (and we are not fucking making this shit up) created a "Trust & Safety Council" with the stated purpose of censoring anyone whose "behavior [is] intended to harass, intimidate, or use fear to silence another user’s voice." You read that correctly: Twitter will fucking silence your voice so that you can't--even potentially--silence someone's voice.

Now, obviously Twitter would choose the only most moderate of people in order to fairly and objectively give equal weight to...HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!`!`1...of course we're kidding: they fucking picked Anita.

Now, as the Council is new as of February 2016, we do not know exactly what effect it will have on Twitter. What we do know at this point is that Twitter stock value is falling and they are losing users and customers whereas rival social media platforms like Instagram is actually surpassing Twitter in popularity. As this news is currently developing, Encyclopedia Dramatica's team of dedicated writers will be reporting on Twitter's progress as it unfolds. With any luck, Anita will drain even more money from Twitter than she did from Intel. But it wasn't enough to pleasure Anita when she thinks GamerGate is still on the loose.

2017: Goodbye Feminist Frequency, Hello The Freq Show

It’s never been about video games, it’s always about social justice. It’s always been using feminism to talk about these things.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngAnita Sarkeesian after saying goodbye to gaming and her scam series Feminist Frequency to start a new scam series The FREQ Show

Anita to Sargon: You're a Garbage Human

Being called a "Liar" and "You Suck" on a daily basis are mean words to her while she calls Sargon "Garbage Human" is not mean words to her.

On June 23rd, 2017, Sargon of Akkad attended to a feminist panel at VidCon 2017 where Anita Sarkeesian and her co-hosts is. While Anita spews her usual MUH SOGGY KNEES and GAMERGATE DID THIS bullshit she suddenly mentions Sargon, calling him a Garbage Human and calling other YouTube users Shitheads who made videos about her she finds as hate videos.

Anita to Boogie: What the fuck are you doing taking my spotlight?

Right after the VidCon panel was over, Anita called Boogie2988 off stage to yell at him and point a finger in his face about how she didn't like that he told everyone they should focus on the positive things in their communities to make them better. Of course Anita was furious because that means she would have to actually behave herself which she can't. She also blamed him for running out the time even though everyone had a chance to respond right after him and they chose not to.

2018: Feminist Frequency Radio & Book

They don't exactly look like their portraits.
Save your money for a Steam sale instead of this garbage.

If you thought Anita Sarkeesian would go away from gaming for good but keeps the victim bucks due to being called a liar and a poopy head on a daily dose, well she's back for another desperate round for attention and victim money. This time she has her own Podcast called the Feminist Frequency Radio with her partners the Antifa tranny Carolyn Petit and a random black feminist. The latest FemFreq podcast explains why they're not hypocrites over video games when they actually are hypocrites.

And a book she and her feminist ally Ebony Adams are releasing a Feminist Frequency book called History vs. Women: The Defiant Lives That They Don't Want You to Know. This so-called book is going to explain the Top 25 "extraordinary women". But knowing the lies of Anita Sarkeesian, she'll list her accomplice Zoe Quinn and make up a lot of the usual bullshit about GamerGate and her usual lies, like Zoe Quinn did with her book. For your safety, wait until someone has the balls to leak the entire book and point out the obvious. That way you will save your money on something else you like but they don't like. Video games for example.

Meet The Sarkeesians


Currently living in Irvine, California 92614, is the Sarkeesian family. Home of the only special snowflake feminist and scammer in the Sarkeesian family, Anita Sarkeesian!

Wally Sarkeesian

Varkis “Wally” Sarkeesian is the father of Anita and Ida Sarkeesian, and married to Seta Kegham. Turns out to be a okay guy when he runs a Turkish media site to shit on Turkey and supports his favorite God-Emperor of the United States Donald Trump.

It's Just A Phase, Dad!



Seta Kegham-Sarkeesian

Seta Kegham is the mother of Anita and Ida Sarkeesian, and married to Wally Sarkeesian. Just your ordinary old housewife that rules the kitchen to cook dinner for the family and making sandwiches for the husband. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngAnita filmed her mom to teach people how to make lentil soup. Yum.

Ida Sarkeesian

Ida Sarkeesian is Anita Sarkeesian's sister, who goes by Sookie La La that sounds like George Lucas made up a alien name to add in Star Wars. Not to mention that ugly name matches her ugly appearance that looks like Cher's grandma was beaten with a ugly makeup stick. Likes to retweet everything Anita spews bullshit on Twitter.

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Scarier than Hitler.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Jonathan McIntosh.

Her manager/boyfriend/puppet master and #1 SJW retard.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: The Sarkeesian Effect.

Two losers are trying to make a documentary about her.

[CloseOpen] Anita Timeline


January 29

The domain feministfrequency is registered.

May 20

Anita makes her first video Dollhouse Renewed? Why not Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles?

April 20

Writes her first article for Bitchmagazine. She also received a grant from Oregon Humanities to make the video linked with the article.

January 18

The first interview. Explains how manhater Lydia Sargent made her become a feminist

February 15

Keynote speaker at The Women's Center's 36th annual Conference on Women.

March 12

Feministing interview

March 22

Her first video on the Tropes Vs Women. Created for Bitchmagazine.

August 12

The wikipedia is created by Jorgenev. 2012

May 17

Started the Kickstarter campaign to solicit donations.

June 4

Re-uploaded the Bayonetta video. A video where she advocates for segregation on public transportation.

This is a slightly recut version of my Bayonetta Advertising video from back in 2010. In the original video I made a few jokes about the game that were misunderstood and caused a torrent of hate via YouTube.


—Anita Sarkeesian

June 5-6

Wikipedia Vandalism. One total hour of vandalism. The vandalism was to replace the image of Sarkeesian with an educational fellatio image.

June 8

Complains about the harassment.

June 16

The Kickstarter ended. 2013

March 7

The first video of the new Tropes Vs. Women 2014

June 26

Announced that FeministFrequency was now a 501c3 charity. the letter. Removed. A rebuilt version here. Now she has to disclose all her finances.

August 26

Proclaimed that she was getting death threats, just after she released her newest video.

August 27

No longer under immediate threat of violence and was able to send out a plea for people to donate more money.

September 11

Shown to be a liar, yet again, as no death threats were EVER reported to police.

[CloseOpen] Anita Endorses Fanfiction Of Her Killing Randy Pitchford

“I don’t know about this,” Anita Sarkeesian said.  She clung for dear life to Spider-man as he swing through the air. The people below seemed like ants, stopping to point at the masked man above them.

"You must understand, Anita." Spider-man said, "Duke Nukem may seem like an outdated and backwards franchise now, but they succeed in bringing it back from the dead, the games industry will NEVER recover!!!"

They swung past more buildings.  Spider-man turned a corner and the Plano, Texas downtown gave way to the Gearbox Studios office, a dour gray building that radiated evil as only a decent studio riding the unexpected success of a single franchise could. There was the whir of jet engines, and Anita could hear the sound of sharp cackling.

“Spider-man!” Anita yelled, as the shadow of the glider fell on them.

“Spider-man, Anita!  So good of you to join us,” Green Goblin said. He held up a pair of pumpkin bombs. “A treat from Mr. Pitchford.”

He threw the bombs, but both missed their mark, crashing into the building behind Spider-man and Anita and sending glass and rubble tumbling down into the streets below.

“Anita, you’re gonna have to take on Pitchford and Duke while I deal with Green Gruesome here.”

“I don’t think I can, Spider-man.” Anita said.  They swung low to the entrance to Gearbox Studios.  

“Don’t worry, Anita, I believe in you, and though it might not seem like it does, the internet believes in you too.”

“Thanks, Spider-man.” Anita said.

“No probs.  Oh, and MJ told me to tell you she’s a huge fan.” he said, and web zipped away just as another pumpkin bomb exploded a few yards away.

The entrance to Gearbox Studios was a cathedral-like structure.  Flying buttresses made of guns led up to carved busts of Gearbox’s past characters; mostly just the Borderlands characters and a random soldier from Brothers in Arms.

It was dark, but torches magically lit themselves once Anita had taken a few steps forward.

“Welcome, Anita.  I’ve been expecting you. Not gonna lie, I thought Green Goblin was gonna be enough to take Spider-man out, what with you weighing him down.” said Randy PItchford, on his throne of gold Borderlands 2 guns. On his left stood the dessicated corpse of Duke Nukem, a dried out, mummified husk of a man being propped up by a pair of scantily clad, uncomfortable looking schoolgirls. The faint spark of undead life flickered in his dark eyes, weak, but definitely on the verge of full lich-dom, and a skeletal hand was trying to point at his balls.

On his right, chained to a desk and PC, was Anthony Burch.  His throne was flanked by a pair of cosplayers in Psycho Bandit costumes.

“I’ll let that little insult slide, Pitchford.  I’m here to stop you.”

“What, from reviving Duke? Please, he might seem a little under the weather now, but you have no idea what kind of power he still has.  Alas, you won’t be around to see it.  Guards, attack!” he said. The psycho bandits rushed Anita, but they both went down after a pair of shots rang out in the hall. Anita had her gun out, a gold-plated Borderlands pistol.

“Wha- But, how? How did you get that past the magical barriers?” said Pitchford.

Anita gave a nod of approval to Anthony, who shrugged when Pitchford looked at him with hurt in his eyes.

“Sorry, Randy.” Anthony said, and continued typing. Pitchford faced Anita, whose gun was now primed on his chest.

“Like you’ve got what it takes to shoot me.” he said.

She gave him a warning shot, just a few inches above his skull. He cowered down and started stammering.

“Wait, Anita, please, don’t kill me. You’re right, the systemic problems of sexist depictions of women in the games needs to be stopped, and Gearbox can join you. Duke Nukem was a mistake, I never should have tried bringing him back into this world. Run away, girls, be free.” he said, and the girls let Duke Nukem’s body fall, where it collapsed into a pile of dust.  “I’m sorry, Anita.  But, look, if you let me live, I can fix this.  I can have Anthony write a bunch of awesome female characters, and our next game is going to have one of the best female leads ever. People still remember Karan S’jet, right?  Homeworld?”

Anita nodded. Homeworld was an enjoyable series.

“ I mean, this whole Duke thing was just a huge misunderstanding. I’m sure we can convince a few other studios to do the same, get more women or at least more writers who are actually considerate of how women are depicted in gaming and we can really alter the status quo.” Pitchford said.

“Don’t worry, Randy. It takes a big person, man or woman, to admit they were wrong.  And you’re right, you don’t deserve to die for that.”

“Oh, great, because for a second there I was really worried-”

She shot him once, twice, three times, the sound of the shots echoing in the grand hall of Gearbox Studios.

“Holy shit!” Anthony Burch said.  He couldn’t stop typing.

“Anita…why, I said I wanted to change..” Randy said.  He clutched at his open wounds.  Blood was dripping in gouts from his gold gun throne.

“That’s for Aliens: Colonial Marines.” she said. Randy looked at her again, at first with anger, but then with a look of complete understanding, as though deep down he’d known that it was always going to end this way.  He sighed one last time, and then died.

Anita turned to walk away, but paused and looked at the throne, at the power of Gearbox. She looked at the gun in her hand, the body of Randy Pitchford already returning to the daemonic warp. His blood was gone, and the throne was gleaming and clean.  More psycho bandits had emerged from the shadows, looking for sign of their master.

Anita took a step up to the throne, then another, then sat down as the whole of Gearbox Studio had gathered before her. They waited for her command.

“Let’s make a game.” she said.

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  • Knowyourmeme-favicon.png Anita Sarkeesian - Memes and screenshots.
  • Twitter-favicon.png katexweis - Kate Weis, director of operations at Anita's shitty Feminist Frequency scam.

In Conclusion: Those Kickstarter dollars must be feeding her pretty fucking well. Maybe buy a new pair of ear rings instead of cheese burgers.

Anita Sarkeesian Fat Now.jpg

And now she wants more money after years of broken Kickstarter promises? What a pig! There are starving kids in Africa that can use the $400K donation.

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