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Dennis Fetcho
Age ?
Occupation Conspiracy lunatic / Internet Lolcow
Feltcho: The diplomat?
"Why is the number 11 important to the occultist? As Wescott explains, '... so 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect.' Thus, while 11 is very important, multiplication’s are also important, such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99."

Feltcho is an Okkkult Champion who trolls the Guerrilla News Network forum. His nickname comes from his love of felching.

Seekret Knowledge

Although he believes everything evil in the world is due to Jewish influence, Feltcho is far from being a Nazi. As he explains it, he is a See, and the rest of us are all Not-Sees for not seeing what teh Jews do. Or something. In any case, this batshit insane "logic" is one of the many reasons why any encounter with him, or any of his sockpuppets, is a surreal experience.

TheFeltcher, however, delivers the goods when he reveals the seekrets of the universe to us. This is an exact quote because you simply cannot make this shit up:

THAT which IS is a NUMBEr that says TH(14) WHICH (IS). :Numerous numbers manifest from the remaining letters, including the fraction of W/T, wherein the Sum of W/ is 276 and the Sum of T is 210. 276/210 = 1.31428571 = A Recipricol Representation of Pi. :You can use this pattern to form another word, like the MA(HABARA)TA :We have now MA’AT and ARABAH, and with H being equal to X, show that ABRAXA is now weighed in between.



Naturally a flame war ensued, with those who objected to Feltcho (ie. Jews) resorting to various scorched-earth tactics to suppress the truth and his Okkkult knowledge. He did not, however, know about Google, and soon his real name and location became known [1]. BALEETED

Apparently, being Jews, the GNN management didn't appreciate Feltcho letting everyone in on their seekrets, and banned TheFetch and several of his other aliases, as well as blocking his IP address. Not to be deterred from his mission several other names were registered, and he apparently learned how to operate a proxy.

He still did not know about Google, unfortunately, and his home, work, and cell phone numbers were published on a number of threads. [2] This thread[3] BALEETED was his retaliation.

Denial of Jew-hatred

Feltcho sometimes tries to make public denials of his Internet Jew-hatred. However, it is a known fact that he is an anti-Semite. The Bantown Feltcho Complete techno remix by jesuitx opens with a recording of Feltcho stating "I want to kill all the Jews".

What follows is a screenshot of Feltcho venerating Adolf Hitler on IRC. Thefelch.jpg

Teh Truth is out there

Today Feltcho has a modest presence on the forum.

He is also rich and beautiful and has unlimited disposable income, evidenced here.

Aliases Feltcho uses:

  • TeleMagick7
  • Illumine_At_E
  • US_Dissident
  • TehFeltch
  • SeeEyeEh
  • FriendlyGhost
  • G_N_EnRef
  • EGisJewish
  • OhioYooper
  • WolfofWits
  • AreolaSharon2
  • lulzgrimespotter
  • TheSeer
  • Possibly several others


The song by jesuitx

I want to kill all the Jews	 
Yes, good afternoon, my name is Mr. Feltcho	 
You may call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx	 
Yes this is Mr. Feltcho again	 
I'm really getting pissed at you	 
You son of a bitch	 
That website Encyclopedia Dramatica	 
Who the hell do you think it is	 
That put there on	 
on my type of website when I sign in	 
Pornographic images of some woman getting fucked in the ass	 
How you are the system administrator	 
And I am the guy that just got banned by you	 
You motherfuck	 
For trying to change over an article that I did not give you authority to use my name	 
I did not give you guys authority to take my copyrighted material	 
And I did not give you authority to quote things that I never said	 
I have been trolled by Bantown??	 
Now take the damn article down immediately	 
Or literally I swear to God	 
I will come down to your	 
Your frikkin school	 
I will meet with your administrators	 
And let people know exactly who and what's behind you and your little system administration	 
I'm pissed dude	 
Take the article down	 
My number - (xxx) xxx-xxxx	 
You don't think I'm pissed?	 
Just listen to the voice guy	 
I'm not interested in you guys	 
And your little cute little jokes	 
About how you're gonna spam and troll people	 
And literally sick and harass them on your site	 
And then throw your pornographic images	 
When they try to go in and edit out false information	 
So take the damn page down dude	 
Or else I'm literally gonna come and meet with you people	 
Personally at all what you're doing	 
Pornographic images of some woman getting fucked in the ass	 
Pornographic images of some woman getting fucked in the ass	 
I will be seeking legal action against you	 
I want to kill all the Jews	 
You may call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx	 
I want to kill all the Jews	 

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