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Pussies Fighting.gif Felinoid is in an internet sissy fight with Wolfeedarkfang.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Pussies Fighting.gif Felinoid is in an internet sissy fight with Tamias the Chipmunk.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
felinoid: Chan Expert
Official response to this page.
"I'm kind of a big deal."

Felinoid aka Jeffey Mclean aka DB Cooper is a bald, fat, bald 40 year old Second Life furry and Chanologist on Youtube, who attempts to relate with channers due to said Chanology. Despite being three times the age of anyone he's met on the internet, Felinoid spends his time yelling at the hordes of trolls that lurk youtube from behind a comment block, usually in the defense of Wolfeedarkfang, all from the comfort of his office where he makes minimum wage working as a security guard.

He fancies himself an expert on the ways of Anonymous, and admittedly spends many nights lurking Anontalk.com

Cyber Culture News

This says it all.

Cyberculturenews.com is Felinoid's wiki, or rather, a front for his opinions, using a similar method as Scientology by using a fake general "anti-intolerance" site that happens to only cover furries in any detail, although the Patriotic Nigras appear in a small rant. In between crying over being trolled, crying over his friends being trolled, crying even when he thinks he's trolling somebody else, and crying about not knowing how Google works, Felinoid thinks he's well respected by the citizens of the internet. Dabbling in everything from the furry drama! to the Atheist drama! to the Scientology drama!, his ambition is to someday become a reliable adviser to the various internet cultures, receiving the same admiration as Wise Beard Man. If Wise Beard Man spent his free time giggling with transvestites in SecondLife.

Welcome to Cyber Culture News. The objective of this site is to dispel myths about the various Internet subcultures created by pranksters and traditional media.


—the CCN manifesto

Felinoid felt it necessary to use this wiki to rant about the various trolls on YouTube. Researching his ass off, felinoud eventually developed his hypothesis on the Patriotic Nigras (found here). In doing so, he breaks several of Anons secret codes. Such examples and the broken reasoning towards the Patriotic Nigras and various other trolls include;

  • Rules 1 + 2 - Claiming PN associates with or is based in 4chan, despite PN's general hate towards said chan, and despite Felinoid himself parading memes across YouTube itself, let alone his wiki. This is a clear attempt at talking down to trolls, as he feels that he is special because he associates with Chanology.
  • Closet Furries - The age-old "furry calls the haters furries" maneuver, furries projecting their fetish on those who humiliate or question them, specifically he claims the majority of PN are furries. This method of fetish projection is an ancient and typical furry rebuttal to any form of hate that every troll has experienced from their target.
  • Revenge Cover Up - Claiming trolls only want revenge for some kind of injustice, this goes hand in hand with the closet furry defense as many furries can't comprehend why the ignorant hy00mans don't understand, let alone mock, a furries need for animal porn. This is also a symptom of Chanology, as these people cannot understand the motivation behind trolling in itself.
  • 4Chan banned Raids - Because trolling him isn't exactly a "raid" and the Patriotic Nigras themselves don't organize on 4chan, let alone Chanology, this is pretty pointless.

A significant number of the membership of Patriotic Nigras are furries or behave like the more mentally unstable furries. This could be revenge for an unspoken "crime" committed by the furry fandom on a founding member of the group.

Some possibilities include: Banned from a well known furry site, failure to recognise an artist (A common issue as there are so many talented fur artists it is difficult to get any recognition), Burned Furs or backlash for standing up against Lowtax and anti-fur article.


—felinoid; e-detectiving his ass off

Likely his constant mentioning of PN would be because of an incident where he caught and trolled for hiding spy-scripts in whatever goofy or offensive objects in SecondLife he could find, such as the giant wearable Nazi penis, in order to report people who used these to the game admins for being offensive, this was his way of fighting trolls who would otherwise never realize he existed.

The only other full articles include How To:Deal with trolls and repeated fellatio of Wolfee Darkfang.

Explaining Anonymous

Felinoid doesn't freak out!

In addition to his wiki, felinoid has since taken to YouTube to spout his philosophies. In one video, Felinoid gives an elaborate breakdown on Anon and who does and does not qualify. Despite being quite unfamiliar with the phenomenon and several times the age of members of the infamous internet insurgents, Felinoid considers himself qualified to lecture the would-be audience on the groups mission statement and what they do and do not consider fair tactics against adversaries.

<video type="vimeo" id="18140883" width="400" height="500" desc="The tragic origin." frame="true" position="center"/>

Despite this epic fact checking, felinoid insists he's not actually an Anon, rather merely very learned about the ragtag group of heros from being a part of the internet during the time of newsgroups.

Wolfee Darkfang

Wolfee made this in dedication to their special friendship.
You have felinoid to thank for this.

Though kept on the down low, felinoid is a longtime lover of notorious dramafag wolfeedarkfang. Meeting on SecondLife, the two have collaborated in attempting to make Wolfee a furry icon on YouTube and abroad. When Wolfee was busted with the now infamous Beast Forum account, Felinoid raged at those furries who turned against him, actually breaking down in tears (the remnants of the now bawleeted video may be heard fragmented all to fuck here) When not yiffing, Felinoid provides Wolfee with Chanspeak and memes to parrot back at trolls in attempts to make them butthurt. The vast majority of these attempts end in catastrophe for Wolfee, which usually turns into felinoid rushing in for the save to argue that Wolfee had not butchered the trollspeak.

As a result of this special love, about 40% of Cyber Culture News references Wolfee, either directly or in passing.

Wolfee Darkfang once stopped an effort to hack into You Tube accounts held by furries. In revenge a group suspected of initiating the attack calling themselves The Fried Chicken Trolling Crew called Wolfee "The Leader of the furries" and then proceeded to draw doubt about his character suggesting he is an unfit leader. Wolfee Darkfang denies all allegations and denies all leadership claims.


—felinoid on his lover

Felinoid: Personal Army Fag

felinoid, under the impression he's outsmarted somebody.

Despite priding himself on being a skilled debater and Chan extraordinaire, felinoid has run into trouble when the subtle fact that he can't argue comes into play. Instead of backing out of the argument or conceding defeat, felinoid does what he knows best; trolls! Keeping up with his expertise in the ways of Anonymous, felinoid takes nearly 9 minutes to explain how he doesn't care about someone on his page asking him questions of recent furfag shenanigans, felinoid addresses the Internet Hate Machine directly and asks them to troll this individual.

personal army faggotry starts 6 minutes in

Assuring any trolls watching that the person in question is a total dewfang and will totally crack under the onslaught, Felinoid took precautions and disabled comments, clearly under the assumption Anonymous would be too infuriated with the person he is describing and have so much rage it would erupt all over his video and not the dewfang he tipped them off about.

One would assume anyone who touted so much knowledge of Anonymous and the chans would know better than to attempt something of this sort, but as Felinoid helpfully points out on Cyber Culture News, he is so beloved by those very chans that he is often mistaken for their leader.

After the horde of Anonymous that trolled the individual on his behalf, felinoid got pissy and just false DMCA'd the troll away. He then went to his LiveJournal and spent 7 minutes proclaiming the troll was now "really fucking afraid" of him. He also dedicates several minutes responding to an obvious sarcastic comment the person had made in saying that he had personally talked to Anonymous and that they had declared Felinoid a bigger faggot.

After trolling this individual by means of making 8+ minute videos about them every day for 3 weeks, Felinoid eventually pussed out and blocked the troll. He then made a video to declare epic victory with all the grace and tact of a 2nd grader with Downs Syndrome, and announced that he had pre-made dozens of other miniature videos in order to further "troll" this person after they were blocked. This is how Felinoid thinks 4chan operates.

The Felinoid Method of Trolling

The most epic trolling in the history of anything. Ever.

Felinoid makes no secret of the fact that he spends a considerable amount of time lurking various imageboards, learning their ways and appropriating their language. Rather than being ashamed of wasting copious amounts of time trying to fit in with a group of people less than half his age over the internet, Felinoid sees this as a sort of accomplishment and often touts it as an advantage in dealing with those that oppose him, and as such makes full use of what he's been taught by these elusive internet subcultures. Trolling, as learn by Felinoid, is an application of these 6 simple steps:

  • Dedicate time to make a 10 minute video regarding an individuals 2 sentence freak out!.
  • Make sure to force no less than 7 facepalms throughout the length of the video; sprinkle in lots of L337speak and hacksores references.
  • Complain when most of the people replying do so to inform you that by spending 10 minutes to disambiguate a two sentence insult out of anger is actually being trolled and not trolling; complain over being hounded by this individuals "minions" (make no acknowledgment that more than one person might find you idiotic as a result of your ramblings, these are clearly sockpuppets). Make no mention of any similar personal army faggotry you've attempted in the past.
  • Delete said comments, block those posters from making subsequent comments.
  • Argue the case that being repeatedly mocked and trolled is actually blatant evidence that you're pwning the original target into submission. Dedicate another 10+ minute video to those comments.
  • Make incredibly homosexual, juvenile faces at the camera throughout every future video; do so under the impression those that previously mocked you are totally freaking out! because of it.

Congratulations; you're now trolling like a true 4chan regular!

Felinoid Lets a Truck Get Stolen

Shit gets real for felinoid.
Mistake number one...

Felinoid often does his internet crusading from the office of his job, where he works as a security guard for as of now unknown trucking company. On July 3, 2009, however, Felinoid, too busy yiffing Wolfee Darkfang in SecondLife to look out his door to make any attempt to stop unknown assailants from climbing into the cab of a fully loaded 18 wheeler and driving away with it. When questioned on why he was able to fuck up the single thing he was being employed to do, Felinoid responded that because the truck was due for inspection and it sounded like the inspectors, he thought nothing of the truck driving away.

<video type="vimeo" id="18140785" width="500" height="500" desc= frame="true" position="center"/>

It is unknown whether or not he is employed at the moment. Surely, one of his Anonymous allies will aid him in this dark hour?

Furry or Not?

Despite having a fursona, making the defense of furry fandom his primary mission on the internet, drawing only furry related artwork, having only furry friends (although his circle appears to have recently expanded to include the Youtube sex-positive movement, a group dedicated to protecting pron, and legalizing prostitution, who wage epic battles against lulzcows such as Nuclearnight), owning and operating furry sims in SecondLife, being on several well known furry sites (in many instances even under his irl name), and registering his own personal website as meowpawjects.com, Felinoid insists he is not a furry, due in large part to a drama! that occurred on "The Napping Cats Dream". Insisting the forum was the breeding place for drama!, Felinoid never explictly stated or even hinted at what exactly went down on the forum to scar him so much as to completly abandon his furry lifestyle for good, though the fact that he spends the length of the four and a half minute video giggling and repeating "yay!" like a autistic child makes it apparent that like his best buddies, Felinoid started a fight, had no means of finishing it, then merely ran off simpering from the forum when called out on his douchebaggery.

No matter the reason, because of the dramabomb, Felinoid admittedly denies any part of furry fandom involvement and considers himself an accomplished member of the many other exciting imageboard cultures on the internet.

So take that, dewfangs.

<video type="youtube" id="JaEkOr4_CLw" width="300" height="200" desc="The tragic origin." frame="true" position="center"/>

Oh wait, he actually got trolled out by a bunch of little girls over art theft.

<video type="youtube" id="CniSqDaXJzM" width="300" height="200" desc="It starts at 4:26." frame="true" position="center"/>

Yes, in a twist that not even the most blatant of detractors would have thought up, Felinoid was actually shunned from the community by a group of girls laughing at him until he ran crying to an Admin of the site who offered him the choice of maintaining his composure or leaving gracefully. But the trolling was not the kicker. On the contrary, the straw that really broke the camels back was the fact that Felinoid eventually noticed that none of his assumed hordes of fans were running to his rescue. In fact, nobody for 2 years assisted Felinoid in the drama! Coming to the conclusion that in a community full of people that would willingly rush to the aide of dogfuckers and pedophiles, but not him, a dejected Felinoid turned his back on the fandom forever.

I came to the conclusion;, that either my fans suck, or I don't have any fans.


—felinoid, in response to the drama! that resulted in his exile from furry



There was once a time on YouTube where people uploaded stupid cat videos and other retarded nonsense. This was back in 2005. Now we jump forth to 2013, and the fat failure known as Felinoid sits there before us on the YouTubes. A random troll pointed out that Felinoid had a dirty cup behind him. This got Felinoid so worked up, that he made over 5 videos talking about how clean his cups were. He accused the loser known as HappyCabbie of being this troll. As time passed on he realized what a fucking retard he was he removed all of his cup videos. What a failure.

Tamias and Wolfee Tell Felinoid to Go Fuck Himself

In December of 2010 the super trio ran into quite the rough patch when the usual good and honest Tamias the Chipmunk ran afoul of a video that mocked him and his unwarranted pride regarding YouTube getting rid of 10 minute time limitations. Tamias, seeing this as an exclusive privileged that only he and good and honest people like him got, immediately made a video gloating about how following YouTube ToS and being a good, honest YouTuber reaped such rewards. After seeing his video edited in a way that mocked him for his own less than respectable behavior in the past, Tamias did what any hard working and decent Youtuber does and filed a bullshit DMCA takedown notice to have the video pulled after 3 days of flagging yielded no results, but only after bringing up the subject with Felinoid and Wolfee Darkfang. Wolfee, being Wolfee, immediately latched onto Tamias' cock and let him know that as a True and Honest Furry the law would be on his side no matter what, while Felinoid asserted Tamias had no ability to go through with a copyright lawsuit after trolls inevitably countered the claim and pulling this shit over and over again just made him a target. As Tamias had surrounded himself with sycophants, mindless children and gay lovers for the last few years, a dissenting opinion was a new and frightening phenomenon for him, but one he ultimately ignored regardless.

When news broke of Tamias' repeated DMCAs, Felinoid flipped his shit and informed Tamias and Wolfee they had become shameless and utter hypocrites, and he, as a staunch supporter of internet law, couldn't continue to associate with them if they continued down this path; apparently under the impression that Wolfee Darkfang Inc. was a legitimate organization that had every right to pull videos for years. The furries took the news quite hard, and denounced Felinoid, a man who once cried on camera for Wolfee Darkfang because he was being trolled, as a fake friend and dick rider only superficially associating with them for their precious e fame, and the duo tried turning popular attention to the fact that trolls were after their social security numbers. Because Wolfee and Tamias are furries, and therefore always innocent victims of prejudice and unwarranted attacks, whether or not they were caught breaking the rules or not. And you can watch Wolfee desperately attempt to spin the situation to his side here.

<video type="vimeo" id="18338610" width="500" height="500" desc= frame="true" position="center"/>

Bonus Video: Wolfee takes 20 minutes to "debunk" Felinoids points with unrelated, random rambling

The ploy failed, and upon realizing the situation was quickly garnering them more and more unflattering attention, the duo quickly retired their fursonas and gtfo the internet until the heat died down. Felinoid, now disillusioned with furries in general (a second time), quickly ditched anything to do with fandumb and set off to establish himself amongst YouTubes Atheist vloggers (note: Felinoid is not an atheist).

The most recent of which is a close friend to myself and Wolfee Darkfang turning out to be a backstabbing, self serving coward.


—How Tamias saw the entire ordeal. You serve the interests of the Chipmunk Kingdom or you get fucked, son.


Recently, under the mistaken impression that anyone gives a damn what he thinks, Felinoid has turned to BlogTalkRadio, doing regular three-hour shows which mostly consist of sitting around making inside jokes with his 20-something friends such as WatcherAzazel (a youtube lulzcow who mistakenly believes himself to be influential). The shows exist primarily to let these functionally retarded manchildren bitch about their perceived persecution at the hands of furries, feminists, and some guy named SmilingSkeptic who doesn’t like Muslim (note: no one who has ever appeared on Felinoid’s show is actually a Muslim, they have far too much sense for that).

Felnoid gets interviewed by The Mimica


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