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Fbr_t is like that really hot, yet verbally-abusive teacher in school that you simultaneously wanna fuck and stab in the face with a pencil.


Gabe Saporta

Fbr_trash (Fueled By Ramen, a label dedicated entirely to signing Fall Out Boy and Paramore type bands) is a community on LiveJournal full of preteen fangirls who think they're the shit for pretending to hate shitty emo bands like Panic At The Disco when they actually fap to them every day. It gets deleted by one of the moderators every few hours either due to mood swings resulting from menstruation or lulz not meeting their expectations.

Describes this community perfectly.
See above caption.
Pretty. Accurate.

Most of the people here use '~*' to a highly ~*irritating ~*degree, and pretend that they know memes, while really not saying any past variations of so I herd u liek mudkip. There are way too many pages of spam posted to this community every day, 1% of which is actually whining about Fueled By Ramen bands.

Fbr_trash (commonly referred to as fbrt) was started by the most rabid of fangirls at least 100 years ago. Membership is closed at the moment. Go cry somewhere else.


Even though the present posts suck walls of dicks now, it was once a qualified lulz worthy community. Over nine thousand years ago its first deletion was made. The mods' mood swings kicked in once they decided the community no longer had the lulz it used to. The flock of preteens BAAAWWW'd and made a new, more shittier spin off version of the community known as oicfbr. Oicfbr was full of unfunny jokes, bitterness, and clique members. Once the community came back from the month long brb the delusional preteens nearly creamed themselves and flew to their mother community to celebrate, and shat up the entire community in the process. Now the community is considered permashit, besides the occasional lulz worthy post. As fbrt continues to descend into levels of shit previously unanticipated, the only thing that hasn't changed is that everybody still really needs to get laid more frequently.

The Pete Head

The infamous Pete Head.

Due to the inflow of shitty posts in the beginning of the reign of Fbr_trash, moderator, prostitution, decided that a form of punishment was needed in order to keep the posts in check. She came up with the brilliant and epic idea to spam each post doused in shit with a page-stretching picture showcasing Pete Wentz's fug as hell face and horse teeth.

Not only did this keep the posts and members alert, but it also minimized the amount of OT posts.

The Pete Head System is still currently being used within the community.

The Cycle

Fbrt goes through the same process that repeats itself every few months; it goes as follows.

  • Something hilarious/scandalous happens within FBR
  • All the noobs start joining because they want to know the ~details on said event.
  • Fbrt milks the scandal/hilarity for as long as it possible can.
  • People start complaining that the event is old news and everyone needs to stop posting about it.
  • No more hilarity is happening so people start posting memes and unrelated things.
  • The noobs go 'oic' and they contribute to the memes.
  • The mods go 'omg fbrt wut is wrong with u'!!!
  • The comm gets deleted for a month because that will ~totes make it more awesome when it returns.
  • The comm returns, cycle begins again.


The members of fbrt can be subdivided into many different categories as follows.


The mods are all Nazis who will permaban you for lulz (or actual helpful posts, such as the case of [1]). In reality, they are all lazy and get asslickers to do everything for them. It is assumed that either there is no posting queue, meaning nobody checks the posts, and fucking everything gets posted automatically, or that the mods don't actually give a shit about keeping the journal on topic.

  • Current mods:
  • lurid_eye now known as blomkvists becomes physically aroused at the mention of anyone with the name Sergio. She would bend over for any and every member of the Spanish soccer team given the chance. Keeps framed copies in her bathroom of restraining orders filed by Puyol, Hernandez and Ramos respectively. Certain reports state she is actually Alex Marshall, due to her 'lurid eye,' others know Alex Marshall is most likely a bitter anon. Token Mexican. She owns numerous sombreros and ponchos and has a taco factory in her kitchen which will be perfect for when Molex comes over.
  • loln Australian. No one knows where she came from but she's here. Is indie and now sexually active.
  • microwatts Constantly forgets her midol resulting in massive, raging PMS like bitchy behavior. Is a valley-forge girl. Talks far too much about her fucking dog.
  • sigyns Obsessed with Loki/Tom Hiddleston. Showed up during the 2nd olympix as superanonn, but renamed shortly after they ended. Then she deleted and disappeared and came back as black_cards. Anti-1D, Anti- Pete Wentz. Went through a major overnight crisis, was possibly abducted by aliens and wound up back on fbr_trash from the parallell universe she lives in.
  • methoding Previously methodoflove Has basically come to the comm to take the title away from stfxup_lauren as Lauren, the comm slut. Has a tendency to not make any fucking sense but the collective fbrt pretty much accepts it because she has a nice rack and that's all that really matters at the end of the day. Rumored to be the sleazy and slightly retarded clone of truffulaseeds that was dropped into a pool as a child, and, let's be honest, she was down there for a while. Likes to keep anime pictures of herself in her binder. BIRD SHITS EVERYWHERE
  • kevinpowerspace Kevin Kane from the band Powerspace. Was given moderation privileges by prostitution and marciletsdisco as a joke. A negotiable amount of d's were being s'd and, to this day, he still remains a moderator under the username whupth. He doesn't even go here anymore why the fuck is he still a mod. Loves having his dick sucked whenever he re-appears. Likes to pretend he is above this shit these days now he finally grew up and went to college.
  • neelyohara Indie slut who constantly makes Alex Greenwald posts despite the pleading and begging of all other members. Is in cohorts with other indie sluts

windows97 or Cucumbers and acquirings to turn the comm into OT shit.

Not so current mods:

  • saturnus Previously marciletsdisco Also referred to as "Marci" or "Macri". Alleged fangirl who secretly brags about not listening to FBR bands despite her frequent lurking of the Panic at the Disco Livejournal community. Is friends with other mods, so was given moderation privilege due to association. Pushover. Used to be intimidating until the discovery that she is actually a 4 year old who spends 20+ hours a day on Neopets.
  • taffys New mod and previous clique member. Sweet hot bitch. Would date Tanner if his dick was big enough to reach her in Australia.
  • prostitution Previously peetwents, also referred to as "Molly". Batshit insane and an elite powertripper. Only mod that actually b7s people that need to gtfo. Most proficient mod that actually lays the smack down when OT comments become abundant. Went crazy and threatened to delete the comm after sitting idle as a mod for months. Was ousted for the good of the people.
  • rachola Previously ohnoezlolhan. Left for two years and then came back proving that no one ever truly leaves this great place. Is a chola pigeon. Her fap folder contains only pix of Channing Tatum the baked potato.
  • stfxup_lauren Known as laur laur or lolo. No one really knows where she came from originally, but everyone worships her. Probably because she's a hot alcoholic. Dropped her ass up outta college much like Kanye West and Ryan Ross but wants everyone to know that she's in college now (lol okay jac vanek). Major bitch who likes to complain about old memes like her involvement with The Cab and how Alex Deleon scribbled on her macarena or something. Dicks around with groupie sluts all day. Huge bitch. Pretty much runs shit but has no qualms about being a complete and utter dick to anyone who bothers her even a little. Favorite activities include drinking, chainsmoking and taunting fat preteens from backstage. Befriended comm kitty/furry to_our_savior irl, speaks volumes.
  • obeytheempress Also referred to as "Tara". Brags about performing sexual favors for her azn boyfriend. Also original moderator, creator of community. Much like a flareup of genital herpes; she comes around every once and a while just to be annoying, everyone pays attention to her, and then she goes away again for a long period of time....but you can never completely get rid of her.
  • homophobia Also referred to as "Nat". Most indie of the five moderators. Admired by other supposed indie Fbr_trash members such as old_fart_1 and ftaires. Is friends with prostitution, and was alleged first member, so was given moderation privilege. Doesn't really do anything anymore. Was demodded and replaced with Lauren which basically ensures dramallama until the end of days.

The Clique


The Clique is a group of very close "friends" who may or may not be lesbians plotting a giant orgy in the near future. Most moderators and members of Fbr_trash blame them for all the problems within the community. This includes: lack of lulz, obnoxious new members, lame posts, shitty manips, and the apocalypse.

They are hated on mostly for invading Fbr_trash posts with their shitty inside jokes, one of which includes a panda. They also make shitty posts asking members to join their aim and/or stickam chats, however once someone enters said chat, that person is ignored, denounced, belittled, and/or disregarded to the fullest extent. The clique may think the chats are funny, but in reality they're not, don't bother.

The Clique is kind of dead now, most likely plotting a civil war.

The Clique consists of (give or take a few members):

  • turnthisaround Also known as Jess. Would suck Nate Novarro's dick if given the chance and loves Tom Conrad just a little too much. One of the few original members left who call people out for being retarded, which makes her hated by n00bs. Is not as bad anymore, but is still a raging bitch every once and a while. Is dead.
  • organs Ximeng or ~Sha-mung~ Recently kicked the fuck out of the clique because of overall bitchassness. Is dead.
  • sup formerly known as mayfair and taffys Aka kate/k8/k*/k7/ksomeothernumbersandsymbols. Token Australian. Is extremely qt and is a mega bitch. Is related to Dan Young and Michael Guy Chislett. Is married to Tanner which rises anger out of many desperate girls such as soup_opera and Darian. Is involved in a world war sparked by Darian who wants to fuck Tanner up the butt. We are yet to see what's going to go down. She is also a sexy bitch. Momo tree.
  • awkwardlovin Token asian. Better than Ximeng. Needs to GTFO. Loved by retarded clique members. Is obsessed with shitty boy bands. Is the creator of the worst memes in the world. Will shove a grenade up your dickhole if pissed. Shady fucking character. Is too nice to n00bs.
  • ftaires It's official, he's gone to the dark side. He is widely accepted by all members and suspected to be engaged in a possible romance with sup, granting immediate acceptance into The Clique, as per citizenship-by-marriage. However, speculations points out that she probably hates him nowadays. Still living unless he has OD'd or Spoken Woods has been signed.
  • tsoaf Usually the starter of the fail filled aim chats that take place. Also sucks jess's dick very frequently.
  • volbeats Def. the noobiest of the clique. 14 years old, also known as Jane. Predicted to be the next one kicked the fuck out of the clique also because of her disgusting obssesion with the jobros. Also got b7ed recently for going batshit OT in a ~help save our fbrt movement~ post even when anons and mods warned her. Will remain the noobiest for fucking ever. Is dead.
  • alanbosley Ali, aka terrorist, aka dyke, aka Ali the terrorist dyke. Was exploited by Zak Broman who told the world Ali's deep dark secret, that she is the one responsible for 9/11. Finds it amusing to stalk any and every band member that crosses her lesbionic path. Zak Broman also masturbated on stickam (but failed). Douche.

The Clique are known to be Soviet spies who will report any shittalk. So watch yo mouf nigga. Actually they're all dead.

Noted Regs

This is all tru fax.

Males None of the fbr_t d00ds post anymore, making the site a complete vagfest.

  • rickrosstheboss Previously ftaires Possibly the only male in the community to ever post a full head shot, making him fapping material for all the regular members. Self-proclaimed indie kid, and Conor Oberst fangirl. Has a sexual bond with cats and when he finally loses his virginity the cat will have to put his dick in the right hole because he won't be able to figure it out. Refuses to date black girls. Is soulmates with cucumbers because of their indie fuck love conversations. Threw his shit on the neighbors roof that one time.
  • lustbug Previously fugslut Is rumored to be a girl. Sonny Moore fangirl/boy. Gets his dick sucked by everyone in the comm.
  • youth_hasfled One of the newer males. Is black and Canadian. Is most likely a homosexual. When he's not replying with simply lol is pretty funny which makes the comm suq his big blaq diq.
  • radio_collides Is pretty irrelevant and posts once in a while but has a dick so.
  • ridingthecliche Steals anon comments and is rumored to be gay. Toofer.
  • decapritit Tony.


  • 52weeksearly Real life princess. Is around all the time, but no one really minds because everyone loves her. Our favorite scene kid.
  • cucumbers Constantly in competition with Tanner to see who is the bigger hipster. A total indie fuck that is always complaining about everything. Thinks everyone likes her but they really all find her annoying. She should probably just leave.
  • amor_perfecto Has been here forever. Loves TAI... with a passion. Has a ginger afro. Nothing else need be said.
  • amandaglynn probably sane.
  • splinches Previously barakat_obama. Thinks she is the shit because she hosted an anon_post while fbr_t was on a break. Knows that guy from Skins and Slumdog Millionaire, wants his dick. Sexy.
  • truffulaseeds NO ONE CAN FUCKING PRONOUNCE HER USERNAME. Original person with the Emma Watson icons. Has recently becoming widowed through the tragic loss of our very own ohnoezlolhan (R.I.P). Is still in mourning but manages to stay strong and continues to post a constant spew of retarded comments for the sake of the children. Once pooped on the bus, but denied everything later, even though everyone saw it. She is such a dummy.
  • methoding Previously methodoflove Has basically come to the comm to take the title away from stfxup_lauren as Lauren, the comm slut. Has a tendency to not make any fucking sense but the collective fbrt pretty much accepts it because she has a nice rack and that's all that really matters at the end of the day. Rumored to be the sleazy and slightly retarded clone of truffulaseeds that was dropped into a pool as a child, and, let's be honest, she was down there for a while. Likes to keep anime pictures of herself in her binder.
  • wishwishwish Began the Matthew Gray Gubler craze. Thanks a lot bitch. Known by her dreamcatcher icon. No one knows or understands why her un is 'wish' three times. Has a boyfriend, as she loves to remind the bitter, menstruating masses. Has a double life playing drums for that band on Fearless.
  • timider FBRT's IRL Indian with a homophobic/racist father. Can be funny at times, but is usually irrelevant. Smells good. Loves Adam Lambert with a passion. Left to become a tumblr celebrity
  • iamgringa Tends to be slutty, but is remembered for trolling That One Time. Knows perverts IRL. Paid for FBRT's account one time so we could get the 'expand' button back though, so all is well. Is also unhealthy obsessive when it comes to Eminem. Mother of Della Jane.
  • minorityx No one knows if she is actually a minority, but we do know that she is an Australian on exchange in America. Is an indiefuck. Pretty much a tryhard loln.
  • to_our_savior Otter icon. Only has one tit and won't stfu about it, rumored she lost it when buhgahs bit it off. Is in the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh according to buhgahs.
  • navahomies Previously neelyohara. Still called neely. Indie slut who constantly makes Alex Greenwald posts despite the pleading and begging of all other members. Is in cohorts with other indie sluts cucumbers and acquirings to turn the comm into OT shit.
  • 5foot4 Previously rynarawss. Sweet princess who stans for MCR.
  • queentubby Friends with marci due to their noted love of neopets. Nobody knows what she's talking about so we all just assume it's just some neopets thing.
  • pewpy Once fapped at school, need I say more?
  • quickcanal Previously hermosa-funk Hot stuff. Also know as Fart Miller [2]
  • dawgeared Only known eyewitness of a certain bus incident involving a Mr Ruff Seeds.
  • someonesadvice Comes around once in a while, is a sweetheart though. Was/still is a panic stan
  • planetdeath Used to be filthyeyes before she deleted, no one is quite sure why. Very mysterious but well loved all round.
  • chombies Formerly ringo78. Only popular because of her pet wolf and hot brother.
  • norwick Used to be acquirings before everyone renamed in an effort to confuse anons. Became common-law married to Jeremy Young when she asked him the time. Their marriage was dissolved when she discovered One Direction and took on Niall Horan and Harry Styles. Continues to be a fan of OT and spamming of men.
  • jermsus Widely believed to be Camilla's clone.


The anons of fbrt, also known wholly as "Bitter/Angry/Rude Anon", are known for being extremely hostile in almost every post. They attack members of the community at random for being fat and jealous. They are one of the only sources of real lulz and are too familiar with the oh so classic lines "u r a pussy because you won't post under ur real name!!!!11!!!!", "ur opinion doesn't matter bc ur anon!!1!1!111!!!!!", and "______ anon is ______". Also make you piss yourself laughing. Example of One Anon Example of Many Anons and another and another and another~

Anonymity has now become somewhat of a trend on fbrt. Anons are now creating accounts named after popular fbrt members and just adding "anon" at the end. For example barakat_anon. Possibly one of the most annoying trends. It's kind of over now, though. Another trend was weirdly sexual fanfictions about various members. Recently they began creating accounts with an Fbrt member's username backwards and flipping their icons. It wasn't neither funny nor clever.


  • ffancykid Annoying fangirl of all sorts. Posts useless articles and crap no one truly cares about. Can be a rude bitch to anyone who challenges her, making it fun for anons to bait her into fights. Met Snoop Dogg, probably the only person you will ever find who is obsessed with snoop and panic at the disco, together. faggot
  • jbftw Noted Gabe Saporta fangirl. Has admited to lurking outside his apartment, so is obviously a creep who should gtfo of life. Constantly asks people when they got through to the cobra phone because she can't seem to comprehend that Gabe does not want to talk to an obsessive twat like herself. should probably give up on life and cobra starship because neither of them seem to be working for her.
  • x-unitydivides Loves the Jonas Brothers. Is most likely the origin of all the Jonas Brothers fan fiction on the internet. Would have a foursome with the Jonas Brothers. everybody says shes so sweet but shes really a big bitch. and if it came down to having sex with the jonas brothers she probably wouldnt do it in fear of offending her lord.
  • fghtffyrdmnss writes panic at the disco slash. examples include, but are not limited to: He felt Ryan's, oh god he is way too huge to be doing this cock pushing through the tight ring of Brendon's entrance.
  • hopelessheartz Most likely an annoying as fuck sif who lives in a purple hoodie. She is noted for trying way too hard and constantly calling the cobra starship phone making it impossible for anyone else to get through. No one likes her. Tries to make sure that Gabe her bitch, or vise versa. Fails at it. She basically needs to stfu and/or gtfo but both would be preferable. Obsessed with Gabe Saporta and faps to him every night. Isn't banned anymore. Is in a feud with lalalalalavish.
  • daviiestarship Definition of a tool. Claims he slept with Chris Donathon of the Medic Droid when he was 13. Was beat up by girls. Lies about his age. Known for over exaggerated use of "D:" ":|" and ":(". Needs to take a hint and GTFO IMMEDIATELY. Emo/scene. Constantly complains about his sister and is friends with tvanon (???). Does not "WANT TO BE IN THE FUCKING ED." Too late bitch, you're added. Hasn't posted as frequently as he used to, only to fight off anons and bitch about The Academy Is..., Probably finally got a fucking clue.
  • hristv Alcoholic who got Kevin Kane's name tattooed on her tit [3]. Would be considered a Reg, but her ultimate ink fail will forever regail her to the rank of n00b.
  • aquarelrivers A wannabe. Tries way too hard to ensue lols. Thinks she is part of an elitist group on the web. Pretends to be indie. Sucks dicks of everyone above her. Most recent noob idiot.
  • ranges Openly stans Pete Wentz. No one really knows what to think of her. Showed up during the 2nd olympix as superanonn, but renamed shortly after they ended. Will bite your dick off if you post male models in her posts.
  • oceantea Used to be chokes the annoying All Time Low fan b7 in the olden days where the comm was rid of obnoxious sluts. Has the most fragile anus known to mankind, any and everything causes her to become insanely butthurt and converts that butthurt into bitchiness. Can be butthurt for weeks maybe even months so don't fuck with her. But some stupid fucks instigate so it's not entirely her fault.
  • caselyn Dumb as fuck Fayley who needs to leave. Since when does she stan MCR?

Famous Lurkers and/or Members

There are several Fbr members that have been seen lurking and/or posting in Fbr_trash. Below are the members that have been confirmed:

  • David Blaise of the band This Providence
    • Frequents the Fbrtrash AIM chat, has taken a (notably bitter) fansign
  • Andy Horst of the band This Providence
    • Frequents the Fbrtrash AIM chat, has admitted to lurking the neighboring community fbr_secrets
  • Vicky T of the band Cobra Starship
    • Posted and deleted a video on YouTube discussing the supposed hatred and shittalking within the Fbrt community, made and deleted an epic comment in the post that posted said video, created a blog acknowledging the backfire from both the video and comment
  • Gabe Saporta of the band Cobra Starship
    • Fellow band member, Vicky T, told members of Fbrt that Gabe had replied anonymously to a secrets post the community cobrasecrets, believed to lurk Fbrt every now and then. Made a shirt stating "FBRT FTW LMYV", short for "Fbr_trash for the win, lick my vag"
  • Alex Suarez of the band Cobra Starship
    • Entered an Fbrtrash AIM chat and admitted that him and fellow band member, Gabe Saporta, lurked and that they "cracked the up." Is now mad at FBR_trash for upsetting his mother with the Gabe Is Dead scandal.
  • Kevin Kane of the band Powerspace
    • Frequent Fbrt poster and commenter, acknowledged his presence in a comment, has taken a (notably witty) fansign. Is now a moderator.
  • Alex DeLeon of the band The Cab
    • Doesn't post or chat, but is known to lurk hardcore. He admitted to stfxup_lauren in person that he often lurked the site out of boredom and could quote back comments that she had made on the site. (This is a sign of his obsession with the mod, although some believe that Lauren is actually the one obsessed.) Claims to find it hilarious - but this is highly doubted.
  • Alex Marshall of the band The Cab
    • The whole of The Cab are mega-butthurt over fbr_t, and do their best to ~warn and inform all other fbr bands about the community, the most recent example being The Hush Sound, leading to an equally butthurt interview where Greta and Dan both insist they've never read the community, but seem to know a fair bit about it. Dirty hippies. [4]
  • Pete Wentz of the band nobody's heard of
    • Listed FBR_T in his top 9 for 2009 saying "because i love the haters. there is something in me that gets that. i like it if its witty, if its faster than me. if you burn me. i dish it alot, i deserve to take it some too. (which member do you think i am? i like you. you are the wild west." [5]

The Birth of Effie B. Artie

Effie B. Artie was grew up visiting several small comms. She was fond of the ever popular viawentztop as well as the more general community of anonquestions. When she came across Fbr_trash, she was flooded with inspiration, and began writing every fleeting thought she had down on paper. This became her artwork, her masterpieces.

Artie released her first single "Bad Romance" shortly after her first visit to the fueled by ramen inspired livejournal community. Critics condemned her for her unconventional, blunt lyrics. She continues to release singles every few months, and her popularity has grown exponentially.

Getting The Band Involved

Unknowing paramoremusic member made a statement that the band Paramore was "bringing back rock and roll." All knowing moderator, obeytheempress called out Unknowing paramoremusic member, spawning an epic thread of paramoremusic n00bz defending their god Hayley Williams. Somewhere in this thread, the one and only Hayley Williams replied to obeytheempress, saying something along the lines of "Hey man, IAWTC! We aren't reviving rock! But don't bash my vocal chords man, I can sing FREAKING MARIAH STYLE!". Resulted in paramoremusic n00bz making comments like "WOW HAYLEY YOU OWNED HER!", when in fact, Hayley was agreeing with obeytheempress. paramoremusic is now a prime target for Fbr-trash bashing.

This was considered an epic event in Fbr_trash history due to Tara's ability to "get the band involved". You can find Hayley's response and the thread in it's entirety here.

In some post that nobody cared about, a member of the Fueled By Ramen band Powerspace left a comment using their band journal. This member was Kevin Kane and he succeeded in making the entire comunity shit bricks. Fbr_t was not only surprised by him keeping his promise and making a sign, but also his knowledge of internet speak and the amount of lulz he brought. Blaise-ically.

she think she doesn't we think she does

Member (and noted gkarth fangirl) sseasonalaffair made a post jokingly calling out gkarth as a pedo. Post has since been baleeted due to the mods wanting to suck gkarths nine dicks.

Alex was shocked and appalled to say the least, and came back full force in an angry blog this blog consisted of major fails on gkarths part, and he was left to the ruthlessness of fbr_t.Why can't everyone be likeb>David Blaise gabe? The thread was also full of some gkarth luving butthurt anons and it wouldn't have been complete without some Bitchassnessfrom gkarth himself.


Baaaaaw go write a shitty song about it.

Sing It Loud dude Karen Smith made a post in his blog calling out Fbr_Trash and a gossip site Fueled By Gossip; and claiming that they deserve to be slapped. He was supported by Dan Young from the band This Providence in his views. Proof: this and this. Undoubtedly this was only an act to get some publicity for his shitty band. And again, the worst part is his band was never well-known enough to be on Fbr_T.

The whole FBR_Trash unite to fight this dude back and spammed memes in his blog's comments. Surprisingly, majority of these comments are funny. Some Sing It Loud fangirls try to defend their idol, but they spectacularly fail because of their lack of logic. This also would not be complete without some stupidity from Karen himself; deleting most of the negative comments he received in his blog.

This Karen dude also famously displays his inability to count properly as he claims that he has 4000 haters while FBR_Trash only has 1000 members. What he also does not realize is the comments on his blog are likely to be posted by the same few people. Kevin Kane from the band Powerspace also responded to this faggotry Karen was displaying. The publicity gained from Karen's actions had been bigger than any other calling-outs by other bands because FBR_Trash had really done nothing to this band for the sole reason of nobody caring enough about them.

It has been a noted coincidence that this band collaborated with Alex Gaskarth (see above)in one of their songs and this dude might only be following Gaskarth's footsteps. Only he's way uglier than Gkarth. And wouldn't be likely to be featured on the cover of AP anytime soon.


Drama/Historical Events

  • Lolwentzfucks feud: When Fbr_trash first became a community, many people over at Anonquestions (a Livejournal community on the other side of the internets) claimed that the community was too similar to the Livejournal community lolwentzfucks. Words were said, spam was given and taken, but in the end Fbr_trash "prevailed" and lolwentzfucks ended up permanently butthurt.
  • Taking over an entire community: When community we_love_fbr was spawned, it was brought to fbr_t's attention that something along the lines of "WE ARE THE COUNTER COMMUNITY OF FBR_TRASH. FBR_TRASH ARE SHITTY ASSHATS WITH NO LIFES LOLOL!!!!!" was set as we_love_fbr's user info, fbr_t attacked. One fbr_trash member schmoozed one of the we_love_fbr mods into making her a mod, then she demodded all of them, opened membership, and all fbr_trash members started spamming with n00dz, manips, etc. we_love_fbr got butthurt, and their 12 year old member sinnotatragedy thought it would be cool to report fbr_trash for "harassment". Fbr_t went on a week long scare of getting banned by the internet police, and when they were not, all things went back to normal and they all patted themselves on the back for such an epic pwn.
  • Oicfbr feud: During the time of the lolwentzfucks feud, Fbrt worried about the community's ability to remain undeleted and active. In an attempt to salvage the community's spirit, several backup communities were created, thus the birth of oicfbr. That community began to become active despite Fbrt's victory over lwf. The feud of Fbrt vs. Oic then began. This battle continued over a long period of time, even becoming the cause of Fbrt's deletion at one point. However, Oic's shitty inside jokes, creation of joobz, and constant babbling of the word doof ended up being their demise.
  • Roxania h8 g8: Fbrt member, roxania, was a well known oicfbr frequenter. It is said that she became so butthurt from Fbrt's actions against Oic that she ended up creating a long, yet very epic, post on oicfbr letting everyone know how she "really felt". Excerpts from this post include "I'M A FUCKING CHRISTIAN BUT IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT I ENJOY PREMARITAL SEX" as well as rants on how she's 15 but still more wise and witty than all the members of Fbrt, et cetera. This epic event ended up being even more epic due to a dramatic reading of the post being done on ytmnd. Roxania can be seen every now and then posting memes and/or anon posts in Fbrt, but as of late it is speculated that she has left the community for good.
  • William Beckett's secret bb g8: When some creepy fangirl posted birth records of William Beckett's secret baby, this side of livejournal shit themselves. Pictures were found, marriage records were found, and all fans of the band The Academy Is decided that fbr_trash was the place to get the info on their womanly God's secret child. The member count of fbr_trash nearly doubled, stupid n00bz were called out, trolls resulted, and all loyal fans of the band cried and cried because they weren't the ones to carry his first child. In September 2009 the rumors were confirmed by Beckett himself in some issue of Alternative Press.
A comment left from an Fbr_trash member during the Dear Mr. Urie g8.
  • Dear Mr. Urie g8: Long ago, on the community fueledbygossip, a screencapped version of a blog that fellow scene queen Lana Jade had ~supposedly~ written was posted. This blog was controversial in many ways. It discussed issues such as her relationship with Panic at the Disco member, Brendon Urie (proven within the blog to be more than just friendly) as well as intimate details from their supposed relationship (one involving Urie, his cum, and a coffee table that was inevitably ruined). This printscreened version of the blog was later posted on Fbr_trash, causing an inflow of fangirls to comment with different variations of "oic", "lol", and "I knew Brendon got down like that." As the pages grew more numerous in response to the post's claims, it was obvious that this had become serious business. The seriousness of this post had even been confirmed when an anonymous supposed friend of Lana had commented telling Fbrt's members to "stop", "stfd" and "to get a life". No strangers to these commands, the members of Fbrt dusted this friend hidden in anonymity off their shoulders and continued to ridicule both Lana Jade and Brendon Urie. Over time, Lana flip-flopped saying she didn't write the blog and that a friend, out of spite, had hacked her profile and written it. Fbr_trash, not fooled by such bullshit, refused to believe what she had to say and kept addressing the topic at every opportune (and even inopportune) moment. It is yet to be confirmed whether or not Brendon Urie did, in fact, ruin said coffee table, but hear you me, if it's the last thing these Fbr_trashers do, it'll be to solve this mystery.
  • Convoitises h8 g8: During the creation of this Encyclopedia Dramatica page, bitter anons continued to edit in a section dedicated to Fbrt Clique member convoitises (see also: The Clique). The section included condescending details of her irl life and values as well as being pwned, pwning other members, and being held in contempt. The Convoitises section inevitably grew longer than the ED sections for both Mods and The Clique combined. It eventually became a battle versus anons and users to see who could either edit and delete or edit and add back the section. After reading the selection, Ximeng grew worried of the people within the community and their obsession with seeing her go down in flames and/or becoming butthurt. In the end, it was concluded through a second party flounce that she was no longer a part of the community. Former mod Alyssa made a post with an Eric Prydz song on autoplay that stated "ROXANIA AND CONVOITISES HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING." This resulted in her losing her mod position, and many angry anons telling her that no one gave a fuck, and really, no one did.
  • Ryan/Keltie love g8: Moderator marciletsdisco made a post claiming that she had received a stern instant message from a concerned lurker of Fbrt asking them to discontinue discussions of Ryan Ross (guitarist of Panic at the Disco) and his girlfriend, Keltie Colleen. Though the full content of the instant message was never revealed, she posted an excerpt from said message in which the concerned lurker stated that they did not want their screenname being leaked. The post she made addressing this message stated that Ryan and Keltie would "appreciate it", implying that they do, in fact, lurk Fbrt from time to time. Several minutes after Marci had made the announcement, another user, more than likely a hilarious troll, made a post spamming with Ryan/Keltie pics that said "hey let's discuss ryan and keltie." It is also speculated that Fbrt member mormonisms also received a similar instant message from the same screenname, more than likely being confused as a mod by the concerned lurker. This information, however, has yet to be confirmed.
  • Shaant dix g8: Shaant pm came out in a personal bulletin and then took it back (baleeted it) because he realized that Fbrt had screencapped that shit.
  • March 21st: An epic day of spam.
A personal attack on our beloved mod by Mr. Saporta?
  • jamiexcoolness: LEAVE FBR BANDS ALONE!!1! THEY'RE HUMANS! Was actually [couchfucking], trying and failing to be funny and cause drama.
  • April Fools, bitch!: For an April Fools prank the mods came up with some shit about someone from Fueled By Ramen emailed them saying they were hurting their career etc. The community was deleted because obviously they need a reason now. Everyone whined
  • Tru Luv g8: User watabunnysan decided to post on the beloved patd community about his ~true love~ that he met at a concert. Fbrt got a hold of this post and began making comments and lurking his myspace. simpleyetcolin decided to play the role of Andrew, the long lost love.
  • Kevin Kane: Because Fbr_t likes to s d, Kevin Kane became a mod. Everyone loved him and continued their sucking, then one day he just vanished.
  • Paraless:Fbr_t discovered a great new band -- the male version of Paramore, to be exact. This band, however, became an old meme fast.
  • FBRT SLASH G8: Anons began posting c/p-ed slash edited with simpleyetcolin and ftaires un's for Ryan and Brendon. Lolz ensued and there is now a comm and an original Eddie mpreg slash, with an official banner! ~*~*TADA*~*~
  • America H8 G8: An anon went on ranting on how american's deserve shit and thank god for 9/11. Pure bullshit.
  • Mindfuck: Fbr_t found out that basically all of the bands that were being trashed were not part of the Fueled By Ramen label, but infact Decaydance.
  • SAVE TEH SCENE: Two wannabe scene queens posted a video on YouTube and mentioned how fbr_trash was part of destroying the scene and how the trashing was so out of line. <embers lol'd and it wasn't long before the wannabe sqs posted anonymously about how everyone was insensitive and shit. The video that started it all and Liquidclock basically getting the same message across but not failing
  • A parody video that fbr_trash made was used as "fan video of the week" on the band Cobra Starship's myspace.
  • Molex Apologizes:After offending stfxup_lauren at a show, The Cab H8 G8 started. An anon apology was posted as a comment on one of her entires and by him.
  • Gabe is dead: A picture of Gabe Saporta's death certificate was posted along with a screencap of MTV news saying that the band had been in a car accident and Gabe had died on the scene. Even though it was obivously fake, many fangirls proceded to cry. Realising that it was indeed fake, said fangirls hid away in shame. Later it was reveled via AIM with Alex Suarez that his mother had found the fake MTV news screencap and also was upset. Many members were banned and people begged for him to love FBR_T back.
  • FBR_T's Bday (and Mr. Kevin Kanes - Coincidence? I THINK NOT!) 1 whole year! 1 whole year! - Lulz were had with mega spam and the release of apparent Shaant n00dz. And when Gabe Is Dead (see above) got too far out of hand.
  • Jason Tate h8 g8 '08:Jason Tate, founder of Absolute Punk thought it would be fun to fool with members of FBR_T. Members got upset and madness occured on AP.
  • Dan Who? PedoG8: Dan McMahon, formerly of the shitty band Powerspace, was outed as possibly bicurious and a total fucking creep when lj user and fbrt member asht0nkutcher posted a series of AIM conversations with the sketchy fuck. Prank calls were made, cocks bust, incriminating evidence was deleted, and bagels were eaten.
  • Kevin Leaves: HE BROKE UP WITH ME?
  • Kevin Returns: Love You FBR_T Love You Kevin :*
  • Everyone gets banned: The mods along with their nazi followers including meteorics, accentuations, crotches, howtosavealiz, stfxup_lauren and lurid_eye banned over 1000 members in 8 hours from fbrt. Noobs and slash readers/writers alike wept onto their keyboard because they were ban_set. An epic day overall.
  • Molex + Demi = OTP: First started as a rumor posted in fueled_bygossip, but was then confirmed true that Alex Deleon is in fact, dating Demi Lovato leads everyone to either A.) Be extremely creeped out or B.) Posting Pedo bear gifs and macros.
  • fbr_lust: The anti-fbr_trash community fbr_lust was discovered, leading to fbr_t members loln, lizlilah, ftaires, and an anon (later to become atacarnival) devising a plan to get atcarnival modded to fbr_lust. atacarnival convinced the n00b mod of fbr_lust, cheaplocket to mod her, and ftaires was modded in a bet. cheaplocket was de-modded, and in turn, loln, lizlilah, and Bill Nye the Science Guy were modded, and an epic night of spam ensued on fbr_lust, only for most of the regs & the mods to wake up the next day confused and/or rotfling at the latest fbrt conquest. \o/
  • Soup_Opera h8 g8: Nooby slash writer soup_opera confessed in a tmi post that she was in love with ftaires. The next day she im'd him to send nudes, and after being thoroughly creeped out, he whined to his fellow members of the clique about his new stalker. They attacked. Lurking ensued and soup_opera's slash, including stories about ftaires, were posted on fbr_t for the world to see. Lulz were had, butts were hurt, but in the end the clique ruined the internet life of another innocent noob. noobs
  • Creepypasta: Member turnthisaround made a post where everyone had to post Creepypasta. This post was probably the most epic FBRT has seen in ages. Members and anons bonded while shitting brix at the same time. The celebration/rebellion lasted all the way till morning. Then in the afternoon, members and anons noticed the Creepypasta post was deleted. Everyone was outraged, but mostly anons. Butthurt comments were posted, gauntlets were thrown, the community's overall status was critiqued, and the big question "WHO DELETED IT?" was never solved. This act of backlash resulted in FBRT being deleted once again, long over due though.
  • Fbrt Lovefest: When the 2009 FBR Predictions Post went off topic, people began going to the Anonymous Message Server and posting their deep, dark, and sometimes dirty secrets. Often, this would end up with someone back at the predictions post replying to the anonymous messages with words of encouragement, love, hope, or support. Eventually, this spreading of love made its way into the message server, and the usually catty fbrt turned into one big, loveable, ball of fluff where everyone was accepted and no one was turned away. Members (and non-members) ymously, onlust mystickromance, steatopygia, suq9dix_anon, ohaithare, lavintage, tightenedribbon, rachelrainna, nabii, lurid_eye, [windstreaked, a ton of anons, and SO many more people spread the luv~*~* just in time for the new year. No one predicted this to come out of a predictions post. ;) Those who participated may very well never forget December 29, 2008.
  • Tripfest '09: WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD ALCOHOL? During a typical TMI Thursday, member birdcaged mentioned that of a internet phenomenon called "I-Doser", which thus lead to her to give out all the possible download links to share with the other members. Soon after everyone in the post went i-doser crazy. Everything from peyote to weed was tried that night. Member wishwishwish was believed to have OD on one after several minutes of not posting. In the end everyone was alive and very much high on sound waves.
  • Mention on Pete's website/list: Status of influx of OCK sifs still pending. Membership doomed to be forever closed.
  • YO WHAT HAPPENED BRO?/worst takeover ever: Someone logged into an old mod account of fbrt, demodded lauren, molly, marci, and tara and then copypasta'd the april fools post from last year. All of the mods are b7. Then Tanner tried to get modded, but failed like he always does. In a last.fm chart post, the mod who took over posted clandan's chart and everyone began to shit brix. It turned out to be cheaplocket, who is still butthurt after her shit fbr_lust comm was taken over my fbr_trash months previously. This fbr_trash takeover, would have been more impressive, had it not taken cheaplocket about five months to figure out how to do it. Everyone is pm over ur drama~ GTFO. After a couple hours of pointless spam posts that mocked cheaplocket, they claimed boredom and re-modded marciletsdisco and stfxup_lauren announced it to be the worst livejournal takeover ever, since nothing actually happened, except posts made of fail.
  • That other takeover: The background kept changing to different apocalyptic versions of cats and everyone was in the chat trying to figure out Deleon's cryptic messages on the ED. Molly was remodded. Nothing else happened.
  • The Dblaise Situation in Rwanda: An extremely serious and hyped epidemic in the country of Rwanda. Dblaise is hogging all the food for himself and people are concerned.


100% of Fbr_trash members are classified as Overcast Kids regardless of their affiliation with Fall Out Boy.

The posting style is where you really see how hypocritical these lusers are. Posts about hating bands are full of people pretending to agree. Posts about liking a band get the OP LOL'd at for admitting to like what they're supposed to be ~*trashing. Memes get by far the most replies, as the lurkers come out, get abused for posting and end up butthurt.

As aforementioned, about one percent of this community's posts are actually complaints about Fueled By Ramen Bands (i.e, a show was canceled, their new album is shit, et cetera), and the rest of it is talking about slash fiction, how bad their day was, and just plain spam.

Last.FM posts are made every Sunday. The post allows members to flaunt their last.fm charts for the rest of the internets to see. You will notice the majority of charts consist of FBR band faggotry, Hardcore crap, rock-pop fail and Indie as fuq shit.

Anon Posts

Anon posts are posts made when Fbr_trash becomes dead and desperate. They fall under the categories such as "TMI" and "post your deep dark secrets". Some users, however, feel that they are too high and mighty to go under anon, so they continue to post under their username. Unfortunately for them, they are not put on a pedestal and the mods will usually permaban them for their rebelliousness.

Not only are secrets revealed within these posts, but many conflicts have also been started. Below are a few infamous excerpts from said anonymous posts.

simpleyetcolin You're not really funny or insulting and it's come to the point where I feel like we're sitting in the 3rd grade cafeteria and you keep handing me your shitty mashed potatoes that no one likes, and it's like, just stop already, I don't want your mashed potatoes. So if you could just not waste my time and yours, that would be awesome, thaaaaaanks.



when I masturbate, I refuse to go too far because I want a boy to make me organism for the first time.



anon posts always make me masturbate.



These posts may/will consist of icon spam, meme spam, and pix of guys these hormonal girls want to fux (the vast majority are Models and FBR members.

Ftaires' Corner

Pretentious indie fuck ftaires had started creating random posts, what he identified as Ftaires' Corner, on Tailj. He was later banned due to no one giving a fuck. He then decided to move his corners to the shittier side of the internet -- where a conveniently placed Fbrt was awaiting his arrival.

He posts approximately once every week and his posts are usually almost always shit stained. They either consist of one or more of the following:

  • Lame indie bands that no one gives a fuck about
  • Lame indie bands that like 2 people give a fuck about
  • Shitty songs on autoplay that no one gives a fuck about
  • Lost
  • Made up Fbr shit that has the potential to be funny but is usually overshadowed by his pretentious indie fuck ways therefore no one gives a fuck

He continuously begs to be unbanned but when his wishes are granted he continues being a huge dickhead.

If you're too much of a pussy to post un-anonymously, you have no right to talk shit. :/



The mods don't care about these ridiculous posts because they are too busy fangirling ftaires seeing as he is the only male in the community that:

  • posts regularly.
  • is old enough for them not to feel guilty about fapping to his pics. (sorry, simpleyetcolin)

But in reality, ftaires is just another douchebag using livejournal to create unrealistic sentiments of his own importance. Oh, and he's gay.

The Demise

Blame it on the_last_detour.

On April 1st, 2008 Fbr_T was deleted. It is rumored that this is because Keltie Colleen (known for trying to fuck Ryan Ross and being a dancer) lurked and got all butthurt so she whined to the mods until they complied. She should totally just kill herself.

keltie colleen can suck my dick.

why the fuck does she care what an internet community says about her ass? it's not like she wants to be some big CEO or the next Oprah Winfrey. She's a fucking Rockette - and last time I checked, being talked about online doesn't really affect your ability to can-can. She should grow a pair of cojones and realize that the internet is not as serious business as she wishes it were, and take responsibility for her own epic failure, and not blame a bunch of fifteen year old girls for problems in her real life.

if i ever see her in the vicinity of manhattan i would give her a piece of my mind that's fa sho.

no more bitch-assness, you guys.



Related/Spin off Communities (in order of lulz)

  • fbrt-ficz The original home to the gay fanfictions about stfxup_lauren's and Deleon's true love and great sex.
  • oicfbr, A failed version of Fbrt. Even worse in content and members. j00bz is over.
  • lolwentzfucks A long feud between lolwentzfucks and Fbr_trash was evident in Fbrt's earlier years. Clearly, lwf was the far more superior community. Unfortunately its mods deleted it.
  • fbr_secrets A community for members to create secrets about Fbr and its bands.
  • fbr_trash_ot An off topic community for fbr_trash members, since the mods are batshit insane and took away the one thing that made fbr_t.
  • hopeless_trash People started bashing Gaskarth on fbrt, so hopeless trash was created for hopeless records bands. Full of fail, no trashing is involved, but it is ~*Marci and Molly*~ approved. Will be used for spam one day.
  • disney_trash Where all the Jonas Brothers fans unite. What the fuck. "Efron head"...really? REALLY?
  • oicwydt_fbrt A community made by b7_anon and 15stepsinlimbo for all of the anon refugees who felt abandoned, lost, and betrayed by FBRT's most recent deletion. Just made for memes, filled with the n00bs of fbrt. Who really cares?

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