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FA also may stand for FurAffinity, or, indeed, featured article. It could also mean /fa/, 4chan's Fashion board. You may also be looking for Flight Attendants.

They probably get turned on by this.

FAs, or Fat Admirers, are people who like fatties. I mean, really like fatties. And not just overweight people, I mean morbidly obese fatties.

Subclasses of FAs can be found in almost every fandom, churning out horrible fiction and photoshops of "what Hermione would look like 13 months pregnant". Or "Lara Croft and the force feeding machine".

Some say that most FAs ONLY like fat women. This is not true. Some only pretend to like obese women because they themselves are so fat and ugly that they could never hope to find love with a normal woman.

Many react to overweight girls with "You are so hot baby, I wanna rub your belly and feel your fat rolls!" Normally disturbing comments which are enough to make mundanes vomit.


A fact-based thriller about the horror of feeders.

People who get off on feeding people until they are so fat they can't move, as well as those who get off on being fed in such a way.

This guy is clearly a FA given the fact that he's on every single fat girl sex site. Yes, this fucktard appeared in every fat girl porno made during the 1990s, and did a good job of fagging them up with his fat belly and small cock.

Feeders are monsters, and often rape and kill young babies for the purposes of feeding them to their hideously obese slave-women. They hate Niggers, Jews and America and many of them are Nazis or communists. Society's attitudes towards them reflect their nature as irredeemable bastards who will burn in Hell until the Day of Judgment comes, at which point Jeebus will mock them and kill their atoms (See: the Bible). Sick shit.

90% of FAs are turned on by women pigging out, and will fap to anything that has an overweight female character.

Watch the movie "Feed" for moar info.

Inflation/Expansion Art

Average "fat admirer" artwork.

Inflation Art, or Expansion Art, is horrible artwork done by FAs, and usually consists of drawings of inflated females, usually anime characters or furries. Please note that Inflation artists invariably:

Inflation Art can be found in a variety of places, including DeviantART, but the fat furfags are not above skimming through hours of regular media to find 8 seconds of unintentional expansion-themed footage. Fatfurs come into a disturbing subculture of their own, which is alienated by most FAs.

FA Literature

If an FA's drawing skills are particularly horrible, he will often resort to writing literature to express his disgusting fetish. Here is an excerpt from a typical FA story from our very own devianTART (please note the multiple spelling errors).

"Steven awoke 2 hours later. Yawing[sic] and rubbing his eyes, he discovered it was only 9:00 pm (Steven arrived at 7:00).

“Hmm, time to go check on Kenny now”. Steven said getting up and heading into the dining room, he was amazed at what he saw.

Kenny now had a chubby little face, well that went for his entire body! His chest was very round and plump like that almost of a girls breasts not a bit anatomically different, that sat on top of his now enormous belly, it was very round and stuck out quite a ways, touching the ground when[sic] he sat at, his face covered with chocolate and his shirt now ripped completely, exposing his huge belly. A nice thick roll formed under his chest and around to his thick backside, probably a little smaller if not the same size as his belly. That rolled into his thick thighs, that like his upper arms did to his elbows, rolled over and sampled his knees, on top of his thick lower legs which could be described no other what that cankles, that was if you could even see them past that big belly. Kenny probably weighed around 600 to 700 lbs, and was covered in chocolate, jelly from pies, and still he was stuffing himself of food.

Steven was stunned and awed by the absolute cuteness of Kenny. The once skinny little 9 year old dragon was now a massively obese one, and was oh so cute. Walking closer to Kenny, Steven noticed that his tail, which was now also fat and looked like a giant tree stump, was wagging as he came by. As Steven moved toward Kenny, Kenny grabbed him by his waist and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. Steven blushed profusely, and kissed him back, placing his hands deep into Kenny’s belly and masseuse it. After Steven broke it off, He moved down to Kenny’s belly and started to kiss it and rub it, feeling the nice warm of fatness on Kenny made Steven's penis swell. Kenny pulled on him again and hugged him.

“Steven,["] he said, his mouth full of candy, ["]can you feed me more, I’m still hungry”. Kenny said. Steven merely smiled at him and kissed his fat puffy cheat.

“Anything for you, my love”. Steven said, now hugging him and falling asleep on his massive belly. Kenny smiled and rubbed his head, eating a chocolate bar in the other."

Trolling FAs and BBWs

Typical black person FA BAWWWWWing about his epic failure in the porn industry. Thank the lawd!!!
This is what typical feeder males who love to make women morbidly obese look like unmasked.

So far, every troll who has approached the FA community has been hospitalized with varying degrees of facial burns and brain hemorrhaging, sometimes blindness and permanent impotency. Do not disrupt their hoggin without eye protection and some anorexic counter-porn, or become an hero.

After donning appropriate protection, trolling these people can be very hard. BBWs like being called fat, whale, cow, obese, huge, and many other words associated with being overweight, thus that fails.

The best approach would be to troll the new fatties, the ones who just found the BBW community and for the first time in their life face the prospect of someone seeing them as something other than disgusting whales. Call them what they are and they will leave the internet and continue dealing with their self-esteem issues by eating them.

Average FA YouTube Videos

...and some on xtube

See Also

An informative documentary.

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