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Fapchan logo.png
FoundationJanuary 2007
Major Boards/b/, /gp/, /am/, /cam/
Epic WinsThe Bel-Air incident

GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE 2007/01/01 - 2011/05/01 ;_;

Fapchan is/was a failure of an imageboard focusing around porn. Fapchan features a wide array of pron boards for many separate fetishes. They all currently redirect to the USDOJ still have pictures and gifs of respectable women and honorable men.

Fapchan was originally started as pchan, owned by a 13 year old boy named beau and some other guy. It went down in February 2007 because his mom said "You're moving in with your auntie and uncle" when she found out he owned a pron site.

Fapchan used to host 7chan's porn boards, but, due to lack of bandwidth, they have been moved to 7chan's main servers.

Fapchan went down like a crack whore in March of 2008, thanks mostly to a lack of funds. Apparently, the hoards of basement dwellers pooled together enough of their parents' monies to keep the site up.Thank God; the world is now a better place for sexual deviants.

As of March 2010, it's back down again.

Writing the 18th of July, after around two months the website is up again saying "Now with weekly backups!" as the head title.

Now that the owner has given up, it will die a horrible death on the first of May, while people scramble to find an alternative site.

A new site has risen named NewFapchan.org with more boards than ever before, so the sexual deviants have their place once more!

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