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Fanime is the hip new thing to make that's spreading like herpes among 12 year old girl weeaboos on Youtube.

Fanime: because commercial anime isn't badly animated enough.


—Motto of Fanime

What is it?

No one can really agree on what exactly is considered a "true" fanime, but the general consensus is that it's a Flash movie without the Flash. If you're too dumb to realize it yet from the opening line, all of it is derivative animu shit, with most of it being fanfiction (with most of the fanfic ones being for Tokyo Mew Mew). Unlike crappy flash movies, however, the creation of a fanime depends on a few key factors:

  • The creator is too thin-skinned to handle getting rejected by Newgrounds' portal and wants to earn their e-fame an easier way.
  • The creator either can't afford Flash on the allowance their parents give them (and their parents refuse to pay for a $700 animating program that they will get sick of within a week), and/or they are too dumb to figure out how to pirate it.
  • They can get their hands on it, but learning how to properly use Flash requires too much time and effort. So fuck that.

How do you make it?

Bullshit. can make any picture better.
Gee, it sure is JIBUN WOO around here...

Most fanimes are animated the old-fashioned way: by hand. To make up for the fact that they don't have/don't want to learn Flash, the combination of the following common elements are used:

  • Windows Movie Maker
  • MS Paint
  • (A surefire way to upgrade the quality of your artwork, despite what the demotivator on the right says.)
  • Sony Vegas (for those with richer parents)
  • Any music and sound effects from that Sailor Moon knock off that you like that you can find.
  • Movie clips from all of your favorite animes to trace over, since you just realized that you can't draw. (Smarter "Fanimators" hate this shit as much as Tartlets do.)
  • A friend or two that can draw, because fuck style consistency, animating a 10 minute video alone is as hard as hell.
  • Some friends (Youtube or IRL) and your parents to do the voices for the characters. (Protip: Make sure most of your characters are girls. The only guy who is going to be willing to do voice work for you is either your dad or JCTrance19.)

Gaining e-fame with a fanime

If you are really desperate to have a bunch of weeaboo girls bowing at your feet and leaving you retarded youtube comments, making a fanime is the easiest way to gain e-fame. Just follow these few easy steps and your e-penis will thank you.

  • Cram as many animu archetypes as you can into the storyline. Failing that, you can just make it a fanfic for the most popular show that you can think of. You could also take a few plot elements from one and make something somewhat original. Anyone who can tell the difference or care will get flamed by your adoring fans when they say something about it.
  • Have artistic abilities above that of an elementary schooler, or just be really good at coloring inside the lines if you plan on tracing over an existing show. (While it's been mentioned that smarter people will look down on you, others will eat this shit up as long as it doesn't look like a bunch of spray tool painted blobs.)
  • Actually manage to put out at least one complete episode before "canceling" the show due to school work or because you have become bored and want to make another one for a new idea that you just came up with.

Names and Things to Know

NOTE: The only reason there are embedded Youtube videos on this page is because no one has made a script to embed Nico Nico Douga videos into ED articles yet.
You really should be watching this shit there. The comments add to the viewing experience immensely.

Tokyo Crystal Mew

The best fucking show on Youtube. Full stop.

Actually, it's just the most popular fanime. The only reason it's popular is because some /a/sshole discovered it in 2008 and flooded the creator's page with views. As a result, most other fanimes copy it. It still has a cult following today among /a/ssholes and /jp/ers due to its quality animation, epic monologues, and Chi, the rich bitch that the pedos from both boards like to fap to. The creator, mojocrystaltokyo, likes to gloat about how she "survived" an attack by 4chan. Even though they are the sole reason why her work is so popular and being mentioned here.

The show is about two catgirls who discover that they are "Mew Mews" (just like their parents) from a creepy purple eyed woman and fight aliens known as the Seekon Anima Secret Enema. There are 3 complete episodes with a new one on the way, one remake, 5 side episodes, and 2 troll episodes done by KingofGETS. That's more than any other fanime! (Except for Diamond Mew Mew, but that shit is as bland as white rice and not worth watching.)


Toya Aoyama AKA Mew Cherry - (Played by Mojocrystaltokyo [a.k.a. "Kisaka Toriama"] herself.) A pink-haired retard and the main character. Even her mom, Ichigo, fucking hates her. Has her own spin-off show called "Toya The Mew Mew" where she acts like she just fried her brain by huffing some bleach.

Mina Shirogane AKA Mew Blueberry - (Played by MewFushi/OnakanoMIX [a.k.a. "Fushi."]} The straight man and only person willing to put up with Toya's bullshit. Threatens to buy people when they don't behave and looks a lot like Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Cookie Kogami AKA Mew Cookie - (Played by Invaderchibi/InvaderChibz) A 10 year old who goes to Toya and Mina's high school for some reason and can't decide if she's bubbly little kid or a bitch who isn't afraid to tell people off. Has her own side episode that reveals that she wasn't hugged enough as a child and has an evil alter ego that is frequently shown in the openings.

Chi Kuroi - (Played by Doobooqueen. [a.k.a. "Shion Himirai." A 7 year old furry that enjoys tormenting Cookie by trapping her in the bathroom and singing horrible cheerleading songs with her two henchmen. Her great grandmother, also named Chi, is a famous racecar driving Egyptian who sailed with Christopher Columbus. The most popular character on the show among people who enjoy it ironically.

Yuko - A cousin of Mina's father and the owner of Crsystal Cafe. Changes voice actors every episode and always either can't act or is impossible to understand due to the voice actress' accent.

GAR!Dad - Toya's father. Best known for his epic copypasta speech in the old Episode 1 about being the Pure Evil Deep Blue and Toya's mother being a Mutant Cheeto.



Well, let me tell you something. When me and your mother were just in junior high we went on our first date. But later as we grew I was also somehow two different people. Your mother was a powerful Mew Mew as we have told you. Your mother is a Mew Ichigo. While I was the Blue Knight. Deep Blue and me and myself, but all in the same body! I and Deep Blue had white skin and pointy ears and yellow hair and a BLUE CROSS looking outfit, and saved your mother. But until that form went bad, I was known then as PURE EVIL. Deep Blue. I had white skin and my same hair color was MUCH MUCH longer. I tried to destroy all mankind and all worlds, until I came back as a new me, same as I am now. And me, and Ichiko beat him. We saved everyone and the Earth. Now I just want to tell you, if you become a Mew like your mother, PLEASE fight for good and everything you are born for. Do NOT be afraid to tell your boyfriend most of all tell us, Toya. Please do not HIDE it from us, as well as Ichiko told her parents she was a Mew, Ichigo. As soon as we saved the earth. Just wanted you to know.


Masaya Aoyama GAR!Dad

Let me start by saying that I have been an anime fan for 15+ years, so I have seen a lot of anime. Hundreds, maybe thousands. But recently I saw a series that surpassed every single one I have seen, one that may have changed my life.

Now usually I'm not into magical girl shows. Sure, I watched Sailor Moon back in the day so I know what to expect from a magical girl show but nothing could have prepared me for this. Tokyo Crystal Mew. I saw the kawaii character designs and I heard Hideaki Anno was directing so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot. /a/, you have not lived until you've seen Tokyo Crystal Mew. This isn't your average magical girl show, it is deep and provocative and it really makes you think. I was seriously blown away by Toya's dad's monologue in episode one, when he finished talking I just sat there and stared at my screen in awe. I was deeply affected, and I felt like a new person. Screw Kamina, Toya's dad is the one who really makes me feel like a man who can do anything. He is so badass.

And then there's Chi. Now usually I'm not into bitchy girls but Chi is different. I used to be bullied in high school (hard to believe i know) so I really felt for Cookie in the scene in episode 3, and I didn't like Chi at first but then I realized something. First the lying, then the bullying...Chi is nothing but a trouble individual and I can relate to that. Plus her voice is like an angel's. /a/ I wish Chi could sit by my bedside and sing me to sleep every night. Chi is my waifu. She is beautiful and no one could ever come close to her pure beauty and her amazing voice. Chi is special because she is confident and she stands up to others. She is not afraid to be herself so that's why she wears the furry suit. I respect Chi so much and I am going to marry her and we will have a wonderful life together, I just know it.

If you have not watched Tokyo Crystal Mew you are not a real anime fan.



The voice provider for every single male character. (Seriously, this guy is in every fucking video.) If you post an audition video for your show and he actually responds, that usually means that you're following the third list up top correctly. Though, we are hope you are happy with all of your male characters sounding like either him, or him talking through his nose, because those are the only voices he can do.

Nowadays, he focuses on just doing voices for people who couldn't get their dads to help them. But up until late 2009, he used to work on his own show called Care Bear Stars. No, you are not hallucinating. That says what you think it says. CBS was a horrible "mature" mish-mash of Care Bears with Sailor Moon elements thrown in and a hella lot of gay undertones amongst it's elementary school aged characters. (All of which he got butthurt over and denied constantly.) It was eventually C&Ded by the company who owns Care Bears and JC put up a long winded note about how he hated how all of the little kids thought his show was great and didn't realize that IT WAS A TROLL ALL ALONG YOU GUYS, SRIZLY! Even though he called anyone who didn't like it a "judgmental asshole" in one of his videos for it.

It was also notable for featuring Megami33 in the lead role doing something other than breaking peoples' speakers with her screaming and making one note bulimia jokes like a third rate Sarah Silverman.

The Death of Care Bear Stars



You have come here probably hoping to find the official website for the fan-anime series, Care Bear Stars. Whether you are someone who heard about it and wanted to check it out, or if you are a long-time fan/hater who discovered my YouTube channel had been closed and came here to find out what’s going on, I am sorry to announce that Care Bear Stars has been officially disbanded. It is no more. I will no longer be working on it.

And here’s why:

Last week, I received a rather interesting email from Cookie Jar Entertainment (CJE). Yes, THE CJE. The copyright holders for the Care Bears franchise. Apparently someone tipped them off about what I was doing with their characters and concepts (whether it was some douche bag with no sense of humor out to get me or a careless fan hoping to get the project exposed to the mass media, I don’t know), and they sent me an email (I checked it out, and it’s legit, so they mean business). I’m not going to post it here, as it’s for my eyes only. But the bottom line was: cease and desist. And of course, I must acknowledge their wishes. They have the right to protect what’s theirs, and I must respect that.

So, as long as I stop the project, and remove all traces of it, they won’t hold anything against me. That’s the best deal as far as I’m concerned. And frankly, I’m not in the mood for a legal battle over a trivial little Paint show. For those of you not in the lingo, I got lucky. I could have been sued and had to pay an unreachable fine, or possibly go to jail.

But what surprises me is how they never came across this sooner. I knew this was bound to happen, but damn. Took them 2 1/2 years? Oh well, I have that snitch to thank. I no longer have to worry about this ridiculous show anymore, and I can just relax and enjoy myself doing whatever.

After getting the letter, I kept my channel up for one more week, to allow more people to see it and such. Then I promptly closed it. I had kept quiet about this, because frankly it’s no one else’s business. But I felt I owed you die-hard followers, as well as my cast, an explanation after you found I had disappeared, and here it is. I felt like just taking down the CBStars videos and making a video explaining all this, but I figured what would be the point? I’d just have to put up with a bunch of whiners begging me to continue, have people ask if they can take over (besides, I doubt any of you would do a better job of it than me), or plain tell me sayonara. And since the channel was only for CBStars, I really saw no need to keep it.

But I’m not letting this affect me. Sure, it sucks I won’t be able to continue mangling the Care Bears into a cliché parody anime, but oh well. C’est la vie. One thing I can toss aside from my list of stuff to do. I was prepared for this, and ready to accept the consequences (just for the hell of it, in case you were wondering). And I got off lighter than I thought. So, yay for me.

While I’m at this, I might as well get a few things off my chest that I noticed going around about the show… and word to the fragile: I’m going to be blunt.

I have to ask why some of you took it so seriously? It was painfully obvious that I was making fun of a well-known kids’ franchise and throwing in gags from other known franchises as well. It was a joke from the start. In the updates, it’s sad hardly any of you noticed my sarcasm when I presented those little sob stories. The comments about the show making you cry, or feeling connected to a character, or (my personal favorite) looking for some hidden metaphorical messages were just as laughable as the comments bashing it. Honestly, who did NOT see the relationship between this and Sailor Moon? Or the Metal Gear jokes in the sneak peeks? I deliberately wrote the dialog and set the scenes up that way on purpose. On the other hand, some of you felt the need to point out the obvious and acknowledge the so-called “rip-offs.” In fact, some of you went so far as to put the videos up on other sites for people to bash it, call it gay, and all those other half-assed flame comments no one puts any thought into nowadays. People. That’s a parody for you. I was never trying to make a real semi-sequel anime to the Care Bears cartoon. What idiot would try? Even I’M smart enough to know that. And when I got the idea, I laughed my ass off. This was going to be too much fun. And so I set to work, and I DELIBERATELY made it so bad, that it was good. Shits and giggles. That’s all it was, and that’s all it ever will be. Get over it.

And for those who kept on fan-girling over it more than necessary (it’s one thing to like it, another to worship it), calling it original, and all that jazz – you really need to think about what you’re going to say before posting it. “Original” means creating something direct and personal, meaning you do not depend on other people’s ideas and it isn’t an imitation or copy of something else. Now, let’s look at the facts. A bored kid is given powers he had from long ago by a talking animal and is given the responsibility of saving the world. Did I come up with that plot? No. He fights monsters and finds useless teammates along the way. Did I come up with that? No. The series takes a 180 in the middle and starts to get oh-so-serious with blood and everyone dying. Did I come up with that? No. An American franchise is given an anime makeover with the characters recast as transforming heroes. Did I come up with that? No (they did the same thing with the Ninja Turtles and the Powerpuff Girls, both which were ridiculous, but hilarious). So, in all honesty, how can you possibly call it an original series? I only put in EVERY description of EVERY video, that the show was a parody. There’s no such thing as an original parody - because it depends on the source material it’s making fun of. Period.

And lastly, for those who have been taking my art from the site and using it for productions of your own, give it up. You can’t possibly call yourself an honest producer if you have to rely on another person’s work. I’m not one to talk, but hey, at least I drew everything myself. If I learned how to make my own images, no excuse you can’t. All that permission stuff was bull. Learn to draw things yourself.


If I upset any of you, sorry. But you should know better than to take my comments to heart. I’m just a crazy, dirty-minded guy who likes to bitch. Whoop-de-doo. That’s the Internet for you. No hard feelings, okay?

But like I said before, I’m not letting this affect me at all. And you shouldn’t let it affect you, either, whether you were a fan or not. There’ll be other shows for you to rave/bash, although this one was fun while it lasted, right? XD

But I really do appreciate the attention it got. 830 subs was a lot more than I could ask for. I’m glad the majority of you enjoyed it. I had fun making it as much as you had fun watching it. For those of you who actually got it, and realized the whole thing was a joke (whether you liked the show or not), thank you. You are the few remaining people in the world with brains. I applaud you. But all good things must come to an end. And it’s taught me a lot really, both production and reception-wise. Maybe I’ll use some of it if I decide to do something else. But more than likely, I won’t do anything else. God knows what other unnecessary crazy crap I can come up with! XD

The only thing I’ll really be concerned about is making it up to all my VAs who I had record all those lines, but now none of it will see the light of day. Oh well. That’s for me and them to discuss, if they so desire. And to the rest who never got a chance to record something for the show, sorry that this had to be yet another project to hit the scrap heap. But there are many other shows out there you can audition for. Just browse and you’ll find something.

As for the rest of you, I bid you all a fond farewell. This persona known as JCStars5 and his “great” project “Care Bear Stars” will be going for good. For those of you who know me for other stuff, I’ll still hang around to do that, but as far as THIS goes, it’s over. I’m done. And I’m content about it.

Good day everyone. :)


Other Fanimes

None of these shows or their creators have really caused drama, but they are still worth mentioning simply for the fact that they are the most popular by having done the impossible: Put out at least 1 complete episode.

Akuji Tavarious

Made by YouTube Favicon.png AkujiTavarious. It's something about a guy who sounds like a girl with an eye that kills people. Can't decide if it's a serious show or a humorous one and has "commerical breaks" every two seconds.

Digimon Season Love

Created by YouTube Favicon.png DigimonSeasonLove/SoraxRiku12. It's one girl talking to herself and Ecstasy AKA Darks shows up in the 4th episode. Oh, and there are some traced digimon in there too.

Elemental Goddess

Made by YouTube Favicon.png diamant88. A Sailor Moon rip off with flat characters set in a Middle Eastern country that looks just like a traceover of the town Sailor Moon lives in. It has a special about how bad religious fundies are and was turned into a slideshow sometime during the endless Episode 2 because it requires less effort to make.


Made by YouTube Favicon.png MelodyFan12. Another generic magical girl show that, if allowed to keep going, would have introduced revolutionary concepts never seen in a magical girl show such as "rape". Canceled after 1 episode due to butthurt.

Guilderland Mew Mew

Made by YouTube Favicon.png GMMmewashley. Another Tokyo Mew Mew rip off. The creator and a bunch of her friends are turned into Mew Mews and make out with the alien villains. Production on the show was halted due to the creation of...

Eternal Negima

GMM's "sister show" by the same person. It's the same thing, only the self-inserts are in Mahou Sensei Negima and it features the creator being a complete bitch to her friends and going Exhibit B on some girls who make fun of her IRL.

Nicovideo: [1], [2], [3], [4]

Illusions Dreams

Made by YouTube Favicon.png IllusionsDreams. An unfunny spoof of Sailor Moon that became such when the fanime community started complaining about the fact that every other fanime is a serious magical girl show. The creator almost left Youtube after the release of Episode 2 because everyone started giving her actual constructive criticism. Stars the creator as a character whose name is in the title and the account that it's on.

Magic Heart

Made by YouTube Favicon.png MagicMe123. Boring as hell and yet somehow has 52 episodes and a "movie". Don't watch it.

Superu Ground

Made by YouTube Favicon.png smlilium. Traceovers out the ass. The plot has something to do with a girl learning black magic and bringing a pink haired girl to the world of the living.

Troll Fanimes

Shortly after Tokyo Crystal Mew hit it big on the /a/sshole and anime fan circuits, like a meme spreading around the internet, others started to make troll fanimes. Ironically, some of them have better production values and are more popular than most legitimate fanimes.

Tokyo Moay Mew

A parody of Tokyo Crystal Mew by Youtube user YouTube Favicon.png NuhNOkoo. TMM can be described as TCM if a /b/tard or a Gaiafag pretending to be a /b/tard made it. The trolling attempt failed, as everyone who likes TCM likes it as much as the people who hate TCM does.

Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls

The most popular troll fanime due to the fact that everyone and their mother has linked this somewhere to gawk at how bad it is. Nyan is about two supa supa kawaii catgirls doing inane shit with their pet pedophile. 6 episodes have been made and there is no sign of the creators stopping.

Akihabara Woof Woof

A frickin' kawaii fanime starring Bekah the Dog.

Episode 1:

And The Rest

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