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Midnight in the Morgue is a short, bland, mercilessly disgusting story posted on the popular gaming site The story is about a dude banging corpses. Here it is, edit this introduction as you see fit(I suck at them):

It was midnight in Sin City, I remember the night pretty well. Triple homicide, one of them was an officer, an old friend. The youngest was laying on the kitchen table, fifty three puncture wounds to the torso. Photographed the corpse, noticed foreign fluids seeping from the wounds; recorded in notes. The officer was found dead in the garage. No major damage, but no clothes. Almost soiled the crime scene on entering the basement. A young woman hanging from the ceiling. The breasts had been removed, along with most of the muscle from her thighs. Thirty centimeter incision across the stomach. Significant amounts of blood throughout the basement, along with other fluids. Most of the power tools crusted with gore, a tray of bloody vegetables on a table nearby.

The bodies were moved to the lab for autopsy. The fluids found in the first victim's puncture wounds was a mixture of semen and stomach contents. The officer was tested with the -blam!- kit, results were positive. Bruises on the throat, looked like from a set of hands. Third victim was a mess. The breasts and thighs were removed with a serrated kitchen knife, lack of remains was disturbing. Body showed signs of pregnancy, fetus removed through the incision. Bite marks found all over the body. Semen samples traced to three possible suspects, none of their dental records matched the bite marks. Currently attempting to match the imprints with dental records from friends and family of all three suspects. Retesting the semen samples as well, hoping for clearer results.

I can't believe what I've just done, I just couldn't help it. They were lying there on the tables, no one to see or tell. I started with the officer, she was still surprisingly fresh. I almost thought she was still alive, she was still so warm and soft. Almost like she was sleeping, once I learned to ignore the incisions from the autopsy. It was a beautiful feeling, not having to worry about pulling out or buying a damned condom with no prior warning. I jumped onto the table, sinking myself deeper into her then leaned towards her face, sliding my tongue into her throat. By the time I pulled out the table was almost painted white, but I wasn't finished yet. My gaze slid towards the youngest in the morgue, hardly a teenager, torso peppered in holes from a shard of glass. I could hardly stop the shaking in my loins as I emptied myself into her. By the time I was empty only a fraction of the holes were filled, but they were filled to the brim. I grabbed a scalpel as I moved on to the last corpse. Slipping the edge into her -blam!-, I slowly licked the incision as it crept up her body. I pulled her body apart and sucked the bile from her carcass, maggots dripping onto my body. I heard the door open as I took my first bite. The examiner's assistant had walked in to check the bodies. About five foot, asian, hardly twenty. I just couldn't resist.

The examiner's assistant froze in shock when she entered the morgue, I took advantage of the moment to take a better look at her. About five feet tall, asian, hardly twenty. She was one of those rare specimens with a small, delicate frame but very large and firm assets. My mind raced with possibilities as I rushed towards the door, cutting her off. Pale, unshaved, shadows under my eyes. Combined with the filth from the three corpses I had so passionately defiled, I must have been a horrible sight to any normal person.

Apparently this young piece of meat was not normal, evidenced by her complete lack of clothing several seconds later. She dropped slowly to her knees, stroked my erect tool, and began licking off the filth from the -blam!- of the corpse I had pleasured myself with moments earlier. Her face split into a smile as she picked herself up, walked to the corpses, and paced between them. Finally she stopped, next to the body of the dead officer. She swung her leg over the table, straddled the corpse and slid her tongue down its throat as I had done. Slowly working her way down, she cleaned every orifice of any remaining fluids. She beckoned me over to the table and motioned me to slide my -blam!- into the body. Obediently, I lifted my tool and inserted it all the way in.

As I thrust my self in and out of the corpse, the assistant straddled the corpse's torso in front of, but facing me. She picked up a scalpel and began cutting away at the dead officer's groin, exposing the uterus. I watched, vaguely fascinated, as the flesh tube rapidly filled and collapsed. The assistant gripped her fingers around the uterus and expertly twisted her hand around it, adding to the firm gentle pressure of the organ. Riding the officer's corpse, tongues slid down each others' throats, we soon made a mess of the steel table and managed to rupture our victims exposed uterus. We moved, excitedly, to the next one.

Our next choice was the body of a young woman, around nineteen years of age. Her breasts and the back of her thighs had been removed with a serrated kitchen knife, and her body was riddled with bite marks. She was also split in half in the front, from her groin to her collar bone. As I slid my -blam!- into the body's mutilated -blam!- the assistant opened the rib cage and wrapped the victim's ribs around her back. Her stomach was pressed against the body's organs, her tongue down the remains of the throat. I grabbed the exposed uterus, my -blam!- enlarging it from the inside, and slit it into the assistant's -blam!-. We stayed in that position for hours: The assistant wrapped stomach first inside the victim's body and me, with my erection shoved inside the exposed uterus, and the uterus in turn slid inside the assistant.

After we had worn out our new toy, there was only one corpse left to play with. The youngest of the bodies, mostly intact but her torso riddled with puncture wounds. I had previously thought that I had no semen left to fill the holes with, but the presence of the examiner's assistant had managed somehow to cure that, along with the light electric charges she occasionally sent through my testicles. We kept up our work until morning, showered, and headed back to my apartment to plan the first day of our new lives.