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Clare Chesterton.
I fucked a boy who was a jerk, and told him afterward I found out I have HIV, that was funny.


Clare Chesterton

Clare Chesterton born 3/9/1992 (online aliases: Faintsmile1992 aka Castamere1992, Catterick, BonesandBehaviours, skadhithjassisdottir, Danu, AhuraniDanu and BadgerFox) is a neo-Nazi paedophile from England who attempted to erase her online identity from cyberspace in December 2013 after someone claimed they were reporting her to police for paedophilic internet posts.

For her male counterpart, see Emil O. W. Kirkegaard.


Faintsmile1992 on the forum Anthroscape (2011-2013) posted many obscene comments about how she had sex with 12 to 14 year old boys despite being (at the time) 19 to 20, and that the age of consent in UK should be reduced from 16 to 12. In many of her posts she also brags how she could be arrested for having sex with boys under the age of consent. For example in one post when asked "Why do you like younger boys age 12 when you're almost 20?":

A 21 year old male dating a 14 year old female is normal here but it is unfair that he could be arrested like I could.


Some more of her sick fuck paedophilic posts:

In real life no one (except the police) object to 13 and 20 [...] Actually its normal for a 21 year old legal adult to date a 14 year old girl and no one says anything.



12 year old boys are hot (yes, I would...) and having sex at 12 is normal round here.



Someone post us some hot otouto cherry boys for me then. otouto] means 'little brother', so because I'm 20 it means I want to see someone younger than me aged 12 upwards, who's hot and I'd like to be my little brother



If a lad at 14 isn't at least trying to get laid he needs to be sent to a psychiatrist.



Actually its normal for a 21 year old legal adult to date a 14 year old girl and no one says anything.


It should be noted that according to UK law, "It is a criminal offence for someone of either sex to take part in sexual activity with someone under the age of 16." A mere google search of "Faintsmile1992" reveals they have a long history of posting in threads about paedophilia off-Anthroscape. For example, Clare was banned on another forum for supporting a convicted paedophile and has posted she is against "paedo-hysteria", defending kiddie-fiddlers like Jimmy Savile.

And if you thought all the above was depraved enough, Clare, posted the sick bastards who look at and masturbate to child porn "pose absolutely no risk to society" and that she supports incest. At Anthroscape, Clare posted that incest is not morally wrong and her fantasies of having sex with a brother in a thread: "Have you ever had a sexual attraction toward a sibling?". Further, on her ex-Twitter account, Clare posted borderline zoophilia videos.


Various posters at Anthroscape had warned Clare about her paedophilic posts. In December 2012, one user wrote: "you can be reported too, so for you own sake, keep this sick fantasy involving young boys to yourself". A year later, someone took action, which resulted in Clare blanking (a screenshot remains before the deletion) the user page of her Faintsmile1992 Anthroscape account, and she has since not posted there. Clare also abandoned all her Faintsmile1992 accounts on other forums:

Faintsmile1992 is a member of this forum who stopped posting in Dec 2013. Why do you ask?

Faintsmile was reported in December 2013 to internet services for posting paedophilia, and then vanished soon after not longer posting under that name.



Mikemikev's epic fail, LOL

Mikemikev posted a thread defending Clare Chesterton on Anthroscape since he himself claims to be sexually attracted to underage girls, only for it to be closed with the moderator confirming Clare is a Nazi pedophile:

The talk about having sex with her family members, and young boys was too much really, whether she was making it up for attention or if its true, its crazy talk and doesn't belong here. Also towards the end she became more associated with NS [National Socialist] freaks and she took a further nose dive down the drain.


—Wise words of moderator of Anthroscape, Crimson Guard

New Identity, Bonesandbehaviours

Clare resurfaced online in January 2014 as Bonesandbehaviours, running a forum with a Holocaust denier. After someone discovered her identity as Faintsmile1992, Clare lied and said Faintsmile1992 was her cousin. After exposed as a liar, with undeniable proof connecting the Bonesandbehaviours and Faintsmile1992 accounts, she then stopped posting as Bonesandbehaviours, deleting her forum.

Clare has since reinvented herself across the internet, with new Twitter names and profiles:

Some of her bizarre descriptions:

"卐 Fan of Japanese stuff. 卐 Right Green. 卐 Me no frego, partial humour. 卐 RT may not = endorsement. 卐 Mythology nerd. 卐 Cute animals. 卐 Haikyo. 卐 Nazikin. 卐"

"Double DE - dark enlightenment & deep ecologist. Wapanese sci-nerd and fighting games player. Girly, adorable and cute to boot."

"Likes anime, Japanese cooking and fighting games. Savitri Devi admirer."

"Fan of manga, anime and fighting games. Nature lover and antifeminist."

Most recent whereabouts, Skadi forum

Clare posts on Skadi forum as Catterick. Her most recent post is dated 31 May 2017, while her last activity on the forum, 7 September 2017.



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