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Not to be confused with Uncyclopedia, which has 28% moar fail.

Truth in advertising.

Failcyclopedia is exactly that, a wiki of fail. Run by a former ED user (TGcomix) who got banned for making shitty articles that reeked of butthurt and personal army requests. After being banned infinitely on ED for being one of the hugest faggots on the internet, he took his articles and started his own wiki. It is painfully obvious that he wants his wiki to be another ED, but the main difference is that ED is original and groundbreaking and Failcyclopedia is made of fail, cancer and AIDS.

The lulziest part of Failcyclopedia's butthurt nature is that the main Sysop took the username of the ED Sysop who banned him, obviously hoping that if people saw an ED Sysop working on their wiki they would believe that Failcyclopedia is awesome like Encyclopedia Dramatica. Which it isn't.

How the demise of Failpedia started

Be nice to the n00blets, they are important. Also, is that you on failcyclopedia? MattyXtalkcontribs

  • Yeah, that's me on Failcyclopedia. That's just a site I like to fuck around with; it's not really a site I take too seriously. RawrTractusVicisFuck you I'm a dragon 03:45, 24 May 2009 (UTC)
  • Lol I know this is going to sound stupid but, could you maybe mention for me for sysops on there, I could help with formatting and shit on there. Main page, templates, etc etc. Lol MattyXtalkcontribs

  • And no problem, I can make you a Sysop there :D RawrTractusVicisFuck you I'm a dragon 03:51, 24 May 2009 (UTC)
  • Thanks dude, I will work on the formatting a lot tonight if I have the time. MattyXtalkcontribs

Editing Failcyclopedia


So why are we here?

Well, basically we've here to assrape Encyclopedia Dramatica. ED claims that we buttfucked all of their content to fill our pages (much as they buttfucked Wikipedia for theirs), but this claim is proven false by the fact that our site is actually funny. While ED habitually scans the web for gay porn and other sick fuck crap (see: Goatse), we scour the intertubes looking for lulz. As ED's admin are totally devoid of human intelligence, the concept of humor is totally lost on them, which is why their entire content revolves around anal penetration and Mexican Donkey shows (see: Girlvynl). There really is no common ground for comparison: Failcyc is epic win; ED is concentrated pig shit. Some argue nothing, because this is the plain truth. End of story, don't bother deleting the page, fgt.


—From Failcyclopedia's article on themselves

Random Page Game

A fun game to play on Failcyclopedia since eBaum's perpetrated its last vandalbot attack is the Random Page Game. This is where you go to Failcyclopedia and press the Random Page Button. See how many times you can hit the button before you get to an actual unvandalized article. It is hours of fun!!!

How to create an article

  1. Copy and paste from ED.
  2. If you actually do write your own material, be sure to pipe every other word with either faggot, bullshit, or fail.
  3. Congratulations! You have written your first Failcyclopedia article!

Vandalizing Failcyclopedia

Vandalizing Failcyclopedia is like shooting children in a barrel, considering the main Sysop, Zaiger420 (Not the same as Encyclopedia Dramatica's own Zaiger420) is only active for an hour or so a day, and he is the only contributor to the site.

Vandalbots are very effective against this site, since you can leave it running for hours before being found, but if you do not have access to one a normal account will do just fine. Make sure to create pages telling the fake Zaiger420 that he is a butthurt fag, he will subsequently lock your new page and change the wording to try to make himself look better.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Fail RC Vandalism.png
A mere fraction of Failcyclopedia's RC vandalism.

Trolling Failcyclopedia

Trolling Failcyclopedia is easy. For example, here's a letter that was written by Failcyclopedia User:Truth to the site owner, Carbide20.

[-+]The letter

Dear Carbide20:

Good fucking lord. Where do I begin. Lets start with the site as a whole. The layout is messy but that is the least of your worries.

The major problem is that you essentialy took encyclopedia dramatica (You even reffered to an ED meme while talking shit about it, now thats stupid!) and dumbed it own passed uncyclopedia levels. There is no demand for another lulz-based reporting service. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Your massive steaming pile of wobat excretion is furthur vilified by the fact that you seem to be, above all oher things: a newfag. You have no credible sense of humor, you reuse memes to fuel a pointless website, while dissing the very chan you stole it from. I'm going to take a wild stab at your history and peice together something that will (Frighteningly) probably not be far off. Here goes:You found 4chan either through the infamous Digg that ruined /b/ or did so after the contamination was complete. You laughed at every U RAFF U RUSE thread, you particpated in the GET IN HEREs everytime and essentially made your way just like almost every other faggot still scrabbling for a bit of non-existant lulz on that godforsaken stretch of cursed HTML. When the oldfags boarded the last train to other chans sometime early 08, your newfag orgasm hit full spurt. In fact, the only thing that seperates you from the rest of the infantile cocksucks that populate that site is this: On your 14eenth birthday your parents started giving you an allowance. You saved up this money and invested in this waste of bandwidth that now slobers before the collective community of Anonymous. You always considered Anonymous, deep down, to be an ultra-cool band of cyber hooligans that you were a member of. TL;DR: You didn't fucking get it then and you sure as fuck don't now. And the reason I erased a page to do this? Your fucking mail system is broken, you sloppy ass bandit you. In the old days a raid would be called and this whole thing would be bombed into E-dust. Oh well. Times change. The reason I wrote this? I thought someone should really take at least five minutes out of their day to tell you this, futile though it may be. My advice? Close the site, lurk moar on a chan that counts like 7-chan, 420chan, 711chan, or even 99chan. Use the money to buy a bong and smoke moar. Toodles.


—Failcyclopedia User:Truth

[-+]Carbide20 responds

Coincidently, Failcyclopedia Sysop's face looked exactly the same once he saw what happened to his wiki.
Sweet brah, thnx sincerely for the time out of ur important life to tell me all this. I guess there is no need for a site like this that gets all this traffic and has all these cool members. You're right. I should probably just delete it now cuz I certainly value your opinion more than all the people who like this site. lulz.

Oh, and yea the point of this site is to document the memes of the interwebz. This obviously means writing about ED and 4chan, no matter how much we love to lulz @ them. People over there lulz @ us and still write all about failcyc.

Ah, and I'm actually not really a big fan of *chans of any sort. If I wanted to see gay porn I would start at step 1: becoming gay.

the mail system works just fine. clearly u just fail @ life.

Next time you feel like blaming someone for the existence of a website, try not doing it on a GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKIN WIKI!!! what are you, an idiot?!?!?! ITS A WIKI!!!! as in, people other than me do the majority of everything on the site...

anywhoo, this site has been up for about a month and has hundreds of articles, tons of members, made lots $$ and has pro content. Clearly that means that the site is failing if we use your logic.

now, plz do us all a favor and GET THE FUCK OFF OUR INTERWEBZ before you get hurt. It is not safe for noobz.



The Death Of Failcyclopedia

On June 24th, 2009, members of Ebaumsworld got a hold of at least 100 Failcyclopedia Sysop accounts. These accounts were then used to ban all of the real Sysops on the site, before being used to unlock all of the site's protected articles, including the front page. The accounts were then loaded into a vandalbot program which was run for 6-7 hours, blanking pages, moving pages and replacing text on pages. Finally every article on the site was flushed and every page was replaced with a giant Dancing Sandwich and Rainbow Blinkies. After realizing that the site was, as quoted on this articles talkpage, "lying on the ground, bleeding from the colon, crying, in a pool of blood and semen", the site owner conceded that Failcyclopedia is in fact not the bad ass ED ass raping wiki that it claims to be, by redirecting the URL to, a website that he also owns.


Hateline's main page.

After the ruination of Failcyclopedia, Crim2 created Hateline Wiki on Wikia - a successor to Failcyclopedia.

Been trolled by some FAGGOT?

Been BANNED by some CUNT?




—Welcome to Hateline Wiki

Apparently Failcyclopedia's unfunny attack pages were a part of the Master Plan - Crim had always intended to make it a haters' wiki.

The wiki was swiftly closed by Wikia.

Hateline Wiki 2: Electric boogaloo

Not to be confused with Uncyclopedia, which has 28% less fail.

Info non-talk.png The new Hateline wiki has no login, therefore other users cannot edit it. This makes Hateline less of a wiki and more of a public diary filled with bitching and butthurt.
Gays are below pedophiles in the Hateline order.

Following his inevitable expulsion from DeviantART Wiki, Crim ported all of his shitty attack articles over to Google Sites, giving Hateline a matter of days before some concerned mother stumbles on it and "reverts it with the touch of a button". Billing itself as "Failcyc's thematic successor", Hateline states its mission objective as follows:

That's right - we're back, you bleeding cunts. HATELINE WIKI has returned to Spread The Truth and assfuck the internet's biggest faggots into submission.


Despite a massive spamming campaign targeting three different boards, Hateline has received zero interest due to its appalling quality (considered worse than Uncyclopedia, if such a thing is physically possible). The content? Cartoon children with silicon implants, men's assholes, and a smattering of unfunny articles which were flushed from ED. Aforementioned articles are supposed to be funny, yet always center around entities which have wronged His Holiness. Maybe mentioning his games simulating child rape was a little too truth for him. This neither stops Hateline from obsessively speculating about the sexual proclivity of others nor, regrettably, sharing said thoughts which are incomplete without violent gay pornography. This is included.

In his defense, complex concepts like "truth" and "humor" may not be compatible with "giving children breast implants makes them adults," "I am three different people," and "serial rapists deserve jobs as pantie inspectors and Japanese child fuck dolls financed by yours truly."


File:Hateline wiki rules.PNG
And you thought we were making this up.

Side note: Hate Line, the site operator, is the only Mod. He is also the only member.


Chance Blacktown is a true internet warrior, a fallen hero who faced down an army of hate for the sake of artistic freedom. Besieged on all sides by trolls and flaggots, he stood his ground against the tyranny of online censorship and paid the ultimate price for speaking the truth.


Ultimate price. Online ban for child erotica. Right.


Hateline is a humor-based wiki. Don't take anything you read here seriously. Everything we say is a lie. Even what we just said then was a lie.



At least nine different reports have concluded that the American Government should supply [child sex dolls] at an economized rate via the National Health Plan. If they were made financially available to the average wage earner, they would eventually turn a profit like any other popular consumable.


Pedophiles like me deserve free child fuck dolls!

Lolicon is the crowning achievement of human civilization.


Right. Could you quit talking about little girls for five fucking seconds?


The Inevitable

Site Disabled
Even google has had enough of his shit.

TrikiWiki is Failcyclopedia's latest incarnation, and pedophile hangout created and maintained by TGcomix. Created for the sole purpose of hosting TG's pedophile content and attack articles that got him b& from ED, it is a true disgrace to the wiki world. TGcomix owns and maintains the site, but he has 2 sockpuppet admin acounts as well to create the illusion that people ACTUALLY GIVE A FUCK about his disaster of a site. TrikiWiki's mission is simple -- cram as much butthurt and autistic rage as humanly possible into every single article, and glorify pedophilia.

Been trolled by some FAGGOT?
Been BANNED by some CUNT?



—TGcomix on why he started the site.


TrikiWiki's content mainly centers around pedophilia, with articles dedicated to, and full of, lolicon and TG's other shitty drawings. Much like Kimmo Alm managed AnonTalk, TG will ban you and shitlist your IP address for saying anything negative about pedophilia, lolicon, or TG himself. Just about every article is protected so only TG can edit it, and any changes made that he doesn't like are reverted in seconds. Since TGcomix has no life outside of the wikisphere, he obsessively moderates his site. The only time you can do any vandalism there is when TG is busy jacking off to CP. There is also a special, personal attack article for every namefag on Tinychan. TG's attack articles are nothing more than long-winded rants, usually calling the target a "butthurt faggot" or a "pedophag crybaby," which is ironic, because this is exactly what TG is.

Trolling Techniques

TG is quite a notorious lolcow, and is very easy to troll. You can get a guaranteed reaction by spamming user pages, talk pages, and any unprotected article with Goatse and pain series. Furthermore, Minichan regularly spams the site with large images, which are excellent targets for BWRaep.

See Also

File:Hateline Wiki google.PNG
Noticabley Hateline did not actually appear in Google searches. The two ED articles about the creator however come first.

External Links

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    • NOTICE NOTICE: Failcyclopedia has been raped beyond recognition, therefore the domain now redirects to a different site owned by the same guy. Google Cache can help you on this one though.
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