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This example fails wins!

Failing so hard you loop back to win, alternatively known as F2W, Fail-to-Win, or MulligaWAIT NEVERMIND, is the act of turning a fail into a win either on purpose or through NO action on your part. The latter is usually the case, meaning that you are not a winner, but rather the luckiest son of a bitch on earth. There many ways to pull off this powerhouse dynamo and spit in the crusty eyes of God, most notably exclaiming "I did it for the lulz!" when you're about to fail/ currently are failing super hard.

Its polar opposite, Win2Fail, is also fucking hilarious, but is harder to accomplish; only true heroes can turn a big win into an epic fail.

Protip: Never try to set up a situation that will result in a Fail-to-Win, that just makes you a big attention whore.

Ways to Fail so hard you wind up Winning

Eating evidence while getting arrested

Winning in such a way that guarantees Failure

  • Have sex with so many women that at least one of them turned out to have a penis
  • Blog about beating someone at a game that they have never played before
  • Leave your house 10 minutes early for work or school, then get in a car crash that wouldn't have happened if you had come 5 seconds later
  • Go on a relaxing hunting trip, but don't be ready for anything that might happen
  • Become famous through haters
  • Fuck up a bunch of skaters, get caught

Vidya Examples

Win or Fail? You have to watch to the end to decide.

ISIS suicide bomber drives over IED and is flung into the air before prematurely detonating


See main article: Meme Combining

Everyone knows the vast majority of memes are overused, unfunny, forced, and gay. This also means that sometimes, reasonably fun memes are contaminated by the poison of horribly unfunny shit. One example:

Soniamdissapointreal.gif +.png Anon partyhard.gif =.png Son I am party

The result is a cringe-worthy amalgam of Failure to make you laugh, but Success in mildly entertaining you.

What NOT to look for

If you happen across something that you aren't sure about, run it by the TJC, or alternatively, realize you are a dumb fuck and desperately need to remedy the situation. Avoid trying to make something a F2W (or any variation) unless the forces of awesome and suck are colliding.

She would be too ugly to rape if this were real. Though this is just a bad photoshop, so it's a double fail.
The only exception.

To the left is an example of what is usually misconstrued as a F2W; poorly done, unfunny, and not even a chance of having sex with it. Remember: No Fails, Fail-Fails, Wins, Win-Wins

To the right is just one of many celebrities that were once considered cool, but then sold out or got really gay, or always WERE GAY. Avoid using your fallen idols when creating content under the moniker of Fail-to-Win. He is only ONE EXCEPTION: The up-and-down career of Robert Downey Jr, as Downey is the only celebrity in America, hell, even the entire world, that has been caught in the act, and salvaged such an epic career.

And for fuck's sake, NO CHUCK NORRIS.


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