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Dick spotted
Furry is one common flavor of faggot.
Dorian Thorn is one of the world's biggest faggots.

Faggot is one of the most over-used insults on the internet. While it is defined as "a repellent gay male", it has been so corrupted because of 13-year old boys and *channers that it [along with the word 'gay'] is now used to refer to any fucktard, or bad thing. This is shown when a person tells another that their guitar-playing is "gay", he is not saying that his guitar playing is homosexual, he is saying that his guitar-playing is crap. Prior to both of these usages, it used to mean happy, but other than possibly the writers of The Flintstones, nobody can really admit to having a gay old time.

Unlike Homosexuals who are merely people who have gay sex the same way heteros do (in private), faggots flaunt it and demand to be treated better than gods. Tell-tale signs of Faggots include talking about cocks 24/7, wearing Speedos, trapping on the *chans, and being general loudmouths.

Faggotry = cool?

In some cases, raging fags have been known to be relatively cool until you find out they rape you and suck your cock while you sleep. Occasionally, they were found to be straight or at least bi-sexual and just acted like fags to score pussy because, as a man it is their right to as much pussy they can shove their dick in.

That aside, many people on the internet now look up to homosexuals; as they are consistently winners on American Idol and very popular on social networking sites. This rule of online faggotry is especially true concerning Facebook, 9fag, DeviantART and ED.

How do we reach these kids?

Conservative values taught at schools



Because of Liberals, nowadays every heterosexual in America (except in Topeka, Kansas) is forced to accept homosexuals, regardless of how obnoxious they are.

Due to incessant campaigns supporting the nefarious Gay Agenda, faggots have inserted themselves so far up our society that they are no longer relegated to seedy bathhouses. It is even rumored that the former president is gay (as well as a Muslim communist) based mostly on the hideously disfigured orangutan he calls his wife.

Other uses

Before being hijacked by fat, greedy, Big Mac-gobbling Ameritards, the term was more commonly meant as "burning stick", "meaty dish", or "subservient student underclass."

Thanks to the autism-inducing power of the internet, it is now used as a common suffix by people who can't spell.

Faggots in schools

The British school system had, and still has, a delightful system where sniveling little fags served bozers. Tasks included cleaning, running around, and warming toilet seats with their tight, fag arses. Fags who showed themselves to a better class of fag were given the opportunity to become bozers themselves, and bully the living shit out of the new fags.

Faggots on the table

Faggots are a delicious meaty dish.


how fags play golf

Burning Faggots

Faggots are a term for a glowing stick. This term was later applied to cigarettes. Hence the exquisite expression, "Just popping out for a fag."

American fags

Because they're uneducated and stupid, Americans didn't understand the word "fag" and decided it meant "queer homo poofter". They also invented the myth that homosexuals were burnt at the stake, something which has zero historical evidence whatsoever.


Latinamerican fags

Youtubers that have no women known (besides their mothers and sisters). Slanderous, stupid, older than mountains and big fags.


Faggotry fails

Your typical average ponyfag.

There are many types of faggots, and displays of faggotry in existence; here's just a few of them:

  • Furfags: The most common type of faggotry around, these guys think that walking humanoid animals are the best thing ever, but the main cause of this faggotry is the never endless furry porn that is created everyday online, and fur-enabling shows like MLP.
  • Ponyfags: Just like furfags, except replace furry animals with ponies. It has been suggested that furries and bronies are the same thing.
  • Hetaliafag: Weeaboo losers who watch a shitty anime called Hetalia, the majority of the fans only watch it because of the show's porn.
  • Yaoifags: Those who only care about looking for pretty boys in manga and anime, shipping them, and making rule 34 of them. Often spotted on 4chan's /y/ board and tumblr.
  • Memefags: Those who spend thier time on 9fag and /b/ obsessing over, posting, and sometimes even trying to force memes.
  • Tripfags: Those who use tripcodes to circlejerk and attention whore on various *chan boards.


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Note: Also a possible example of pedophilia.

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