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Gay robot drama spills out from the internets and into IRL!

FIRRIB is the easiest way to troll a Transformers community and the most persuasive argument for rounding the entire fandom up and launching them into the sun. FIRRIB is not to be confused with FBIBRB, a poster's last words before being v&.

The Argument

FIRRIB is an acronym for 'Frenzy Is Red, Rumble Is Blue', or possibly 'Faggot In Rectum, Require Intervention Bunghole'. The drama stems from the fact that two minor characters were colored differently from their toy representations. "Rumble" was blue in the cartoon, but his toy was red. "Frenzy" was red on TV but blue IRL. And that's it. Seriously, that's all there is.

The Truth

NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. The show was designed as toy advertising for retarded children with ADD, and the toys were manufactured by sweatshop workers in some third world hellhole. However, this doesn't stop a bunch of basement dwellers and adult babies from treating the matter like a religious crusade. The current theory is that lack of sex has shut down 90% of their brains.

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