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Deviantart-favicon.png FCU777 (aka Faith Chiamaka Ukwuomah) is an autistic Christian Bible thumper waddling gollywog Weaboo who preaches hatred against fudgepackers, atheists, trannies, fat people, though she is one herself, Jews, and basically anyone who is not her, all the while claiming that the world is trying to persecute her for trying to spread the "Truth". She made herself known on DeviantART for constantly making Christian shitposts that piss-off normalfags and getting into fights online that devolve rapidly into lulz until she decides to make a Bigger Man Argument and blocking the one who backs her into a corner, then summon her Whiteknights to fight for her like Pokémon while she watches. Basically, the a vaginigger version of Chris-chan.


Faith is a retard known to shove her beliefs down the throats of others, and thinks that anyone who disagrees with her, backing up their points with actual facts, are idiots. She is a raging Homophobe, transphobe, and hates the idea of same sex marriage. It is very clear from her actions that she is a repressed lesbian suffering from a large dose of self-loathing, caused by her hate-preacher father.

Her latest "crusade" is against Trannies using whatever bathroom they want, even though she doesn't even live in the US, and is OK with Rape.

Whenever someone calls Faith out on her bullshit, she will either (1) change the subject completely, (2) ignore them, or (3) get her "white knights" to accuse them of persecution and bullying.

Love Life

Faith is looking for a 'God-fearing' man just like her, but believes that dating is evil. She is so against dating to the point where she refers to it as sin and fornication, despite the fact that fornication is not a necessary factor when it actually comes to dating. It's as though she literally expects a man to fall out of the sky just for her.

She believes that women were put on the earth to be slaves to men, and believes that the idea of equality between the sexes is a sin.


Faith is an animation student, and produces ridiculously awful "animations" which are mostly static images. https://vimeo.com/fcatedgehill She wants to be an animator who produces Christian-based films, but at the same time believes that a woman's place is to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and forgets that darkies are supposed to be slaves.

All of her drawings are either copied from "how to draw manga" books, or traced / borrowed from existing online images. http://feesu-san.deviantart.com


Faith has been brought up in front of the board at university because she will not stop harassing a transgender woman: constantly calling her "mister," stalking her, repeatedly trying to get her to repent her "sins" and even trying to find out her birth name. She has also been passively bullying a disabled woman, refusing to move out of the way so that her wheelchair can get past, and saying that disabled people are "cursed".

Nevertheless, she likes to spread the image that she is a victim, and that everyone is trying to persecute her for her religion. She uses her beliefs as a get-out clause for everything, and expects the world to bend to her will. She is incredibly rude to the university staff: she refuses to pay attention in class and sits there wearing headphones. She marches out of the room several times in each lesson because something "offends" her, and even tries to get the curriculum changed to remove things that offend her (such as mentions of other religions, LGBT people, and especially nudity, which is pretty damn hard to avoid in art history-based lessons!). She ignores the requirements of the assignments that are given to her, and produces religious-based stuff instead. She doesn't understand that in the workplace, you can't ignore your instructions and make Jesus fan-art. She also ignores deadlines and hands in work whenever she feels like it, usually half-completed. Nevertheless, the staff are terrified of disciplining her because they are afraid of being sued for "religious discrimination". Whenever Faith sees something she doesn't like, she threatens legal action.

She needs to grow up and learn that respect earns respect. Everyone bends over backwards to accommodate Faith but she lies on her art blog. It's comical the lies she tells. She has fabricated this life that she's an amazing persecuted Christian artist to her online friends, when in reality it's far from the truth.

There are in fact many other Christians in university, none of whom cause any trouble, so her claims of "religious persecution" are far from the truth. However, Faith believes that her extremist fundamentalist church, which is run by her father and is an off-shoot of the Westboro Baptist Church, are the only true Christians. Everyone else is an "atheist" and a "sinner" who is brainwashed by the "LGBT agenda".

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