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Expansion Mansion is where Oldfag sickfucks come to fulfill their deepest, darkest sexual desires, and hopefully to die out so we don't have to be engrossed by their impossibly sick fetishes. In case you're wondering just what the fuck 'Expansion Mansion' means, it is an online community of discussion, videos and not to mention images based around inflated women, because once your finished with your furry and BDSM porn fetishes, over-inflated, unproportional naked women are the way to go, aren't they?

The site is also known for being worse then Imagefap. If the website hasn't already taken 10 minutes to load, chances are its never going to fucking finish and your hard-on will most probably be killed. But I guess thats a good thing, isn't it? You wouldn't want your girlfriend walking in on you fapping to pregnant ladies.

Other Sickfuckery

But it's not just pregnant ladies, oh no. This site takes sickfuckery to the extreme. It is a fucking treasure-trove of God-forsaken photoshopped images that even Goatse himself would cringe in fear. Unfortunately due to the large distribution that Photoshop has gone through, any sickfuck can edit images. If you would kindly direct your attention to the image to the right, you can see just how bad this nefarious tripe is.

But it doesn't stop there. The users that upload these images also seem to be into fatties, bestiality, transgenders, horribly botched boob jobs, and even inflated men. Even more so, swollen and infected wounds may also be appealing to these degenerates. Lets pray we never have to come across this crap.


Why this site even has a set of forums is beyond me, but apparently it IS possible to have an intelligent discussion on this pathetically sick crap. These fucks can't even be placed in their own category. Despite there being an 18+ age requirement, the literary skills that the average user possesses most likely means the majority are 13 year old boys.

  • Rules: Surely enough, this is the place where moderators go to express their virtually imaginable authority on the basement dwellers that conspire in this toilet that is EM. Be sure to troll them because inflation fetish is fucking serious.
  • General Discussion: The large epicenter of formidable and intelligent debate. Go here to discuss the 'gradual decline in the moral ethics that was once needed to fap to this shit'.
  • Gallery Discussion: A great big circlejerk for low self-esteemed nerds who spend all day telling other people how their gallery of images fucking own.
  • Video Vault: Fancy name for ExpansionTube. All the videos you and your friends could possibly wish for are uploaded in here. Where basement dwellers spent millions of lonely nights jerking it when they could be fucking an actual pregnant lady.
  • Chat talk: Crap related to Expansion Mansion's IRC.
  • Pregnancy Discussion: PROTIP: Its your fucking fault you got pregnant. Deal with it.
  • Pregnancy Pics: Luckily for you, it does not contain any images of women giving birth.
  • Pregnancy Vids: Unluckily for you, it DOES contain videos of women giving birth.
  • Natural Bellies: For women who haven't gotten pregnant and aren't fat, but still have fucked-up body shapes because God hates them.
  • Weight Gain: Unfortunately the most 'normal' of the forums. Chubby-chasers go here to discuss and most likely fap to overweight fatasses licking cake out of each others asses.
  • Pretenders: Where idiots argue over models who cheat to look like swollen tumours. The real question that should be asked is, why the fuck do models want to look like this?
  • Stuffers: Collection of discussion/images/videos of models taking in anything EXCEPT dick, such as air, liquid, food or other reversed crap.
  • The Boobies: A spamhappy image collection of giant, oversized, rockhard titties from vacuous women who would gladly have these kind of weeaboos fapping to them.
  • Booty Call: If you like big butts and you cannot lie, you should go here, just to express your interest in them.
  • Body: Every other category of 'expansion porn' clusterfucked into one great section of sickfuckery.
  • Dudes Expanding: Probably the most disgusting and nauseating of them all. Where the 5% of females that comprise the user base go in hopes of more Thomas Beatie wannabes, as well as dudes suffering from elephantitus.
  • Anthropomorphism: Might as well rename it 'FurAffinity 2: Electric Boogaloo'. Seriously, every single topic is about furries, in particular Sonic furry porn. Blazesonic would fucking cream his pants if he saw this.
  • Artists: Where people go to show off their autistic talent. Rather then photoshopping real images, these people draw them, which is even sadder.
  • Authors: Horrible fanon devoted to this horrible fetish. Some of the most disgusting stories you'll never want to bare your eyes upon.
  • Morphers: The breeding ground for the photoshop-addicted assholes that created the most twisted images. Seriously, this stuff is even worse then The Power 5, I shit you not.
  • Off Topic: Despite it being the only sickfuck-free subforum, it is home to some of the most idiotic, nonsensical arguments that you could possibly find on the internet. This shit is even worse then fanboys arguing over Goku Vs Superman.


There are certain users that deserve to be mentioned for contributing their horrible sickfuckery to the cancer that is killing the internet:

NexusT: The asshole responsible for most of the images you see before you. This shitwipe needs to be b& from photoshop before he creates another puke-inducing disaster. This unwholesome user is the main contributor to the website and has somehow managed to rack up almost 100,000 views from his fanbase.

Solo89: Willy Wanka's Factory fantard. His gallery consists of images that have been pallet swapped so that every single pregnant and inflated girl appears with blue skin, much like that spoiled loli who ate that piece of chewing gum. He has wasted his life creating more then 20 pages of these images.


Gallery of Expansion About missing Pics
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