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Another case of self-diagnosed Asperger's gone horribly wrong
Myspace quite satisfied with rapid increase in pedos

Evil-unveiled.com was a spin-off of Perverted Justice, the excellent anti-pedophile trolling organization.



CorporateSexOffenders.com was launched to put pressure on companies, such as MySpace, LiveJournal and YouTube, that encourage pedophiles to ply their trade online. In un-copyedited legalese, corporate sex offenders are described as

"Any company who is informed of pedophiles using their service to advocate the lifestyle of child/adult rape which then does not remove the pedophiles from their service (Like Ohbutyouwillpet, whose LiveJournal is still active since 2004 even after being convicted of molesting his son in 2006). Whereas the advocation of the rape of children sexually is disallowed in 99% of corporate Terms of Service agreements, companies have a responsibility to regulate their services to ensure those advocating pedophilia and acts of pedophilia are removed."

The project quickly went beyond that, and began to create profiles of individual people, as opposed to corporations. These profiles were later exported to Wikisposure.


Like the Wikichan that preceded it, this is a shitty MILF rip-off of Encyclopedia Dramatica that Your Mom reads. Much more amusing from the perspective of Internets drama is a sub-site of CorporateSexOffenders.com, called the Wikisposure project. This is nothing less than a wiki dedicated to outing and exposing wikipedophiles and their activist groups. As the wiki was only launched in June 2007, there is not very much in there at the moment, but it shows potential as a whirlpool of evolving dramas. Wikisposure isn't working as of November 2010.


Evil Unveiled came up after Wikisposure was down a few months. Unlike the previous 2, EU is not officially affiliated with PJ. Much like ED's .ch/se relaunch, Import/Export was not used to transfer the content and its history in any official capacity. Instead, it appears that only a later version (perhaps retrieved using Wayback or some other similar form of archiving) was used to create the initial content which was then actively edited.

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