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Info non-talk.png May 20, 2013. Yep, we're doing it again.
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Al Qa'eda has put a $50,000 price tag on the heads of ANYONE caught drawing moar pitchurz of Muhammad! ED is going for the bounty record, so plz to be uploading AS MANY PICTURES OF MUHAMMAD AS POSSIBLE!!#!

Bounty so far: $64,050,000!!!
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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day is an event created in 2010 by cartoonist Molly Norris in order to troll the fuck out of radical Muslims. It's also the Internet's response to the censorship crisis that South Park recently underwent on April 19, 2010. The point of this day is to, well, have everyone draw Muhammad, which is well known to be blasphemy to every towelhead in the world.

No amount of backing out can save Molly Norris now.


On April 25, 2010, Molly declared on a radio show that May 20 shall be Everyone Draw Mohammed Day. She now insists that this was just her ego talking and now she has backed out of her responsibility for this glorious day. However, to her dismay, she inadvertently fired up the ol' Internet Hate Machine, and now has thousands of the typical supporters ready to fight for Freedom of Speech.


Customary to the peaceful followers of Islam, they began to protest and threaten to blow shit up over the Internet. Yep. There are plenty of death threats, repeated copy and pasted "WE STAND AGAINST YOU", blaming the Jews, and posting offensive pictures of Jesus in hopes that it would stop them (It didn't.) Choice quotes include "In our religion mohammed prophet is highly exalted, no one on this earth may drawing him, respect our religion. If any people on here from hardliner know this article and know where you are, you may be killed. Please respect our religion or you will punished by my god Allah SWT", "All unbelievers will burned in hell! I will kill you all!", and the occasional sane Muslim who says "Yes it’s offensive, but that’s how the world works, GET OVER IT." or "Way to make muslims look bad."

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Everyone blocks Facebook

On May 19, 2010, Pakistan's government made Internet service providers block Facebook until the end of May. The prominent residents of Pakistan were then unable to play Sheikh Wars with their friends during that time. 2,000 female Muslim students rallied to have the page removed, and male students wanted a holy war on the trolls. "Down with Facebook!" was chanted outside courtrooms. Facebook itself said the images were not against their TOS, however.

Basically, they were trolled IRL.

On the 30th of May, Bangladesh decided to join in, citing satirical images of both Muhammed and various political figures, notably the founder of the country and their current leaders, as the cause. They even arrested a man for "spreading malice and insulting the country's leaders" after he allegedly posted some images.

Nuke Time!

Predictably enough, after the group on Facebook garnered 70,000 fans and almost 6,000 pieces of artwork blaspheming against Mohammed, the Facebook admins wiped it off the face of the internet. The official reason was supposed to be that the group content was too vulgar, but everyone knows that Facebook's dictators removed it because they were being threatened with slit throats if they didn't.

The original Facebook group was returned, but with 90% less Mohammed buttfucking.

On the night of the 20th of May, the group disappeared again. At that point it had reached over 110,000 fans and more than 10,000 pieces of artwork.

Three days later the page was online again with moderators claiming that one of them had been hacked, and this hacker had deleted the group.

It's Over?

On May 24, 2010, admin of the group posted this...

Delete mohammad day.png

But fuck that, keep drawing!

Everyone Drawing Muhammad

Make sure you draw Muhammad/Mohammed/what-the-fuck-ever too! If you can't draw, just make a bunch of scribbles and call it Muhammad. That pisses them off too.

۞ Your shitty art goes at the end of the second gallery. ۞

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Not enough blasphemy for you? See more here.

Everybody Draw the Holocaust Day

Apparently, some humourless Islamic Holocaust-Deniers decided to make their own special (as in short bus special) form of Anti-Lulz. They reached up into their rectums and pulled out "Everybody Draw the Holocaust Day"; which, Unlike "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", almost went by without making a single ripple. Here's one of the few JewTube videos that even acknowledge that it had happened.

Muslims Even Fail at Trolling

Fuck You...


And that is why you should only leave Lulz to people who are capable of laughter and creativity.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day Part 2

Typical discussion found on Everybody Draw Mohammad Day 2011.
Everybody Draw Mohammad Day 2011 in a nutshell.

Just in time for yet another failed doomsday prophecy by batshit insane Christians, Thunderf00t declared Draw Muhammad Day an annual event, and created another facebook page to celebrate the event. However, it has so far failed to garner any media attention, even from the most butthurt muslim sources such as Al-Qaeda, and has only 4,000 members compared to last years 100,000 members. It is filled to the brim with serious anti-lulz in the form of SERIOUS BUSINESS users who believe they are saving western civilization, paranoid basement dwellers who think they're the center of a muslim or anti-muslim conspiracy, and 14-year-olds who can barely read or write trying to look badass. Without throngs of retard towelheads marching for your death, it's like hanging out with a bunch of klan members desperately trying to get some niggers attention.

May 20th came and went and people paid more attention to the batshit crazy Christian than the event, in fact no one paid attention to it, no retard muslims marched yelling death to the West and no serious drama occurred whatsoever. Nevertheless, Thunderf00t proclaimed victory, which at least ended up trolling Islams braindead supporters on youtube:

Apparently, drawing the Prophet (oops, I meant burger material) as a cow pissed off some Muslims as the comments on that video show!

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Mohammed as ASCII

                                                                       .----.``` .+:/+/::.  `       
                                  .-//++o++ososo++::``          `.+s-:o/`      --.:::.:o:--`        
                             -/+yhhhhhyymdNNMMMMMMNNNNds/-`   ./ymmmNd:         `.`.--/+/-.         
                         ./ohyyhhdNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNms:+dmNNNNNms         `::-//:.``          
                      `:sdsyydyhsdmMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNNMNNMMNNNNy.           ` ``               
       :NMMMMMyydmddmmNNNNNMMMds-`            `-+syhmhdMNmddyhmNNmdmdmmNMMMMMMMMh                   
       `hMMmMMMdshdddyssohhmy/`       ````       `-:syhddyyhhNNmmNMNNNdNMMMMMMMN+                   
        -hMMMMMMdosdos/shhs:`     `.  .`` ```       -:+ssyyhymNdhdNMMMNMMMMMNNy+                    
         `+dmNMMNy/:::oy+.`   ` ``--`./-:.--:::-````.--.-++ydNdhysmMMMMMMmys/:.                     
                  .-.+mdNMNMNMMmo/+://+ohmMNMMNNNMNmNmyy-  `/++oyymNmMMMN+                          
                  :-.`.smNMmNNNNms/://ssNNNNdMNNNNNMmo...` `oy+sdMMMMMmy-                           
                   o. :++hmNmmdmmmd/::+/hyyy+dmNNddss/:-.```+hso/NMmmo.`                            
                 s-y/`+/:y/-+s/./do-:-///-+s+`-s+/-.```   .-ommo++:.`                               
                -sooo/:.`+y+//..-s``` o.+o///oo/:-.      `o:dddds-`                                 
               `/hoyyyy.``.-++-.:.   `/--ysss:. `     ` .:yhdhNmo-`                                 
              -hsdssNMm-    ``` :    `-: ---`         ``-hodNMMho:.                                 
              +myymmhhd/.      ..      .             -/ymNNMMMNos-                                  
             ./mhydmdso+-.     -       ```          /oNMMNNNMMNNm:.                                 
             dNmNmhdmhyo+:`  -.:     .+y.s          /ymMMMmmmNMNm++`                                
             :NNNNMMddhhs+.  +.- `:osNMMy/          /yNMMNNmNNMMMs+`                                
             +NhmMMNNmmhoo+/::+y:sMNMNNNNm/ ```.```-ohMMMMNNNmMMNs/.                                
              :MMMMMMMMMMMMNNMMy:  `..``-smhyNNNNddyhNMMMMNMMMMmo/                                  
              `+NMMMMMMMNMMMMMm-`         /s-yNMMMMMMMMMMMMMNdy+:`                                  
               :MMMMMMMMMMMMmh++/`     ``.:+//ohhNmMMMMMMMMyso:`                                    
                  .//ssysyymhdhsssyshdyyodyyymodso-..``   -/.`` `                                   
                  ` ` `ooyhsdyyhyosyhydssoshysh+-.    ``  `- --.`                                   
                             ```     `                                                              

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