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$2000+ a day is what this person suffering from hereditary defects costs the People's community during his lifetime. Comrade, that is your money too.

Eugenics was created at least 100 years ago by some unimportant fag, who failed high school biology, that decided that he was tired of being called an ignorant racist and a narcissistic lay-about, as people should respect some one so genetically superior they need not move out of their mother's basement because they have already accomplished more than every one else. Waiting patiently outside the welfare office, he recorded that at least 100% of its recipients were niggers and showed the results to the world. Thus, eugenics was born and with it the unintended, but oh so delicious, drama resulting from the holocaust and Pol Pot. Its practitioner’s include you, for so nobly choosing to remain celibate to stop your pig face from spreading about, Nazis, Republicans, and pretty much every one who does not want to give hand outs to retards.

The American Way

In the period from 1920 to 1960, most US state hospitals practiced eugenics to weed out any future criminals, addicts, mentally ill, perverts, and retards from further procreation. However, the US wasn't really ahead of the Germans when it came to "racial hygeine" when it failed to reach the "final solution" of its' racial minority problem, and we all know how that worked out.

How Do I Eugenics?

The easiest way would be cutting your balls off, since you're obviously not productive since you're on this site, but if you're feeling bold, comrade, go to the nearest no back ground check gun-vending machine, load up, and proceed to shoot up schools, preferably a school named after Martin Luther King or Robert E. Lee. If shooting guns correctly is too hard though, just go to your nearest U.S. military recruiting station and kill u sum Al-katers or friendly fire everything, win-win for society and MURICKA!!


  • They are watching the Big Bang Theory
  • They are telling you what's wrong with America, unsolicited, usually while eating fast food, littering, or doing something else stereotypical for an Americunt
  • They voted for a democrat
  • They get butt-hurt when a Freedom Fighter trips an American, but don't give a shit when a predator drone fucks up atleast 100 sand-niggerlets
  • They think Europe allowing faggots to step all over marriage makes them more progressive than the U.S., despite the fact Europe only just stopped having wars with itself to amuse incest kings
  • They are not 6.5 feet tall, blond haired, possessing of blue eyes, and have a penis size of less than eight inches
  • They constantly edit Encyclopedia Dramatic in order to add atleast 100 links to atleast 100

Arguments For

The annual cost of autistic disorder on the UK is at least £1 billion


—That's $1,631,001,826.76 (USA) as of 2009.

The average additional lifetime cost resulting from autism and associated learning disabilities is estimated to be £2,940,538



Kim Kardashian recently announced that she was, indeed, pregnant with Kanye West's child


—Holy Shit

The greatest costs are for living support (70%) and day activities (14%); much less is spent on education (7%).


Tru fax.

Action T4

Although some people enjoy having such people around as they provide hours of entertainment and makes us glad that we are not one of them, sometimes neutering is not enough. Action T4 was a mission set out by a few enlightened individuals who accepted that some people are simply not worth keeping alive. The argument for both action T4 and eugenics is simple: there are too many people with Autism.

People with autism, especially asperger's syndrome make life miserable for themselves and others (mainly others) and serve no purpose except to be used as sport by normal humans. Most importantly, not only does action T4 help people with assperger's by putting an end to their suffering it helps people who think they have asperger's, along with all the normal people who have to put up with them.

More and more people are misdiagnosing themselves as being autistic simply because autism is very popular at the moment (just like ADHD and Bipolar disorder was in the 1990s) and they like to delude themselves into thinking their sad, non-existant sex life is the result of an incurable disorder and not due to the fact they are complete and utter fucktards who should have been smothered at birth.

As the autistic population swiftly dwindles, people pretending to have asperger's syndrome will quickly vanish. This will not only lead to less self-diagnosed morons, it will also make those who genuinely have autism easier to spot and eliminate. This is a win-win situation. After all, when everybody is special - it's not quite so special anymore.

But then, what will be the next popular disorder?

Arguments Against - Refuted

Some argue sterilizing people who should have died a long time ago is wrong. Although some enjoy keeping them as pets, others have the strange notion that they are equal to more intelligent and attractive members of the species. These people are called Leftards but they themselves are not subject to eugenics as they have no balls.

People with Autism/Asperger's syndrome often have high IQs

  • FALSE: People with asperger's syndrome actually have lower IQs than the general population. In order to be diagosed as a high-functioning autistic you only need to have an IQ over 70.

People with Autism/Asperger's syndrome are often extremely talented

  • FALSE: Idiot savants make up only a tiny fraction of those with autism - the rest are barely capable of holding a pencil or writing in their Deviantart journals without the use of thousands of annoying-as-fuck emoticons.

Thomas Edison and Einstein had Asperger's syndrome - this proves that Action T4 is wrong.

Autism may be a disability but it is not hurting anyone else.

Action T4 will significantly drop the lulz of the internet by killing both trolls and targets

  • FALSE: While this one comes the closest to making sense, only three words need to be said: quality over quantity. Asperger-afflicted trolls are unoriginal hacks spamming the same shit as everyone else and only serve to drive the lolcows into hiding faster. Removing them will significantly increase the lulz of all trolling endeavors. Also, by removing people that are merely retarded from the lolcow pool, we can focus on people that are truly malicious and deserve the full brunt of trolling.

I have asperger's syndrome and I find this deeply offensive!

  • FALSE: You do not have assburger's syndrome - if you did you would be too much of a social fucktard to notice people are disgusted by your behaviour.

Action T4 is cruel and oppressive.

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