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The stuff of nightmares.
What Eugenia will look like at the age of 30, provided she even makes it that far.

Eugenia Sullivan Cooney, b. July 27, 1994: Age 27, also known under her online aliases Eugeniac, kawaiisky, jonasfan717, eugeniaaaaa and eventually dubbed by the online community as Skeleton Queen is an emo fashion YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers who would barely register on the lulz radar were it not for one key detail: she's anorexic to the point that she makes Auschwitz look like Sherrod DeGrippo's Fat Camp For Fat Fucks™. Resembling a character from a Tim Burton movie, Eugenia claims to have a metabolism disorder, although according to a user, she once stated on a stream that she doesn't actually have such a condition. Cooney also reportedly responded to someone telling her to gain weight that she doesn't feel the need to gain any. This would certainly mean that under the suspicions of what many already knew, Eugenia was willingly keeping her body weight down to dangerous levels as part of a doctrine she was following.

So why is ED reporting on this skeltal whore only now? Originally this article was held back for the best part of 2 - 3 years due to the assumption that Cooney would surely die from her severe anorexia and thus provide more lulz with which to work with. However, in an ironic and quite frankly bizarre turn of events it would be the person who originally wrote this article's draft who would end up dying first, taking the lives of two people before taking his own in December 2017.

Early life

Eugenia's fat retarded younger brother.

Born to Debra as the older sister to Chip, who is as fat as his name would imply, Cooney spent her formative years in Connecticut along with her mother and father, Kevin, before moving to Massachusetts as a 6-year-old girl, wherein she was bullied so much that she had to be homeschooled for most of her education. Who would've thought? Prior to Youtube, it appears she attempted to take up art at an institution in Miami (according to the Photobucket account's password protection anyway), but ultimately failed since she was unable to realize that drawing just a skeleton is not typically reflective of most people other than herself. Her likely autistic brother has since followed in her stead, and some of their creations are displayed in the gallery below:

Eugenia and Chip's contributions to the world of art About missing Pics
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It is also known that back in 2009, Cooney held an account on Gaia Online under the jonasfan717 moniker (the avatar of which is in the bottom left corner), though doesn't appear to have done much with it, scoring a total of 46 posts in the forums, and account comments lasting barely four days.

YouTube Career

She would join Youtube under the imaginative account name of YouTube Favicon.png eugeniacooney on June 17th, 2011, though it would be almost two years after that in which she would post her first video. Prior to that, she would spend her time on the website favoriting videos from artists such as The Killers, The Pretty Reckless, Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, though oddly enough her first liked video was this niggerball clip. Her Wikitubia page describes her as possessing a "shape and clothing that highlights her thinness" which in turn "makes her comment section popular." Yes, because being so thin that you could read through her is apparently an attractive trait nowadays.

Cooney shows her cooter

On December 12th, 2015, Cooney submitted a vlog entitled "I'M A KITTY CAT!" It took less than a day for attentive viewers to notice that her vag was on full show around 00:14 seconds in. The original was soon removed, but not before being mirrored on porn sites. Given the fact that she would have had to edit her video before posting it Youtube, some have theorized she was fully aware of the clit slip and left it in to see if the horny sad fucks that watch her videos would notice. Protip: they did.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Onision.

Since his previous wife was simply too fat for him to stave off the temptation of eating her alive after spending several untold weeks or even months in his basement, Onision has spent the past couple of years grooming Eugenia to be his next corpse bride, and hopefully for him before she has a chance to turn into a corpse herself, not that there'd be much difference. As a result he is usually seen as the go-to voice for all things Cooney-related.

Public Opinion

Unsurprisingly, her videos roughly have a 67/33 balance when it comes to the like/dislike ratio, and most of the comments on said videos are swamped with pleas for her to shove even just one burger down her emaciated throat; pleas which fall on nothing more than deaf ears. Towards the end of 2018, most of her long-term "fans" are simply in wonder at how her body has managed to stay alive for this amount of time.

She looks like a corpse and I just wish someone would just fucking help her. How and why are her parents ignoring the fact that their daughter is literally dying??? If she does end up passing, I don't want to see her mom's sob story; nor her father's. They ignored every obvious sign of their daughter's ED.


—A.G., Pretty Ugly Little Liars

Of course, this whole shitstorm wouldn't be complete were it not for the fact that Eugenia and her disorder has attracted the attention of SJWs from Tumblr who insist her slow-burn method of suicide is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice.

Petition of Removal

In October 2016, by which point it had become painfully apparent that Eugenia was suffering from an eating disorder and not some metabolistic bullshit, some bitch named Lynn Cloud decided she'd had enough and created a petition for the purpose of forcing her off the site for good.

Eugenia Cooney has a serious medical condition and needs to seek help.

She has been influencing her viewers by her serious underweight condition. She has not been getting better since the day she started YouTube, she's getting more and more sick each day. And it's honestly like she does this bodily harm to herself and shows young girls, such as her viewers on social media that it is "okay", to be suffering from a medical condition such as Anorexia-Nervosa. It is physically & medically to be that skinny without denying treatment such as she does. She has not got any treatment. And is triggering her fan base. She may not be intentionally influencing her viewers, but showing more than 50% of her body in her videos and pictures are not helping girls with Anorexia or any eating disorder. Her audience on YouTube & YouNow ranges from 12-21 years of age. Being her age audience is in these guidelines, 13-19 years of age is the common peaking age of developing an eating disorder. She has been doing nothing to get help. A lot of her audience are young females and some have already battled Anorexia and other eating disorders, Eugenia is setting a bad example for her fellow followers, fans, and friends. She's also been known for posting content on YouTube in under-dressed clothes. She shows off her body like it's nothing and says "it's not for attention". She knows that she's influencing young teenage girls into thinking being 60 lbs. is normal. It's most definitely not. Ever since she has moved out of her mother's house recently, she has been getting skinnier and skinnier. This clearly isn't a "high metabolism" or any other type of losing body weight uncontrollably condition. But a condition that is forced, and seems forced. In recent pictures of her, her skin hangs off of her inner elbow. When you compare pictures of her to "super model skinny", she beats their weight times 10. Did you know? Every 62 minutes, someone dies as an result from an eating disorder. This petition is NOT to dismay her, insult her, nor belittle her. This is for her to get help, and for her young teenage audience to not be exposed to such conditions.

Update: Her mother came forward to the public and admitted how her daughter REFUSES to eat.

Over 20,000 people would end up signing this petition, but almost as if it were a cruel joke, the petition was taken down on Halloween of all days.

YouNow Streamer

Eugenia joined YouNow in November 2016, and soon attracted all sorts of unwanted attention, namely from a man known as "Mark" (Powerword: Marc Pfennig), a pedophile who has a fetish for extreme anorexia and so literally jerks off over the fact this girl is slowly dying. On New Year's Day 2018 some brief lulz were had when Eugenia was swatted mid-stream, causing her to abandon it while she made it plain to the SWAT team in her presence that the only dangerous weapon in her home (which she has since moved out of) was herself.

Acting Career

Since 2017, much in the same vein as other Youtubers with delusions of grandeur from being in front of a camera for far longer than most healthy individuals, Eugenia has been trying to make it in the world of acting. As of September 2018, she has starred in two shorts and made a sole cameo appearance in a TV show entitled Alex and the Single Girls.


Required watching for those who actually care. We don't.

To stay until her body finally does give up.

In this video she has jaundiced skin and red fingers, indicative of liver damage.

Her body also consistently suffers from dehydration.

Thoughts from an anorexia sufferer.

Eugenia freaks out on-stream over one of her videos getting taken down.

Eugenia getting swatted live on-stream.

Here Eugenia demonstrates an inability to use blinds.


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