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Ethan Klein is a money hungry kike as well as the physical manifestation of Reddit, and is responsible for the creation of h3h3Productions, Ethan and Hila, and the H3 Podcast alongside his autistic wife [Hila Klein]. He gained a following in 2016 during the surge of commentary cancer dominating Jewtube at the time. Though he will deny it, Ethan built his career by shitting on other people, as is custom in the commentary community. He has since stopped making YouTube videos in favor of his no-effort dogshit podcast, in which he spews his shitty political views and at the same time proving how incredibly stupid, egotistical, and unfunny he is. Despite being the most mind-numbingly boring podcast ever created, it continues to maintain its large audience of children and regularly "interviews" actual celebrities and comedians, such as Bill Bur, Andrew Yang, Post Malone, and several others. Despite portraying themselves as poor, this podcast has made both Ethan and Hila incredibly rich. He also likes to whine about how depressed he is (lol).

Beef With Pyrocynical and LeafyIsQueer

File:Don't give pyro a platform to defend himself.jpg
Ethan's illiterate rant about Pyrocynical

After LeafyIsQueer accidentally mocked some retarded guy, Ethan decided to jump on the bandwagon of hate, and made a video shitting of Leafy. After saying that he is "friends" with Leafy, he proceeds to backstab the fuck out of and call Leafy "the worst thing on YouTube," an "asshole," “cancer,” and shits on Leafy for six full minutes all the while virtue signaling. Leafy then exposed Ethan for the backstabbing Jew that he is, leaking DMs in which Ethan sucks Leafy’s cock just a month before releasing the hit piece. Leafy also released DMs wherein Ethan relentlessly shit on Pyrocynical despite pretending to be the unbiased nice guy/policeman of YouTube, likely in an effort to get in Leafy’s good graces. In conclusion, Ethan Klein is a manipulative sociopath that will use his “friends” for monetary gain, and then discard them at the first opportunity.

Lolsuit with Matt Hoss

File:Fuck all Niggers.jpg
Matt Hoss uses his YouTube channel as a cover so that he can pay women to present their assholes to him, and pretend to be sexually attracted to him

Back when Ethan gave a shit about his "H3H3 Productions" YouTube channel, he made a video reacting to the work of some faggot named Matt Hoss. Matt Hoss is a pathetic virgin that has never been found attractive by a woman in his entire life, so he makes fucking dreadful videos equivalent to that of softcore porn, wherein he pays actresses to touch his disgusting body and pretend that they are attracted to it. After Ethan made a video mocking this degenerate, Hoss' feelings were so hurt that he went ahead and sued Ethan for copyright infringement, in an attempt to silence Ethan as well as protect his extremely fragile ego. Since the outcome of this lolsuit could negatively impact the entire website (because Ethan's potential loss could open the gates for further false claims of copyright infringement), the entirety of YouTube banded together and raised money for Ethan's defense. LeafyIsHere himself even donated one thousand dollars to Ethan's defense fund, though it later came out that DJ Killer Memestar convinced him to do it to improve Leafy's perception by the community.

After slightly over a year, Ethan won the retarded lolsuit with Matt Hoss. The defense fund apparently covered all of Ethan's costs and more, so Ethan used the extra money to create "FUPA," or the "Fair Use Protection Association." Their Twitter account has been inactive since September 21, 2016, and what happened to the money meant for the "Association" is anybody's guess.

H3 Shitcast

Every lazy YouTuber eventually stops making videos (since they require an extremely small amount of effort to make) and instead starts either streaming or podcasting. Ethan chose the latter. All Ethan has to do for his shitty podcast is show up for two hours a week, allowing him to go home and devote more of his time to his masturbation addiction (skip to 3:15 for lulz. At 3:48 Hila asks him to do nofap while also giving him strong “fuck me” eyes, proving that Ethan doesn’t fuck his wife and instead prefers masturbating to The H3 Podcast has slowly but surely exposed Ethan for the lazy and unfunny “comedian” hack he is.

The H3 Podcast relies mostly on bringing in new guests, so that Ethan can “”””””””””interview”””””””””” them and gain a portion of their audience in the process. During Ethan’s “”””””””””interviews,”””””””””” he constantly interrupts his guests as they are in the middle of answering his last shitty question. Ethan also has a strong habit of virtue signaling, attempting to put himself high above the people he talks to. If you haven’t noticed, Ethan has a massive ego problem. Most of the time Ethan is able to keep it subtle enough that most people won’t notice his bullshit, but this doesn’t always work…

Jimmie Lee

Jimmie Lee is a sick old pervert dentist, who used to make YouTube videos of him mocking black people. It is likely he was an EDiot at some point, or at least would have been if he were younger. Ethan made a YouTube video mocking Jimmie, and eventually invited him on for the H3 Podcast episode 20. During this episode, Ethan tries to pull his usual virtue signaling bullshit, attempting to shit on Jimmie for making fun of niggers, but Jimmie (being an actual comedian) easily takes Ethan’s shit and turns it into a joke, exposing Ethan for the massive faggot that he is. Ethan and Hila are both incredibly shitty towards Jimmie for the entire episode, mocking him both to his face and behind his back, and they kicked him off halfway through the show because Ethan felt threatened by somebody funnier than him. Jimmie has essentially stopped making videos since this shitshow. If you are reading this Jimmie, please start making fun of niggers again.


File:Subscribe to PewDiePie.png
JonTron performing his nightly reading of Mein Kampf

In March of 2017, JonTron made a horrible mistake: attempting to debate Destiny, the embodiment of soy and pure degeneracy himself. After JonTron revealed that he wasn't totally sold on Muslims being allowed free reign of every country on Earth, Destiny made him out to be a horrible racist, prompting an anti-JonTron shitstorm for months. Eight months later, Ethan decided that enough time had passed and that it would now be safe to have JonTron on the H3 Shitcast. During episode 41 of the H3 Podcast, JonTron made it very clear that he had been trying to get on the podcast for a long time, and that Ethan had been consistently putting it off despite claiming to be friends with JonTron. Despite JonTron saying several times that he did not want to talk about his past controversy, Ethan consistently pushed him on the topic, asking question after question. Unsurprisingly, Ethan also made sure to put himself on a pedestal as he shamed JonTron for his actions. JonTron is just one more in the long line of "friends" Ethan has used before discarding, once he had nothing left to gain from them.

Bill Burr

There to promote the newest season of his shitty cartoon series "F is for Family," Bill Burr appeared on episode 84 of the H3 Podcast. Since Bill Burr is a legitimate comedian/celebrity, he was annoyed by the absolute dog-shit quality of Ethan's "interview." After Ethan's constant interruptions and retarded questions, Burr eventually snapped, and put Ethan in his place. This podcast is extremely awkward and hard to watch, so don't.

Beef With Keemstar and Scarce

File:PRjI pph 400x400.jpg
This was one of the last times John Scarce interacted with other large YouTubers. You could say that his involvement in the community nowadays is "scarce"

After JewDiePie had the Audacity™ to utter the dreaded "nigger-word," Ethan decided to capitalize on JewDiePie's fuck up, and proceeded to shit all over him for it at the same time putting himself on a pedestal. Afterwards, some faggot came across an old podcast of Ethan saying "nigger faggot" with ShitdubbbzTV. People rightfully shit on Ethan for being the hypocritical egomaniac that he is, but Ethan just couldn't fathom the possibility that he may have been wrong. Shortly after this, Ethan got incredibly drunk, and began shit-talking DJ Killer Keemstar as well as Scarce for reporting the fact that people were calling Ethan a hypocrite.

Skip to 3:18:54 for Ethan's fuck up

Despite Keemstar "reporting" Ethan's drama in an unbiased light and Scarce practically sucking Ethan's cock, Ethan made sure to call both of them "news for children" as well as many other things in his incoherent drunken rambles lasting roughly thirty minutes. Despite Ethan clearly being in the wrong as well as a two-faced snake, Ethan doubled down on the entire situation and has never apologized once for it. To this day, Ethan Klein and Keemstar despise each other, and share a little Twitter war every now and again. This incident is one of the few times Ethan let his "good guy" mask slip, allowing us to see his true face. Ethan Klein is an egotistical, hypocritical, piece of shit.

Ethan’s ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’Comedy ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

Similar to every other self-proclaimed “comedian,” Ethan is an unfunny and untalented hack that will spew the same unfunny “jokes” a million fucking times although they weren’t funny to begin with. His retarded wife, Hila, is trained to laugh every time Ethan so much as speaks, let alone make a joke.

Default Jokes

  • "im a fat fugk lel"
  • "Vape naysh yo" (stolen from Filthy Frank)
  • Yelling
  • Sneezing
  • Shitting on people smaller than him (though he will deny this)
  • Talking in a stupid voice or making up stupid-sounding words like a child

This Article in Video Form

This video is constantly being removed from JewTube, so if it is not available, search for "The Death of h3h3productions - Video Vigilante" by Gokanaru. It is speculated that Ethan has sold out, and that he is now receiving protection and special treatment from Susan Wojcicki herself, the incompetent CEO of JewTube.

2020 Update

Jesus Christ what a fucking faggot. I wrote this article last year and Ethan has done so much gay shit since I won't even try to expand the article in the same format. Ethan made some dogshit series of videos shitting on Keemstar in the style of Content Cop but nowhere near the level of quality (sidenote, fuck Ian Carter for turning into a literal cuck. I used to look up to that faggot). Ethan even targeted Keemstar's sponsors and got some of them to drop Keemstar. If you told me four years ago that Ethan would reach this level of pathetic I would not have believed you, what a fucking fatass pussy. Based Calvin also came back and has made bullying Ethan for being a faggot the very foundation of his channel. It is glorious. Thank you so much Calvin for being the only creator I looked up to as a kid that didn't turn into a colossal faggot. God bless you, you beautiful small-chinned faggot.

File:Ethan's chins.jpg
After people rightfully mocked IcuckkkzTV for being a literal cuck, Ethan mocks them as his several chins protrude at the screen in an act of dominance.
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